Mom went away for the week end we had fun

Mom went away for the whole week end.

I wrote my experience with my s****r in front of her friends (girls)
I am going to share my experience with s*s,s friends with the help of s****r.
I have had sex with s****r,s friend for few times but the time use to be short.

One Friday when I came home from work. s*s was home. She made tea for us
we sat and drank tea and talked. s*s said mom went to see aunty her s****r she
will be back on Sunday evening. I asked if every thing is ok at aunty? Gogi said aunt is not feeling good so mom went to see her. Gogi said we have the house for our self for the week end. That is good thing then. What is your plan? Gogi said she has talked with her friends if they want to spend week end here with us. My eyes were lit with lust. I thought I am going to fuck all of then together then. Gogi smiled said I have the same thought as you have.
What do you mean as my thoughts? Gogi said I can see the lust in your eyes
my dear b*****r soon you will have 4 cunt to fuck. I just smiled. What time they be here? Gogi said they will be here by 7pm. s*s said it is 4.30 now how you want to spend the time till they come over?

We were sitting on sofa as we were having tea. We put the cups on table and I started to kiss her on the lips and pushed my tongue in her mouth and she started to suck my tongue. My hands were on her boobs. I unbutton her blouse
she had no bra. I remove my mouth from her mouth and started to lick her boobs. I licked her boobs underneath that always get her horny. Gogi was holding my head and put her fingers in my hairs and started to moan.
She undid my pant and removed my cock out. Gogi: oh my b*****r I love your cock it feel so great to hold in hand. She pushed me on my back and got my cock in her mouth and started to suck it.

s*s you are the best cock sucker that I know of. She flick her tongue on my cock it felt so gooooood. Now I was moaning. Soon we both got out of cloths.
We got in 69 and sucked each other for 5 minutes. s*s said she is ready for fuck. Come my dear b*****r fuck your slut s*s with all you have.She got on floor and spread her legs wide apart. She was taping her pussy for inviting my cock. I showed my cock in her cunt in one thrust. She opened her mouth with pleasure and said do it again bang my cunt like banging drum. I pulled my cock almost out and bang again and again. I kept it banging s*s,s cunt for at least 4 minutes none stop. s*s was crying with pleasure asking for more and more. She cum few times but she still want more fuck.

She said she want to come on top. I lay on floor and she got on top of me and guided her cunt on my cock and pushed down. I was holding her boobs in my hands as she was riding my cock. After few minutes she cum I also cum in her cunt. She lay on my body for few minutes. She said this was the best fuck you gave me my great b*****r. Thanks s*s you are great s****r that any one want to have.

The 3 beauty girls came home about 7pm. Every one huged each other. Bilo looked so ravish. She looked very sexy lust in her eyes shows that she is ready for any action.
After normal chit chat I said you girls have been fucked few time by me.
They said yes we had been, what now?

I said tonight I want to fuck your ass all of you. No cunt fucking tonight. Bilo and my s*s said hooreh. Finally get to get our ass fucked. Niki said you have to take it easy on me. I am small it can hurt me. Darshi said dont worry Niki we will put lot of oil in your ass and oil on b*****r,s cock.

I told the girls to lick each other to get me excited. They all droped on floor got into 69.. Darshi was on top of Gogi her ass was pointing out. It looked great. I took oil put some on my cock and put on Darshi,s ass. Gogi my s*s was under Darshi. She could see my cock getting close to Darshi,s ass. I push little of my cock in her ass she said ouch. By that time Bilo and Niki came around us to watch. I was taking time to push my cock. Darshi asked me to push bit more in. I did and that time Bilo was spreding Darshi,s ass. That made it easy for Darshi to take my cock.Soon all my cock was in her ass. Darshi said just wait for sec then start to fuck. I said let me know when.

