The Slut Slave part 2: Shared and Humiliated

"Let's see... we want the tattoo to say the word 'slut'" Master bounced on his feet, eager.

The tattoo artist, bald, covered in tattoos and a long mangled goatee looked at Ashleigh suspiciously. "Do you?"

"Oh yes" Ashleigh closed her eyes and licked her lips, excited. "I really do." The idea that all men would know she was a slut frightened her at first. But she was accepting it. She was accepting it quickly and happily. She loved the way men looked at her when they found it she was real. Their eyes glazed over with shock and lust.

Well so far it had just been the cop, and this tattoo artist, and the guy in the toll both who master told her to flash so they could get through without paying. She'd wanted to suck off the minister, but Master said "absolutely not." He didn't want to jeopardize the marriage license. He'd even cleaned off her face first, though it pained him to do so.

And it had gone so quickly. A few minutes, a few signatures and suddenly they were married. She was a wife. She had a husband.

"You will never call me 'husband'" was the first thing Master said to her after they were married. "You will never call me 'dear' or 'honey' Do you understand?"

She nodded.

"You will only ever call me master."

She nodded.

"And when we fuck you will only ever say three things." Master's eyes gazed at her beautiful face as if the thought of his new permanent slave slut left him in a state of ecstasy. "You'll say 'yes', 'more', or 'harder.'"

"Yes" Ashleigh sighed and closed her eyes, feeling more than a little ecstasy herself. She knew her Master would let her say other things during sex. If she said something like "Master, may I please lick your cum out of my best friend's ass?" He'd probably be okay with that.

"Good," Master said. "Now we have a long night ahead of us."

The tattoo parlor was the first place they stopped. Ashleigh didn't know what her Master had in mind. She'd never considered it would be a tattoo of the word "slut" yet somehow she knew she secretly hoped it would be something along those lines.

"Where do you want it?" The tattoo artist asked. "Inner thigh? Tit?"

"Of course not" Master seemed almost appalled by those suggestions. "No one will see it there... well lots of people will see it there, but you know what I mean."

Ashleigh giggled.

"I'm thinking right up on the back of her left shoulder. That way when she wears her pretty white wedding dress with a plunging back and her hair up, everyone at the ceremony will see it." Master smiled. Ashleigh tried not to melt at the thought of it.

The needle hurt. It turned Ashleigh on. But not as much as when Master hurt her. This tattoo guy was all business. So Ashleigh was a good girl and didn't rub herself off at the feeling of pain. She didn't even moan. She just sat still, focusing her gaze on the Tattoo artist's crotch, clad in leather pants. She was fairly sure she could make out the outline of a large hard cock. Of course, she knew she could do nothing unless Master told her. But that was okay. She was mostly doing it so the tattoo man knew she only thought one thing in her slut mind. And because the sight of his hard manhood pleased her.

Of course, the tattoo wasn't done in just one sitting. She'd have to go back. And she'd have to take care of it in the mean time. She promised she would.

After the work was done, the tattoo artist stood up. "So, the cost is gonna be..."

"Let me ask you something" Master interrupted. Ashleigh squirmed in her seat. She hoped she knew what was coming. The tattoo artist raised his eyebrows inquisitively as if he suspected what was coming. So Master asked, "Do you get many girls in here getting the word 'slut' tattooed on them?"

"Nope" the guy answered. "Can't say that I do."

Master smirked "Do you think girls like that are used to paying for things with money?"

"No I suppose not" The tattoo artist now looked Ashleigh up and down with ferocious eyes like a b**st ready to go in for the kill.

"Especially when she can do things with her tongue that are worth more than money could buy."

The tattoo artist turned away from Master, paying sole attention to Ashleigh, almost as if Master were no longer even in the room. "You really as slutty as he says?"

Ashleigh knew there was only one answer to that question. "Sluttier."

"You really want my cock?" The tattoo artist was hers. Ashleigh knew it.

