Me, My Wife, and My Boss

Another in a long line of stories about me and my wife and our love of threesomes. See the rest in my profile.



I'd been sent off on an annoying last-minute business trip, forcing my wife Carrie and I to have to cancel all our plans for two weeks. Some of these plans were innocent enough, a friend's birthday party, a movie, and some were not, we had plans to have some fun with our neighbor Karen as we usually did.

So naturally Carrie and I were disappointed when I had to drop everything and head out of the country for almost 2 weeks. Still, we did our best to just sort of go with it and make the best of it.

Then, about five days into the trip I got a text from Carrie that contained, not surprisingly enough, a naked picture and the message "I have a surprise for you when you get home."

I wasn't shocked. Carrie had always been a naughty girl, and had almost gotten naughtier since we'd been married. Although I wished she'd waited a few more days to send that promise. Because after that, my trip became unbearable. I thought about Carrie's "surprise" constantly. I jerked off twice a day wondering about what it might be. Though in all my imagination I never expected what was about to happen.

Carrie picked me up from the Airport wearing an amazingly cute pink dress. As I slid into the passenger seat and she cautiously but quickly pulled the car out of the pick-up area, asking me all the expected questions about how my trip was and blah, blah, blah, she slipped a hand down between her thighs, and slowly pulled her dress up revealing her panty-less crotch and her sweet, shaved pussy.

"Very nice." I said smiling. "Do I get to look at that on the whole trip home?"

"Of course" Carrie's voice was melodic in a way it gets when she's excited about something. "But my pussy isn't your surprise."

I'd suspected as much, that her surprise was yet another threesome she'd gone to the trouble of setting up. As much as I loved having threesomes with my wife and other women, as much as any man would love that sort of thing, I almost felt like Carrie loved it more. Even when we fucked, just the two of us, she'd taken to talking out her threesome fantasies. Even the night before I'd left for my trip, Carrie had gone on and on as I fucked her ass, about how we were going to go into one of our favorite bars, strip naked the cute bartender who works there and she was going to eat her out in front of everybody. Of course, these were just stories, just fantasies, and Carrie and I knew that they weren't going to happen. Still, it was amazing for me to hear the thoughts that actually went on in my wife's head.

With Carrie I'd taken to expecting the unexpected, but still being realistic. But what was waiting for me at home wasn't realistic at all.

The kitchen and living room were empty when we got it. I don't know if I'd expected someone to be there or not. I didn't know what to expect. I didn't know if I should put away my suitcase or if something was waiting for me imminently.

"I think you should go to the bedroom" Carrie said, reaching her hand between my legs and warming up my cock, not that it needed much warming up.

The anticipation was killing me. I had no idea who could be waiting for me as I walked down the hall toward our bedroom, Carrie a half step behind me.

And when I opened the door and saw who was there it took me a moment to realize who I was looking at.

It was Jean, my boss. My fucking boss. She was on my bed, dressed only in a black bra, lacey, practically see through to her big nipples, and black panties. She was on the bed, on her knees, legs spread wide open, leaning back on her arms behind her.

I froze in shock. And Jean didn't say anything.

"You should go get her before she realizes what a terrible idea this is." Carrie said playfully behind me.

"I already know what a terrible idea this is" Jean replied. "But I'm here, right? Now let's go."

"Let's go" is a phrase that Jean said all the time at work, it was her strong, but not too strong way of motivating us. Hearing her say that now, half naked on my bed, drew a bizarre direct connection to the woman I saw every day at work. Not that I wasn't already completely aware of what was about to happen.

Carrie pushed me from behind. Clearly I'd spent enough time standing around thinking "Go make out with her" My wife requested.

And so I did. Climbing up on the bed, sliding myself between Jean's open knees and pressing my tongue into her mouth. Jean moaned and returned with her tongue. I groped at her body, my hand squeezing one of her massive breasts, so big I could barely squeeze them. I rolled over her big hard nipples with my thumb, pinching them, teasing them then trying again desperately to get my hand around her whole massive tit.

We made out intensely. If you've read my other stories, than you'll remember how sometimes our threesomes can go a bit slowly and cautiously. This was not one of those times. We tore at each others' bodies. We kissed messily, sometimes our tongues missing each other's mouths entirely, sometimes our teeth tapping each others'

Jean reached her hand down between us and slipped it into the top of my pants, sliding her fingertips, past my pubes and wrapping them around my hard cock. My boss was now gripping my manhood, jerking it for her enjoyment. But it only lasted a few minutes.

