Home Alone, part 2A

After her experience with Kathryn that night, Laura found herself visiting Kathryn’s house often. Very often. Kathryn popped Laura’s cherry one night using a strap on dildo. Laura discovered that she liked being fucked. Laura REALLY liked being fucked. In fact, after her sexual awakening, Laura found that she craved sex. Constantly. At times, when the lust wasn’t consuming her, she worried a little about what was happening to her. But when these fleeting thoughts entered her mind, she always remembered that first night with Kathryn, and all the times afterward, and she soon found herself in lustful fantasies. Without knowing it her hands would be in her panties, her crotch soaked.
Laura thought about sex nearly all the time now. She sought out Kathryn whenever she could. If she couldn’t find Kathryn, she found Tommy. Laura was, in a word, insatiable.
So when Kathryn and Tommy went away on vacation, Laura felt bereaved. She had only her fingers to satisfy herself. She jilled herself to orgasm whenever she was alone, and thought about jilling herself at all times in between. She found herself walking in a way that her panties rubbed on her clit. She kept herself in a near constant state of arousal.
And then one night Laura’s parents went out, leaving Laura to babysit her little s****r, Chloe. Chloe was ten years old, and Laura really loved her. But this night she was annoyed at having to look after Chloe. She really wanted to be in her room, door closed, fingers jammed up her pussy, relieving herself. She was even considering sneaking on her parents’ computer, the one without the parental blocks, and trying to find some porn.
When Chloe went to take her bath, as soon as Laura heard the door to the bathroom close, Laura’s hands were down her pants. She was soaking as usual, and furiously jilled herself, needing the release so bad.
Chloe was calling from the bathroom.
Damnit! Thought Laura. I’m almost there!
“LAURA! Will you come wash my back?”
“Can’t you do it yourself?”
“Please, Laura,” Chloe whined. “You aren’t doing anything!”
Laura was so close! But she was afraid Chloe would start asking questions. She wiped her slippery fingers on a tissue, and went into the bathroom.
“Thanks!” Chloe’s smile was radiant. Laura noticed, maybe for the first time, what a pretty little girl Chloe was. She had raven black hair, big dark brown eyes, and dimples that promised to get her anything she wanted from all the men in her future. She was smiling broadly at Laura as Laura sat on the edge of the tub. Laura took the washcloth Chloe was holding out to her, and began soaping it up.
Chloe hunched over for Laura to begin washing her back. As Laura washed her little s****r’s back, she noticed how perfect her young skin looked. Chloe was very pale. She could never go out in the sun very long. She would burn terribly. Laura thought Chloe would be an incredibly beautiful woman some day.
Laura started at her shoulders and neck and worked her way down. “Oh, that feels so nice! Thanks, Laura! You’re the best big s****r, ever!”
Laura murmured something back, and continued to wash. She was noticing Chloe’s little butt cheeks, and the end of her little crack, as Chloe leaned forward. Laura washed lower, and soon found that she was washing the top of Chloe’s cheeks, and in between them. She felt herself getting extremely wet.
Oh, gawd! I’m getting turned on by my little s****r! Fuck, I’m going to Hell! She tried to stop those thoughts, but Chloe looked so beautiful. And, Chloe wasn’t complaining about Laura washing her bottom. Laura made a quick decision. She had to stop this! Reaching up to Chloe’s shoulders, she pulled her back up.
“There, how’s that, k**do?” Laura hoped Chloe couldn’t notice how husky her voice was, or what it might mean.
“Oh, thank you, Laura! I love when someone washes my back. Mom and Dad won’t do it any more. They say I’m old enough to do it myself.”
Laura was barely listening. Chloe was smiling, her dimples deep, her black eyes sparkling. And Laura was looking at her little s****r in a way that she never had before. She noted that Chloe’s breasts still hadn’t begun to develop. Her little pale nipples were hard right now from the wet and the coolness. Laura took a quick peek to confirm that Chloe was still hairless down there.
Seeing the top of Chloe’s prepubescent slit made Laura gush yet again. Her mouth was going dry. She bit her lip.
Taking the washcloth, and soaping it again, she smiled at Chloe. “Here, I bet it’s really been a long time since anyone gave you your entire bath!”