"Pleeaasee." Ashley let the word ooze out of her mouth, and dance over the tattoo artist's entire being, just like her tongue would be soon.

"Okay, okay," The tattoo artist, started to pivot, almost as if he were attempting a bargain, he twisted toward the Master, then thought better of it and turned back toward Ashleigh. "But I don't want you to suck my cock."

Ashleigh bit her lip and grimaced. "You... you don't?"

"I got a girlfriend at home who'll suck my cock just fine, thank you very much." The tattoo artist paused. He knew he owned the moment. "From you I want something that she doesn't give me."

"Sure." Master chimed in. "She'll do anything.

"I want her to say it." the tattoo artist demanded.

"I'll do anything." Ashleigh said, slowly pulling down the top of her dress until her breasts popped out. The cold air hit her hard pink nipples. She felt the tattoo artist's eyes on them. The sense of exposure drove her mad. "What do you want from me?" Ashleigh asked again, this time inching the bottom of her dress up her thighs, slowly, slowly.

"I want your asshole" The tattoo artist said with authority.

But Ashleigh met it with a snicker and a smile, "Okay!" she flipped herself around, spread her legs, arched her back, and yanked her dress up to her waist, exposing her plump pale ass to the man who'd just requested it. "And here I thought you were going to ask for something dirty."

Ashleigh had never done anal until she'd met her Master. He was the first to take her ass, and he did so almost immediately after they met. It was the first time Ashleigh knew that she'd fallen for a man. It was the first time she knew she wanted to be dominated. It was the first time she realized that, for her, pain and pleasure would always be inseparably intertwined.

Now, she was used to it. It didn't phase her when she felt the tattoo artist's thick wad of spit hit her puckering anus. She knew what came next. But what came next was penetration by something far too small to be a healthy cock. She peeked behind her shoulder. It was his thumb. He'd stuck his thumb into her asshole, probably to test the waters, to see what she'd do. She hadn't even flinched.

And she wouldn't flinch moments later as he shoved his entire thick cock into her ass.

Ashleigh was used to a big cock. Master's wonderful 7-and-a-half-inch member had penetrated her many times. And since Master knew every man can only last so long, and his pretty slave was near insatiable once she got going, he'd purchased her a big black 10 inch cock so she could amuse herself.

Ashleigh relaxed her body and let the tattoo artist thrust his cock into her. She felt his warm, sweaty balls slapping against her wet pussy. The room filled with the scent of sex. Ashleigh that her Master was watching. Pleased, no doubt. She let out a moan.

It felt good to moan. It was a release. It was as if she were letting anyone in hearing distance know that she was in the throes of painful pleasure. A thought occurred to her of a man passing by the front of the tattoo parlor, hearing the moan, coming in the see what was going on and then taking her ass too, as soon as the tattoo artist was finished. Then she'd have two loads in her ass.

Of course, no such thing happened. So she moaned louder, just in case. Just to be sure someone outside could hear. Then she thought, maybe the Master would join in and she'd have three loads of cum in her ass. The thought made her as wet as she'd been all night. And being wet, being thrust into over and over, feeling the soreness in her anus, feeling the slapping of flesh on flesh, made her a bit chatty.

"It's... too bad...." Ashley said between panting, "... that your girlfriend... won't let you.... do this..."

The tattoo artist placed his hand on Ashleigh's body to steady himself. Ashleigh could feel just how covered in sweat she was.

She kept talking. "If you ever wanted.... I could... have a little.... talk with her.... I bet I could... convince her.... she's missing out on... one of life's... greatest.... pleasures." She felt the man's body start to tense. She felt her eyes roll back into her head. She'd never spoke like this before. She let her inner slut take over. "I'd even... lube up... her asshole... for you."

Then she felt the tattoo artist's body tighten and release as he let out a long groan. And she knew the deed was done.

"You'd better not be thinking of having any threesomes without my permission" Master said to his pet as they got back into their car and drove off to their next destination.

