Me, My GF, and my Cousin

A few years back, my girlfriend and I discovered that we really enjoy threesomes. There are many stories to tell since then. Check out my profile for the tale of how it all started. This is the story of our second experience.



Over a year had passed since my and Carrie's crazy week with her best friend Danni and I'd assumed that our threesome adventures were behind us. Which was perfectly fine with me. Most guys don't get that sort of thing even once, so I had no expectations that we'd ever do anything like that again... then my cousin came to town.

My cousin Nicole and I grew up together. We lived only a few minutes from each other, and were constant playmates. As we got older and became teenagers I developed a crazy crush on her. This was something I never dared share with anyone. Although I did eventually tell Carrie about it and she met it with laughter, telling me that almost everyone has a crush on a cousin at some point. Since then I'd felt better about it. But at the time, as a teenager, it made my life very awkward.

Back then Nicole was a free spirit (to use a cliche), a fun, wild girl who broke the rules and goofed around. How could I not have a crush on her? So I wasn't surprised when she went off to college in Seattle and decided to live there afterward. And I wasn't surprised to see her updated facebook pictures as she got tattoos of flowers and pin-up girls all down her right arm, and piercings in her nose and tongue and chopped off all her hair and colored it pink.

Then I'd heard that she planned a visit back to our area. I knew she'd be spending most of her time with her parents and old friends but I wanted to be sure to get her over to our place, just to catch up. After all, it had been years.

We ended up having her over on a Friday night, a couple days before her flight home. We all went out to eat and then back to our place where we spent the evening drinking wine and beer as Nicole and I reminisced about growing up, our schools, our crazy parents, etc, laughing, just having a great time.

Nicole wore a black tank top and jeans. She was a tall, skinny girl with the aforementioned tattoos and piercings, pale skin, small breasts, A-cups probably and a fun yet wicked smile full of big teeth.

It was a wonderful evening, and I was thrilled that Carrie had gotten a chance to meet Nicole who she'd heard so much about. Although there was one surprise moment, as we drank and chatted about how awkward we all were as teens, and I gladly told some self-depreciating stories, Carrie followed them up by glancing over at Nicole and saying "Yeah.... well he loved you."

And the room fell silent. Just for a second, and I had no idea what to say, but my gut told me to play this off and laugh about it. After all that was a long time ago.

Nicole, for her part, was shocked. She gave me a wide-eyed glance, looking for confirmation. I shrugged and nodded. "Wow!" She said, "I never noticed."

"Ahhh..." I added laughing, "that's what every teenage boy wants to be... never noticed."

And we all laughed and went on with our evening. Awkwardness averted.

As 11 o'clock turned to 12 o'clock turned to 1 o'clock and the three of us started to feel eternally tipsy, Nicole asked an unexpected question.

"You guys mind if I stay here tonight? I'm not really sure about driving." She grinned taking a deep breath, probably trying to sober up a bit.

And of course, the answer was yes. Our place was always welcome to anyone who was too d***k to drive. After all, we had a guest room. That agreed upon, Nicole decided it was time for her to call it a night and Carrie went with her to show her her room and get her set up for sl**p.

I stayed in my chair playing with my phone, expecting my girlfriend to return any second, not really noticing how much time was starting to pass. Then finally it hit me that they'd both been gone for a long time.

So I got up and started to look for them. I heard the shower running, as I got closer to the bathroom and assumed it was Nicole in there, getting herself ready for bed. I let it be and went into mine and Carrie's bedroom. But Carrie wasn't there.

So I checked the guest room. Still no Carrie. I went back out into the living room, then the kitchen. My girlfriend seemed to be gone. So I did what was natural. I shouted for her.

"Carrie!" without response. So I walked around the condo more. "Carrie!" Again and finally I heard her voice.

"In here" She said. Though her voice sounded distant so I called again and she answered again "In here" and I realized she was leading me to the bathroom. Although this didn't really solve my problem since now it seemed like my cousin who was missing.

I opened the door to a steamy bathroom and immediately heard two giggling voices coming from the shower.

I know it seems like any man would react to this by instantly realizing something awesome was happening, stripping down and jumping into the shower too, but that's not how the brain works, or at least not how my brain works. Even though Carrie and I had had that threesome with her friend before, the idea of my girlfriend and cousin in the shower together, at first, just made me confused.

Because it was so unexpected. I just never thought that's what would happen. And so it took a good split-second for me to figure out exactly why Carrie would even be in there with Nicole. Although I certainly got my answer when I pulled back the curtain.

Both girls stood facing me. Carrie was in the back, naked except for a pair of completely soaked white panties, see through to her trim brown bush.

Nicole was completely naked, and it took me a moment to take in her wet, thin body. The tattoos on her arm in fact stretched all the way down her right side. Her belly-button was pierced. Her two pink nipples were pierced with studs, her pussy was totally bald.

Both girls watched me as I looked at them. Carrie laughed. Not in a mocking way, more like in a "I can't believe this is really happening" kinda way.

"What are you doing?" I asked, smiling, shaking my head incredulously, still taking in the image of my naked cousin. My oldest crush.

"Waiting for you to join us." Nicole answered.

And although there was no chance I wasn't going to join them, I felt like I had to say to the obvious. "You're my cousin." I said, just so we all knew what we were about to do was wrong.

