Me, My GF and Our Neighbor

A few years back, my girlfriend and I discovered that we really enjoy threesomes. There are many stories to tell since then. Check out my profile for the tale of how it all started, and the story of the time we had a little fun with my sexy cousin, and the time my GF got wild with 2 other girls.



Okay, this one I saw coming.

After coming home from her trip where she'd had sex with the two girls, Cat and Jennifer, she got a little, insatiable. We had sex almost every day the following two weeks, and often we'd talk our our fantasies as we did it. For Carrie, that almost always involved us and another girl. Sometimes it was Cat, sometimes Jennifer, sometimes my cousin Nicole, sometimes her friend Danni and sometimes just a girl she made up. But the idea endlessly turned her on.

Which is why I felt like I knew what was coming, the day I arrived home from work and Carrie told me that Karen, our next door neighbor had invited us over for dinner.

Karen was older than us and had a young son. She was probably in her early or mid 40's, and certainly looked good for her age. If Carrie looked as good in 15 years, I'd be a lucky man. Karen had striking features and dark hair that came down to the bottom of her neck.

That said, we didn't have much of a relationship with Karen, certainly not enough for a dinner invite. I'd see her every morning as I left for work and she was getting ready for her morning run. She looked good in workout clothes and tight shorts. She'd smile and wave and occasionally we'd talk about the weather or something like that.

But Carrie insisted that they'd had a long conversation that morning and among the topics was how we should really get to know each other, so we were now invited for dinner.

Personally, I felt like there was only one good reason why Carrie would want to get to know the attractive older woman next door. Nothing had to happen. I mean, I didn't have any expectations. I'd have been perfectly happy if it were a normal dinner. But I would have been a fool to be unprepared. So before we headed next door, I slipped a condom into my pocket.

When we got there, Karen was wearing a work outfit, a white blouse and pencil skirt over stockings. She opened the door and smiled. "Sorry I didn't have time to change into something more casual, I had to work late and just got home."

Since she was running behind we offered to help her with dinner. As we prepared and then ate, we got to know each other. It was nice.

Karen and her husband were divorced, their son Will was in the 4th grade and currently with his father for the weekend. She was the director of a local non-profit charity, which sounded pretty cool and important and she was very dedicated to it.

Then we told her all about us, well, except for our intentions. But as the evening went on, I was starting to question whether or not those were our intentions. I hadn't mentioned anything about to Carrie earlier, and now noticed how hour after hour, the conversation was just staying pleasant, no flirting, no touching, nothing.

After a while we retired to the living room with some wine and started to sip. This was our best opportunity, but still Carrie and Karen just sipped and chatted. We chatted about the news and politics and on and on. Karen talked a lot about her Will, about whom she was clearly proud, and why shouldn't she be?

I had zoned out a little by the time I'd slightly heard Karen asked Carrie to open up the liquor cabinet and get a bottle of something, I'm not sure what it was supposed to be, more wine or something else.

But I was jolted back when Carrie opened the cabinet and yelped a little bit. Just a little, not from fear but from shock. Both Karen and I glanced in Carrie's direction curiously, though Karen's face seemed to suggest she knew better than I, what had just happened.

Carrie turned back toward Karen. "You have quite a stash." she said, with a big eyed-smile on her face.

Karen just smirked and blushed.

I wasn't sure exactly what was going on.

Of course it didn't take two seconds for Carrie to turn to me and fill me in. "Honey, she's got, like, forty porn DVDs back here." she said with a smile. And I was reminded (not that I needed it) of why I loved Carrie so much.

Karen looked at me and tried to playfully shrug it off. "I'm a... big fan. What can I say. Charles (her ex) got me into it and the obsession lasted."

"Even though Charles didn't" Carrie added with a laugh.

"Are you a fan?" Karen asked me.

"I'm a man" I answered.

"You" Karen asked Carrie.

Carrie kind of nodded. I knew how she felt about porn. She wasn't uptight about it or anything, but the one time we tried to include it in our sex-play, it didn't really work. "Some of it's pretty good." She said, "Some of it's pretty bad."

"Want to put one in?" Karen asked, as casually as if she'd suggested watching just anything else. And while I was surprised, I tried to play it cool. I noticed Carrie reacting the same way, well suppressed surprise.

I wasn't sure how Carrie would answer. But I should have never doubted. "Of course" Carrie said, reaching into the liquor cabinet and pulling out a video at random. Then with a little instruction from Karen on how to make the DVD player work, she popped it in and took her seat on the couch next to me. Karen, meanwhile was on a big cushy chair a few feet away.

The video flicked on and I realized it was one of those porn DVDs that compile 20 different scenes or so, one right after another. I kinda chuckled to myself thinking about the cliche about women and porn. Clearly Karen didn't like it for the stories.

The first clip featured a big-titted blonde taking it in the ass. Karen looked over at us and smiled. It was a little surreal and it felt a bit awkward. But Carrie knew how to break the ice.

"Have you ever done that?" She asked.

And Karen seemed more than eager to answer, "A few times."

The second clip featured a curly redhead taking 3 men at the same time. As the porn star slipped one of the men's big cocks into her mouths and grabbed the other two with her hands, I saw Karen slide a hand down into the top of her pencil skirt.

I pictured Karen dressed professionally at some board meeting giving a presentation or at a PTA meeting. How many of the men there looked at her with lust and desire? She was an attractive woman. How was it that I was the one who actually got to be sitting here while this was happening? It was really something else.

"Have you ever done that?" Carrie asked, squirming in her seat, clearly trying to avoid slipping her own hand into her pants... at least for the time being.

"No." Karen smiled.

