Whiskey Road 4

I stared at the words. Every fiber of my being shook. I was so shocked.
Allie was having an affair with one of my employees.

Aden must have seen the look on my face, because he snatched the phone right out of my hand, snapping me out of my dazed trance. I looked over at him. He glared at the screen. He handed me the phone with his head held down. I clenched it with sweaty palms. I had no idea how to react to this. Was I angry? Yes. Was I hurt? Yes, but a tiny part of me felt relieved. I no longer felt guilty for what happened in the car, or the shower for that matter.

Aden began breathing heavily, his fists clenched, his head down and tears streaming from his left eye. Suddenly he began punching the dashboard furiously. Left, right, left, right, left.....

I put my hand on his shoulder to calm him, half expecting him to clock me one. He unbuckled his safety belt and quickly got out of the car. He began walking into the woods. I followed.

"Hey 'Ade', you okay man? I asked, keeping my distance but letting him know I was there.

He was leaning over, his hands on his knees, panting heavily and swearing through each breath. He shook his head up and down and raised his hand back in my direction, telling me to stay back. I stayed put. He had had a violent breakdown like this a few months ago that ended with him in the hospital with a broken hand.

He stood up, and turned to face me. Tears welling in his eyes.

"How can you be so calm Coop?" He said as he began walking toward me. "I mean SHIT man! You always seem to not be bothered by anything. That pisses me off because I've always wanted to be that way. how do you do it Cody?"

I smiled, and put my arm around his neck as we walked back to the car. "A whole mess of meth my friend. I sprinkle some on my Wheaties every mornin'.

He laughed and pushed me away. "Fuck meth, you got no soul." He teased.

I got in and buckled up. I turned to him.

"Things do get to me Aden, but I try not to let anyone know it."

"You can let me know it, I know exactly how you feel right now."

I put my hand on his shoulder and squeezed, then I turned back onto the road and headed for Lucia's. I was fucking starving. I was trying to fight the whirlwind in my mind.

We pulled into the parking lot of the diner and parked. We both got out and went inside. It was pretty empty save for the elderly couple sitting in a booth and the waitress chewing gum open-mouthed and staring at Aden through her glasses.

"What can I get yall' T'day? She said in a raspy voice.

I ordered the strawberry's and cream flapjacks and 1 pound of applewood smoked bacon. Aden ordered Blueberry, his pound of bacon and 3 scrambled eggs.

We sat in a booth on the opposite side of the diner, and waited for our food. The waitress, whose name tag read 'Hattie' brought us our coffee and two giant glasses of milk.

Aden stared out of the window and then turned to look at me.

"My Military buddy Dolton has a cabin a few miles north of here. We should go there and spend the summer." he said with a mischievous boyish grin. "He told me after the divorce that I could go there If I ever needed to just get away from it all. Call her s****r to pick her up next weekend. Fuck her, and fuck Miranda, its just you and me like it used to be."

We ate our breakfast, had another cup of coffee and left for the Lake house. As we pulled up, a very frustrated Allie sat on the steps of the porch. She stood up as we approached, hands on her hips.

"Where the fuck have you been!?" she yelled. "I'm starving, you've been gone for two hours!"

"I wasn't out fucking Doug, that's for damned sure!" I yelled back.

Aden smirked as he leaned against the railing, crossing both his legs and arms.

Allie looked as if I had punched her square in the gut. "What the fuck are you talking about Cody?" she said.

I took her phone out of my pocket and shoved it in her face. "THIS!" I said, feeling my anger rise because she was actually still pretending that she didn't know what this was about.

She read the text message. Her face went pale. "You stole my phone?"

"You left your phone in the car door, you lying bitch!" Aden shouted. "Don't try to change the subject."

"Stay out of this Aden, I got this!" I shouted. He looked at me, surprised, but he nodded and walked into the house, closing the door behind him.

Allie began to cry. "What do you want from me? I broke it off, it meant nothing Cody!"