After few seconds she said now I am ready. I started to push my cock in and out of her ass. Darshi started to moan and cry at same time. I asked her if I should stop. Darshi said she will kill me of I stop now just keep fucking. My s*s at the bottem started to suck lick my balls. That was very exciting for me.
I was holding Darshi,s bumm and pull her to me and bang her ass with my cock. Every one cheering me and darshi keep fucking you s****r fucker. Darshi cum in Gogi,s mouth. I fucked her for 10 min then she said now I can stop let me rest. I pulled out my cock it was still hard. I said who is next?

Niki said she like to try now. Niki bend down on her legs and head almose touching the floor. Her ass was up in the air. Bilo put oil in Niki,s ass and put oil on my cock too. Bilo also spred Niki,s ass for my cock. I moved closer to niki,s ass and touched her ass with my cock. Slowlly started to push my cock in her ass. Got my head in her ass. She did not cry but was tense. I pushed more and more she took all of my cock in her with out crying. Other girls said Niki you are great taking all that cock with out crying. Niki said she wanted it in my ass so I wanted to enjoy and relaxed my self. I asked Niki if she is now ready for fuck. She said yes give it to me what you have. I started to pump her ass like no tomorrow. Fucked her for 10 minutes she was taking is with ease.
I removed my cock from her ass. She said what are you doing taking nice prick out of my ass. I said get up and face me. She did I lifted her in my arms and put her ass on my cock. It went in all of it. I started to walk around the room take her to other girls. They started to kiss her .She was very happy what I was doing fucking her ass and walking around. After few minutes I put her on bed on her back and girls pulled her legs apart for me to fuck her hard.

I was fucking and fucking her and Bilo and my s*s was sucking Niki,s small boobs. Niki was in heaven she said. I fucked her for 10 more minutes then I cum in her ass. She cum too. WE all relaxed. The 2 hours has gone.

We had one hour rest. We eat piza and drank vine. I thanked the girls for letting me fuck them they also thanked me for fucking them.

I loked at bilo and she looked at me. We all were neked. I said I think now I should fuck my favourite girl Bilo. Other girls cheered for Bilo and me.
I went over to Bilo she was sitting on floor. When I was close to her she opened her mouth for my cock. I put my cock in her mouth. She started to suck. It felt very nice my cock in her mouth. She was enjoying sucking my cock.
After couple of minutes I removed my cock out of her mouth. I told her to lay on bed with legs up and told her to spread legs. I told my s*s to hold one leg of Bilo and told Darshi to hold the other leg. I told Niki to put oil on and in Bilo,s ass. And put oil on my cock. Niki did what I asked her to do. I went close to Bilo,s ass and touched her ass with my cock. I asked her how she want to be fucked. She said I am your slave tonight do what you fell like.
I slowly started to push my cock in her ass. Her eyes were shut. She was biting her lips. When I had all of my cock in her ass she opened her eyes and looked in my eyes and smiled. Bilo said now that feel great. My ass is stretched to the limit.
Gogi,s b*****r now fuck my ass hard and fast.
Niki was massaging my balls as I was fucking her ass. s*s and Darshi let the legs go. Bilo wrapped her legs on me ans was in syn of my rhythm.
Bilo kept puling me into her. It felt great. I must have fucked her for 15 minutes. I cum in her ass but my cock was still hard as before. Bilo said she want to ride my cock. I got on on bed on my back.
Bilo got her ass on my cock it went in easy. She did up and down few times. She put her heels behind my shoulders. She started to grind her pussy on my pubic area with my cock in her ass. The girls watched this position with amazement.
She was pulling her self and pushing her self on my cock. She kept doing it for about 7 minutes.
I said I am cumming soon. She kept on grinding my cum from cock fell on my balls. What an excitement that was. I asked her who taught you that? She sais she just thought about it glad that you like it. Like it I love it I said. I think every one of you should practice this position.

We went in shower to clean up. We all were tired and decided to sl**p.

We fucked for whole week end and every one enjoyed it.

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