"I don't think anyone's getting arrested for this." Carrie said, water running of the ends of her wet brown hair onto her breasts.

"Hey we...." Nicole started to say, looking back at Carrie, then at me, "We used to bathe together all the time" She insisted, referencing the many pictures of she and I as toddlers in a bath together.

"Things have changed a little since then." I answered, just being playfully difficult.

And Nicole responded by pointing at her almost flat tits. "Are you sure about that?"

Carrie let out a laugh.

Nicole went on. "Here, I have a solution for you." She slowly turned around in the shower saying "about this whole cousin problem" then bent over, displaying her pale ass to me. "It doesn't count anyway if you do it in the butt."

And Carrie gave me a shocked looked that basically said I'd be crazy if I didn't take advantage of this moment.

I agreed.

Quickly I stripped, as Nicole watched me over her shoulder, my throbbing hard cock evident as soon as I took off my jeans, and then she smiled as it popped out of my boxers as I pulled them down.

I got into the shower behind Nicole and Carrie lowered herself down to sit on a corner of the tub, her face now looking up at Nicole's. Hot water from the shower poured down and slapped the side of my body.

My cousin stared at me, waiting for me to do something. And I knew I couldn't be a passive participant in this one. I quickly grabbed a bottle of something, anything slippery, body wash probably, and squirted some on my hand. Then I rubbed it all over my cock, which was now super crazy hard and pointing almost directly at Nicole's asshole.

I stepped up, put my hands on her thighs and asked "Ready?" which I immediately regretted, somehow it seemed a little dumb. But Nicole nodded and I pushed my cock into her tight ass.

Anal sex isn't something that Carrie and I had done much of. She wasn't a big fan and I was never that insistent anyway. I'd dated a couple girls before her who were fans of it, but still, it took a me a while to get back into the feel of it, the right way to thrust, the right way to hold my cousin's body, and so on.

Carrie watched, pulling the side of her sopping wet panties away and flicking her thumb at her own clit intensely. Then as I thrust into Nicole over and over, with increasing speed, Carrie leaned forward and gave her a kiss. I watched as my girlfriend and my cousin kissed each other, their tongues quickly penetrating each other's lips.

Meanwhile a couple bottles of shampoo or something slipped off a ledge and fell down. As it turns out, a shower isn't exactly cozy for three people. But none of us cared. The water was starting to cool down now too. But none of us cared.

I could barely hear the sound of the shower over the sound of my flesh slapping against Nicole's. It's not that it was even any louder, it's just what I was focused on. That and the sound of Nicole herself.

Growing up, fantasizing about her and such, I'd just always assumed she'd be a screamer. She was such a bright, loud, crazy presence in my life, how could she not be? As it turned out she was more of a panter, breathing very heavily with each thrust I made into her. The sound of that noise, a loud paint with just the lightest bit of feminine moan beneath it, coming from my cuz as I thrust myself into her asshole was pretty wonderful.

I wanted it to last forever. Of course it couldn't and I was happy with how long I did manage to last before cumming. But I came, right deep in Nicole's ass and eventually pulled out of her.

She responded by immediately standing up straight, so the back of her body pressed against the front of mine. With her left hand she reached up and around the back of my neck. So I responded by swinging my left hand across the front of her body and grabbing onto her right breasts, groping it, feeling her hard pierced nipple in the palm of my hand. With her right hand she reached behind her and grabbed my cock, jerking it. It wasn't throbbing hard anymore, having just cum and everything, but the way she grabbed at it, it seemed like she just needed to touch it.

Carrie slid off the side of the tub, found a way to her knees in front of Nicole, spread Nicole's pussy lips and pushed her tongue in.

Nicole leaned her head back in pleasure and I was there to meet it. Our tongues tangled together, then Nicole whispered something to me, that I couldn't quite make out, but I think it was something as simple as "Your girlfriend is eating me out" just to say it out loud, because she knew it would be hot for me to hear it.

And then her panting started back up again, building in intensity until there was a little squeaking involved too. Carrie was doing an amazing job eating her.

For a second I thought maybe my cock would get hard enough to penetrate someone again. But it didn't. I wasn't that lucky. And after Carrie finished off Nicole, the three of us cleaned up, dried off and Nicole said she felt sober enough to drive.

She thanked us for a great time and went on her way.

About an hour later, Carrie and I went to bed and fucked again, both still turned on by what had transpired that night. It seemed a little cheesy but after it all I thanked Carrie. "Thanks for tonight." I said.

Her response, "It wasn't my idea."

As for Nicole, she flew back home to Seattle and hasn't been back to visit since. Although every few months she emails me and Carrie a picture.... a fun picture. I think she enjoyed that evening just as much as we did.

And even that was not the end of my and Carrie's threesome adventures. Things were only about to get more interesting.

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9 months ago
Having married and fucked my first cousin for over 21 years, anything about cousins makes me super hard.
10 months ago
Story is nice, but Nicole was flew to Seattle unfucked her pussy. Fucking is fucking, must finished onetime
at the right place. Her womb doesn't feel senses when dick head kicking on the gate. What a pitty for her.
Both heads of her cousins that evening was taken missing drill to be in full function clever....
10 months ago
A dream cum True. Kreem
10 months ago
sounds like a fun night
10 months ago
Amazing story, Good job!!