My first sex without strings adventure

After my roommate moved out I finally had the house to myself. Dating was not working out lately so I decided to try some adult online sites and see if I could get lucky. I entered a sex chat room and milled around for a couple hours without really finding anyone. About midnight I got a private message from a woman that lived about an hour away. She said she loved giving head and after some dirty talk I finally convinced her to come to my house. She insisted on meeting somewhere else first so I mentioned the gas station right up the street. My cock was getting hard just thinking about meeting her.

When she pulled up beside my truck I was surprised. She had described herself as chubby, but I did not expect her tits to look so good. I was just expecting a blowjob so the big tits were a big bonus. We talked for a few minutes and decided to drive to my house. The short drive seemed to take forever as I watched her headlights behind me in the mirror. I pulled into my driveway and rushed to open the door for her.

As we stepped into the light I saw her big tits up close trying to push their way through the thin fabric of her top. I got us a couple of drinks and we sat on the couch to watch some porn. I could tell she was a little nervous and I was surprised that I was nervous also. I had never met anyone online and had never had a stranger suck my cock. The idea of it turned me on and I had to adjust my boner a few times as we watched the DVD. I am not sure how much time passed, but she continued to sit quietly beside me so I decided I should make the first move. I started rubbing my hard cock through my pants and eventually worked up the nerve to unzip and pull my cock out. She was looking out of the corner of her eye and I started stroking it and reached for her hand. Without
much effort I moved her hand to my cock and she took over stroking me. It did not take long before she moved down on her knees in front of me and stroked my cock with both of her hands. I told her how much I needed her mouth and how sexy she looked. She smiled and leaned down to lick the tip of my cock. Her tongue sent shivers up my spine as she swirled it around the head and started losing herself in the moment. When her lips slipped down my shaft I thought I would explode right then, but somehow I managed to focus on the DVD and regain some control. She was definitely good because she took me to the brink several times and slowed down each time before I came. I leaned up and reached for her tits not knowing how she would react. As I grasped her right breast she sighed and popped up to ask me if I wanted to fuck her tits. She could tell I was more than ready so she slipped off her top to expose a very nice set of breasts. She wrapped her breasts around my cock and started moving them up and down. The feeling was incredible and I knew I would not be able to hold back this time. Before long I felt my cock start to tingle so I warned her that I was getting very close. She dropped back down and took my cock back into her
mouth. Her sucking was getting faster and faster and I stopped trying to hold back and just let her work my cock. My hands went numb as I felt my cock start spurting my load into her mouth. She kept sucking until every drop was gone and looked up at me with a big grin on her face. I am sure I had a big grin also. She cleaned up and kissed me goodnight on the cheek and disappeared down the street in her car. I was still d***k with sex for several minutes after she left and I crawled into my bed and crashed.

The next day I got en email from her and was happy to find out that she had a great time. After a couple weeks passed we chatted again and I talked her into visiting me again that weekend. For a few months she came over and gave me some awesome blowjobs. Eventually she let me finger her and I worked my way down to eat her pussy. Our oral sessions continued for a few weeks until she told me that she was moving to the West coast. I begged her to let me fuck her before she left so she came by for one last visit. We sucked and fucked for a few hours and then took a hot shower. Shortly after she was gone for good and I started missing her already. This was my first sex without strings relationship and I will never forget it. She got me addicted to blowjobs and I found it very difficult to go without one for long. This led to some more online adventures and sexual discoveries. If you like this story please let me know and I will tell you more.
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3 years ago
I love when I find women such as her, precious ones they are :)
3 years ago
3 years ago
Thats a major benefit from an adult site.. Very nice
3 years ago
Very hot story! And a great reason to enjoy nice blowjobs! ;-)
3 years ago
thats hot
3 years ago
Good story and it reminded me of a sexy woman I once knew who just loved giving head jobs,anytime,anywhwre