The Slut Slave part 4: Three Years

Ashleigh lived with Jim and his wife (whose name was Karen) for three wild, perverted years, over the course of which she did things she never thought she'd ever do, she did things she thought for sure she'd definitely refuse to do. And she watched as Karen, Candace, Candace's best friend, Karen's co-worker and Karen's co-worker's daughters did equally perverted things all to each other.

But back to the night when it all started. Karen was aghast at Jim's suggestion that he'd just promised her lips and Candace's lips to a complete stranger in return for Ashleigh's services. Ashleigh too was shocked. She knew that they couldn't possibly know what Master had in store for them.

"I've already told her." Jim said. Another shock to the ears of both ladies.

"What do you mean?" Karen asked.

"I've told her lots of things." He smirked. "I told her about that time you took those pictures of her in that green bathing suit so I could jack off on them later. Or how you sucked off her last two boyfriends so you could... how did you put it? 'taste a cock that had been in that sweet pussy.' And about the time I asked you what one thing that you knew would never happen, would make you horniest and you said it would be Candace sucking off Buster while we watched." For a second Candace had no idea who they were talking about. Then she remembered who she'd met earlier on her way to the kitchen. Buster.

"You told her that?" Karen could barely move. Jim merely nodded, proud of himself. Ashleigh had no idea what to make of any of it. "How did she respond?"

Jim answered. "I'd say her response was... curiously turned on."

Karen didn't expect that. "How could you possibly know?"

"Well... she thought about it for a long time. A really long time. Then asked if she could masturbate for me."

Karen's mouth dropped. But Ashleigh noticed that she still slowly moved her hand onto her thigh, as if this discover that her girl was just as big a freak as her, was undoubtedly turning her on.

"Now will you go and suck off this guy together?" Jim asked, certain that he'd get his answer.

"Absolutely not" Karen said, her voice suddenly devoid of shock and dripping with arousal. It was instead Jim's turn to give a shocked look. "If Candace really is up for this. If my ultimate fantasy is a reality. I want the first cock we suck off together to belong to you... or maybe Buster."

Jim seemed pleased with that answer. "What about the guy? What about our payment?"

"Fuck him" Ashleigh heard herself say, shocked that she could think such a thing about her Master. But he'd tossed her aside and sold her. Jim and Karen were her masters now. And she wanted to part of this. She had to be part of it. She couldn't wait for Candace to come home and for all of the fun to begin.

Jim had an idea for exactly how it should happen too. Candace should come home from school and find her double (that would be Ashleigh) in her bed, covered in cum, writhing in pleasure. And that's exactly what happened.

Candace, as expected, was totally open to the idea. "Who's that, and why does she look like me?" she asked.

"She's practice" Karen answered, stepping into the bedroom behind her girl, clad in black lingerie.

Candace flipped around and looked her mom up and down, lingering on her amazing body, and massive tits. Then finally after a long pause whispered, "I want daddy's cock."

And that's exactly what she got. Jim's cock deep in her throat and Karen's tongue deep in her asshole. Ashleigh didn't get to participate, but she rubbed herself off fiercely while watching and came at least three times. It was a special moment for the f****y.

Afterward as the four people laid nude, strewn about Candace's room, Jim laid down some truth. "We're all freaks here, it's about time we started acting like it. Things are going to change."

"What things?" Candace inquired, her petite nude body glistening with sweat and saliva from when Karen declared "I'm going to lick every inch of your body" and did exactly that, Candace giggling as her mom's tongue slicked over her armpits.

The first thing that changed was, within a week Karen had quit her job. And since the f****y needed a second income, Ashleigh gladly took a job at a local strip club, waiting tables at first, but eager to work her way up the pole. Karen became the f****y's total slut. Within a month she'd become the bimbo that Jim had always wanted, nose job, collagen lips, yet she still refused the bleach blonde hair, so Jim decided to improve her in another way and get her even bigger tits.



"You're so beautiful" Jim said to her, one night, weeks later as he stared at his three girls, all dressed in lingerie. "But there's something wrong with your outfit." He said, pondering.

Karen's face dropped. "What's wrong with my outfit?"

"Those are the most amazing tits I've ever seen. I think it's a shame that they ever be covered. I think from now on the only thing you should wear is cum."

And Karen, who'd been rather demanding that first night, gladly submitted herself.

After that, the f****y burned her clothes ceremoniously and Karen only ever stayed at home and only every wore her husband's jizz. Occasionally Jim would send a friend over to spill his jizz on his wife. And it was determined that Karen would always open the door for the pizza delivery guy. Occasionally he'd take up her offer to come in and cum on her tits or all over the pizza that she and Candace were going to share.

One time, when Jim was away on business, he sent five friends over to cum on his wife. Which they did, quickly and eagerly, Karen shouting in pleasure as five loads were dumped on her face. But they didn't stop there. They uploaded pictures of her abused face onto the internet, complete with jizz, spit, and red marks from plenty of slapping, not to mention the words "Married Slut" written in sharpie on her forehead.

