The Slut Slave part 3: Candy Girl

The man seemed nice. The man who'd just walked through the tattoo parlor doors, walked up to Ashleigh, untied her, helped her up, thrown a robe over her wet, naked body. He was middle aged, with brown hair and a brown goatee. totally normal looking guy, maybe handsome when he was younger. He seemed to want to help her.

"I have to..." Ashleigh said still groggy from waking up. "I have to wait for Master."

"Shhhh, the man said, slowly, caringly walking Ashleigh out toward the door."

"No!" She struggled, slipping falling down on the floor. "I'm waiting for Master."

The kind man persevered, helping her back up again, brushing the hair out of her face. He was so nice. Ashleigh was so thankful, and so completely turned off. "It's okay" He said "I bought you from your master."

Ashleigh's mouth dropped. Her soul fluttered to pieces. How could he? She was his, all his, and he so quickly found another. She wanted to cry, but she told herself to be strong. She'd get Master back. She'd find away. Meanwhile she allowed herself to be taken out of the shop and into an SUV, by this new man. Getting into a car with a stranger, she suddenly realized, probably wasn't the best idea. But if Master had approved him for her, then she'd have to obey.

He gave her another kind look. "I know you don't know my. My name is Jim, and I'm not going to hurt you."

Ashleigh didn't respond at first. She thought Jim probably wanted her to be grateful, but she could only feel sad. She whispered, "I... I want you to hurt me."

Jim chuckled. "I'm sorry. What I meant was, I'm not going to hurt you yet. We have work to do first." And Ashleigh felt a little hopeful.

Jim lived in a big house in the suburbs. He pulled his SUV into the garage and closed it behind them, so no one who might be out working in their yard or walking the dog could see his new toy. People are kinky, Ashleigh thought, well, she knew. And normal people who live in normal neighborhoods are the kinkiest of all. Jim lead her through the big house, up the stairs and into a master bathroom. The house seemed empty, although it was meant for a large f****y. She wondered where everyone was. Then again it was early morning, wasn't it? People were probably at school and work.

Ashleigh admired the house as she traveled through it. Jim was rich. No doubt about it. Everything in his house was opulent and impeccably clean. She wondered if he had a maid. She wondered if he'd ever fucked his maid. Her thoughts couldn't help but turn to sex.

Soon they arrived at his bedroom, gorgeous like the rest of the house and then through it into the master bathroom. Jim turned on the shower intensely. It squealed and steamed and started to run. Then he pulled Ashleigh's robe down off her shoulders, dropping it to the ground. She didn't feel exposed in front of him. She almost felt as if this were her natural state. He should see her naked. Everyone should see her naked. He pushed her into the shower.

The warm water felt good. She felt her body being washed clean and clear. She moaned "mmmm" at the pleasantness of it all. She looked over at kind Jim, watching her through an opening in the curtain. "You don't want to come in here and abuse me?" She asked. He didn't seem to want to. Maybe, she thought, she should abuse herself while he watched. She could slip a couple of her fingers in her asshole then tell him that she wishes she could be penetrated every day in every hole.

"Not yet" Jim said calmly. Ashleigh had no idea what he was getting at. "First we need to give you a bit of a makeover."

"Makeover?" Ashleigh said, suddenly wondering what was wrong with her appearance. She knew she was pretty. She liked the way she looked. She wasn't sure she wanted that to change, especially since she had just gotten some lovely new piercings.

The piercings were the first thing to go. Jim removed them from her face, her tits, her clit. "Are you sure you don't want me as I am?" Ashleigh asked, feeling uncertain about what changes would be made.

"You're getting a makeover and that's that." Jim insisted. And his insistence turned Ashleigh on. So she let him have his way. After the piercings, came a haircut. Jim took several inches off her long flowing hair and gave her more of a neck-length bob. Then the color, changed from Ashleigh's dirty blonde into a dark, dark brown. Ashleigh wasn't sure how she looked. She wasn't sure how to feel. "You look beautiful" Jim said. Ashleigh felt better.

Finally she looked at herself in the mirror. She looked... different. Very pretty, but so very different. She didn't even recognize the short, dark-haired girl looking back at her. She so studied herself that she hadn't noticed that Jim had left the room and come back with an outfit for her. It was a pink tank top, a pair of short jean shorts and white knee-high socks with pink stripes. They all seemed a little tight for her, but tight was good. Ashleigh dressed happily, though she wondered where these clothes had come from.