The third scene featured two lesbians going at each other. As they 69ed Carrie asked again. "Ever do that?"

Karen just looked over and smiled a little sheepishly.

And suddenly I wondered what the hell I was doing just sitting there. Carrie had initiated all of our threesomes up until that point and all I'd done was just stand by looking dumb. Why would I do that again.

I rose and very slowly but determinedly walked over to where Karen was sitting. She looked at me through the tops of her eyes, her hand working hard down her skirt. I didn't even look back at Carrie.

Then I knelt next to Karen and immediately shoved my tongue down her throat. No gentle foreplay, no flirtly little pecks on the lips, I just attacked her.

Karen slipped her hand out of her skirt and wrapped it around me. I could feel the wetness on the back of my neck. And as soon as it happened I slid my hand down her body and into the front of her skirt, past her completely smooth, shaved flesh and curled two fingers inside of her. She let out a loud moan and dropped her mouth wide open, interrupting our kiss. It was great.

I fingered her for a bit, but quickly slipped them out. "Let's go to the bedroom" I said and Karen smiled and nodded.

I turned to find Carrie stripping, her shirt and bra off, and her jeans being pulled off her hips and dropped to the ground.

Karen took a second to notice Carrie's increasingly naked body, but when she did she stopped and just whispered "Wow."

Then I took Karen's hand in my right hand and Carrie's hand in my left hand and walked across the living room to the bedroom door.

The thing about threesomes, is the sex is amazing, the wild ways that you can do it with two other women are unthinkable. But sometimes its the littlest moments that stick with you and really turn you on. Walking across the room with Karen's and Carrie's petite hands in mine, one in each, is one of those moments.

When we got into the bedroom, Carrie immediately slipped out of her underwear and Karen started to undress too, first unzipping her skirt and pulling it down, then sliding off her stockings, then her panties.

It seemed odd to me that everyone was suddenly at work undressing ourselves. But I didn't mind. I tossed the condom from my pocket onto the nearest dresser for use later and worked on getting naked.

Carrie helped Karen off with her blouse, unbuttoning every button for her as their lips pecked at each other. I made sure to take a moment to watch and appreciate.

Then, everyone naked, we all stared at each other, big smiles on our faces. Karen looked amazing, for a woman her age her breasts were impeccable, big c's probably, not the least big sagging. Her skin wasn't flawless. I'd be lying if I said it didn't have some wrinkles here and there. But I'd also be lying if I said I cared even slightly.

"Lie on the bed" Carrie told Karyn and she gladly listened, laying on the bed so that her legs bent over the edge, giving me the perfect opportunity to kneel at the foot of the bed and bury my face in her shaved pussy. Which I did.

I flicked my tongue at her labia and at her clit, listening to her moans, that soon got muffled. I looked up and saw Carrie on top of her, in a 69 position so that Karen's face was lifting up a little and her mouth was in Carrie's slit from behind.

Carrie's mouth dropped in pleasure, and I leaned up a little bit and gave it a kiss, sharing Karen's juices with her.

Then Carrie lowered her head into Karen's crotch too and I watched as my girlfriend went to town on the older woman.

Karen moaned and moaned and after a bit Carrie pulled back and gave me a turn.

My girlfriend and I had shared many things up until that point. But I'd never expected us to share a woman's pussy. It was actually quite amazing, with each of us giving each other little looks and nods as we discovered Karen's body together.

Karen mainly moaned but occasionally got vocal, letting out a "fuck yes!" or an "Oh god! oh god! oh god!" and at one point shouting "Oh yes Carolyn!" Which took me aback. I didn't know she even knew Carrie's full name.

Carrie and I ate out Karen for what felt like a long time, our chins getting messy together, until finally Carrie lifted up her head and gave me a piercing look right in my eyes, "fuck her" she said.

I grabbed the nearby condom and slid it on, and Carrie helped slide my throbbing cock inside Karen who let out a deep moan as I entered here.

Then Carrie flipped around and started to kiss Karen at the head of the bed. I watched Carrie's ass as it wiggled, just inches from where my cock was penetrating our neighbor. For a moment I thought I'd pull out of Karen then penetrate Carrie then back into Karen then back into Carrie and I'd go between them all night.

But after a few minutes my junk had other ideas. I finished inside Karen (in the condom of course).

The three of us layed around naked for a few minutes, laughing and talking about how dirty we'd all just been. Karen revealed that she and her ex had had a couple threesomes, but she'd never been the other woman in such a situation. She seemed very pleased to have us.

As Carrie and I walked home, she smiled at me, "I win" she declared and I had no idea what she was talking about at first. Although recounting the evening I was pretty sure I'd won at something.

Carrie went on at my blank look, "Karen didn't shout out your name did she?" She smiled playfully. "Face it hon, I eat pussy better than you."

And I was tempted to throw her to the ground right then an there and prove to her that my services were still pretty impressive. Instead I just shrugged. "I'll get her to shout out my name next time."

"Oh you think there'll be a next time?" Carrie joked.

"I'm pretty sure."

And I was right. Every once in a while, when Will was at his dad's and when we were all free, Carrie and I would go over the Karen's (still do actually) for a good time. One time Karen and Carrie played all night and I just watched. One time Karen and I fucked all night and Carrie just watched. Sometimes we'd turn on a porno and try to recreate it right there in the living room. And one time as we were heading out the door Carrie ran back home to grab something then returned with our camera. "Let's take some pictures" she smiled.

And one or two of those times with Karen is certainly worth another story. But that's a story for another time.
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Looking out for the lonely neighbor...very neighborly of you two!
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Fucking love it. HOT stories
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Awesome story