Ashleigh spent all night masturbating to the pictures online. It had been so long since someone had abused her. And as much as she enjoyed playing with these people and their taboo ways, she missed the pain. She couldn't wait to see what Jim did when he found out, if he ever found out.

As it turned out, the first thing Karen did was show Jim the pictures when he returned home. And he responded by rewarding her with a big wad of jizz on her face, on top of the already crusty jizz that was still dried there. Then he showed Candace the pictures "I don't think you'll ever be able to outdo your Mother now." He smiled. "I think she's the queen whore of the f****y." Candace did not take the suggestion happily and promised to do something well beyond wild.

"You know what you should do" Ashleigh happily suggested, leaning in to whisper in Candace's ear...

And that evening Candace invited Jim and Karen to sit and watch as she jerked off Buster for them. Of course it didn't take long before Candace couldn't resist and slipped her lips around Buster's hard cock, eagerly swallowing his cum. Karen watched as her ultimate fantasy played out before her eyes, four fingers curled deep inside her pussy. Jim reacted by leaving a gift of jizz on his girl's face. Even though Karen quickly licked it up for herself.

That night, when getting into the bed they shared, Ashleigh waited for Candy to thank her for the suggestion. Instead she got a hard smack across the right side of her face. Candy didn't realize it was just what she wanted. "I don't need your help being a whore." Candy said angrily. "sl**p on the floor tonight." But Ashleigh tried to get back up onto the bed, only to be smacked down again. She grunted as she hit the floor. Inside she smiled. But Candace wasn't done. She grabbed Ashleigh by the hair, and pulled her up. "I don't like you bitch. I've never liked you, not since the day you came in here and tried to replace me." Another hard smack. Ashleigh took it standing, a tear rolling down her cheek. And clearly Candace wasn't going to accept that. "From now on, you do what I say, got it? Or else I'll tell them I don't want you around any more. And you know that'll be the end of you." Candace walked over to her underwear drawer and pulled out a massive pink dildo. "Now open your cunt mouth."

Ashleigh easily obeyed. And for obeying got a dildo rammed hard and quickly into her throat. It hurt. It hurt bad and sent Ashleigh thrusting to the floor.

"There's no end to the pain I'm going to put you through." Candace smiled.

The next morning Ashleigh woke up to a piercing pain in her right nipple and a distinct clicking noise. She opened her eyes suddenly to find Candy straddling her, holding a stapler in one hand, smiling. "Daddy said he's making me into a pretty slut starting today. And I'm celebrating by making you hurt. Now scoot so I can get your other nipple." And Ashleigh, pretended not to want to for a moment, then submitted, enjoying the ecstasy that shot through her body as her nipple was pierced by the metal.

Candace was right. She was bimbo-ified starting that week with blonde hair, big lips and a push up bra. "Once you graduate, we'll get you some double-E tits" Jim promised her. She thanked him by putting on another show with Buster.


From then on Candace and Karen became Candy and Cookie. "Better slut names." Jim declared, and invited his friends over again to use and abuse them.

Meanwhile, Ashleigh kept working at the strip club, working her way up from waitress to bartender to stripper. The rule was, she was allowed to anything she had to at work to bring in money for the f****y. And she did, sucking off at least five guys a week in the back room, coming home watching Jim, Cookie and Candy redefine what it meant to be nasty and then retiring to bed where Candy would smack her to sl**p. This was the life she wanted.

It was around this time that one of Cookie's old co-workers, Rhada found her x-rated pictures online and decided to show up to the house. She was appalled when Cookie greeted her at the door, transformed into a slut and covered in cum.

"What are you doing with your life?" Rhada asked, shaking her head, saddened by what she was seeing.

"Exactly what I want to." Cookie answered as Candy walked into the room. "Have you met my little girl?" Cookie said, exchanging a long cum-filled kiss with Candy. Rhada's mouth dropped in shock. Cookie smiled at her wickedly. "You've got a couple daughters too, don't you?" Rhada didn't answer. But Cookie knew that she did. Twins. "What do you think your husband thinks of when he masturbates?" Still no answer from Rhada. "What do you think of when you masturbate?"

"Not that!" Rhada shouted. "I mean, I don't! I mean, none of your business."

"Let me ask you this..." Cookie said, slipping a couple fingers into her bare, bald slit. "Sorry, I'm not allowed to go twenty minutes without rubbing myself off today. Let me ask you... why are you the one whose bothered and I'm the one whose happy? Maybe you should be more like me."

Rhada gave a look of disgust. "I'm sorry Karen. I will never, ever be like you. Not in a million years." And she left.

It only took two months. Not even two months, a month and a half, before Cookie sat smiling watching Rhada as she pulled her daughter's panties off her long, slim legs.

"I thought you'd never be like me." Cookie smiled.

