Me, My GF, and her Sister

A few years back, my girlfriend and I discovered that we really enjoy threesomes. There are many stories to tell since then. Check out my profile for the tale of how it all started, the story of the time we had a little fun with my sexy cousin, the time my GF got wild with 2 other girls, and the time we included our older neighbor. This, however is the story of the greatest threesome we ever had.



It was my 30th birthday and Carrie had thrown me a big, wonderful, surprise party, with all my friends, f****y, co-workers, everyone really, including people I hadn't seen in years. It was a great time and by the end of it, my head was spinning from the excitement. By around 2am, just about everyone had left and only three people remained, me, Carrie and her younger s****r Eve.

Eve was about five years younger than Carrie and didn't look that different from her. She had the same brown hair, though a little shorter, the same goofy smile, the same green eyes. But there were some differences too.

Eve (not Evie and definitely never Evelyn) was a lesbian. She had just recently graduated from art school and was trying, with various success, to make it as a painter and a photographer. And she wasn't particularly shy about her sexuality or how much she liked sex. I'd be lying if I said I hadn't seen a few self-portraits of her that were topless... but artistic.

But despite all this pretension and overt sexuality, Eve was actually just a fun, normal, goofy girl like her s****r, and after we initially met several years ago, the two of us quickly became pals. We loved talking about the local art scene (though I didn't exactly know much) and what actresses we had new crushes on. She was like my own k** s****r. It even became easy to put aside the fact that I found her attractive and just act normal around her.

So, late in the early morning Carrie, Eve and I nursed our drinks. I didn't expect too much more to come from the party. It had already been fun enough. I didn't need more.

"So... honey" Carrie started to say, sounding as if she was about to say something planned. "Did you notice that you didn't get a birthday present from me tonight?"

At that point Eve rose and walked down the hall to the bathroom. I thought nothing of it. And I shrugged in response to Carrie's statement. "I thought this party was your present. You went through a lot of work for...."

"It's not" Carrie interrupted. "But I wanted to wait until we were alone." And I have to admit, I was intrigued. "You know..." my girlfriend went on. "You've made me happier than any man I've ever been with." She gave me a big smile. I felt great about it. "And I wanted to show my appreciation in a way that was really... special. I wanted to give you something that I've never given anyone before."

I just sat and listened, anticipating what exactly Carrie was getting at. Though I got a good idea when she stood up, grabbed the bottom of her shirt and quickly pulled it over her head, exposing a sexy, lacy blue bra. Then she slowly unbuttoned and unzipped her pants, sliding them down over her hips, revealing the matching blue lace underwear.

For a split second I remembered that Eve was still around and I got nervous. I thought for sure we were going to get caught doing whatever it was that Carrie had in mind. I had no idea what was coming. And I couldn't have possibly known how to react when the bathroom door opened back up and Eve walked out, dressed in a sweet black and pink lingerie one-piece.

I was confused. I was nervous. I was pleased as I slowly figured out just exactly what was supposed to be happening. Still, I had to ask. What was happening was just too surreal. "What's going on right now?"

Eve walked up behind her older s*s and wrapped her arms around her almost naked, underwear-clad body. Carrie smiled. "I'm giving you something on man has ever had before. I'm giving you every man's number one fantasy. Me and Eve... at the same time."

Okay guys, I know what you're thinking. If it had been you, you'd have sprung into action, stripping down and fucking them both immediately. And maybe I should have. But I was absolutely blown away by what was happening. I was shocked, and I needed to make sure this was going to be okay with everything. I mean, this thing that was being suggested was almost too naughty.

"Are you okay with this?" I asked Eve.

"I wouldn't be here if I wasn't" She answered with a grin.

"But have you..." I didn't know how to find the words. "Um, ever been with a man?" I asked clumsily.

"Once" she answered "A while ago. But I'm sure it's just like riding a bike."

And through my confusion and anxiety it wasn't hard to laugh at that. But I still needed time for this to sink in. And it wasn't easy to concentrate as I watched Eve slowly run her hand down her s*s's bare abdomen and into her panties.

"What are you doing?" I asked, projecting a little more shock than I'd have liked.

"What?" Eve grinned.

"She's your s****r." I was having a lot of trouble wrapping my head around this.

"Yeah but, she still has all the parts I like." Eve answered, pulling her hand back out of Carrie's panties, then looking at her s*s. "I think we may have sprung this on him too fast."

