A night on the town

Brenda and John were having a lovely dinner together. They had all night if they wanted it. It had been a rough couple months. The project had been a big one, and they’d been very happy to get it. The money of course was always welcome. The long hours were grueling. And now, with the job complete, they treated themselves to a perfect romantic evening alone, with only the best food and wine. The candle lit table overlooked the city, beautiful in the night, the lights sparkling below. The small orchestra had already played their favorite songs. John and Brenda had gotten up and danced slowly, closely, enjoying each other so much. Brenda had felt John’s stirring, and admitted she needed and wanted him. Oh so badly. She was tempted to invite him into the bathroom. But it was a “nice” restaurant, and there were people they knew professionally. She’d have to wait for later.
The waiter came to their table and drained their second bottle of wine into the two glasses. John had pulled his chair close to Brenda, and she sat with her head on his shoulder, sipping her wine, enjoying the feel of him. Enjoying his smell. It was so nice, so comfortable, so pleasant. It was a wonderful feeling.
John was comfortable too. After awhile, a couple just fits together. Brenda’s head was perfectly under his chin. The smell of her hair was intoxicating. Her hand on his knee was warm and soft, and he loved the way she rubbed and squeezed. They sat together, simply enjoying their togetherness, not talking, just holding each other and finishing the wine.
But nothing can last forever. The wine was gone, and the wait staff were beginning to be impatient. John paid the bill, and they left that lovely restaurant.
The night was warm and sultry. John started toward retrieving the car, but Brenda held him back. “No, John, let’s go for a walk, please?” She looked up at him, her lips forming a perfect pout, her soft brown eyes pleading. “Let’s not go home yet. The night is still young. It’s our night. Please?”
How could John refuse? “Sure,” he said, putting his arm around her waist. Why not? Maybe it was the end of the pressure of the job. Her smile was radiant as she put her arm around him as well, and they started down the sidewalk. She looked like a million bucks, just like always, but especially tonight. Her skirt hit her in her mid thigh, showing off her long, tanned, freshly waxed legs. The three inch heels of her pumps made her calves stand out just so. Her blouse fit her snuggly, showing off her figure beautifully. Her long brown hair cascaded down her back in beautiful waves. John knew how other men stared at her, and reveled in their jealousy.
She leaned on him, holding him, possessing him. They walked, not talking, just enjoying the night, block after block. John was so lost in his thoughts, reliving in his mind special times with Brenda, imagining what would happen later, he didn’t notice that they’d left the nice part of the city.
“John, look,” said Brenda softly, snapping him out of his reverie.
He looked, and Brenda was pointing at what was clearly a rough strip bar. “It’s amateur night,” she told him. Indeed, there was a sign outside the door that stated just that. “Let’s go in!” She exclaimed.
“What? Here? Ummm,” stammered John.
“Oh, John, it’ll be so fun! Imagine the type women who will be in there! It’ll be a great laugh later! OH, please, John?”
John thought it over. They were clearly overdressed for this place. u*********sly he placed his hand on his wallet. But if his wife wanted him to go in here and watch strange women take their clothes off, who was he to argue?
“Sure, love, anything that pleases you,” he assented. Brenda rewarded him with a radiant smile and a kiss on the cheek.
They crossed the street to the bar. John paid the cover charge and they went in.
The place was dimly lit. Of course it was, that’s what rough seedy bars always look like. It smelled of booze, old sweat and cigarette smoke. There was a bar along the left side and a few tables s**ttered around. The stage was right in the middle of the floor, flooded with light.
The woman up on stage had to be in her forties. Or maybe she was younger, but had lived a rough life of booze and pills. Her hair looked like a rat’s nest. She stared around blankly out of dead eyes, trying to look alluring. The men, and few women, in the bar were hooting and hollering at her to take off her clothes.