"I'm going to be worse than you" Rhada answered. "Now ask your husband to fuck my ass so deep he shoots out my mouth and right into my girl's soft pussy." And with that she leaned in and began to munch on the young pussy in front of her.

"Jealous that you have to wait your turn?" Cookie asked the other girl, as she slid her hand down into the girl's panties, rubbing at her swollen clit. The girl didn't answer, she just winced with pleasure.

Their names were Molly and Holly. Almost identical twins. And Rhada quickly had to admit that she couldn't rub herself off without accidentally thinking of them. Once Cookie had planted the seed, there was no going back. Then she started intentionally thinking of them. Then she knew it had to become reality, and she knew that Cookie and Jim were the only ones who could make it so. Ashleigh never found out exactly how they pulled it off, how they convinced everyone involved to be involved. But it seemed surprisingly easy. Maybe, Ashleigh thought, everyone was just waiting to have their kinky side invited out.

Cookie fell to her knees, pulled down Holly's panties and started to eat her out. Then Candy dropped to her knees behind Holly and started rimming her. Ashleigh took her place behind Cookie, slicking her tongue around the mature woman's asshole.

Within moments there were seven nude, sweaty bodies in the room. All writhing, all moaning. Jim made sure to penetrate every last woman. Rhada's asshole. Then Holly and Molly's pussies. Ashleigh took it in the ass. While Candy and Cookie got their throats fucked. Cookie finally taking his cum on her face. But it didn't stay there. It was licked off by Holly, who swapped it with Molly, who watched as Rhada spread her legs wide, and pulled open her pussy. Molly got down on her knees and deposited the cum inside the open twat. Jim might have been spent, but the ladies were just getting warmed up.

Cookie showed Molly and Holly the best possible rimming technique, using Candy as their practice model. The girls offered to do anything Cookie wanted as a thank you for the helpful lesson and Cookie answered, "I've never seen twins scissoring before."

The next day, Jim had an idea that both families should go out for a nice evening. Rhada, Holly and Molly showed up dressed up and all seven people went to an expensive restaurant. The evening was intense, with everyone staring down everyone else, across the table, wanting desperately to tear each others' clothes off at all times. Finally Jim made a suggestion. "I think you two should excuse yourselves to the bathroom" He said to Holly and Molly. And they did, returning ten minutes later, their flesh slightly sweatier, their fingers drenched in moisture. They wiped them clean on the bread at the table and their mother ate it up.

After that everything turned into one big contest. Less than a week later Candy brought home an adorably cute brunette that Ashleigh recognized as her best friend, Tricia. Quickly she stripped her naked and presented her to Jim, "Tell him what you told me."

The brunette was shy, but she complied "I've... never been with a man before."

"And I thought," Candy said, "Wouldn't it be twisted if her first time were with Buster."

Jim agreed. But Tricia didn't, looking almost disappointed as Buster walked into the room.

"What's the problem? Cold feet?" Candy asked wickedly.

"No... just... you promised I'd get to do something new tonight."

Candy looked shocked. "Have you done this sort of thing before?"

"Sure." Tricia shrugged. "What curious girl hasn't?"

"But you said..." Candy seemed confused.

"I said I'd never been with a man before."

"Don't worry dear" Jim intervened. "Do a good job and you will be."

So Candy and Tricia put on a show with Buster, and Jim was pleased, quickly pulling Tricia toward him and sliding his throbbing cock inside her. Candy grabbed her thick dildo and joyfully used it to skull fuck her friend, until Buster's cum poured out, from the back of her throat, through her lips and down her chin. Candy eagerly lapped it up.

Ashleigh watched it all, with Cookie behind her, two fingers buried deep in her asshole.

That night, in the middle of the night Ashleigh awoke after a hard slap to her pussy. Candy was beating her up again. "It's your turn!" She said emphatically. Ashleigh didn't understand. "I brought someone home to please Daddy. So did Cookie. Why not you?" Ashleigh didn't have an answer. "In fact, why don't we know if you have any s****rs. Why is that? And if so, why haven't they been here for us to destroy?"

Ashleigh knew this day would come. And the truth was, she did have a s****r. But she never mentioned her, for fear that her new f****y would find out what she already knew, that her s****r Amanda was painfully dull, shy, conservative, and would never be into anything like this. Ashleigh didn't want to disappoint.

"Well?" Candy demanded with a slap to the face.

"Yes" Ashleigh answered, feeling herself getting very wet.

"Well what?" Another slap

"Yes Mistress."

"No, you stupid cunt. Do you have a s****r?" Candy was red with fury.

And Ashleigh knew she couldn't lie to her. "Yes I do." The revelation was greeted with a throw off the bed.

"You're lucky I don't kick you out of this house for keeping that from us."

Ashleigh's heart sank. She couldn't go. Not from here. It was too wonderful here.

"You'd better have her here and soon." Candy demanded. "I don't know how far up her ass you're going to have to shove your tongue to make up for this. But we're going to find out."

"Yes" Ashleigh answered.

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