Sister and her friends

Hello all. Hope you enjoyed my last post my first time

I use to go home once a month to see mom/dad and my s****r.
I saw my s*s being changed in body. She started to grow tits bit
fuller body. She always hug me when I go to home. It has been
like that for 3 years. s****r had 3 girls friends from school.
They all were Indian like us. Those girls were very flirty. They seen
my s****r hugging me so they too started to hug me when ever they come home.
We all get along fine. I had no intention to do any thing with my s*s or her friends.

But when s*s hug me hard I get the feeling in my cock. Few times when s*s
hug me from front the other girl hug me from the back. Girl from back
pulled me hard then my cock pulsate and my s*s notice that. I did not say any thing.
We use to laugh and have fun with mom/dad and s*s and her friends. All were nice.
Mom dad bought house that had 4 rooms. Very nice house. I went and helped them move
to new house.
One day I had call from my s****r she was crying. When I asked her she told me that
dad died with accident in factory. I was sad too. I told my manager that I have to go home
for some time to sort out things because my dad passed away.
He said go and take your time. Had funeral for dad. It was very sad time at home.
The manager from dad,s work came to funeral too. He asked me to come to his home when you have
finished this sad time.

I went to his home after a week. He said my dad was very hard worker. All the staff has collected the money for the expense. He gave me 2 checks one from co-workers one from his factory. He also told me that if I want to move back home (which you should) I will give the job here. I thanked him for the help. Dad also had insurance. I moved back home. Mom and s*s were happy. We got over the hard time in about month or so.

Coming to sex with s****r.

One day mom was away she said she will be home by evening.
My s****r called her friends over. s****r,s name is Gogi, her friends names
Niki (mean small. Darshi and other one Bilo. Niki is small with small boobs. Darshi and Bilo were about 5.5”with 34 size boobs Bilo was the best one. She had cat eyes 34c boobs. She was head turner.
They all hugged me tight. Then they went to Gogi,s room. I hear then laughing now and then. I could not make out their talk. I went to my room and thought let them have fun. After about 15 minutes they went down to living room. Niki came to my room and knocked on it. I said come in. She walked in andf asked me if I like to come down we are thinking about playing card game. Sure I said I love to play cards. So we both went down to living room.
We sat on floor Bilo I asked what we going to play? Bilo said we can play bhabhi.
Niki said do you know the winner have to kiss the looser. That is fine with me.
Bilo deal the cards we played for 5 minutes Niki was looser to Bilo. Every one shouted kiss bilo kiss bilo. I too was saying that. Niki went to Bilo and kissed her on the cheek. Other girs said not there kiss her on lips. After every one insisted she went to Bilo again she kissed Bilo on lips. Bilo held her tight and put her tongue in Niki,s mouth did the deep kiss. We started new game. I was the winner looser were Darshi. She put her hand on her face said no no I cant do that. Other girls said deal is deal you have to kiss. Then Darshi came over said she will kiss on cheek no said every one on the lips.
As she came close to me Niki gave me signal to hold Darshi tight for kiss. As she started to kiss bilo came up and pushed Darshi to me and kept push her. Darshi had no choice but to kiss me deep. That got my cock sami hard. Darshi felt that. When she was about to part she touched my cock with out other seeing it.
We started new game. This time my s*s won and I lost. All the girls were claping hure huure.
Gogi my s*s said I can not he is my b*****r. How can I kiss him it is not right to do.
Others said we dont care you have to kiss b*****r or not. He is only going to kiss not eat you.
Gogi my s*s came close to me she she is going to close her eyes you just kiss me lightly.
Sure. All the girls had skirts on them. When she closed her eyes other 3 girls moved in a flash to
push my s*s to me. One girl got behind me one behind my s*s the third on the side.
I had no choice but to kiss her deep. I was sucking her tongueThe girl behind s*s was pushing s*s,s
head so she wont move. The girl behind me did the same. One on the side put her hand under s*s,s skirt and started to rub her pussy and started to rub my cock throu my pajama.
My cock got real hard now s*s was grinding her pussy on my cock. Others did not had to do any thing now. We both were standing in middle of girls and grinding our pelvises. Gogi my s*s started to moan.
All the girls pulled us both on ground. I was on floor and s*s was on top of me. She started to
move back and forth on me. Other girls started to clap and saying go all the way gogi.
Let you b*****r fuck you hard. Bilo removed my s*s,s skirt and removed my panama. We both were naked now. I asked gogi if we stop now. She said no b*****r I dont want to stop. I want it all the way.
Fuck me hard with that cock. I said I should have condom if I am going to do that. Bilo said you dont have to we all are on pills. We want to feel the cum in our cunts. Dont make excuses now just fuck the shit out of her. Yes mere bhai chod mujeh bohat jor se chodo.(fuck me b*****r fuck me hard my b*****r) I said what about oil to make it easy. Gogi my s*s said dont worry about it.
I want to take it with out oil. I want it rough just fuck me.
Girls held her legs the other girl Sucked my cock made it wet. She said this the lubrication she want. I got close to s*s,s pussy touched her pussy with my cock. She moan a bit.As I pushed my cock inch by inch. s*s had pain on her face. I stopped but s*s said dont stop push it in. I was slow pushing in then stop then push. Finally I got my cock all of it. It was bit hard to push at the seal. Then I stop moving
let her relax. As she regain her breath she said now give me your best.
I started to move in n out of her cunt. One girl sat on her face and other rubbed her boobs one was rubbing my balls. My s****r started swearing at me u s****r fucker. Do good work you took my seal now fuck your s****r hard and fast mother fucker. I fucked her for 10 minutes then she said she want to ride my cock. I got off her lay on floor with my cock hard as steal. As she got on the bl**d from her cunt was dripping. Girls said her seal is broken now she not a virgin any more.
She sat on my cock and started to move on it like she is riding horse.
Yes my b*****r is horse I am fucking horse. You have cock like horse. It feel so good to get fucked by b*****r. She said you dont know how long I waited for this time. I thought I would never be fucked by you when u went to work in different city. She said I am yours for ever. Use me any way you want to my b*****r is great fucker.
We both cum at that talk she is very good swearing which I did not knew. Swearing put spices on sex.
We all relaxed and talk about what we done.

We have many other writing will post soon. I fucked all her friends and later got our mom into it

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9 months ago
That's hot sorry about your dad lovely story
10 months ago
but sad 2 hear about ur dad passing away...
10 months ago