And the clock ticked. Tick. Tick. Tick. And still Jim did nothing to her. She wondered. She'd be cleaned. She'd been transformed. Why was he still teasing her?

"Master may I ask a question?" She said timidly.

"Don't call me Master."

"I'm sorry. Jim, may I ask a question."

"Don't call me Jim."

"Um... okay...."

"Don't call me anything. Nothing at all. Understand?"

Ashleigh nodded.

"And your name." Jim went on. "Will be Candy. Understand?"

Ashleigh nodded. She'd done role play before. No big deal. But she still had her question.

"May I ask..."

"Of course."

"What was wrong with the way I looked before?"

Jim smirked. "Nothing."

"Then why make me look like this?"

"Because..." Jim paused as if he were going to say something important, something worth knowing. "This is the way my wife wants you to look."

Ashleigh was surprised. She still had no idea what was going on, but suddenly she realized there was a plan. And that turned her on. For a moment she wondered how long they'd have to wait until Jim's wife got home. But that question was quickly answered. The sound of a garage door opening and a car pulling in behind them, excited her. She felt her slit begin to moisten.

"You're not to call my wife anything either, understand Candy?" Jim said. Ashleigh nodded. "Good. My wife has been away on business for two months. You're going to ask her how she manages to stay satisfied away from her husband that long. Understand?" Ashleigh nodded again. Not only was there a plan, it was a very thorough plan.

Ashleigh and Jim waited in the bedroom. Jim sitting on a chair, Ashleigh on the edge of the bed, squirming. She had no idea what she'd think when she saw Mrs. Jim. No idea what Mrs. Jim would think when she saw here.

And then she arrived, into the bedroom door with a couple suitcases. And she was gorgeous. Dark red hair with a pretty face, probably in her mid 40's She wore a casual outfit but something about her was all business, so Ashleigh assumed she did something professional... and then Ashleigh noticed them. How had she not noticed them before. Mrs. Jim's tits. They were huge. Not normally huge, simply massive. Unnaturally gigantic. Ashleigh stared at the. She gazed. She couldn't help it. They were equal parts freakish and beautiful. She barely noticed that Mrs. Jim was looking at her with a big smile on her face.

"You look amazing." She said. Ashleigh looked back at her face, looked her in the eyes and blushed.

Then Mrs. Jim went over to her husband and gave him a hug and a kiss. "You've done a great job." She said.

"Thanks," Jim answered in a kind voice. " she has something to ask you."

Mrs. Jim flipped around toward Ashleigh, an excited look in her eye. "Does she?"

"She asked me earlier and I told her that if she wanted an honest answer, she should just ask you." He took a deep breath, as if something he'd always want to happen was happening.

"Let's hear it." Jim's wife demanded with eagerness. Ashleigh knew the look in her face. She knew the look of an endlessly horny woman.

"Well..." Ashleigh started out timid, almost as an act. She didn't know why, but she felt like she should. After all it was a personal question and Mrs. Jim was a stranger. "You've been gone for two months..." Mrs. Jim nodded. "And I was wondering.... how do you do it, when your husband's not there. How do you stay... satisfied?" As she asked it Ashleigh felt like it was a ridiculous question. She assumed Mrs. Jim did the same thing any woman would do. She masturbated.

"That's easy." Jim's wife answered. "I fuck other men." Then she gave Ashleigh a wink.

Ashleigh was surprised. Although it did occur to her that no one, especially not a nympho like Jim's wife seemed to be, could resist the number of men that would throw themselves at those breasts, all day, every day. Still, it was shocking that she'd admit as much in front of her husband. "Your husband doesn't mind?" Ashleigh asked.

"Not as long as I tell him about it when I come home." Jim' wife said proudly.

"Speaking of which, dear," Jim cut in, "How many this time?"

Jim's wife hesitated. "Well... eight."

"Eight? Eight? That's all?" Jim was shocked, but not in the way Ashleigh expected.

"Well, there weren't that many men at this conference. It was mostly women." Mrs. Jim shrugged

"And you're afraid of eating pussy?"

"Of course not. It's just... they also kept us pretty busy this time. Business is tough right now...."

"Well, next time you tell your boss that you need more break time. And if he doesn't agree, you just lick his ass until he does."

Ashleigh wasn't sure if she could believe the conversation she was witnessing. Jim and his wife seemed so normal, and yet...