She danced clumsily around the stage, trying to use the pole in the center, but didn’t seem able to lift or hold herself on it. John thought she was likely messed up on something right now. John went to the bar, and got a couple bottles of beer, not trusting the cleanliness of any glass they might have behind that bar. When he returned to where Brenda stood, the dancer was nude from the waist up, her sagging breasts flopping obscenely as she bounced around the stage. She stepped out of her mini skirt, revealing a thong, and a bush that protruded from underneath.
Far from aroused, John was only fascinated by the display, and wondered if the woman would go full nude, or just strut around in her thong. She moved to the edge of the stage, and turned and wiggled her flabby ass at the men gathered there, letting them all get a good feel of her ass. Then she bent over, reached behind herself, and pulled her thong aside, revealing her hairy pussy to the crowd. There was a general cheer at that. And then one of the men by the stage actually stuck a finger in her, to an even bigger roar. People were chanting, “Fuck her, fuck her!” The dancer loved it, and rocked herself back and forth on the unknown finger in her, grunting loudly as she did, to more cheers and rude comments.
Then, to even louder cheers, she stood up, turned around and launched herself on the man who’d been fingering her, wrapping her arms around him, kissing him, wrapping a leg around his hips and grinding her pelvis on him. She reached down and opened his fly, and pulled out his stiff cock. She dropped to her knees and started giving him and expert blowjob, right in front of everyone. The crowd was cheering and chanting, “Go! Go! Go!” And before long the man cried out, “FUCK!” and spewed his cum all over her face. The crowd went wild.
John was fascinated, but wondered what his beautiful, classy wife thought of such debauchery. He turned to her, and Brenda’s eyes were blazing. Seeing John look at her, she pulled him close, and whispered huskily in his ear, “I am so gonna fuck your brains out later.” John’s cock instantly went hard. He wanted to leave immediately, and get to it.
“Wait, John. I have to use the restroom before we walk back to the car. It’s a long walk.” She handed John her purse, and disappeared into the crowd. John looked at his watch, hoping she’d be back soon. There was a general announcement that the next contestant was ready to take the stage. The lights went out, and a sexy salsa tune started blaring over the sound system.
The lights came up, and John looked at the stage to see who the next girl was.
She had her back to him, tossing long brown hair, hips wiggling to the music, already stripping out of her blouse. And then she turned.
John’s mouth dropped open. His first instinct was to run to the stage. But there was already a mad rush to get closer, as the new contestant was drop dead gorgeous, easily the best of the night, probably the best this place had ever seen.
Brenda had disappeared into the crowd, and immediately sought out whoever was in charge of the “competition” there. The money she had tucked in her bra had convinced the man to let her go next. And Brenda could tell by the lewd stare he gave her, that the man really wanted to see Brenda’s hot body. That look alone had made her moist.
From the stage, Brenda found John’s face in the crowd, letting him see her lust and her arousal at so many staring at her. John was floored. The look on Brenda’s face was so lascivious, a look he’d never seen before. He was frozen where he stood, transfixed as his wife played the slut in front of a bar full of dirty men and women, showing her beautiful sexy body to them.
Brenda was strutting around the entire stage, wiggling sensuously to the music, occasionally treating one of the men right by the stage to a pelvic thrust. The crowd was going wild for her. Still in her bra and skirt, she let them stare, and teased, first slipping a strap down her shoulder, then hiking her skirt, showing her shapely thighs. She was killing them with her flirtation
She danced to the edge, and leaned over, letting her tits spill, nearly out of her bra. When the man in front of her reached up, she didn’t draw back, but let him fondle her tits through her bra. Her eyes rolled back in pleasure from the strange man’s touch.
On the stage, she used everything she’d learned on the catwalk, all the dance moves she loved, to draw the crowd in. She was so incredibly aroused by the attention. She wondered how John would really react. This was for him, but it was for her as well.
When the stranger squeezed her tits, her knees nearly buckled. She felt it right down in her now gushing pussy. God she was so turned on.
She pulled back and then went and leaned over for another stranger, repeating the performance, letting him squeeze and fondle her. She had never felt such lust in her life.