"Of course not sir," Ashleigh said honestly. But when you give me approval to fuck another man, may I assume you give me approval to tease him too?"

Master smiled. "That's a good slave."

Five minutes later Master pulled the car into another tattoo and body piercing shop. Ashleigh looked at him with a confused look on her face. She didn't want to question his methods, certainly not out loud. She trusted him, totally. But she had to wonder, why drive from one to the other?

Master, still smiling, was feeling kind. He read her question on her face immediately and gladly answered. "We need to spread you around a little. Why let that last guy get all the fun?"

Ashleigh perked up. If she were a little pet doggie her tail would have been wagging.

Inside the shop, a very pretty redhead was working. She smiled as she saw them enter, wickedly. Ashleigh wasn't sure what, but something about the smile was wicked. "Hey..." she said, "My name's Blayke. What can I do for you guys today?"

"I think we need some piercings." Master said. Ashleigh wiggled with joy. "I think we need a clit piercing, both nipples, and..." Master looked at Ashleigh's beamingly happy face. "One on your face... you can decide which." Master was feeling very kind.

As Blayke took Ashleigh into a back room to do the job, Ashleigh took a moment to admire just how pretty Blayke was, long red hair, piercings in her lip, tattoos down one entire arm. She wore a white tank-top, totally see through so you could see her black bra underneath. Ashleigh wondered if this is what Master wanted her to look like. She wouldn't blame him.

Ashleigh lowered the top of her dress, exposing her breasts to Blayke. Blayke leaned in and pierced her right nipple. Ashleigh gasped. It was painful. More painful even than she expected. It took everything in her power not to rub herself off right there in front of the pretty redhead.

"So what's your boyfriend's name?" Blayke asked. Ashleigh responded with a polite smile, knowing that the girl had no way of knowing that they were married, man and wife... or more accurately, man and pet.

"His name is Master. Mmmmrphhh" Ashleigh reacted to her left nipple being pierced.

Blayke stepped back and gave an inquisitive look, "Wait... she said... really?"

"His name's not really Master" Ashleigh tried to answer without seeming snobby.

"Well I mean, I know that." Blayke explained. "But you two really have that kind of relationship?" Ashleigh nodded. She thought Blayke might react with judgment or disgust. But instead she saw a hint of curiosity. "So... tell me how that works." Blayke said as Ashley hiked up her short skirt, revealing her pantiless crotch, and spread her legs.

"Master tells me what to do, and I do it." Ashleigh shrugged, knowing that on some level her submissiveness was impressing this girl.

"What if you don't want to do it?"

"I always want to do it. I want to please Master, more than anything."

"Okay" Blayke cracked a smirk. "Now, this is going to hurt."

"That's okay" Ashleigh said. "I like pain." Blayke smiled as if she wasn't surprised.

An earthquake erupted in Ashleigh's body, as pain shot from her clit into every inch, every corner of her flesh. Ashleigh let out some combination of a scream and a moan. It was loud and Blayke stepped back, surprised. She'd heard girls scream from the pain before, but never anything like this.

Ashleigh felt wetness down at her clit. But she knew it wasn't her natural wetness. It was warm and thick. It was bl**d. "Here, let me get you a cloth for that." Blayke said, grabbing a nearby towel, as if she knew this could happen.

Ashleigh could barely see. Her eyes were cloudy, the whole room was fuzzy. She was so filled with lust, she couldn't control her thoughts. "If you lick that up real nice, Master will reward you." She heard herself say. And thought she saw, through her fuzzy vision, Blayke stare at it for a moment, licking her lips before shaking her head and handing her the towel.

"What would you like pierced on your face?" Blayke instead asked, changing the subject.

Ashleigh felt wild. She wanted so badly to please the Master. "My nose and my eyebrow" She said, knowing that if she looked like a real naughty slut for the Master, covered in piercings, he'd be beyond horny for her.

