My Wife Shares Her Fantasies

Another in a long line of stories about me and my wife and our love of threesomes. See the rest in my profile.


Carrie's new ink

This story isn't about a specific threesome. It's about the time that I realized just how wild and wonderfully perverted my wife is. I'd already known Carrie was the type of girl who was horny just about all the time, and could and would arrange threesomes with her s****r, or our neighbor or my boss. And Carrie had never been hesitant about sharing her fantasies before. But this time was different. This time I came to understand the full scope of her perversion. So this story is about a conversation, not a threesome. But it does start in the middle of one.

We were over our neighbor Karen's house, watching a porno and acting it out as we'd done several times before. Currently Karen was gagging on my cock, bobbing on it hard, then taking it deep, her lips pressed up against my body. Karen had taken a liking to rough videos, women deepthroating hard and getting smacked around. And Carrie and I had no problem indulging her.

Karen started to gag, spit drooling from the side of her mouth. She pulled back. But Carrie, whose fingers had a handful of Karen's brown hair at the back of her head, held her in place, firmly against me. In the video Sasha Grey hadn't come up for air yet, and so Karen wasn't allowed to.

Finally though she did, and just like in the video a massive glob of spit and precum oozed from my cock to Karen's lips. In the video, a second girl leaned in and let the goo fall onto her tongue then slurped it up. So that's what Carrie did, with a pleased smile on her face.

It wasn't long before I came, what felt like loads of jizz, more than usual even. And Karen took it on her chest. And we all collapsed on the floor like usual, the porn still playing out.

But this time, there was more silence than usual. Carrie seemed contemplative, even sad, as she leaned over Karen, relaxed, her finger playing with the cum on our neighbor's chest, drawing lines and making shapes with it.

"What's up?" I asked.

Carrie shrugged, "Oh, it's nothing."

But I wasn't having it. "C'mon. You know the rules. You're not allowed to say 'it's nothing' if it's something."

And Carrie nodded. "I'm not sure I can explain it. I'm not sure I understand it myself. But it's got me a little bit down."

"What is it sweetie?" Karen prodded. "Was something wrong with this tonight?"

"No. Not at all." Carrie answered. "It's just that I can't really picture the next exciting thing we're going to do."

I didn't understand. Neither did Karen.

"I mean, more of this, of course. That's awesome. It's just... I want more. I want new naughty experiences."

I didn't mind hearing that. And it didn't seem to be something to feel blue about.

"I know how to put it." a light went on in Carrie's eyes. "You know that look you give when I've arranged something wonderfully sexy for us? That look of surprise and joy you give that I've said was my biggest turn on?"

I nodded. I remembered that conversation.

"Well, I haven't seen it in a while." Carrie explained. "And worse, I don't know what to do to get it back."

"Well, we'll put our heads together and come up with some ideas." I said, encouragingly.

"Should I get naughtier videos?" Karen asked, wiping spit from her lips. "Cause this is just the tip of the ice berg. There's some really dirty stuff out there. I mean if you guys want to, I'd do it."

My wife looked at Karen. I could see behind her eyes, she was picturing just that, our neighbor doing some insanely dirty stuff. But what exactly I could only wonder.

"Or I could get a porn with an orgy. Or we could just have an orgy." Karen looked over at me. "I don't know if you'd be cool with that though, you know, other guys."

I didn't know either. I pictured it. Karen's house just filled with naked men and women. Karen over in the corner getting it in both ends. Carrie kneeling before me, my cock in her mouth, while her hands wrapped around and jerked two other cocks. The thought seemed unreal. But it wasn't necessarily a turn off. I kept my mouth shut for the time being.

"Part of me feels like we should just keep it simple." Carrie interjected. "Go to a strip club and you can pick out the hottest, big titted slut there and we'd take her home with us. Or maybe go to a sex club and pick up a girl. Are sex clubs real or is that just something from the movies?" Carrie giggled a bit.

Karen gave me a look as if it say 'you have no idea how lucky you are.'

I gave her a look back that said 'yes I do.'

Carrie went on. "I know the thing that you enjoyed the most." She said to me. "Was me and Eve (her s****r).

"That was hot." Karen said. We'd told very few people that story, but of course Karen was one of them. We shared almost everything with her. "Why not just call her and invite her over again"

Carrie thought. "I dunno. She's got a girlfriend now. I don't want to complicate her life."

"Maybe her girlfriend would be into it." Karen suggested.

Carrie seemed to like that idea, but she'd gotten Eve to participate the first time on the promise that it was a one time deal. Calling her again seemed like breaking that promise. Unless she wanted it too.

"If I had a s****r, I'd invite her over to play with us." Karen said.

"Thanks hon" Carrie smiled.

"I'll tell you what I do have." Karen's eyes opened with excitement. "There's this new girl who just started at my non-profit. She's ridiculously adorable and innocent as hell."

"See" Carrie smiled. "I'd love to corrupt a girl, to watch her turn from a good girl to a bad girl before our eyes. That would be hot."

