Home alone 2: Daddy's home

It was another warm summer day. Usually, Laura would be outside doing something rather than in the house, playing video games with her 14 year old neighbor, Tommy. Laura was 17. If her parents thought it was odd, then, that Laura had been spending a lot of time with Tommy, they didn’t say. But certainly it was odd for Laura, who usually didn’t play games indoors when it was nice outside. She was always active, loved sports, loved the sun, and loved life. Hopefully her parents just thought she was being nice to Tommy, because he didn’t have a dad in the picture, and it seemed his mom was gone a lot these days. Clearly this fact irked Laura, because she would complain about how often Kathryn was gone. She said it was because she herself missed Kathryn being around, but her parents suspected that Laura was a big hearted girl, which she was, and felt sorry for Tommy being alone so much.
Her parents were wrong.
Kathryn had awakened Laura’s sexual passions a few weeks ago, when Laura’s parents had left her home alone overnight for a weekend. Laura was absolutely honest when she said she missed Kathryn being around. She missed the love making whenever she could sneak over to Kathryn’s house. And of course, there was Tommy also, who made a fine substitute for Kathryn, or addition to Kathryn when they all three played together.
So this Saturday, Laura’s parents were going shopping for school clothes for Chloe, Laura’s little s****r. Chloe had wailed at being taken away from her big s****r. Their parents had noted that Chloe and Laura were getting very close this summer. They chalked it up to the fact Laura was going into her final year of high school, and would be going away to college in a year. The girls were discovering that they might actually miss each other.
Again, Laura’s parents were wrong, though only partially.
As Chloe and her parents were getting ready to leave, Laura was already feeling herself moistening. She stole a peek at Tommy’s crotch, and could see he was anticipating their departure as well. Chloe came and gave her big s****r a hug, a kiss on the cheek. And when Mommy and Daddy weren’t looking, she gave her a squeeze on the breast, and whispered in her ear, “see you tonight.”
Laura’s pussy began to gush at that point. She didn’t even get up to hug Mom or Dad goodbye, afraid she may have soaked through her shorts already. She knew Tommy had seen, and heard, and that thought made her even hornier.
Finally, Mom and Dad were out of the house. Laura stole a peek out the front window, and stealthily watched as the car left the drive, and headed to the mall.
When she turned around, Tommy was already naked, his fine young cock at attention. Laura still had nothing to compare to, but Tommy’s young cock was magnificent. At his age, he could shoot his cum and be erect again in 5 minutes. As horny as Laura had been ever since her encounter with Kathryn, he was an absolute blessing. Besides, he was a nice k**.
Laura stripped out of her clothes, too, and led Tommy by the hand to her bedroom. They should have all afternoon. They would have a fine old fuckfest, as Tommy liked to say. Tommy loved to fuck and eat pussy as much as Laura loved to fuck and suck cock.
Both were so horny, that Laura didn’t even make it to her bed. She knelt on the floor in front of Tommy, grabbed his cock, and swallowed it to his balls. She loved his cock. And she had become an expert at deep throating him. Tommy groaned, his head tilted back, as Laura devoured his penis. He had his hands in her hair, but didn’t thrust. He trusted Laura to give him a wonderful blowjob. This was how it always started, with him blowing a load down her throat, then eating her pussy to orgasm while his cock recovered. Round 2 always meant some down and dirty fucking.
Tommy was so horny, it only took Laura a couple minutes to suck him to a big load. They hadn’t been able to get together for a week, and Tommy had learned the trick of jacking himself to the edge, building up a huge load for Laura. He groaned and moaned and screamed a little as his cock pulsed and shot down Laura’s throat. Laura greedily sucked and cupped his balls, trying for every last drop. She found she lived for cum these days. Tommy’s cock finally started to soften, and reluctantly Laura let it go. Some day, she thought, I’ll make him cum twice like that. But today was not that day. She really needed his magic tongue between her legs.
She sat on her bed, leaned back and opened her legs, displaying her glistening cunt for Tommy. Tommy was, indeed, an expert pussy eater. He’d been eating Kathryn’s pretty much since the divorce. If was wrong for Tommy to be fucking Kathryn, Laura didn’t care. She had watched him fuck his mommy, drilling the pussy he came from, filling it full of his young jizz. Laura jilled herself to orgasm so many times watching them she lost count. It always pushed Laura over the edge when Kathryn talked dirty to her boy. “Yes, baby, fuck Mommy. Fuck me son! Oh, fill my cunt full of little boy cum! Fuck your mommy! Fuck the cunt that you came from!” And Kathryn’s voice, so wanton and lustful at those times, was the final thing. Just remembering those times was pushing Laura to a fast orgasm. She had to f***e herself to concentrate on the excellent job Tommy was doing.