Jean whispered in my ear. "Go down and suck my cunt." And I'll never forget those words. I was so shocked to hear them come from my boss's lips. And yet I felt like I had no choice but to get to her pussy as quickly as possible.

I quickly and passionately trailed my tongue down her body, past her neck, past her tits, stopping to tear off her bra and suckle on a lucky nipple, then past her stomach and finally stopping at her slit.

I pulled down her panties exposing her hairy pussy. It was wildly hairy or unkempt or anything, just untrimmed. But I didn't care. I buried my head inside.

As I flicked my tongue at my boss's clit, feeling her juicy pussy rub against my chin, feeling her bush tickle my nose, I felt the bed bob, and looked up to see that Carrie had pulled off her pink dress and climbed on top of Jean and the two were going at it with as much wild passion, maybe more, as I had been.

I tried my best to see to Jean's wet pussy while still looking up past her brown bush at the show that Carrie was putting on for me. She sucked Jean's tongue for a bit, not tongue kissed, actually sucked her tongue, then licked her neck, kissed down to her tits and bit down gently on a nipple. Jean's whole body trembled. Then Carrie, with one long lick, traced down my boss's body from her tits to her navel and back up her torso again, ending at Jean's armpit and licking her armpit for a good long time.

It was when Carrie flipped around to 69 Jean that I noticed it. The nipple ring hanging from my wife's right breast. I stared at it in disbelief, wondering if I really had the most amazing, naughty wife on the planet.

Of course I got my answer two seconds later. Carrie's face met mine as I lifted it up from Jean's pussy. Carrie licked the juices off my chin then said "If you don't want to eat her asshole, I do."

I pulled back and propped up Jean's plump ass, staring at her pucker asshole. The moment was too strong. I couldn't say no. Jean let out a long, loud moan as I ran my tongue against her asshole. Carrie, above me took over clit-eating duties. I slicked my tongue over my boss's ass a few more times, each time producing a loud moan. Then Carrie lifted her head up and said "Do it. Do it. Fuck your boss."

So I stood up, pulled down my pants, took my throbbing member in my hand and with my wife's help pushed it into Jean's wet slit. I fucked her hard, harder, as hard as I possibly could and she responded with long moans.

Carrie watched, as excited as I'd ever seen her. "Fuck her! Yes!" she shouted triumphantly.

Then she slid down off the bed, off Jean and squatted down behind me. Who was this woman? I thought. Carrie was being crazier than ever. She parted my cheeks with her hands and licked my sweaty ass as I fucked my boss. It was unbelievable.

After a while I couldn't hold back any more. I knew I was about to come and I knew I didn't have a condom on. "I'm going to cum" I said.

And Carrie immediately swung back in front of me, slipped my cock out of my boss's pussy and looking up at me with her big beautiful eyes said "On my face." So I did. I let my jizz spill out all over Carrie's pretty face. And she loved every second of it.

Quietly Jean got dressed, got her things, thanked us for a nice night and left. she seemed to be in deep thought. Maybe shock, maybe regret, I couldn't tell.

I tried desperately to get Carrie to tell me how she'd done it, how she'd convinced my boss to join us in bed. But Carrie refused, only saying that she'd gone to my work to get a few of my things that I'd left there before the trip, which was true, and she'd worn a low-cut top. "Everything else is my powers of seduction" Carrie said with a giggle. And we collapsed into bed.

The next morning, I didn't have to work. I had the day off as recovery from my trip. As I was unpacking and getting back into normal life, Carrie received a text from my boss. She'd obviously snuck into the bathroom at work and sent us a sexy selfie, with the message "again, as soon as possible?"

I shook my head at my amazing luck.

And of course Carrie could only respond to it in her own dirty way. "I'm going to tell her tonight, but only if she agrees to take it in the ass."

A few minutes later Carrie got texted back.

"What does she say?" I asked. So Carrie showed me the message:

"What time should I be there?"
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great story!!
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carrie is so hot
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i dont think that that is riley
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Great story!
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hot story, photos isn't real though the second one is riley reid
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Yet again, another fucking hot story