Clearly her face showed it. Mrs. Jim reacted to her shock, "I think you're scaring her." She walked over and crouched in front of Ashleigh at the bed, "It's okay Candy, once you realize how amazing it is to take a big cock, you'll understand how you just can't go without it." Then she thought for a minute. Ashleigh saw a look of feigned revelation come across her face. "Actually why wait? I'll take you out tonight and find a cock for you."

Ashleigh understood her part in this roleplay. She was innocent and this couple was corrupting her. Maybe she was a babysitter or a student. Maybe Jim was a teacher or something. That seemed hot and forbidden and turned her on a bit more. She also knew what she had to say next. "Why later? Why not..." she gestured toward Jim.

"Absolutely not. I think that's a terrible idea!" Jim said. At first Ashleigh felt rejected, denied. She felt like she'd said the wrong thing. But then she realized it was all part of the game.

"I think it's a wonderful idea." Mrs. Jim said. Jim looked dubious. "Dear..." Mrs. Jim said calmly. "On the bed with your cock out in front of Candy's face, or no fucking for a year."

"A year!"

"In fact." Mrs. Jim was proud and eager. Ashleigh could tell. "Lose the pants entirely. We're gonna want some scrotum."

So Jim, trying to suppress a smile and look like he didn't want to, slid his pants and boxers down to his ankles. Ashleigh grinned. It was a nice cock. Six to seven inches, and instantly hard, pointed up at the ceiling at a 45 degree angle. He walked over and got on the bed next to Ashleigh.

"Do you know what to do?" Mrs. Jim asked.

"Put it in my mouth?" Ashleigh responded, trying to sound innocent and inexperienced. Jim and Jim's wife chuckled. Ashleigh felt proud, like they were pleased with her show of innocence.

"No need to rush into it, honey," Mrs. Jim said "First tell him how badly you want it."

Ashleigh gazed at Jim's hard, throbbing cock. It was a nice cock. She thought of something to day. "I want it so bad... I'm... I'm so wet right now... It kinda scares me."

"Now lick the tip a bit." Mrs. Jim's hands guided Ashleigh's mouth down toward her husband's member. Ashleigh put her tongue to it, tasting the man's gooey precum on her lips. "Good job Candy. Now lick the shaft from the base to the top." Mrs. Jim's voice trembled with anticipation. Ashleigh knew what she was doing with this couple was turning them on more than anything they'd done in a long time. She obeyed, starting at Jim's scrotum and licking all the way up the base of his cock. Then back down. Then up and around the top of it. "Good girl" Mrs. Jim was delighted. "Now put it in your mouth, just a little."

As Ashleigh slipped Jim's dick between her lips, listening to him let out a long, low moan, she felt Mrs. Jim suddenly push the back of her head, thrusting it down on the cock. Ashleigh felt the member jab the back of her throat as her lips met Jim's pubes. She was so taken by shock and not prepared, she felt herself gag and choke almost immediately. Mrs. Jim quickly relented and Ashleigh pulled her mouth back off Mr. Jim's cock, her mouth dripping with spit.

"Always take a man all the way down your throat when he least expects it." Mrs. Jim smiled. "Did you gag a little?" She asked, seemingly caringly. Ashleigh nodded. "Good" Mrs. Jim said. "Men love that. A blowjob without gagging is a waste of time."

Ashleigh giggled, remembering that Jim knew and trusted his wife was doing this with other men, lots of other men on her trips.

"Gag on me again." Jim said, his voice intent and less kind than it seemed before.

Ashleigh glanced at Mrs. Jim for approval. She nodded. "Do it yourself this time." She encouraged. Of course, Ashleigh had gagged on Master's cock hundreds of times. It was something she was very good at. But she knew she had to fake timidity. So slowly she wrapped her lips around Jim's head, and again felt Mrs. Jim shove her face all the way down Jim's shaft, this time holding her there for a couple seconds. Ashleigh gasped for air, coughed, gagged, let spit roll out of her lips into Jim's pubic hair, making a real show of it. As Mrs. Jim relented, and Ashleigh pulled her mouth off Jim's cock, she felt saliva pour from her throat onto the man's rod, spreading out in long slimey strands. Mrs. Jim caught most of it on her hand and quickly rubbed it into Ashleigh's face. Ashleigh closed her eyes, feeling the wetness spread across her, plastered sticky to her forehead, nose, cheeks and mouth.

"Candy, you're the most beautiful you've ever looked." Mrs. Jim said, her voice dripping with pleasure. "Now lick his balls."