She held his head, holding him between her legs. His tongue was buried in her pussy. Soon, he’d switch over and suck her clit. That would do it. Laura was starting to buck, fucking her hips up at Tommy. She started talking to him, trying to sound like Kathryn. “Fuck me with your tongue, Tommy. Eat my pussy. Swallow my juices. OH, TOMMY!” Tommy had switched to her clit, and she was over the edge. Her pent up passion and desire took her. Wave after wave crashed over, spreading out from her crotch, as her body convulsed. Involuntarily, she clamped her legs around Tommy’s head. He stuck a finger in her pulsating cunt, feeling her clench around it. The new sensation brought on a fresh wave of pleasure. Her eyes rolled back and she moaned and screamed her pleasures.
Finally she relaxed her death grip on Tommy’s head. He stood before her, face glazed in her juices, cock erect and aimed at her sopping cunt, which was now alive with desire. Slowly he pushed his bulbous cockhead into her. Laura moaned again, unable to form words, drowning in her pleasure. Tommy’s cock just kept coming and coming, his entry seemingly endless. His cock so long and fat. Laura nearly came just from his entry. And then he was fucking her. She made no pretense in her mind. This was not love making. This was fucking. Pure and simple, a****listic fucking driven by lust and desire. There was no romance at all.
Laura finally found her voice, and purred at Tommy, “Yeah, fuck me with your huge cock! Feel how wet you make me! Fuck me hard, Tommy!”
“Well, well, well, what do we have here?”
Laura’s eyes flew open to see her Dad standing in the doorway to her bedroom. Tommy had already pulled his cock out of her, and it was drooping in terror. Tommy had no color whatsoever in his face. Laura was sure she was every bit as pale as Tommy. The boy tried to walk away, but Dad said, “not so fast young man. Stay right where you are.”
What Laura didn’t know was that at the last minute Dad had made an excuse and sent Mom and Chloe off to shop. He quietly snuck back in the garage in time to see his naked daughter leading the naked neighbor boy, with a huge boner, into her bedroom. He watched as his daughter gave Tommy and expert blowjob. Watched her orgasm on Tommy’s face, and loved seeing Tommy cram that big boy cock up her cunt. So my daughter’s a fuck slut with the neighbor. Dad was horny beyond his ability to think.
Laura was sure she was dead. “Mom and Chloe are shopping. We’re here all afternoon,” he remarked. He slowly walked into the room, loosening his belt. In horror, Laura thought he was about to beat her. “Fucking my daughter, eh Tommy? Looks like it’s not the first time, either!” Tommy nodded. The look on his face said he was sure death was imminent for him.
Dad dropped the belt on the floor, then undid the button on his jeans, letting them fall to the floor. Laura could see his erection beneath his boxers. Oh, gawd. Then he stripped off his shirt. Pulled off his socks. Dropped his boxers.
Laura was transfixed by her dad’s engorged cock, bobbing there proudly in front of her. Tommy’s is bigger, was the first strange thought that came to her mind, being confronted by her father’s nudity. Her mind was avoiding thinking what Dad obviously had in mind for her.
He was standing next to Tommy now, gazing at Laura’s sopping cunt. Then he knelt between her legs, at the same time putting a hand on Tommy’s hip, holding him in place as the boy tried to step back. “Stay right there, young man. It looks like today I’ll get to taste my daughter’s cunt juice.”
Laura had been at such a height of arousal, but found she was dreading her father putting his mouth on her. This is wrong! Her conscience made a roaring come back. Fucking the neighbors. Fucking her little s****r, even, didn’t compare to fucking my Daddy! Her brain was wailing, but she couldn’t move. Her Dad was gonna eat her pussy and she couldn’t do or say anything. Somehow she knew if she threatened to tell Mom, that of course she’d get in even bigger trouble. And eventually they’d find out about Chloe. She swallowed her screams and resigned herself to what was coming.
She watched as her dad stared at her wide open pussy. Her strongest impulse was to clamp her legs shut, but Dad was there, and he would make her. He licked his lips. A wanton look on his face. He opened his mouth.
Laura nearly shut her eyes then, dreading what her father was about to do to her.
But she didn’t.
And then she gaped.
Dad didn’t bend his head to her cunt. One hand on Tommy’s hip, with the other he grabbed Tommy’s cock, and then slipped it into his mouth.