Chloe squealed in delight, as Laura began washing her shoulders, and down her arms. Back up under her arms. And then started working her way down Chloe’s little flat chest. Without knowing it, Laura was holding her breath. She lingered over Chloe’s nipples, rubbing them gently with the soft cloth, feeling their hardness through the fabric. Laura began to feel very warm. She couldn’t take her hands off Chloe’s nipples, and continued washing them, over and over, caressing.
She stole a look at Chloe’s face. She was surprised to see that Chloe’s eyes were closed. She was breathing heavily. And then Laura saw that Chloe’s pale skin was flushing. Oh. My. Gawd. She’s turned on by this!
Part of Laura’s brain was screaming at her to drop the washcloth and run out of there. She told that part to shut up. Her soaking crotch told her hand to wash down to Chloe’s belly. And then…..
“Stand up, k**do. Gotta get the rest of you!” Laura’s heart was pounding. That part of her brain was still screaming, but she was doing her best to ignore it. Chloe stood up. Laura got her to lift each foot in turn, washing each thoroughly. Then her ankles, shins and calves. Laura took her time. Later, looking back, she realized she was giving herself the chance to chicken out, or come to her senses!
Behind each knee. To the front of each knee. Then she was washing up Chloe’s shapely little thighs, getting the backs, and up to her little rump, washing each cheek.
And then to the fronts of her thighs. All the way up to her pelvis, Laura washed slowly. “Gawd, that feels so wonderful,” breathed Chloe. Laura looked up at her. Her eyes were closed. Her head was slightly tilted. Her chest was red and blotchy. Stop! STOPSTOPSTOPSTOP! Laura’s brain was screeching at her.
Laura began washing up Chloe’s inner thighs. Very slowly. All the way to the crease of her legs at her crotch. The back of Laura’s hand brushed Chloe’s little slit. She heard Chloe’s sharp intake of breath, and looked up quickly, fearing Chloe’s reaction. But Chloe’s eyes were closed. She was biting her lower lip.
Not taking her eyes off Chloe’s face, Laura moved to her crotch. Chloe groaned in pleasure. “Mmmm, Laura, Mommy and Daddy haven’t washed me there since I learned to do it myself.” Chloe’s voice was husky now as well. “It feels so good when you do that!”
The resistant part of Laura’s brain went wailing off by itself, now refusing to take part, as Laura gave in to her lust. She dropped the washcloth, soaped her hand, and began caressing Chloe’s vulva with her bare hand.
Chloe groaned again. Laura had been holding her breath so long, without realizing it, she started to feel light headed. Or maybe something else made her feel light headed. She took a deep shuddering breath.
Then she let a finger slip down between Chloe’s young labia. She started caressing there. The tip of her middle finger was finding the opening to her virgin vagina. Chloe was continuing to moan softly, as Laura caressed her.
Laura began pressing gently against Chloe’s little hole. She could feel Chloe starting to let her weight push down on Laura’s hand.
Laura’s mind was racing. Her bl**d was pounding in her ears. She was sure she had soaked right through her panties and her jeans. She had NEVER been as aroused as she was, right at this very minute.
Her mind was still trying to deny what she wanted to do. Trying to deny her overwhelming lustarousalpassionhornyiwannafuckwithmylittles****r feelings.
Chloe wasn’t complaining. Clearly she enjoyed what Laura was doing. She’s just a little girl! She doesn’t understand! “Better me than some boy,” said Laura’s lustiness, trying to justify what she was about to do. “And I’ll be a lot gentler,” she added.
Laura took her hand from between Chloe’s legs. The look on Chloe’s face spoke of loss and disappointment. Before she could say anything, Laura pulled her little face close, going in for a kiss. She saw Chloe’s eyes fly open. She never knew if Chloe closed her eyes, or kept them open. Her own eyes closed automatically, as she locked lips with her little s****r. Chloe’s lips were so soft, softer even than Kathryn’s. They were heaven. Chloe was inexperienced at kissing, clearly. She tried to match her big s****r. And she didn’t pull away. In fact, to Laura it seemed as if Chloe willingly kissed her back.
Laura broke the kiss, and leaned back. Chloe still stood in the tub, wet and soapy all over. Her eyes were wide. Her expression was one of shock. And then she smiled. “Wow, Laura! Is that how big girls kiss?”
Laura gulped, finding it hard to talk at the moment. Her own passion was overwhelming. “Yes,” she breathed. “Do you want to do other big girl things?”
Chloe nodded, eyes still wide, and so serious. She would be a heart breaker some day, Laura was sure.