Ashleigh did as told, leaning back in toward Jim's crotch, running her tongue all over his rigid scrotum, taking a testicle in her mouth and sucking on it. Jim let out another moan.

"Do you like that hon? Do you like it when Candy licks your balls?" Mrs. Jim was beyond delighted. She started pulling at Ashleigh's shorts, first trying to just tear them off, then when that didn't work, quickly undoing the button and fly. "Don't forget the taint" She found time to say to Ashleigh as she pulled her shorts down her thighs, past her knee-highs and off her feet. So Ashleigh didn't, lapping her tongue around Jim's taint, making sure to get it sopping wet. "And you know, while you're down there, you might as well lick his ass." Mrs. Jim said.

At this point, Ashleigh should have been shocked by the demand, but she was too far into her own enjoyment of this moment. Her pussy was wet. And finally she was being ordered to do something humiliating. She hoped more pain and humiliation would follow. "Remember, if your tongue doesn't penetrate him, you're not doing it right." Mrs. Jim said. Ashleigh remembered the advice as Jim scootched his body up and exposed his puckered asshole to her. She ran her tongue over it a few times, then heard Jim exclaim "Yes! Candy! Yes!" As she slipped her tongue into his asshole. As she went, she felt Mrs. Jim behind her, parting her ass. So she spread her thighs for her and felt a wet tongue slide over, then push into her own anus.

This went on for several minutes. All three people moaning and groaning, Ashleigh wiggling her hips and ass as Mrs. Jim went at her with her wet tongue. She didn't notice when Mrs. Jim had finished, not until she felt her head being pulled, by the hair away from Jim's asshole. She breathed deeply.

"Who'd have guess that our Candy would be such a good ass-licking slut." Mrs. Jim said. Jim smiled in return. "Now, what do you want for a job well done, dear?" Mrs. Jim asked.

Ashleigh froze. She'd never been asked to make a request before. She didn't give the orders, she followed them. What could she say? But she felt her mouth parting and knew only one thing would come out.

"Spank me." She said. And she thought maybe Mrs. Jim would hesitate. But she was wrong. She quickly felt herself struck hard on her bare behind. "Yes!" Ashleigh hissed. Another hard spank. "Again" Ashleigh ordered. Another hard spank. "Harder" Ashleigh felt herself slipping out of control. An even harder spank. "HARDER" She demanded through gritted teeth. And Ashleigh expected a harder spanking. She didn't expect to be grabbed by her hair, even as short as it was, there was enough for Mrs. Jim to take a handful, and be pulled off the bed. Now, on her knees on the floor, before the busty woman, Ashleigh panted, teeth gritted.

"I'll tell you what... why don't you go downstairs to the kitchen and get a nice wooden spoon for us to use?" Mrs. Jim smiled. So did Ashleigh.

As she walked out of the room and down the hall, she wondered if it wasn't a bad thing that she had a few moments to cool off. She hoped she didn't run into anyone who might be living in that house as she went, bottomless and soaking wet, but her torso still dressed and her knee socks still on. Or maybe she did want to run into someone.

But as it turned out she didn't. The house seemed empty, except for a lazy Shar-Pie that wandered by her aimlessly, not even noticing her, lapping water up from a bowl with a giant "B" on it.

The kitchen was easy to find. The whole house was laid out conveniently. And it was within minutes that she had a wooden spoon and was headed back to the bedroom. She'd paused for a moment in the kitchen and wondered if Mrs. Jim would have liked it if she'd returned with some whipped cream and offered to lick it off her. Or maybe Jim would have been happy if she'd come back with a carrot in both of her holes. Kitchens held so many possibilities. But mostly she wanted to get back to her spankings. So she grabbed the spoon and ran. And was in such a hurry, she didn't realize when she'd entered the wrong bedroom.

The walls were purple. There were a few old stuffed a****ls sitting on a corner dresser. On one wall there was an Avril Lavigne poster. A Paramore poster on another wall. And most shockingly, right above the bed, in sparkly black sequined letters spelled the name "Candace." For a split second Ashleigh thought that Jim and his wife had taken this fantasy to ridiculous lengths. Then, of course, she saw the pictures. The pictures of the real Candy, shoved into the corners of the mirror. She was a pretty girl with neck length, dark hair, and in most pictures wore knee high socks. And Ashleigh realized who she was supposed to be.

