Dear Journal #1

July 14th

Tomorrow I turn 19! I can't wait. Matt says he's going to make sure I get d***k and laid. Not necessarily in that order. I wish he was the one laying me ♥. I think he would never talk to me again if he knew how I felt. I am so sick of pretending. I'm still the same guy I've always been.


July 16th

Yesterday was the worst day/birthday of my life. I got d***k and kissed Matt. He won't return my calls or texts. I'm fucked. When school starts.....I feel like killing myself. Everyone is going to know. Brandon Mackinaw already asked me for a blowjob at work yesterday. I think he was serious too. I feel like crap.


July 19th

My mom and I had an argument last night. She called me a faggot and says that dad would be ashamed of me if he were alive. and that the guys on the f***e would not want to work with me so I could forget about becoming a cop.

I have to go to work now. I'm going to try to ignore how everyone stares at me. I should never have gotten so d***k.

July 19th (PM)

HE came into the store today, The whole place went quiet. You would think people would have a little more respect for a veteran. They call him Captain Crazy. I remember when he got home from Afghanistan, there was a big celebration and a parade on Main Street in his honor. Now people treat him like a freak.

He bought some shaving cream and disposable razors, a pack of Beef Ramen Noodles, two bottles of Sprite and a couple packs of bologna with two loaves of bread and a package of imitation cheese. He kept looking around as if he were expecting something to happen. For a second there I thought he was going to rob the store.

He was dressed in a winter coat over his fatigues as he always was, even in the summer. His black beard was long and as unkempt as his hair. He had green eyes and olive skin. His fingernails were filthy and he smelled of alcohol. He looked homeless. His lawn was always neat and clean though. He mowed faithfully every Saturday at noon in his winter coat and dark sunglasses. His landscaping was awesome in the front yard. Nice flowers and shrubs neatly trimmed with precision. Judging by the looks of him, he would look nice if he took as much care with his beard and hair. I felt so bad for him.

He paid for his items with a dirty and slightly torn 20 dollar bill, thanked me and left quickly.
I hadn't noticed that he left until I reached to give him his change. I had to run after him. I made it to the door and yelled "Hey Mister!" He stopped and turned. Neither of us saw the car.

He got hit and went flying. The old woman driving the car slammed on the brakes and put her hands over her mouth. I rushed over to him as I dialed 911. He was bleeding from his right leg where the bone tore through his skin and his pants. His arm was at an unreal angle as well. I stayed with him until the cops and ambulance arrived. He was u*********s but still breathing.


July 20th

I stayed at the hospital overnight with James. That was his name. James Oliver. I convinced Dr. Metzger to let me, because I felt responsible for what happened. If I had not called out to him, he would not have been hit. Dr. Metzger was the one who tried to save my father after he was shot while off duty by two thugs. I hoped he could actually save James. I feel like shit for what happened. I'm home now, so I better try to get some sl**p. I have to work in a few hours.


July 29th

James is still recovering from surgery. I am going to mow his lawn and trim the hedges. They are getting pretty long.


August 2nd

James is home. He was so shocked to see his lawn looking great that he forgot all about wanting to break my neck like a twig. Those were his first words when he saw me after he woke up. :)

I even hopped the fence and let myself into his backyard, which was a paradise. I had to read up on how to prune and care for roses and other plants. There was even a koi pond. I would spend days back there just watching the birds and fish. It was beautiful. The fence and trees that lined the yard made it absolutely private. I would sunbathe naked for a few hours after gardening, not that I will tell him that. :)

He bitched at me for ruining his White Cumberland Rosemary, and then had me help him inside. His house was just as tidy as he kept the yard and garden. It looked really cozy. I was surprised.

I helped him undress and get into bed. Jimmy (what he want's me to call him from now on) has a soldier's body. Pure muscle. This is going to be difficult. He may be the only person in town that hasn't heard about me kissing Matt. I am afraid he will find out I am gay and start to treat me like a leper.

We talked about his garden a bit more and I asked if he needed anything. He said no and asked me to leave.

I'm supposed to check on him before work, during lunch and after work. It will be tough but his leg is broken because of me. This is the least I can do.