“Then let’s get you rinsed and dry,” panted Laura. She helped Chloe sit back down in the tub, and began rinsing her little body, nothing now between her hands and Chloe’s little nipples.
And then she was drying her little s****r, and taking her by the hand. Leading her to the bedroom. Closing the door. Just because it seemed more intimate. And then Laura was undressing herself. Chloe watched her big s****r. Laura wasn’t sure Chloe had ever seen her nude. Chloe looked Laura up and down, eyes especially lingering on her little triangle of pubic hair.
Chloe looked up at Laura. “I can’t wait til I grow hair like that. Then I’ll be a big girl too, right?”
Laura nodded, and then laid down on the bed next to Chloe. “Do you want to touch my hairy place?”
Again, Chloe looked at her with those big eyes and nodded. Laura could hardly breath as Chloe reached out and started to brush her hand over her bush. It tickled a little, as Chloe just brushed the top of her hair. Laura parted her legs, letting Chloe have access to the hair growing there as well. Chloe’s hand brushed Laura’s swollen lips ever so slightly. Nevertheless the jolt her touch sent through Laura nearly sent her into an orgasm. She groaned, nearly a scream, startling Chloe, who jerked her hand back.
“I’m sorry, Laura. Did I do something wrong?” Chloe’s eyes were watery.
Laura took Chloe’s hand and replaced it, firmly over her mound, and pressed her fingers over her soaking slit. “No, baby. You are doing it right. It just feels so good when you touch me there.”
“Laura, you’re all wet here.”
“That’s because it feels so good, baby.”
Laura began moving Chloe’s hand over her vulva, giving Chloe the idea how she wanted to be touched. Chloe willingly began caressing, rubbing her little fingers through Laura’s juices.
Laura was whimpering now. “Oh, baby, you are gonna make me cum. Don’t stop, no matter what. Don’t stop…”
She trailed off. The orgasm that took her was her most intense ever. Her body convulsed in pleasure.
Chloe tried to pull her hand away, but Laura caught her and held it tight over her spraying pussy. Laura nearly passed out from the pleasure. Eventually, as the spasms passed, and her squirting subsided, she was able to open her eyes and look at Chloe.
Chloe had a look of horror on her face.
“Oh, baby, that’s not pee. It’s cum. It means you made me feel very very good. You may feel that good some day, and you’ll see just how nice it is.”
Then she took Chloe’s wet little hand, and eyes locked on Chloe’s, brought her hand to her mouth. She licked Chloe’s palm clean, and then proceeded to suck her thumb and each little finger, relishing in her own taste.
Laura laid down again, and pulled Chloe down next to her. She kissed Chloe on the lips again, and felt her trying to respond. It was so nice, and sweet, and gentle.
After a bit, Laura pulled back. “Chloe, when big girls kiss, sometimes they open their mouths a little. And sometimes they let their tongues touch. Can we try that?”
Chloe hesitated. Then nodded. If she was uncomfortable, it seemed she would trust her big s****r’s lead. And even though Laura had already experienced an earth shattering orgasm, she was still full of lust. She had so many things to teach Chloe.
Laura leaned down and Chloe tilted her head slightly to meet her kiss. Chloe was a fast learner. Laura parted her lips, and so did Chloe. They kissed tenderly that way, and then Laura let her tongue slip between Chloe’s lips. She felt her little s****r tense, as their tongues met in Chloe’s mouth. But after a bit, Chloe relaxed. Laura’s tongue was circling Chloe’s. And then Chloe began moving her tongue in rhythm with Laura’s. When Laura withdrew her tongue, Chloe’s followed, slipping between Laura’s lips.
Without realizing it, Laura had been pulling Chloe closer and closer. She became aware of Chloe’s naked body against her own. Felt her own breasts pressed against Chloe’s chest. Felt Chloe’s hard little nipples against her. Laura began running her hand all over Chloe’s back, and down over her little butt. Her passion was growing again. Her kisses became harder, more passionate. Chloe responded. Laura felt Chloe’s little hands now roaming over her as well.
And then Laura gently rolled Chloe on her back, and climbed on top of her, kissing her. Laura managed to get one of her legs between Chloe’s, pressing her thigh against Chloe’s pussy, pressing her own pussy on Chloe’s thigh, and began humping in earnest. Laura’s tongue was fucking Chloe’s mouth, and Chloe was fucking right back.