Blayke obliged, and by comparison, the piercing of her nose and her eyebrow hardly hurt at all.

A few moments of recovery, though she was still inside a happy, aroused fog, when she and the pretty redhead went back out into the main part of the shop. Ashleigh skipped over toward the Master wanting to see his joyful face, wanting to see how pleased he was at her quick transformation.

Suddenly her ass hurt, her feet were off the ground. What had happened? She'd been hit. By the master. She'd been slapped off her feet. The fog cleared up. He slapped her again. Harder. Again, harder. Then the Master's hand was in her throat, deep down in it. She gagged. But she hadn't eaten anything in hours. It was dry. Her whole body lurched. She became only slightly aware that Blayke was still in the room, watching. She tried to turn her head to see if the redhead was doing anything. Watching. Just watching. Watching as the Master was punishing her. And again, not in a good way.

"I told you" Another slap "one piercing on your face" Another slap. "You just don't listen" And then Master's cock was deep in Ashleigh's throat. Master thrust it in hard, grabbed her by the hair and skull fucked her, thrusting quickly and intensely. Ashleigh resisted. She knew it was silly to resist. She knew she didn't even want to resist. But still, the body will do what it will do. Tears streamed down her cheeks. Saliva poured from her mouth. Snot oozed from her nose. When the Master pulled his cock from her throat, she gasped for breath, spit and precum strands oozing between her mouth and the Master's monster.

She tried quickly to glance over at Blayke again. The redhead was still watching, now with her hand shoved down into her pants.

"Come here and spit on her" She heard Master say. But Ashleigh knew the pretty redhead wouldn't do such a thing. If she was too shy to lick her pussy a few minutes ago, surely she'd be too shy to...

Ashleigh felt the spit hit her face. And she sensed Blayke suddenly standing next to her. Then she felt it again and heard the sound of female laughter. Then the sensation of Master's cum being shot down her throat.

Ashleigh coughed and gagged. She was on the floor on all fours, her body wretching, her face a mess. She looked up at the Master, his cock still exposed, but soft, soaked with her spit. She looked over at Blayke, smiling, shocked, licking her own wet hand.

"You should punish her too." Ashleigh heard the Master say to the girl. She stayed where she was, on all fours as Blayke walked over and kneeled in front of her, still telling herself that this pretty redhead was nice. She was friendly. She wouldn't punish her too bad.

"You like pain don't you?" Blayke asked. Ashleigh stayed silent. "So if I were to hurt you, it wouldn't really hurt you, right?" Blake said. Ashleigh sensed some sort of plan brewing in Blayke's brain. "Hell, it might even please you. So what do I do? What do I do to punish you?" Blayke looked over at Master who watched intently. "What would make you genuinely broken?"

Ashleigh's breasts heaved, in anxiety. She had slightest hint what might be happening.

"What if I..."

Master cracked a smile.

"What if I.... replaced you." Blayke said.

"What?" Ashleigh whispered.

But Blayke was done with her. She turned toward Master. "You want someone who'll do whatever you say, and be obedient, not like this dumb slut right?" Master nodded. "I'll do that for you. I'll do anything you want."

Ashleigh's heart sank. This couldn't be happening. This pretty girl, prettier than her, couldn't be taking her place.

"Thanks, but... you have no idea the sort of things I'd ask you to do."

Good, Ashleigh thought, he's turning her down. As it should be.

"Could it be worse than what I just witnessed here?" Blayke asked.

"A hundred times" Master smiled.

"Try me." Blayke said.

When Ashleigh saw it in Master's eye, that slight glimmer, that slight consideration of actually taking her up on her offer. "Okay," He said. "The first thing I ordered my little slut slave over there that she absolutely refused was to drink my pi..."

"I'll do it." Blayke said immediately, her hands rubbing her thighs. Ashleigh knew what she was looking at. Blayke was beyond turned on. She was fired up. She was ready to do anything. "Right now!" She said eagerly.