Carrie nodded in agreement. "Why don't we just sit down and give it a few moments to sink in."

And even though it was delaying the best sexual experience of my life, I was kinda thankful to just have a few minutes to just let this all seem real.

I looked over Eve's young, sexy body. Even though I'd seen her topless before, it was nothing like this. Her teddy practically revealed everything, including a tattoo I never knew was there, something I couldn't quite make out, just above and to the right of her pussy.

"What's your tattoo?" I decided to ask, to just bring up something calm and distracting.

"It's a bell" Eve answered, pulling the pantie portion of her outfit aside, letting me see the tattoo in it's entirety, not to mention revealing the fact that she was completely shaved.

"Why a bell?" I asked.

"Well..." Eve started what sounded like a long story. "We grew up across the street from a church. And every Sunday morning, I'd wake up and lie in bed for a while, thinking about other girls, and playing with myself while the church bells rang. Then, of course, later in the day we'd actually go to church and I'd hear the bells again, but this time they'd make me feel guilty and different and like a bad person for being gay. It took me a long time to get over that and learn to love me for myself. So now every time I masturbate. Every time a girl goes down on me, the bells are there to watch, as sort of a 'fuck you' to them for making me feel that way."

It was a good story and it made me like Eve even more to hear it. And I figured I might as well ask about her other tattoos that I'd always wondered about. "What about the sun on the back of your neck?"

Eve smiled again. "Oh, that one's simple. I lost my virginity on a summer day, outside in the sun."

"Are all your tattoos sex related?" I wondered out loud.

"Yup" Even answered.

"What about the apple on your ankle?" I asked.

"That one's a secret. Sorry." She smiled playfully. "I promised someone I'd never talk about it, so they didn't get into trouble."

I nodded, understanding, but very curious.

"I think Carrie should get a tattoo, don't you?" Eve asked. I had to admit, the idea of my girlfriend with a tattoo did strike me as sexy. "I think she should get a big number three in honor of her new favorite pasttime."

And Carrie blushed, just a little "I've been telling Eve some of our stories." She admitted.

"I can't believe it." Eve said. "You two and Danni. That one was particularly hot."

"Eve..." I started to ask, feeling a little bolder than I had been before, "Have you ever... you know... with three people?"

"Nope" Eve answered.

"Really?" I was actually surprised. Eve just struck me as the sexually adventurous type. "I don't know why but I just always imagined you had."

"I bet you imagined it." Carrie chimed in, playfully sticking out her tongue at me.

I went on, just demanding a little clarification. "And you two have never done anything like this at all?" They just seemed so casual about it, so unphased by having their hands all over one another for it to be their first time.

"Never" Carrie answered.

"Well..." Eve started to say. Carrie shot her an almost-confused look. "There was last weekend..." Eve went on.

"Oh, that doesn't count" Carrie snapped. And I was intrigued again. Carrie turned to me. "We... we made out a little last weekend. But that was just practice for tonight." she explained. "This is our first time doing this. And our only time, understand? This is a once-only deal."

I nodded and suddenly felt very aware of just how precious the moment was. Why, I wondered to myself, was I wasting time talking about tattoos?

I took a deep breath. "Okay." I said. "I'm ready."

"Good" Carrie answered, exchanging a naughty glance with her s*s. "Stand up."

I stood up. And then Carrie and Eve stood up and carefully walked over to me. Carrie pressed herself up against my right side and Eve against my left. I was sandwiched between them. The feeling was amazing. They both worked my shirt up over my head. Then Carrie started to rub my crotch. I turned my head to the right and gave my girlfriend a long deep, tongue-filled kiss as I felt Eve's hand join hers on my hard crotch.

Then I turned my head to the left and letting the experience wash over me, gave Eve a long, tongue filled kiss. Her lips were just as soft as Carrie's. Her kissing style decidedly different.

But the time I'd finished kissing Eve, Carrie had my jeans unbuttoned, unzipped and down around my ankle. It didn't take her long to have my hard cock out the top of my boxers, exposed to her and Eve. Carrie wrapped her hand around it and started jerking. Eve's hand fell on top of hers. I turned my head and kissed both of them again, first Carrie, then Eve's as their hands caressed my flesh and jerked my cock.

"C'mon hon" Carrie looked Eve in the eyes and they both slowly fell to their knees in front of me. While every moment of the evening was going to be surreal, looking at them both kneeling before me, staring up at me with eager, giving eyes, was sexy beyond explanation. "Ready?" Carrie asked her s*s.

