First Cock

So there I was just 1 and never briefed on the birds and the bees, didn't know the first thing about sex, no idea where babies came from. Just thought a dick was for pissing. And then a former school mate who had moved away came back into the picture. A strapping black k** about a year older than me, Punkin' Head Brown as he was known because of his big head. We get to chatting and I invite him over to my house for a coke and as luck would have it there is no one home. So, we're up in my bedroom and he starts telling me about sex, and I can't believe him but he strips and talks me into getting naked and without so much as a by your leave he grabs my cock and to my surprise it tarts getting hard and he starts telling me about something he calls "69" and that sounds like it might be fun so we get down on the floor and the next thing I know his huge black cock is sliding through my lips and I barely notice that he is sucking on my dick. But the thrill of this smooth sweet dick rolling around my mouth is just too fantastic. Meanwhile I feel how he is usng his tounge and lips on my cock and so I follow his lead and start sucking on the head with my tounge nipping here and there and that is when I get my first taste of precum. I find it delicious and keep at sucking and licking and he respinds by thrusting his dick down my throat. In the mean time he has gotten me to cum, but I'm hooked on sucking his chocolate candy bar and eventually I'm rewarded as his cream filling spews forth and I have found a grat source of yummy protien. The memory of his hot cum in my mouth, spilling over my lips and running down my chin as I lick and swallow every drop I can get.

Oh the thought of that big beautifull black cock in my mouth is something that I look back on foundly. Of course there have been many cocks cuming in my mouth in the years since then, but the first time with good ol' Punkin' Head Brown is the one cock that will always stay in my mind, the cock that has made hungry for cock and more cock and the taste of man milk. YUM!!
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2 years ago
Sometimes I love a lot of foreplay (with lovers), but other times I just want to get down to business (with strangers).
2 years ago
Great letter. Loved it short sweet and simply sex.
2 years ago
2 years ago
2 years ago
I likes....
2 years ago