Laura dropped her lips from Chloe’s, to her neck, and began sucking and licking on her neck. Chloe was writhing in pleasure, as Laura made out with her.
Laura went lower, kissing her way down Chloe’s flat chest, finding her little nub of a nipple. She licked it hard, causing Chloe to gasp yet again, and sucked it hard into her mouth. Chloe screamed in pleasure, and pulled Laura’s head close, holding her to her tiny little nipple.
Laura sucked greedily on the little pink treasure, drawing it in her mouth as much as she could. Her teeth brushed it, causing Chloe to shiver. Laura bit, softly, bringing more screams and moans from Chloe. And then Laura was attacking her other nipple in the same way. Chloe’s whole body was heaving in passion and pleasure.
Laura began kissing her way down Chloe’s tummy. She put her tongue in her sweet little belly button, making Chloe squeal again. Laura lingered there only a moment. She was on her way to the greatest treasure of all. Kissing down over Chloe’s mound, she wondered what Chloe would be thinking. Would she wonder what her big s****r was doing? Would it repulse her?
Laura was past the ability to care. She had no control over her lust. She parted Chloe’s thin thighs, revealing her swelling p*****n labia. Without even looking to see Chloe’s expression, beyond the ability at that point even to be aware of Chloe’s feelings, Laura leaned down, and engulfed her little s****r’s sex in her mouth, and began licking and sucking her lips. Chloe screamed and began bucking under her mouth. Chloe’s hands knotted in Laura’s hair, but she wasn’t trying to pull her away. She was pulling her closer. The small amount of consciousness Laura still possessed went wild knowing that Chloe was aroused.
And then Laura had her tongue at Chloe’s virgin hole, circling and probing. Chloe may have had no idea what Laura was doing to her, but it was pretty clear she wanted it to continue. She was screaming and moaning constantly, her hips bucking up against Laura’s mouth, death grip in her hair. She was fucking Laura’s tongue as much as Laura was tongue fucking her.
Chloe’s whole body started to shudder and convulse. Laura knew she was on the verge. With one finger she found Chloe’s little bud of a clit, and while her tongue penetrated her as deeply as she could, she pressed that magic little button. Chloe let out her loudest scream yet, her thighs clamping tightly around Laura’s head, hips bucking, body thrashing. Laura felt awash in passion – lust – love - affection as her little s****r experienced her first sex, her first orgasm. And Laura felt her face completely drenched, unsure if Chloe was simply extremely wet, or if she had in fact ejaculated. It didn’t matter. Her s****r came.
Chloe finally relaxed, and Laura moved to lie down beside her again. She took her little s****r in her arms. The girl had nearly passed out from the intensity. Laura still needed more release, and holding Chloe with one arm, her free hand roamed to her own pussy.
Chloe must have been aware, watching. She sl**pily moved her hand to Laura’s, slipping it under, and began caressing Laura’s swollen, soaking pussy lips. Laura moved her hand on top of Chloe’s, silently teaching her how to jill herself. She moved Chloe’s little fingers down to her hole, running in her juice, and pressed inward. Chloe got the idea and pushed a little finger in. Laura groaned in response. Then she took Chloe’s hand and started moving that little finger in and out. Again, Chloe got the idea, and began fucking Laura with her finger.
Laura was panting now. Needing to be fucked by a hand other than her own. “Use two fingers, baby,” she breathed. She felt Chloe enter her with two fingers. “Use three, Please,” begged Laura. Chloe entered with her first three fingers. Laura was moaning constantly now, her hips thrusting back against Chloe’s little hand. Without being asked, Chloe entered with her fourth finger. Laura bucked wildly, letting out a scream, as Chloe started fucking her with her whole hand. Laura was panting, eyes tightly closed. So close! Oh gawd!
Chloe’s thumb joined her fingers. Her whole hand now slipping into Laura’s gaping pussy. ”OH MY GAWD,” screamed Laura, and then she came. And came. And came. Her pussy must have been crushing Chloe’s hand, but the little girl held still as her big s****r thrashed and cried and screamed and moaned, as wave after wave swept over her.
Laura woke up, with Chloe nestled against her. I passed out, she realized. Oh. My. Gawd.
She looked down at Chloe, who was resting against her, only now realizing that Chloe was softly caressing her big s****r’s breast, playing with the nipple. “Thank you, baby,” Laura whispered, kissing her raven head.
Chloe looked up, her eyes big and bright. “Laura, when can I kiss you. You know, down there?”

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