Spotting a woman who had wormed her way to the edge of the stage, Brenda strutted over to her, stood on the edge of the stage, legs spread, and lifted her skirt to the woman, showing her crotch, knowing she was obviously wet and had soaked through her panties. When the woman reached up, Brenda backed off, but smiling. She gave the woman a wiggle of her hips, then leaned over, again letting her tits fall. Only this time, she slipped the straps off her shoulders. Her perfect firm tits popped out to the roaring approval of the crowd. The woman in front reached and grabbed one in each hand, fondling and pinching Brenda’s nipples.
She nearly orgasmed at that. Brenda sat on the edge of the stage in front of the woman, who she could see now was missing a few teeth, with dirty, stringy hair. She could smell her body odor. Brenda reached out and pulled the woman’s head to her tit, urging her to suckle.
And suckle she did, first one, then the other. The crowd was raucous, chanting, “Suck! Suck! Suck!” The woman sucked loudly, increasing Brenda’s arousal, if that were possible. She pushed the woman back, and stood again, strutting again like on the catwalk, removing her bra completely. Every so often she would lean over to let another man fondle her nipples or squeeze her tits.
“Show us your ass!” Screamed someone. The place erupted as the crowd took up a chant of “Show us your ass!” Brenda continued to strut and wiggle as the crowd begged her to show her ass, intoxicated by the attention. She danced in circles, wiggling her ass at them, making them crazy.
Then she stopped turning, and just wiggle at them, her hands on the hem of her skirt, slowly, ever so slowly, lifting it. She stopped as she felt the hem against the bottom of her ass cheeks, wiggling and teasing, as the crowd begged her to keep going.
And she did, slowly pulling up her skirt, revealing her firm ass, covered in only her thong She was amazing. The crowd roared again. And then she had the skirt off, and had turned, thrusting her pussy at them, pulling up on it, showing her camel toe, showing her wetness.
She strutted to the edge again, and to a man there said, “smell me.”
The man did, stuffing his nose against her sopping crotch. When he tried to grab her, she pushed him off. “Not yet,” she grunted. She treated several more men to her sopping crotch, then danced again to the center of the stage. There as she wiggled and danced, she slowly slipped her thong down, revealing her perfectly smooth pussy, glistening wet. She hugged the pole for the first time, now fully nude but for her pumps. She lifted her leg like a dancer, up, up, up, until her foot was fully extended above her head, exposing herself completely to the crowd.
She could see that several men already had their cocks out, openly masturbating as she paraded in front of them. Seeing that turned her into a being of pure lust. She strutted to the man who had first grabbed her tits. She sat on the low stage in front of him, opening her legs in a lewd display of her cunt. Looking him in the eye, she commanded, “fuck me. Now.”
The man had his pants down and stiff cock out in an instant. Brenda’s mind was overwhelmed with lust, and all she wanted was a cock, a lot of cocks, in her. The cock in front of her was not particularly large or small, but it would do. The man it belonged to was maybe in his fifties, bald, with a pot belly, The sleeves of his shirt had been cut off, revealing two burly, hairy arms, covered in tattoos. He moved between her legs, positioning his cock at her pussy. He grabbed her hips, and as he did so, Brenda saw the tattoos on his knuckles, as well. And then he thrust in her.
“Oh, God!” She screamed. “Yes! Fuck me!” And the crowd took up the chant, “Fuck her!” The man pounded her in rhythm to the chanting. As the chanting picked up speed, so did he. As he fucked her, Brenda looked at a nearby man, and said, “you next.” That man immediately dropped his pants and started stroking his hard cock. Brenda was pleased to see that this fellow was well endowed. Meanwhile bald man was nearing his climax, grunting and puffing and hammering at her. And then he held inside her, and she knew his cum was flooding her. She was in ecstasy.