And Ashleigh could tell the moment she watched Master's face have the thought that maybe, just maybe, this girl should be his new slave.

"Okay" he said. "Where's the bathroom?"

"Wherever my mouth is." Blayke answered quickly.

Master smiled. A big, big smile. "Eager slut aren't you?" Blayke nodded. "Follow me" And as the two headed into the back room, Ashleigh made herself slowly start to get up. She would follow them, make sure they didn't go through with anything. She would... fall back down, having just been slapped hard by Blayke.

The next few moments were a blur. Ashleigh felt Blayke tug at the front of her pretty, tight, colorful dress, then she saw a pair of scissors, and felt the dress being cut right down the middle and being torn off, torn hard, so that Ashleigh sat naked on the floor of the front room of the tattoo parlor. Then her arms were held up above her and what remained of her dress was tied up around her hands, restraining her, tying her to a nearby post. Dizzy and exhausted, she couldn't possibly get out. Then her Master and the pretty redhead disappeared into the back room.

The sounds that Ashleigh heard weren't difficult to identify. The sound of liquid slapping against flesh, then filling up a mouth. The sound of moaning. The sound of sucking.

When the two re-emerged, Blayke was soaked. Her white tank top was still on, but the black bra beneath it was gone, and the shirt was saturated with wetness so that Ashleigh could easily see the girls tiny, pink, hard nipples underneath. Blayke's whole face was a mess. Her makeup ran down her cheeks. Her lipstick smeared. Her red hair was soaked, plastered to her cheeks. She knelt down in front of Ashleigh.

"I'm going to let you taste what you missed." And Blayke gave her a long, deep, tongue-filled kiss. And Ashleigh did taste it. It was warm and salty. She thought it'd taste gross, but instead it tasted good. It tasted like servitude. "Do you want some?" Blayke asked.

"Yes" Ashleigh answered softly.

"Too bad!" Blayke laughed. "Seriously, though, do you want some?"

"Yes!" Ashleigh felt her body getting exciting now. They weren't ignoring her. They were going to include her.;

"No" Blayke laughed again. "Beg."

"Please! Please! Please!" Ashleigh begged as if she'd never felt as wonton about anything in her life. "Give me! Fill up my mouth! Make me your toilet!" She bounced as she begged, her tits jiggling in front of her.

"No!" Blayke smiled. "Never." Then she stood up. "You want it so bad. Make your own." She took Master's hand and the two of them headed for the door.

"Where are you going?" Ashleigh shouted desperately.

Blayke turned back. "He's taking me to have the night you were going to have before you were... disobedient."

"We're going" Master said. "To the university frathouse, delta sigma. By this time of night those boys are probably very d***k and very horny"

Blayke flashed Ashleigh a victorious smile. "Master, may we swing by my apartment to pick up my roommate first?" She asked as they walked out the door.

And Ashleigh was alone. All alone. She heard the sound of the door being locked from the outside. This was her place for the night. She wanted to cry. But knew that would do no good. Instead she decided to rub herself off. It didn't take long, thoughts of Master using and abusing her flashing through her head.

A few moments later she had to go to the bathroom. So she did. She relieved herself right there on the floor, feeling the warmth trickle down her leg, making sure she rubbed her hand over her pussy as she went and made it good and wet. Then she licked it clean.

The taste. She loved the taste. She couldn't get enough. And as she got on all fours to lick the floor lean of her own mess, she wondered, who was she even doing this for? Herself? She'd promised Master to never be dirty for her own sake ever again. No. She was doing it for Master. He would return. And when he did, he had to know that she remained his slut slave.

Slowly she fell asl**p for the night, lying on the floor, a couple of fingers curled into her cunt.

When morning came, the tattoo parlor door swung open and light filled the room. Ashleigh slowly came too, eager to see her Master again. Thrilled for his return.

But it was not him.

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