"This would be a good one." Karen was getting excited now, her fingers ran down her body and found her wet slit, curling inside it. "She comes into work every day wearing this big cross necklace."

Carrie's smile grew. "Oh I just had a terrible thought. Honestly I don't know if it's hot or just totally wrong."

"What is it?" I asked, my cock getting just a little hard again.

"I'd love to make her say a prayer while I went down on her."

Karen and I didn't respond to that. I mean, honestly, how do you respond to that?

Carrie didn't seem to care. "You know who else I'd love to corrupt?" She was getting excited now and jumped in my direction. "Your friend Roshi" She said, her hand wrapping around my cock.

Roshi wasn't a good friend of mine. She was an old college acquaintance that I'd see maybe once a year. Roshi was Persian and very pretty with caramel skin and big eyes. And yes she wore a Hijab.

I was shocked at first. Then I remembered never to be shocked at anything Carrie says. "Problem is, Roshi has a boyfriend. She's had one for years. They're pretty serious."

"Well we'd fuck her to the point where she'd break up with him." Carrie jerked at my cock trying to get it hard again. It wasn't quite ready. "She'd go home to her boyfriend and say 'Sorry sweetie, I realize now that I need a cock in my ass and a pussy in my face every day.' What do you think?"

What did I think? I thought my wife was a total pervert. But I didn't mind. She was on a roll.

"Or we could corrupt Amanda." She said.

"Who?" The name didn't register at first.

"Amanda." Carrie said like it was obvious. And it should have been "Your ex"

Amanda and I had stayed on good terms since breaking up years ago. She was a nice girl. A sweet girl. We just didn't make a good couple. But I knew Carrie had a little bit of a crush on her. She'd often ask "Why did you break up with that beauty again?"

"Why did you break up with her again?" She asked now, giving up on my cock and slicking her tongue over her fingers, then running her fingertips gently down over my scrotum, ticking it, landing at my taint.

I shrugged. "I dunno. She was, I think, a little bossy. Not like a bitch or anything. I think she was just neurotic. You know, anxious."

"Well that's perfect." Carrie said, a wet finger now trailing down and pushing itself into my asshole. Her other hand trying to jerk me again. "We'd make her our little plaything then she couldn't be bossy at all." My cock was starting to get much harder. "We'd fuck her right until she admitted she belonged to us. Then she'd beg us to use her and abuse her however we wanted.". Carrie licked her lips happily

"Feeling better?" I asked.

Carrie grinned. "That settles it. Tomorrow on my way home from work I'm stopping at the adult store and buying a collar and leash. Before next month is over, we're going to corrupt someone."

Karen let out a moan. She had several fingers in her pussy now.

I shook my head. "If you say so hon."

"Okay" Carrie seemed offended. "We're gonna make a new rule. You're no longer allowed to doubt my ability to make these things happen. And you're not allowed to hold back because you don't think they'll happen. I'm tired of being the pervert in this relationship, got it."

I nodded "Got it"

"Starting now" Carrie insisted. "Now make me do something dirty."

I paused, thinking, unsure.

"Stop holding back!" Carrie demanded. "Your wife just said she'd follow your every dirty request. And I'm guessing your neighbor would too."

"Yes!" Karen shouted, her eyes closed, her fingers working at her slit furiously.

I glanced around the room. What to do? Should I find something, a weird object for her to masturbate with? Should I have her grab her phone and call someone and confess that she was a naughty girl. My head spun. And then I knew what to do.

Karen's front room had a big window. I spotted it and had my idea. "Walk over to that window" I told my wife. And Carrie gladly obeyed. "Get right up to it." She did. Naked. For the whole neighborhood to see. Although it was about 3 in the morning at this point. But I didn't care. "Now rub yourself off." I said.

And Carrie started, staring out the window, her fingers sliding into her pussy, and massaging her clit. "Harder I ordered." And Carrie did so, starting to moan. "Get closer to the window" I said and Carrie did so, pressing herself up against it, breasts against the glass, pussy wide open to the world. "If anyone walks by I want them to see inside you." I said f***efully.

"Yes!" Carrie said, working at herself hard.

"If anyone sees you and walks up, I want you to meet them at the door and suck them off." I said. and I couldn't believe I'd said it. What was I thinking? But I'd opened my mouth and out it came.

"Yes!" Carrie answered.

But that didn't happen. No one came by. Carrie rubbed herself off aggressively, her juices spraying against Karen's window, until she came hard. I don't know if it was the public exposure, the fantasies from earlier, or the knowledge that I was giving the orders and not holding back, but she came very hard.

And I wasn't done. I glanced at Karen. "Karen, you're not going to let her make a mess of your window like that are you?"

And Karen gave me a look, shocked at my boldness, but rather delighted too. She crawled over to the window, next to Carrie and still on all fours cleaned it up with her tongue. Carrie crawled back over to me, and we watched Karen together.

"How was that?" I said proudly.

"Good, but next time when we corrupt someone, you should make sure you tell them to do something that's, you know, actually naughty." Carrie answered, sticking out her tongue at me, her naked sweaty body panting in the darkness.

And as always I couldn't believe that this was my life.
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