When she returned to the master bedroom she found Jim sliding his hard cock through his wife's newly nude, massive breasts. But at her presence they both looked over smiling. "Ready to get spanked some more?" Mrs. Jim asked.

"No" Ashleigh said to their surprise. To hers too. She just couldn't get used to giving commands and being insistent. But she tried. "I want you to spank my in my own room."

Jim and Mrs. Jim looked at each other, realizing the discovery that had been made, gazing deeply at each others eyes as if they were begging the other one to say no, to stop them from doing something they knew was wrong. But neither said anything. Until finally Mrs. Jim rose and walked over to the door, Ashleigh finding it impossible not to stare at her massive tits and huge nipples as she approached her, delicately. The two women looked at each other. Silence.

Then Ashleigh whispered. "Mommy."

Mrs. Jim grabbed her by the hair, yanked the wooden spoon from her hand and practically dragged her down the hallway, spanking her hard with the spoon as they went. Ashleigh couldn't have imagined being happier. When they got to Candace's room, Mrs. Jim thrust her onto the bed and pointing at her husband who followed shortly behind, demanded. "fuck her."

And what could Jim do. He climbed on the bed and Ashleigh braced for the sensation of his throbbing cock penetrating her wet slit. Which it did. And soon Jim was thrusting into her with a passion and an insanity that he seemingly had never had before.

As her sweaty body rubbed hard against Jim's, she glanced over at Mrs. Jim, watching them, one of her hands rubbing down into her panties, furiously, the other holding one of her massive teets up to her mouth, to lick it. "You like this, don't you Candy." She asked between licks.

"I do!" Ashleigh exclaimed, "fuck me Daddy!" She watched Jim's eyes gloss over with forbidden lust.

And it wasn't long before she heard him say, "I'm going to cum."

"The face!" Mrs. Jim shouted. "Absolutely the face!"

Ashleigh nodded in agreement and within seconds felt her skin covered by Jim's jizz. Then Jim collapsed on the bed next to her, both nude bodies hot, sweating and panting.

"It's nice of your wife to agree to do this for you." Ashleigh said, trying to be nice and complimentary.

"This whole thing wasn't my idea." Jim said, grinning, still panting.

"Oh" Ashleigh was a bit startled. She looked up at Mrs. Jim who sat on the corner of the bed, staring at her admiringly. "Sorry, I didn't know... is Candace really your..."

Suddenly Mrs. Jim looked perturbed. "Of course!" She snapped. "What do you think, just because I fantasize about eating her asshole means I must be some sort of Step-Something." Then she jumped up and ran over to the dresser, tearing open a drawer.

Ashleigh was confused. Jim nudged her "She get's crazy when she feels her naughtiness threatened."

At which point Mrs. Jim walked up with a pair of Candace's, the real Candace's panties from her dresser and promptly used them to wipe Jim's cum off her face. Then Mrs. Jim folded them nicely and laid them back down in the drawer. "There. What do you think about that?"

Ashleigh smiled. "I think it's hot. I think everything about this is hot. I think your girl is hot."

"She is." Mrs. Jim smiled.

"I'd love to make her take after her mother even more." Jim said, "Get her some lovely big new tits. And maybe some blonde hair for both of them."

"Jim hon," Jim's wife interrupted. "What did I tell you? I love the tits, but I'm not going to become some kind of blonde bimbo."

"Yes dear." Jim answered, winking at Ashleigh as if to say, 'of course she is, she just doesn't know it yet.'

"What about you sweetie?" Mrs. Jim asked. "Where di you come from?"

"Well... I had a Master" Ashleigh said, suddenly growing sad at the word 'had' and not knowing what else to say. What more of the story did she know? He left her for a girl who was more obedient than she.

"I bought her." Jim said

"You bought her?" Mrs. Jim seemed surprised. "What did she cost you?"

"Fifty bucks and a blowjob" Jim said as if it were no big deal.

"Wait... you gave someone a blowjob?" Mrs. Jim's voice dripped with surprise. Ashleigh was shocked too. Master had never been into men before.

"Of course not" Jim answered. "I guaranteed him a blowjob." He clarified.

"From who?" Mrs. Jim's voice was dubious.

"From the hottest mother/daughter pair in town." Jim seemed proud of himself.

And Ashleigh suddenly felt excited. She'd get to see Master again, and share him with Mrs. Jim.

Then Jim clarified himself again, "The hottest real mother/daughter pair in town."

And the room fell silent.

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