And Eve opened her lips and slid them over my throbbing cock. For someone without much experience, Eve was a pretty good cocksucker. I mean, she wasn't a savant or anything. But she slid her mouth up and down my shaft, tickling it just a bit with her tongue, as I let out a satisfied moan. She responded with a look of almost pride.

Then she pulled back and Carrie took over, displaying her amazing cocksucking skills, licking up the sides of my shaft, sucking on the tip, slicking her tongue over every inch of my manhood. Eve watched with interest.

"Okay," Carrie said to Eve, pulling her lips off my meat. "I'm going to teach you a few tricks."

"Yes, because clearly I'm going to use this information again in the future."

"Do you want to know how to do a good job or not?" Carrie asked her s*s playfully.

"Hey, I think I'm doing a pretty good job." Eve glanced up at me "Am I doing good?"

I took a breath to find my voice and give an answer. "Chances of me being disappointed with what you're doing are pretty much slim to zero."

"See" Eve said, playfully sticking out her tongue at Carrie.

Carrie responded by leaning in and giving her a little peck on the lips. My mouth dropped. I couldn't believe I'd just watched them kiss, and so casually too.

Then Eve responded by wrapping her hand around the back of Carrie's neck and pulling her in for a much deeper, tongue filled kiss.

"Okay" Carrie said, getting back to her instructions. "Try this, this is always a good one." She touched her tongue to the tip of my cock and pulled back, letting a line of spittle enhanced pre-cum stretch between my junk and her mouth.

Eve repeated the act after her. "I could see how that's hot." She said.

"Good, now this" Carrie instructed. "Try to get all the way down so your lips touch his body." Then Carrie did just that, letting my hard manhood slide deep into her mouth as she took my whole shaft between her lips.

Eve's eyes got wide. "I don't know if I can do that." she said.

"Just give it a try." Carrie encouraged her younger s*s.

So Eve did, taking a breath then sliding her mouth over my rod, as deep as she could, not all the way but with about an inch to spare.

"Good" Carrie encouraged. "Now bob a few times"

Eve did, up and down, as far as she could. It felt amazing on my dick. And when Eve pulled off, she had to take a big breath. "Whew" She said. "I think I have new respect for you straight girls."

"Okay," Carrie went on "Just one more trick" She said, grabbing my cock and holding it up so Eve was staring at my balls.

A smile crept over Eve's face. "Are we going to lick his..." Carrie nodded. "Awesome" Eve said immediately touching her wet tongue to my rigid scrotum and licking up every inch of it. As she went, Carrie slipped her mouth around my cock again, bobbing a few times.

Looking down at them, Carrie on my meat, and Eve on my balls, it was like heaven.

But I needed a little rest. The last thing I wanted was to shoot early and end all this. So slowly I slipped my cock away from the girls and got on my own knees in front of them.

Eve smiled at me as I joined them on the floor. "Now what?" She asked.

Feeling bold I didn't even answer, but leaned in and passionately kissed her on the side of the neck. She leaned her head into it and let out a moan, not unlike Carrie's moans. As my lips played on Eve's neck I felt Carrie's mouth kiss me at the same spot on my neck.

Then, after we'd finished that I took one of the small straps holding up Eve's lingerie and slipped it off her shoulder. Then another, until the outfit fell down the the ground around her knees. I stared at her young perky tits smiling. Even though I'd seen them in pictures, there was nothing like being there in person.

"What do you want?" Eve whispered

"I want to see if you taste like your s****r."

And Eve slinked back, laying herself down on the floor before me. Carrie helped slide her panties off down her long, sweaty legs, exposing her bald, wet flower to me. I licked my lips and went in.

As it turned out, Eve's moaning patter was almost exactly like Carrie's. First a few panted breaths. Then "mmmm" for a while, followed by some declarations of "Oh, oh, oh" and occasionally a "sssss"

I went to town on Eve's wet pussy, letting her juices cover my mouth and chin and nose. I picked my face up to see if she was pleased and saw Carrie leaning in, giving her a long kiss on the mouth, then kissing down her neck and chest, finally wrapping her lips around one of Eve's soft nipples. "MMMMMMM" Eve let out. And I smiled and went back to lapping at her clit.

After a few more moments I could feel Carrie's hand on the back of my head, guiding me, playing in my hair. I pulled my head up.