Tommy was totally in shock as Dad sucked his cock to the base, cupping his balls now in his hand. In moments, the fear left Tommy’s face, replaced by a look of rapture, as Daddy sucked his cock back to life. Daddy was moaning in pleasure as he sucked the boy’s smooth long hard dick. Laura watched, fascinated to see her Daddy getting his face fucked by Tommy. Her initial revulsion was followed quickly by interest, noting the Daddy really seemed to know what he was doing. Not the first cock he ever sucked. Does Mom know???
Without realizing it, Laura’s fingers were in her pussy. She was shocked to find that she was incredibly aroused watching her father suck cock. In fact, she was pretty sure this was the hottest thing she’d ever experienced in her short sexual life.
She was soon frigging herself madly as Daddy sucked and moaned, and as Tommy rocked his hips forward, moaning and fucking Daddy’s mouth. Oh. My. Gawd. The three words repeated endlessly in her mind.
Tommy’s moans were becoming a steady “Aaaaaammmmmmmmmmm!” and Laura knew he was about to blow his load. She watched him hammer his hips into Daddy’s face, and hold there, as his cock throbbed and his balls clenched. He was CUMMING IN DADDY’S MOUTH! OHMYGAWD OHMYGAWD OHMYGAWD OHMYGAWD OHMYGAWD!
And then Tommy was standing there, his dick limp, Daddy licking cum from his lips, a trickle running down he chin. “Now, eat my daughter like I saw you do it before,” Daddy ordered. He stood up as Tommy took his place and began doing what Daddy said.
Laura’s conscience had fled once again, unable to cope with what was happening, leaving her only her lust to guide her. Daddy stood by her mouth, and offered his still stiff manhood to her. Greedily, she took it in her mouth, easily taking him to his balls. She was so engrossed in sucking Daddy’s cock that Tommy’s tongue in her pussy became secondary to her.
All too soon, Daddy pulled his cock away from her. Laura felt a keen sense of loss as that wonderful instrument that had such a huge part in her making was withdrawn from her. “Another time, Punkin,” he smiled at her. That helped, but Laura wanted his cum NOW!
Tommy was engrossed in Laura’s pussy, and didn’t really pay attention to Daddy at that point, as Daddy moved behind the boy. But he stopped what he was doing as Laura’s dad knelt behind him. And spread his boyish cheeks. And pressed his cockhead against Tommy’s asshole. And pressed and pressed and pressed until it popped in. Tommy’s expression said it REALLY HURT! But he didn’t scream as Daddy took his virgin ass. Daddy was gentle after all, going slowly.
The pain on Tommy’s face receded. Then came wonder, followed quickly by great pleasure. Tommy moaned again, then returned to eating Laura.
All the while Laura had been watching with wanton lust. She actually was jealous of Tommy, having her dad’s cock in him. That should be me, dammit! But Tommy’s mouth on her cunt took her mind off of it, and she allowed herself to drown in the pleasure she felt. Her passion grew yet again, and she knew she’d be gushing on Tommy’s face.
Daddy now had managed to work his cock into Tommy’s ass up to his balls. And then reaching around, he felt Tommy’s cock, already hard again. “Time for you to finish that fucking, Tommy,” he whispered. Then, without withdrawing from his ass, the two stood up together. Daddy helped guide Tommy’s cock into his daughter’s pussy. And then he started fucking Tommy’s ass, as Tommy fucked Laura’s pussy. In rhythm. In tandem. Laura realized it was like being fucked by both of them at once. “Fuck us, Daddy. Fuck us both. Oh please fuck us!” Her lust filled voice seemed to drive Daddy to new heights of passion. His strokes in Tommy’s ass became longer and harder, causing Tommy’s strokes in Laura also to be longer and harder.
“Yes!” Screamed Laura. “Like that. Oh, Daddy! Fuck us fuck us fuck us fuckusfuckusfuckusfuckusfuckusfuckusfuckusfuckusfuckusfuckus! Oh gawd, I’M CUMMING!!!!”
Laura’s cunt clenched on Tommy’s cock, starting a chain reaction, as Tommy lost control and started cumming in Laura’s pussy. The pulsing of his prostate against Dad’s cock was enough to drive him over the edge, too. He erupted in Tommy’s ass, as Tommy was finishing up in Laura’s cunt.
And then they all collapsed on the bed, exhausted, all dreamily dozing off, not concerned about when Mom or Chloe might come home….

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very hot scenario
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O M G Thanks for the posting
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Graet story, loved it
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great follow up story,
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Nice, I've dreamt of similar situations before