My GF and 2 Other Girls

A few years back, my girlfriend and I discovered that we really enjoy threesomes. There are many stories to tell since then. Check out my profile for the tale of how it all started, and the story of the time we had a little fun with my sexy cousin.

This is the story of our third experience. Well actually I wasn't around for this one. But I enjoyed it anyway.



A short while after our fun with my cousin Nicole, Carrie had to go to some work conference thing in Chicago. I didn't think too much of it. I knew I'd be home alone for a few days and then she'd be back, no big deal.

I took her to the airport, kissed her goodbye, wished her luck and was happy when she called to let me know her plane had landed and the flight went well. Normal relationship stuff. I didn't hear from her much for the rest of the day. I figured she was in dull meetings and seminars and such.

Then around 5 o'clock, I got a short, odd text from her:


I didn't think too much of it. It seemed odd for her to be texting me to tell me that, but I was happy she was getting along. About an hour later, she called and explained a little bit better. I could hear a tinge of excitement in her voice.

"So I met this girl here." She started. "Her name is Cat and she's local, she lives in Chicago but she's here at the conference. We've been getting a long great."

"Great" I answered, happy for her, still not realizing where this was about to go.

"Oh, and one more thing" I could hear a little bit of anxiety in her voice. "I think she's... um... really into me"

I was surprised, but not really shocked. Carrie was a fun, pretty girl. Who wouldn't be into her. Still, I was uncertain. "What makes you think that? I mean, what makes you think she's even gay?"

"I think I have pretty good gay-dar." Carrie answered. At first I thought she was referring to the fact that she grew up with a lesbian s****r. Then I realized she might be referring to the fact that her tongue had actually been in two girls pussies. I smiled at the thought. "Also," Carrie went on, "She wants me to go have dinner with her tonight. Just the two of us."

"Sounds fun" I wasn't sure how to respond. I mean, how would you?

"Do you think..." Carrie was very sheepish now. I could tell she was hesitant to ask me something. "You can totally say 'no' if you want. But, do you think, if something happened between us, you'd be okay with that?"

And I couldn't imagine saying 'no' to the thought of my girlfriend eagerly embracing another girl. Even if I wasn't going to be there. Up until this point I'd been under the assumption that she'd gone along with our threesomes mainly out of dedication to me. The idea that she was actually that into it herself was a big turn on.

"I'd be okay with it," I answered. "Under one condition. When you get back home you have to tell me every detail." Carrie answered with silence but I could almost sense her smile on the other side of the line. "You can start by telling me what Cat looks like."

"Oh I can do better than that" Carrie said. "But I have to go now. There's another session starting."

That was it until about 7:30 when a text came through with a picture. A picture of a pretty young blonde girl sipping a drink with the words "CHEERS FROM CAT." And that was the last I heard from Carrie that night. Although it would certainly be enough to fuel some fantasizing on my end.

I've asked Carrie to help me with the rest of the story (yes she knows I'm writing these) and give me all the details again, just like she did when she got home from the conference, as I type. From here on out, this story will be in her voice.


Dinner went normally. I mean, we talked about work and stuff. I started to suspect that maybe I was wrong and maybe she wasn't into me. And I started to get a little disappointed. Then she mentioned her girlfriend and I thought, that was it for sure. If she had a girlfriend then she was committed. So I kinda gave up on the whole thing and just decided to have a nice mean.

But a couple drinks in, she started bumping my leg with her foot under the table. Then she started rubbing my leg with her foot under the table and I was like, something really is happening. She asked if my boyfriend minded that I was out with someone and I said no. Then she asked if I'd like to go home with her and meet her girlfriend and if my boyfriend would mind if I did that.

Cat came off as a sweet girl with a great smile and a friendly nature. She was a little shy as she asked me if I minded coming home with her. "I dunno, I'd just like Jennifer (that's her girlfriend) to meet you. I think she'd really like you." It was flattering.

And I liked Cat's sweet, innocent nature. She had a way of flirting while seeming very unaggressive about it, like she couldn't help herself by being adorable.

Which is why I was totally surprised at the end of the mean when she grabbed a napkin, wrote something on it and passed it to me. Maybe it was the drinks she had that had given her the courage to write it, but I immediately felt myself blush when I read what it said:

"Guess what I want to eat for dessert?"

That's when I pretty much knew this was really going to happen. I really couldn't wait. And I couldn't wait to tell you either.

We went back to Cat's little apartment and her girlfriend Jennifer was there waiting, hanging out on the couch. I guess she got home from work too late to join us for dinner, so she was just chilling. She had frizzy black hair down to her neck and was wearing a t-shirt and pajama pants.

She was pretty but in sort of a... I don't know how to describe it, other than what I originally said to you. She was kinda funky pretty. You know? The only example I can think to give is Maggie Gyllenhaal. Not that she even looked like her. But that she was pretty in that way where you have to look for a little while an then you realize that someone is actually quite attractive. Unconventionally beautiful, maybe is what I'm trying to say. (sorry for the absence of a picture)

Anyway, she was really nice too. She and Cat were very cute together. I could tell that they were a good couple. and I could tell that I probably wasn't the first girl that one of them brought home. We talked and drank for a long while. They had some pretty good wine. they actually had some really good beer. And we talked about all sorts of things, books, movies, sports.

