Trip to my mother in-laws 1

Me and my girlfriend have been together now for 5 years. Her mother had never really approved of me, since the beginning. So typically I hated going out to see her mom. I tried not to let on too much, how much I dreaded visiting her mother and step-father. Since she was very close with her and that relationship where they were more friends then mother daughter. Anyways this was near the end of august of last year. When Shar, Sams mom by the way. Had called and told Sam that her husband would be out of town on a business trip for a couple weeks and wanted us to come out to keep her company for a few days. This was one of the rare times I didn't actually mind the thought of heading out there. I had been working insane hours lately and figured it could be a nice time to relax and get some peace and quiet time. Her moms house was a few hours outside of town. A beautiful place nestled along side a creek without any neighbours for miles. Could almost be paradise if it wasn't for Shar breaking my balls the entire time I was there. One thing her mom definitely had going for her though and Sam always used it to talk me into going, was her moms cooking. Since she lived on a little farm everything was fresh even slaughtered their own a****ls. So everything was so amazing, it was definitely one of her passions to cook, but I knew from the look Sam gave me while on the phone, we were going and there was nothing a could do about it.

So we set out early in the morning, was beautiful day for it. Always love driving into the mountains, since a lot of the time once we get on to the back roads Sam would start to get horny and tease me with a little shows. This time was no different as soon as we hit dirt road I looked over to see her with her summer dress lifted up. With her fingers sliding along each side of her little clit. She had said the day before she had a surprise for me and when my eyes gazed upon that sweet pussy I realized what she was talking about. That pussy was smooth as fuck! She must have got it waxed and it looked amazing. My cock instantly started to become hard looking at that beautiful smooth slit being fingered making it wetter by the second. I don't know how I managed to keep the car on the road as she started to really get into it. Bringing her fingers to her mouth tasting her juices, letting out a big moans as she slid them back in. I couldn't take to much more. I had to pull over and almost jumped on her instantly, but Sam convinced me to go for a little walk. I grabbed a blanket from the trunk and followed that tight ass along a hiking path for a few minutes, just to get away from the road. We came upon a meadow filled with wild flowers. Before I could even finish laying the blanket down. She was already on her knees freeing my throbbing cock, almost hitting her in the face as she slowly pulled down my pants. No matter how many times she gives me head, it always surprises me how much she really enjoys sucking cock. She immediately took the whole 8" down her throat, wrapping her hands around my ass and pulling me passionately towards her face. She began to bob quickly fucking the head of my cock with the back of her throat. The sensation made me want to cum almost instantly. Damn that girl can hold her breath for what seemed like forever. She then began to stroke that shaft while sucking and tonguing the tip. Not skipping a stroke while I made my way down to lye on the blanket. "Now let me see you jerk that big dick" she said as she sat back and began to pull her dress over her head.

"Give me back my cock" she said jokingly as she pushed my chest forcing me to lay back. Now she was completely naked with that beautiful perfect ass popped up. Nothing I love more then seeing the top of that ass as she is sucking my shaft. Seeing her ass like that just bags for it to get fucked.

Now I was just laying back, enjoying ams hot mouth. "I want you to fucking cum in my mouth baby, I wanna taste you so bad! " Thats how I could tell when she was extremely horny, she starts to talk real dirty. I was about to do what she asked when I heard a rustling across the clearing, where the other path is. To my shock there was a couple hikers standing plain as day. A beautiful short little blonde, wearing a tight pink tank top that showed off perfectly her big perky tits. With tiny little shorts outlining a perfect ass to match. Beside her was a stocky, much taller then her athletic type guy. How long had they been watching us. They weren't trying to hide or nothing just standing there watching this crazy erotic seen unfolding in front of them. I am normally the type of guy to freak out and tell them to beat it, but strangely I felt turned on. Felt my dick become even harder like it was gonna pop a bl**d vessel. Sam must have felt the difference in my dick, as she seemed to suck even harder. Trying to milk the cum from my throbbing manhood. It seemed like me starring at them began to turn them on as well, as I looked closer she began to put her hand down his pants. The sight of her starting to jerk her man at the sight of us was almost to much to take. I didn't want to cum just yet so I had to push Sams head of my cock.

"What the fuck, I wasn't finished" she said as she licked her lushes full lips.

" The sight of her ass in the air baby was too much for me to take, I have to taste that wet little pussy, now roll over!" I said as i smacked her ass and flipped her on to her back. Wow was her pussy ever wet, as slid my tongue from her asshole up to her lit I almost got a full mouth of her womanly nectar. I continued to lap away at her tight slit while every couple seconds glancing over to see what our new friends were doing. By now she had already pulled her mans pants down and was on her knees sucking his balls while jerking a massive 10" cock. My cock is pretty big and most girls I had been with said it was almost to big for them. So I had never had any penis envy in my life, but god damn that thing was huge. She must of had a lot of practise with that dick because as she took her attention away from his balls licking all the way up that long shaft to the tip, before she engulfed that massive piece of man down her throat. I looked back to Sam to see if she had noticed them but she had her head back with her eyes closed lost in the lust in the middle of the woods. I started to suck her clit harder and more ferocious trying to put on a show for them. I had been eating her pussy for maybe 5 minutes now really trying to make her cum without stopping to look at the couple on the path. Her moaning and breath getting louder and heavier now telling me she was nearing her climax. When suddenly I couldn't hear her moans anymore and they were replaced with a slurping sound. I looked up to see that huge cock I had seen across the way sliding into my girlfriends cock hungry mouth. I couldn't believe my eyes. I was about to freak the fuck out when I felt a warm wet sensation cover the head of my dick. It was the blonde bombshell looking up at my with the bluest eyes I had ever seen.
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2 years ago
please be a part two?
2 years ago
Nice... Part 2?
2 years ago
hum really nice the suite please
2 years ago
its only first chapter theres lots more cumming
2 years ago
I was surely expecting a little mother and daughter action with that title and lesbian niche. Hope there's more leading up to that. This is a good story though.
2 years ago
Let's get to the m-in-law!