"You kept this secret from me, I hired Doug six months ago and you go and fuck him and you tried to hide it from me! Imagine that the roles were reversed Allie; imagine that I cheated with someone and never told you, fucking imagine if you found my phone with a text from a woman saying she missed me and wanted to see me again even though I said it was over? How would you feel? You would lose your shit Allie! You would divorce me and you know it!"

She dialed a few numbers on her phone.

"Kelly, it's me." she sobbed. "Come get me, I'll e-mail you directions."

Allie walked away sobbing to her s****r on the phone.

"I want a divorce Allie."

She turned to me and nodded.

I walked down to the lakefront and sat on the small dock. As hard as I tried, I could not hold in the tears. I loved Allie, how could she do this to me? I also felt a pang of guilt wash over me for what I was experiencing with Aden. I had fantasized about him while with her in the car, in the shower after spying on him, but the c***dish part of me kept saying "She did it first, she broke your trust."

She had become distant in the six months after I hired Doug. I should have seen it. When she did show me attention, it was like she was trying to compensate for something. Now I know what. I felt a sense of relief.

Aden approached from behind and sat down on the dock beside me. He put his arm around me and stared at the water. I sighed with relief.

"It wont stop hurting anytime soon b*****r. Get used to that sinking feeling." he said.

We spent the rest of the day chopping firewood, barbecuing and drinking. Allie joined us after a while and Aden went inside.

"Do you love him?" I asked.

She nodded and began to cry. She explained to me that she had told her s****r about he affair and Kelly gave her an ultimatum; either Allie should end it or tell me, or Kelly would tell me herself. She decided to end it and keep it a secret.

I felt so betrayed.

We discussed divorce, and Allie had our lawyer fax the papers and I signed. We would work out the details later. I was happy that we signed a pre-nup agreement. We both would walk away with what we had in the beginning. Thank God we had no c***dren.

Kelly would be here in the morning, and Allie did not want to stay the night here, so I drove her to a hotel a few miles away where her s****r would pick her up.

When I got back, Aden was sitting in the tire swing drinking a beer and using his legs to push himself back and forth. I walked up behind, feeling like a k** again, feeling just the way I used to feel when I would get the shit kicked out of me by a bully. Aden would always handle them though. They knew to fuck with me when he was not around and even when he wasn't there, he would show up just in time to deal some justice. He nodded and motioned to the cooler by the base of the tree. I grabbed a cold one and drank greedily. I tossed the empty bottle on the ground and began pushing my c***dhood friend as he held his legs off the ground. He was heavy as fuck, but we had a laugh.

We drank til around midnight and watched an old VHS of his dad boxing in his younger days. Aden fell asl**p on the couch and I headed to my room. Exhausted, I collapsed onto the bed and didn't bother to pull back the sheets. Allie was so anal about making the bed. I felt one last wave of heartache as I
drifted off to sl**p.

I again dreamed of Aden in the dark room with a gun in his hand. He put it to his head and pulled the trigger. I jumped awake. I got up and rushed to the living room to find him fast asl**p on the floor. He had fallen off the couch. A bottle of tequila lay empty under his bent right arm. I shook him, knocked on his forehead like a door and he woke up. His warm brown eyes smiled, matching his lips. H got up onto his knees and reached out for me to help him up. He mumbled something incoherently in his deep rusty voice and stood up. He shook his head and gave a big grin.

"I must have passed out."

"That happens when you chase a twelve pack with a bottle of tequila."

He chuckled. "It was 3 quarters of a bottle of tequila."

He stumbled a bit heading for his room. I grabbed his left arm and helped him along. We passed through the threshold and he stopped. He spun around to his right and was now facing me. He gave me a big hug and kissed the side of my head. I hugged him back as hard as I could and kissed his shoulder. He stood back, with a puzzled look on his face for what seemed like an eternity.

"Coop." he said.

"What?" I answered.

He didn't say anything else. He just stared at me, biting his lower lip and looking confused the way he always did in Trigonometry class when he didn't understand something.

His expression went blank. He grabbed the bottom of his shirt and pulled it over his head. His amazing pecs, lightly covered in dark hair, flexed as he stepped toward me. He grabbed the bottom of my shirt and lifted it over my head. I grabbed his waist and kissed him so deeply that it felt as if my head was spinning.

