First time...

The first time she came to my bed it was in the morning and she roused me from my sl**p... it was early. I had an erection all night I think and I wasn't really conscious of it until she slid into the bed beside me. She spooned me from behind and smoothed her hands over my chest. She seemed to be surprised I was naked and whispered how warm I was and how smooth my skin was... I rolled onto my back and her hands ran up and down my thigh... she arched to kiss me and found my lips and the arousal she had stirred.
My body was buzzing and as we kissed her hands became more and more adventurous... her moans were soft until she found me... I felt her gasp and I groaned u*********sly... she exclaimed out loud "omg! What a package!" Her body slid down the bed ... I drew the covers aside and again she gasped out loud... she took a firm grip and moaned. I ran my hand through her hair and watched her staring at me as she stroked me and stroked me... her hands were warm and soft and I arched my back towards her.
I felt incredibly hard and a little taken aback by her remarks... "oh god" I said as my moans became groans. She continued to stroke me and moved her body around so her back faced me... she was kneeling on the bed... my hand ran up and down her back and over her ass as she continued to squeeze me and stroke me with a sense of fascination and desire... she leant forward and shifted giving me a view of her pussy... it was glistening and gripping her ass cheek I caused her lips to part... I groaned loudly as her pace quickened and her grip tightened and felt my cock filling with cum.
She had been milking my pre-cum and making my shaft wet and slippery as she jerked me. I ran my hand between her legs then pushed a finger inside her. She massaged the slippery head of my cock with one hand whilst jerking the base of my cock in time with the other. We both gasped out loud and her movements quickened as I held my finger inside her... I started thrusting my cock through her hands as she pushed her weight against me and our tempo started to build... my cock hardened and hardened as her pussy clamped hard around my finger soaking me.
My hand was incredibly wet from her excitement when I felt her concentration shift and her body soften... she pushed hard against me and her pussy clutched my finger... her body hardened... she suddenly gripped my cock tightly and jerked me furiously and bucked against me gasping and moaning loudly... her whole body shuddering... I groaned and exclaimed... "omg... I'm going to cum baby... omg!!". She jerked me harder and harder with the f***e of her exultation until I exclaimed loudly and erupted.
A great spurt of cum arced through the air followed by another and another and another... it landed heavily on my chest and even in my hair… I think I might have blacked out for a moment. I remember her face being flushed and her eyes wild with passion... her mouth gaped and smiled widely as I caught my breath...

I made a pot of tea and we chatted for a while. It was lovely to lie back and be naked together. She accepted the offer of a shower and we soaped our bodies. I couldn't resist her. My hands and mouth slid down her body with the warm water... her breasts were deliciously pert and her nipples swelled in my mouth. Her soft moans began to mingle with mine as my hand ran around the small of her back and over her ass cheeks and inner thigh. She parted her legs slightly and I felt her weight against me as my hand ran over her smooth pussy lips. As I parted them her mouth found mine and we kissed deeply with tongues entwined as the water streamed over us.
The heat inside her body surprised me as my finger slipped inside her... despite the running water she was wet... omg... I could feel her juices over my fingers as I pushed them slowly in and out of her. At the end of each thrust she moaned softly into our kisses and pressed herself harder against me. My cock was throbbing and pushing against her belly in an almost uncomfortable manner and as soon as I became aware so did she... she moaned 'Oh God' and grasped the base of my shaft... 'Oh God I want that in my mouth''.
I toweled her dry and wrapped her in my gown and she led me by my cock into the lounge where the fire was still burning. She sat down on the couch and I came to her and we kissed deeply again. She reached out to stroke my cock as her body slid into the leather of the couch and I ran a hand up her leg and parted the gown at her waist. Gripping her inner thigh I helped her in spreading her legs bringing her smoothly shaved, glistening pussy into the light. I suckled her nipples and ran my lips down her body... over her belly then exhaled with relish over her pubic mound. She moaned out loud as my lips met her and she ran her fingers through my hair lifting her hips towards me. I buried my mouth into her pussy without hesitation running my lips and tongue through her folds... swirling my tongue around her hard clit and gently sucking it between my lips... running my flattened tongue up and down her slit kissing her pussy lips and feeling them wrap around my mouth.
Her increasing moans caused my cock to twitch and ooze... I could feel myself becoming incredibly hard. I pushed my tongue inside her and rubbed my lips over her clit and felt her body stiffening. My tongue ran over her smooth lips and ever so gently licked her clit as she f***efully held my head, dried out loudly and shuddered underneath me.
She dragged me up to kiss me and the gown opened fully to reveal her nakedness. She smiled and kissed me and pushed her fingers into my mouth. She had pushed them into her pussy and moaned as I sucked her cum from her fingers. I moved over her and straddled her as she lay sunken into the couch... her hands grabbed my cock and she looked into my eyes. Hers were burning with excitement and she began to stroke me with enough determination to wet her hand with my pre-cum. She kept moaning and moaning as she stroked me and became completely transfixed with my cock... 'Oh God' she said over and over as one hand squeezed the base of my cock and the other slid around my slippery head and up and down my shaft. I pushed forwards a little to make myself more comfortable and she traced her nipples with the head of my cock. I pushed her breasts together and she guided me between them... we both moaned softly as I started to fuck them... edging forward more I rubbed my balls between her breasts as my cock pushed into her mouth.
I felt her body stiffen again as she sucked me and held my ass as I slowly fucked her mouth. Her hand ran over my balls and squeezed the base of my cock... I began to feel myself rising and cried out that i was about to cum, that I was about to explode. She moved her body upwards and started to masturbate me in earnest... jerking me harder and harder, faster and faster... my cock seemed to get harder and harder... bigger and bigger... she moaned over and over 'omg!'
Then I exploded again. The first big spurt covered her face and shot into her hair... the next spurt ran up her chest and over her neck. I groaned loudly and arched my back as spurt after spurt fell onto her chests and breasts. I had had the breath taken from me and once composed enough to look down I watched her moaning and smiling as she ran her hands over her body smoothing my cum over her skin like a massage oil. She had pushed the cum on her face into her mouth and was licking her fingers. There was so much of it! We both laughed.. I raised myself up and she took my cock into her mouth and licked me clean...
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written with the urgency and passion of lust.