And then he pulled back, to be replaced by Mr. Big Cock, who roughly shoved his huge member into her, stretching her, splitting her open. She nearly came at his first thrust. Later she couldn’t even remember what he looked like, only remembering his huge cock popping out of his pants. Brenda was screaming and grunting like an a****l as Big Cock fucked her. And then he was cumming in her too, adding to Bald Man’s load. She could feel it oozing out of her and onto her thighs. The thought made her cum immediately. But she wasn’t done.
She looked up and Big Cock was gone, and her ugly dirty haired toothless tit sucker was in front of her, kneeling, her head diving between Brenda’s thighs, licking and cleaning her up. Brenda’s hands went to her filthy head, pulling her in, smashing her face to her cunt, screaming “eat me!” And the crowd took up the chant again, “Eat her!”
Brenda felt another orgasm crashing over her then, and knew she was gushing all over the woman’s face. When she released her head the woman stood, but Brenda pulled her onto the stage with her. As another man moved between her legs, and began fucking her, Brenda told the woman to strip and straddle her face. And soon she had the stranger’s pussy grinding on her lips as several more men took their turns fucking her.
God, I must be a mess, she thought. And the thought of all that cum, all those strange men, brought her another intense orgasm. And then her toothless lover was cumming on her face, spilling her juices all over Brenda’s mouth, filling her nose with her odor.
When toothless finally moved off of her, another man was fucking Brenda. She’d already lost count. Her pussy felt stretched. Looking at this stranger she ordered, “fuck my ass!” He gave her a wicked look and pulled his cock out. She rolled over, offering up her ass like a bitch in heat. The man roughly spread her cheeks. His cock was coated in the cum of how many men she had no idea. Still, as he pressed into her, the pain was intense, causing her to scream. He smacked her ass, and yelled, “shut up, whore!” And then with a mighty thrust he shoved his cock up to his balls into her ass. She screamed again, the pain so bad, earning her another slap on her ass. “I said shut the fuck up, slut!” And he proceeded to fuck her ass like he was r****g her. And the thought that she was being ****d sent Brenda’s lust over the edge again. She came with his cock in her ass, flooding down her inner thighs.
The man r****g her ass let go her hips, and grabbed her long hair, pulling, and fucking her deeply. She was grunting in pleasure now, her tits swinging with each thrust. And then a cock appeared in front of her mouth. She eagerly swallowed it, sucking him, whoever he was, his long kinky pubic hair tickling her nose as she did. He grabbed her head and began thrusting into her mouth as the other guy fucked her ass. She felt rough hands fondling her tits then, and realized she had become a piece of meat for these people. The were pushing and shoving to get a part of her.
The guy in her ass finally climaxed and pulled out. She felt the cum running out of her ass. Then someone was under her, sticking a cock in her pussy. And then another cock went in her ass. The cock in her mouth exploded, filling her mouth with cum. She let some dribble out and down her chin, and the people who saw it screamed in pleasure. Then with great show, she swallowed the rest.
Brenda never knew how many cocks took her pussy, ass and mouth that night. They just kept coming at her, and she took each one. She came repeatedly.
And then it was over. She lay naked on the stage, her face covered in cum, mascara running, hair matted with cum, cum on her tits, and a flood of cum from her ass and pussy.
And then she saw John. She couldn’t read his look. “Let’s go home,” he said. He helped gather her clothes, getting her dressed, and cleaned her up as best he could. It was a long walk back to the car. John was silent. And on the drive home he still said nothing. Brenda was so exhausted that she fell asl**p in the car on the way home.
She awoke to find that John had carried her in to the house, to their bedroom. She was naked on the bed, as John had removed her soiled clothes. He sat on the bed next to her. “So do you want to talk about tonight?” He asked her.
She bit her lip. “John, I-“ She began.
“Whore.” He stated it simply. He might have simply been noting the time of day. He stated it as a fact. Brenda couldn’t read him, still.
He stood staring at her naked abused body, still soiled from the bar.
And then he started to undress. His shirt, his belt, and then his pants.
When he dropped his pants, Brenda saw his erection bulging in his boxers. He stripped off his socks, and then his boxers. His cock was completely erect, bobbing and throbbing with each beat of his heart.
