Something written in lust

She was bored, plain and simple. There was nothing on tv, all her friends were away either on holidays or working and she was stuck here, watching the house as her parents had gone to some birthday. She switched off the tv and stared at the ceiling. Without thinking or hesitation, she let her hand slip downwards, across her still soft nipples, pinching them slightly between her thumb and index finger, making them hard and aroused. She let her hand journey down further, finally reaching her skirt.
She slid it up and pressed her fingers against her clit, rubbing it in circles, massaging her cunt till it was all wet and moist. She pushed some of the lovely moistness even lower, slipping a finger between her lovely soft cheeks into her anus.
But she knew that wouldn't do tonight. She stopped and got up and glanced at the clock. They wouldn't be back for hours, she realized. And she grinned lustfully.

She went up the stairs, to her parents bedroom and went straight for her mothers bedside table. She opened the drawer and there, behind her mother's underwear, she found her mothers long pinkish hued vibrator. She took it with her, back to her own bedroom. She didn't bother to undress fully, she just slipped out of her underwear and threw it in the corner.

As she lay on the bed, she closed her eyes and opened her mouth, pushing the vibrator in her mouth, wettening it, readying it, while rubbing her clit with her other hand. She switched it on and brought the now pulsating tip, towards her clit, rubbing it up and down and slowly but steadily started to slide in her. She started rubbing her clit again with her other hand, rubbing harder and harder, just she started to bring in the vibrator ever more stronger, as deep as she could. She could hear herself moaning, she could feel how the vibrator brought out all those sweet juices, slowly dripping down, tickling her anus...she knew she was almost there...she wanted it...and then, she heard the sound. A sound that wasn't supposed to be there.

She stopped the vibrator and held her breath, in hopes of hearing better over the quick beating of her heart. IT were carefull footsteps she heard. For a moment she thought it could be her parents, but it was too early for that. Carefully she get up and softly walked towards her bedroom door. She slowly took the door handle in her hand, carefully pressing it down, opening the door just a little bit. She stared into the hallway but couldn't see anything. And then she realized, she hadn't heard the footsteps for a while.

All of a sudden, the door was slammed open, pushing her against the ground. Somewhat dazed she looked towards the door. A large figure stood over her, a skimask covering it's face.
"What do we have here?" The voice was coarse, heavy, but clear. And it was clearly a man's voice. In his left hand he had a flashlight, that he quickly turned on, pointing the light at her eyes. "And here I thought, the house was empty. Well, I'm sorry but this just won't do."
With two steps he stood beside her, grabbed her right arm and pulled her up without any effort. He twisted her arm onto her back, throwing her on her bed. He quickly got on top of her, pulling her left arm now towards her back. "Put the other on your back aswell,"
His voice was strong and f***efull and she was too scared to not comply. She felt how both her hands were taped together, with a couple of swift movements.

"My, my...what do we have hear? I believe somebody was busy?" He pushed the vibrator towards her face. "So you like this do you?"
Her turned her body around and came down to her face, looking her in the eyes through the holes of the ski mask. "So, answer me,"
She tried to answer, but couldn't. She simply nodded, as he breathed heavily in her face. "Well, I'll surprise there. You do look like a little fox. Let's see if I'm right."

He ripped apart the emerald green top she was wearing, revealing the black lace bra she was wearing. "Now, that's what I call a nice find" he said. "You don't mind if i help myself do you?" He laughed and pulled her bra down. Her breasts now laid bare, he grabbed her right breast firmly, and brought his face down. He closed his lips around her nipple, sucking it a bit, before biting it gently. She groaned, she knew this was wrong, but she did like it, somewhere deep inside her, she wanted more.

He came up again, releasing her breast and shifting his look downwards. "And what's behind door number two?". He pressed his left knee between her legs, pressed down his lower leg and f***ed her legs to split. "Now that's what i like, all bald and tight. What's that? Have a taste? I don't mind if I do." He laughed at his own joke and pulled his skimask up a bit, revealing his mouth. He quickly pressed his mouth against her still wet clit, licking it, sucking again, as he had done her nipple. But he didn't stop there. He f***ed her legs upwards, and pressed his shoulders beneath them. He started licking her anus, pushing the tongue against it firmly, as if he was going to penetrate her with it. She groaned. And he stopped all of a sudden.
He came up and looked intensily at her. "I'm going to use you, I'm going to fuck you in every way I want." He said it without hesitation. And she nodded. "Good".

He got up from her. "Stay there". She saw the bulge in his pants and was even more surprised when he dropped his pants and she could see his massive cock emerge. It was long and thick and standing firmly upwards. He moved towards her again and f***ed her head to the side.
"Do you like it?" She nodded. "Good...then open that"
As she did, he brought in his cock. It was warm, somewhat salty but the taste of it...she loved it. He f***ed it in her mouth deeply and then started thrusting it. She could feel the cock passing her lips, could feel the tip against the back of her mouth, the length of the shaft rubbing her lips.
"That's a good girl. Here let me help you."
He pushed a finger in her asshole. Without hesitation, he began fingering her asshole, whilst still fucking her in her mouth. Then all of a sudden he stopped fucking her mouth and flipped her body over. He grabbed her hips and pulled her upwards on knees, her face downwards in the pillow.
He said nothing, but all of a sudden she heard the vibrator. And she felt him slip his cock in her asshole, and pressing the vibrator in her wet vagina.

In turn he shoved his penis in, and the vibrator out, working both asshole as her wet cunt at the same time. Then he just left the vibrator in, pounding away in her asshole. She moaned, her hands still tied, she loved it. This was it.
Then all of sudden, she warm in her asshole. She heard him groaning. He had come, he had filled her up, she felt it dripping down her ass, towards her cunt, where the vibrator was still doing it's work. And she came, shaking throughout her body.
He panted and pulled out his dick. "I didn't say you could come." He turned her over again. He looked at her. "Still, you deserve something,,,"
She saw him grin. He left the vibrator in her, and started stroking his cock. He came up to her mouth again, and quickly put it in her mouth. "Suck it, suck it"
She did and he continued stroking it. He came again, a large load of sperm filled her mouth. She swallowed it and kept on sucking. He grabbed her breasts and kept stroking. He shot his third load all over her face and covered some of her tits aswell.
"That should do it. Now be a good girl and stay here. I'll be back in a bit.' He started laughing as walked out. "Or not". She couldn't care, she was satisfied completely. And she was glad, she had thought of this little roleplay for her and her boyfriend. It had worked marvelously. She felt herself falling asl**p.

She woke up from a voice next to her ear. It was James. "Wake up, Jenny, what happened to you? Oh my god what happened?"

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