"Does she taste like me?" Carrie asked?

"Wanna try for yourself?" I asked, realizing how odd it must have been for Carrie to be looking at me, half my face covered in her s*s's pussy juices.

Carrie big her lip tentatively. I could tell she didn't want to say "no." She wanted this night to be everything I could have possibly wanted. But if eating out Eve was too much for her, I certainly wasn't going to blame her, or f***e her.

"Don't worry about it." I said.

But Eve had seen and heard the whole thing. "Does she not want to go down on me?" Eve asked?

"Nevermind" I said up to her. I didn't want her to feel bad about it.

"That's cool" She answered. "Does she mind if I go down on her?"

And I glanced at Carrie who again answered with silence. Except this time I could tell she was up for it.

I leaned toward her, wrapping my hands around her, and unhooking her lace bra, letting her breasts expose themselves to the air. As I leaned in I whispered into her ear "This is the most amazing night of my life."

Then suddenly, Eve was right next to me. "Ready?" She asked her s*s.

Carrie smiled. "Sure."

So Eve gently pushed her to the ground, then slipped her blue panties off down her legs. Carrie, who usually had a little trim bush, was completely shaved. I don't know if she did it because Eve had asked her to, or because it made her look more like Eve. But either way, it was hot.

Speaking of hot, I sat back and watched as Eve leaned down and in one swift motion, licked Carrie's leg, from the side of her knee, up her trembling thigh, and ending with her tongue pushed into her soaking pussy. Then Eve went to town, clearly knowing what she was doing, her lips and tongue, gliding over Carrie's clit and labia with ease.

"Mmmmm" Carrie let out. Then again, louder "MMMM" then "Eve, Oh Eve!" I don't know if she'd planned on saying Eve's name because she knew it would be ridiculously hot. But it was.

Then suddenly with more alarm. "EVE! OH GOD EVE!"

Eve lifted up her juice-covered chin, just to make sure everything was okay, probably. Carrie looked down at her "No, Don't stop!"

And Eve kept going. And Carrie kept screaming, louder than I'd ever heard her before.

Her fist pounded at the ground. She grabbed my shirt which was lying just in reach of her hands and shoved it into her mouth, biting down on it, shrieking.

I knew I needed to do something with my hard cock. So, I crawled around the back of Eve and started to lift up her cute, naked ass. She gladly lifted it for me.

Then with the sound of my girlfriend shrieking, thanks to the tongue of her own s*s which currently worked itself in and around her crotch, I grabbed my cock and slipped it into Eve's wet pussy.

Eve gasped, then quickly went back to her task in Carrie's twat.

I fucked Eve doggie style for a while. The sound of my flesh slapping against her flesh, filling my ears as the smell of thick sex filled the room. But I knew I couldn't keep it up much longer. I was going to explode, and I didn't know how or where I should.

Then I heard Eve say "I want to watch you fuck my s****r."

So I quickly pulled out of her, and positioned myself above Carrie and penetrated her. Eve sat where she could see clearly, her legs wide open, her fingers going wild on herself.

And within moments I came inside Carrie. Carrie let out a big moan. And Eve shouted "Yes!"

Then we all three collapsed on the floor for a few moments. We laid in silence, none of us really knowing how to comment on what had just transpired.

Slowly we made our way to the bedroom, all three of us. Carrie knew how much I loved sl**ping and waking up between two beautiful, nude women, and that's what we did. We slept in late.

The next morning I expected things to be awkward between Eve and I or Eve and Carrie or something. But they weren't. "You should get a tattoo to commemorate this" Carrie joked with Eve.

"Maybe" Eve winked. And I realized that even if she did (I don't know if she ever did) I'd probably never see it. It made me a little sad to know that my one tryst with the two girls was over. But I couldn't be that sad. I'd just had the most amazing experience of my life.

"What do you have to say for yourself?" Carrie asked me, noticing I was smiling proudly.

"I think we should go shopping today." I answered.

"Yeah?" Carrie seemed confused.

"I think we should go shopping for a ring." I said
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3 months ago
Looks like you are set for many more threesomes with gorgeous Carrie! I'm so jealous!
7 months ago
Good work.
10 months ago
wish it was a bit longer, and even maybe had a sequel. but 5/5 amazing sir
10 months ago
Certainly a birthday gift I'd NEVER forget.
10 months ago
10 months ago
Love it