August 3rd (AM)

I stopped by this morning and Jimmy asked for a bath. I helped him outside and into a lawn char. I brought a bucket of water and a bottle of all in one body wash and a few towels. I washed his long silky hair first. I think he liked the way I massaged his scalp. I took a mug and rinsed the suds out of his hair. I then took the soapy towel and began to wash his underarms. He leaned forward so I could sponge off his back. When I was done with that, he lay back again and I carefully washed his chest and abs. He looked incredible wet. I bit down on my tongue to keep myself from getting an erection. I washed his arm and he raised the broken one and sniffed the cast where his fingers appeared. He smiled and dared me to smell it. It smelled horrible!
I continued to wipe the soapy cloth across his slightly hairy chest. He just sat there with his eyes closed. When I stopped, he opened them and looked at me. His eyes were as green as the rest of the garden.

I looked at my watch and realized I was 20 minuets late. He told me that I was not finished. He pointed to his underwear, which was soaked and translucent. I could see his cock through the wet white fabric! He was not aroused, but it was still a nice sized tool. I took hold of the sides of his underwear and gently and slowly slid them down, then I held him up while he lifted up a bit so I could pull them past his nice butt. I gently shimmied them down his legs being careful not to hurt his broken leg, or wet the cast too much with his soggy undies.

I stood there for a moment not knowing what to do next. He reminded me that I was running late and that it wasn't going to wash itself. I soaped up the towel and gingerly began to wipe across his flaccid manhood. He laughed at me! He asked if I had ever washed my own cock. I told him of course I had and he told me to wash his as if it were my own. I picked it up and began to wipe it. I pulled back the foreskin, revealing his meat and wiped across his glans. He started stiffening in my hand. I immediately dropped his cock and stood up.

He shrugged and said "Yeah, it does that when you rub it." and laughed.
He took it in his good hand and held it and asked me if I wanted to finish it. He kept looking at it as he spoke.
I took a deep breath and took it from him. He was even harder now and had doubled in size. His meat had grown so large that it would not go back into the foreskin. I ran the soapy towel across it again, this time slower. He leaned his head back and took a deep breath.

I can't believe I did it but I started stroking him! He looked down at my hand pumping his cock like a piston and clenched his chiseled jaw, grinding his teeth. I watched his pecs jump and his abdominal muscles were going crazy as I spun my hand over his cock head and back down his shaft. Clear thick fluid leaked from his cock as I focused on his shaft, jerking up and down in the middle of his length quickly.

I must have lost it, because I leaned over and started sucking his dribbling cock like a mad man. I can't describe the taste other than meaty and delicious. He was moaning so loud, I just knew his neighbors could hear. I sucked and pumped his cock in my tight fist.

My phone rang and I stopped to answer it. It was my boss. Jimmy snatched my 300 dollar phone out of my hand and tossed it into the koi pond and told me: "Get back on my cock!" I was happy to oblige. With a mouth full of dick and my hands massaging his chest, I came in my jeans after about 5 more minuets of him groaning and using his good hand to shove my face in his body-wash scented crotch. He opened his mouth wide and shouted so loud as he came. His cum shot in my face, some even got in my eye. A little dripped down my face and onto my lips. I liked the warm salty cum and leaned over to eat the thick trail of it that flowed down his cock. I was stunned. He was grinning like a fool and began shaking his head and yelled "Mmman that was good!"

I finished washing him and reluctantly went to work. Philip bitched me out for being so late, but I didn't care. Today was the best day of my life!!! xoxoxoxo

I cant wait until tonight......
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1 year ago
I would water your grass for you and fertilize your asshole too! :)
1 year ago
1 year ago
Shit, good help is hard to come by and obviously your boss recognized that, tiger! And yeah, the "eyes as green as the rest of the garden" turned me on... but here in Cali, I don't water the grass and it's totally fucking brown... should I go so far as to mention how much I'd love stimulating your brown fuck hole with my tongue? Well fuck, if not, just stew on it!

Great post!

1 year ago
"Best day of my life" - that sums it up; that and the beautiful phrase: "He just sat there with his eyes closed. When I stopped, he opened them and looked at me. His eyes were as green as the rest of the garden." Love blooms in such looks, and i cannot wait to see how sexy vet James and our young diarist deepen their love-making. Please give us a happy ending; we need and deserve happy endings wherever we can find them, especially if they are cum-soaked.