He put one hand on the door frame and the other behind my head and began kissing my neck, my ear, and then my mouth again. He pulled away and looked at me. He brushed my sandy red hair out of my eyes. "What are we doing Cody?" He asked. Fear washed over me. The only time he ever called me by my first name is when things were serious, like when his mother was diagnosed. "She's gonna' die Cody, they said there's nothing they can do bout it Cody." he had said through tears.

I didn't know what to say. I just stood there shaking my head. Finally I walked out of the room. I closed the door to my room behind me and sat in the armchair in the corner. I could hear his footsteps approach the door. The door creaked as he leaned into it. He said nothing. I held my breath, waiting for him to ask me to take him to a hotel. I was nearly in tears. A minuet or so passed by.

"Coop, you gonna let me in, or are you gonna leave me out here with my dick in my hand?"

I got up and opened the door. He stood there, naked, his manhood as erect as humanly possible. He stared at me with an annoyed look on his face. "Don't you run away Cody, you always run away from shit that scares you. Do I scare you Coop?" he asked. He broke a smile. I smiled back sheepishly.

"You don't scare me, the way I feel about youz' what scares me."

He walked toward me, and backed me to the bed. I could feel the heat of his breath on my neck, smell the beer and tequila. His strong hairy arms lowered me onto the soft sheets. He hovered over me for a few seconds and began to kiss me deeply. His tongue ran circles around mine. His hardness grinding against mine through my jeans. He straddled me and began grabbing at my belt buckle, ripping it free with a growl, he stood up and yanked my jeans until they slid off. My heart was pounding in my chest. This was really happening.

He ran his hands up my legs, caressing as he made his way upward. My cock was harder than it had ever been, pressing against my cotton boxer-briefs seemingly begging to be let loose. He made his way to them and put one hand underneath my ass and slid them down on the right, then on the left until they were past my thighs. He then stood up, gazing at my throbbing cock, which was a rival to his own in size though he was a larger man than I. He stared at the bead of pre-cum welling up out of my cock-hole. He smiled and leaned over me, touching the bead with his finger and lifting it up slowly, watching with fascination as it stuck to his finger, creating a shiny spiderweb like string between his finger and my pulsating cock head. The mucous string broke and Aden quickly took the finger to his mouth and licked it away.

He grabbed my dick and ran his tongue across my urethra's opening, coaxing more from me. Finally the heat of his mouth covered me, pure pleasure washed over me. I felt my face contorting as Aden licked and sucked my cock. His tongue went clockwise, then counter-clockwise over the head of my cock sending shock waves of electric pleasure up my spine. He began taking as much of my cock into his mouth as he could, stopping to catch a breath here and there. I felt the tightness of his throat closing around me, I began to thrust upward in rhythm with his head. The vibrations of his deep moans intensified my pleasure, my groin was alive with sensation. I felt so close.

"I'M GOING TO CUM!" I half moaned, half shouted.

Expecting him to stop, I reached for my red and swollen cock to finish myself off by f***e of habit. Allie NEVER let me cum in her mouth. Aden swatted my hand away and sucked harder, swirled his tongue faster and bobbed his head deeper. White hot lightning shot through me. My cock convulsed and shot ribbon after ribbon of hot thick cum into my best friend's mouth. He kept going, I grabbed his hair and shouted until the last drop left me.

Aden looked up at me and tortured me with continued licking and sucking until I finally could take no more and turned on my side. He wiped the side of his mouth and stood up, sweat pouring down his face and chest, his body almost glowing. He rubbed the tip of his cock and climbed behind me in the bed. I could feel his thick cock rubbing between my ass cheeks. I turned back to look at him and saw sheer desire in his eyes. he kissed me sloppily, letting me taste the remnants of my cum. I knew this would hurt like hell, but I promised myself that I would no longer run from things that scared me.

To be continued.....
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This story series is fucking awesome dude!!! WOW! Keep em cumming :P