Finally, after a little pause in conversation, Jennifer asked me "So Carrie, do you have a boyfriend?"

"Yep" I answered.

"Is it serious?"

"It is." I smiled. I felt good about it. I always like talking about us.

"Would he mind if he knew what you were doing here?" She seemed to actually care. Like if I said 'no' she'd call the whole thing off.

But I decided to answer playfully. "We're sitting around drinking beer and talking about basketball. I don't think he'd mind, other than wanting to be here with us."

"I mean" Jennifer grinned, "Would he mind what we're about to do?"

I thought for a moment. "Same answer."

Then Cat got up from her chair and slowly walked over to me. I shuffled in my seat. My pussy was getting wet just from anticipation. She put her hands on my cheeks, cupping my face gently, then leaned in and gave me a long kiss with her soft lips. It wasn't until about half way through the kiss that she even tried to put her tongue in my mouth. It was amazing.

I felt myself getting into it and closed my eyes. And almost immediately as soon as I closed my eyes I felt my shirt being pulled over my head. I just put up my arms and let it go. Then I felt Cat caressing my breasts and working her hand down past my stomach and slowly unbuttoning my pants. I was breathing heavily, my eyes still closed.

About when I felt Cat start to tug on my jeans, and lifted my ass off my seat so they could slide down my legs, I felt another pair of lips on mine. I opened my eyes and saw Jennifer's face next to mine. She pulled back from her kiss, then smiled as she took off my bra. Then I felt Cat's kisses on my tights. I squirmed in my seat so much. I couldn't believe it was happening.

Cat was such a tease. She kissed my thighs then worked her way back up my body, kissing my breasts, licking my nipples as Jennifer made her way down.

As my tongue entwined with Cat's again, I closed my eyes and felt Jennifer start to eat me out. It felt indescribably amazing. She was a pro and it took everything in me not to scream and jump out of my seat.

The whole thing was a whirlwind with Cat and Jennifer taking turns eating me out, kissing and licking my body.

At one point I'd opened my lips to moan and I felt something fill them. I opened my eyes and saw Jennifer, her shirt pulled up, her nipple pressing into my mouth. I licked at it and sucked on it, feeling it get hard between lips.

Shortly after that both girls stood up and Cat said "C'mon... bedroom"

Suddenly I realized I was the only one who was naked and I felt incredibly self-conscious. But still I followed the girls to their bedroom. And as they went down the hall, they stripped off their clothes and littered them on the floor. Cat slinked out of her dress. she looked amazing naked. Her breasts were bigger than I had noticed. Her bush was a trim little blonde thing.

Jennifer looked great too. She was thin and her breasts were kinda pear-shaped. Her pussy wasn't trimmed at all but it still wasn't very hairy. They walked just a few inches in front of me, egging me on down the hall.

Then I slipped on a piece of clothing on the floor and flew right toward Cat, grabbing her and pushing her against the wall, immediately kissing her, my hands pawing at her, feeling happy to be touching her bare flesh.

But Jennifer was having none of it. She grabbed me and pulled me into the bedroom.

the girls layed me down on the bed, and Cat leaned over me, her blonde hair falling in my face as we kissed. I had no idea what Jennifer was up to, and forgot about her for a moment, until Cat relented and pulled back.

That's when I noticed what was in Jennifer's hand... a lubed-up, two-headed dildo.

Immediately I panicked. I mean, kissing and going down on girls, I'd done that. But this was totally new. I started to shake and Cat, sweetly put her hand on my chest to try and calm me down. Then Jennifer slowly slipped it inside me. It felt amazing. It wasn't even that thick, but something about the texture, and maybe the excitement, did it for me.

Then I scootched up on the bed to make room for Jennifer and she joined me, sliding the other end inside of her. It took a few seconds to figure out the rhythm of it, but eventually our bodies were moving with each other's, our legs interlocked. Jennifer moaned loudly. Cat was quiet as she went between the two of us, kissing me, then kissing Jennifer, then back to me. My body was so covered with sweat, her hand slipped over it as she tried to squeeze my breasts.

Then as time went on and Jennifer's moans got louder, Cat focused almost exclusively on her, her hand sliding down to fiddle with her clit. And Jennifer started to swear. "Fuck! Oh Fuck!" and it was clear she was cumming.

The excitement got me too and I couldn't hold myself back. I came as I watched Cat and Jennifer, lovingly stare into each other's eyes, their hands still playing on each other's bodies.

After that I thanked the girls for a lovely evening and headed back to the hotel. I masturbated again that night almost as soon as I got to my room, thinking about both the girls and how much fun it was going to be to tell this story.


(back to my POV)

And that was that. After hearing all of it, and realizing just how into other women Carrie was becoming, I started to suspect that threesomes might not just be a once-a-year thing as they at first seemed. I started to sense that this was going to become a regular, frequent feature of our sex life together.

There was more to come.
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3 months ago
Great story again! What a lovely couple you are........both very lucky to have each other!
10 months ago
glad ur enjoying the romps...but thats ur gf the brunette in the bottom pic...if that was my gf i wouldnt want ANYONE else touching her way..shes too stunning...but thats just me....have fun.
10 months ago
Fucking awesome. Love hearing these stories