“Roll over, slut,” he orederd.
Brenda complied.
“Stick your ass in the air, bitch.”
She did.
She could feel she was still sticky and slimy.
His hands grabbed her hips, and he thrust into her with such f***e and v******e.
“Tell. Me. What. You. Did. Tonight.” Each word was punctuated with a thrust into her stretched and filthy pussy.
She groaned with each thrust. The thought now of John taking her this was so erotic to Brenda.
“I stripped.”
“In a nasty bar.” Brenda said this in a husky low voice. She could tell from John’s reaction that it was turning him on.
“Yeah, and then what did you do?”
“I fucked a guy.”
“Tell me how you did it?”
John was pounding her, and slapping her ass now, and sometimes pulling on her cum matted hair.
“I sat on the stage and told him to fuck me.”
“You’re a whore, aren’t you?”
“Yes,” she groaned now, loving it. Loving reliving it with John.
John slapped her ass again. “Fucking whore.”
“Yes, I’m a fucking whore. A slut. Your slut.”
“You’re damned right you’re my slut!” He slapped her again, and then yanked even harder on her hair.
“What else did you do?”
“I ate pussy,” Brenda moaned.
“Pervert, aren’t you?”
“God, yes, I’m a pervert, oh God fuck me fuck me fuck me,” she moaned and screamed and groaned.
John pulled out. “Roll over. Let me see your slutty face.” She did, immediately spreading her legs for him.
“Please, John, fuck me more. Fuck me hard. Harder than ever. I’m such a whore. I deserve it!”
“First things first.” John went to the chair beside the bed and picked up his camera. “We need to keep the proof of what a cumslut whore you are.” He started taking pictures. Brenda was sure she looked the part of a whore, still sticky all over from cum, knowing her makeup was wrecked, her hair a filthy mess. She was not embarrassed, but smiled lewdly at the camera as John took shot after shot. Somehow she knew they’d both masturbate to those pictures repeatedly later.
And then he tossed the camera aside.
“Now, whore, I’m gonna **** your ass.”
Brenda’s pussy gushed as he said it. “Oh, god, yes. **** my ass. Oh God.”
John pushed her knees back to her shoulders. Her ass was still gaping form earlier. His did, slimed with her mingled juices and the cum from at least 20 men, slide in her ass. She groaned in pleasure, transported by her lust yet again. Her pussy was running a river of her juice. John pounded her ass harder and deeper than ever before.
“Take that, you filthy tramp.” And then he slapped her hard across the face. “You deserve that, puta. All you’re good for is being a cum dump.”
The shock of the blow brought tears to Brenda’s eyes. “Oh, yes, I deserve it,” she moaned.
“Tell me why I shouldn’t hit you again?”
“I deserve it, yes, I’m a SLUT!” Brenda was screaming now.
But John didn’t hit her again. He was reaching his climax. Brenda could tell. “Oh, John, yes, cum! Please, cum in my ass! Show me what a slut cumbucket I am!”
John was past talking. He was grunting one long guttural grunt, and then she could tell by the way his eyes rolled back that he was unloading in her. Seeing him that way made her cum, too, her pussy clenching as the waives of ecstasy washed over her. She screamed her pleasure, as John emptied his balls into her.
And then he was still. He pulled out and left the room. She heard him in the bathroom, heard the water on in the tub. And then he returned. Without a word, he scooped her tenderly from the bed, and carried her into the bathroom. The warm bath felt so good. John soaped a cloth, and proceeded to wash every inch of her. Then he scrubbed her hair clean. Taking her hand, he led her out of the tub, drying her with the soft towel he had ready. He washed himself quickly, and they crawled into the bed together, under the soft clean sheets. She curled up to him, her arm across his chest, a leg over him, her head tucked under his chin. She practically purred in contentment. They went to sl**p without a word. Neither spoke. They didn’t have to.

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Very Good
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Believe it or not I was one of the guys who fucked here LOL Great story :)~~~