Celeb Secrets: Kristen Stewart

I work the overnight shift at a Hollywood adult store. When celebrities come in, I offer them their purchase for free if they'll share with me their wildest secret story.

The Setup: Seeming more than a little stoned, Kristen Stewart laughed when I made my offer, thought about it for a second, then didn't hesitate to share her story.

The Purchase: Vinyl mini-dress with corset lace back ($35.95). L'Amour vibrator ($55.99)

The Story (via my recording): "So this is back when I was dating Robert (Pattinson, her twilight co-star). We, um, I mean, he realized pretty quickly that there were gonna be swarms of girls after him and I don't blame him for not wanting to have to fuck just one person. So I pretty much let him do whatever he wanted, and screw whoever he wanted. It was mostly teenage girls who were really into Twilight. I thought they were maybe a little young, but god were they willing.

"At first Robert thought I might want to watch. But that didn't really do much for me. Then he thought it would be fun for me to join in. So I tried a couple times licking a girl while he fucked her. But that didn't really turn me on much either. What can I say? I'm not a lesbian.

"It wasn't until I started screwing with their minds, that I realized how much fun I could be having. So I'd tell these girls that they could suck off Robert but their boyfriend had to be there and watch. And they'd always do it. The boyfriends couldn't believe just how easy they'd get on their knees for him... especially the ones who were 'saving themselves for marriage' or some crap.

"This one girl totally let Robert fuck her ass in front of her boyfriend. I couldn't believe that. And this one time I brought Robert these really cute teenage twins. I told them Robert would make out with both of them but they had to make out with each other first. Then I was like, I went too far, but before I could tell them 'just k**ding' their tongues were down each others' throats.

"Okay so the best thing though. The wildest story right, that's what you want? It was probably the time we had the Twi-Mom. So we were at some con in the middle of who knows, Buttfuck, Nowhere and I was on the floor walking around trying to find someone to bring up to Robert's room. I was getting kinda tired of all these girls and I noticed this woman. She was probably in her mid-40's and was tall and skinny and really pretty with long blonde hair and she had a 'Team Edward' shirt on. So I went up to her and I started doing my thing, right? 'Hey wanna meet Robert? Wanna do more than meet Robert? Well he gets really horny at these things.. blah blah blah. And of course she was eating it up just as much as the high schoolers. But I still had to find some sort of way to have fun with her. So I asked her who she was here with and she said her daughter and her daughter's boyfriend and that they were all big Twilight fans. So I gave her our room number and told her to come over at night and only bring the daughter's boyfriend.

"I mean, I didn't think she was gonna do it. But I always forget just how crazy people are for Robert. I mean back then I could have fucked him whenever I wanted. But for everyone else, it was a once in a lifetime thing.

"So they showed up a little bit after midnight. The woman was nervous but excited and the boyfriend looked a little confused. He seemed legal, around 18 or so. But either way, she brought him, and she had to know some shit was going to go down. They introduced themselves. Her name was Pam and his was Craig.

"As soon as they arrived I was feeling hot and I didn't want to waste any time. Robert was sitting in the corner looking cool like he always did. 'Has he fucked your daughter's mouth yet?' I asked Pam and she was shocked at first but quickly pulled it together and said 'I don't know' So I asked Craig. 'Have you?' and he had no answer. 'Come on' I egged him on. 'You can be honest.'

"He looked at Pam for a long time and then said 'No' so I had to say 'Be honest.' 'I am being honest.' he insisted. 'Alyssa wants to wait.'

"'You poor thing' I said. 'You're probably desperate to get off.' Then I had an idea. An obvious idea but still.. 'So here's the thing' I said to Pam, 'Robert's cock is yours, but you have to show us your technique on Craig first.' And she seemed shocked, like that wasn't where this was always gonna go.

"She just kept hesitating and Craig didn't say anything at all. So finally I said, 'Robert, take out your cock and show her what she's getting' Which he did. So here's the thing. You think it's unfair that someone good looking and famous like Robert could have the most wonderful cock you'd ever seen. But he does. He really does. It's like 9 inches and thick as fuck.

"And of course, as soon as she saw it, Pam stopped hesitating. She gave Craig this long passionate look then fell to her knees in front of him. 'Take off your top first.' I said, making sure we did this right. And Pam didn't question me at all. She pulled her shirt over her head and undid her bra, exposing her small tits to Craig who was clearly getting hard. He started pawing at his pants, but Pam helped him out, pulling them down and his boxers too. His cock was nice. Not as nice as Robert's but it's unfair to compare. And I was getting really wet, watching

"First thing Pam did, was hold up his cock and lick his whole shaft up the bottom, from the balls to the tip and Craig started to moan. She gave him a couple more really good licks and then dove in. I never expected her to be such a good cocksucker. She took him all the way down right away, until her lips were touching Craig's pubes. And she made a little gagging noise, but didn't slow down at all. She started bobbing and hard, spitting coming from her mouth, just really hot.

"I noticed Robert start jerking almost immediately. And I couldn't help myself either. I reached into my pants and started rubbing myself off. I kept thinking how awkward it was gonna be whenever they were around each other and what was her name, Alyssa from now on. I wondered if, whenever Alyssa gave in and sucked Craig's cock, what she'd think to know her mom had been there first. I was really wet.

"Then Robert started walking over and as soon as he got there, Pam took his thick cock into her other hand. And there she was between two cocks, probably for the first time in her life, with a big smile on her face.

"And I didn't want to be left out so I crawled over and while Pam slipped her lips over Robert's cock, I went for Craig's. It was nice, sweaty and tasty, very wet from Pam's spit. I bobbed on it for a while and then Pam wanted more. I couldn't believe she'd want to give up Robert's even for a second, but she went back to Craig's. Then back to Robert's. Then Craig's again. It seemed like the idea of having two made her very happy. As she went after Craig's wet cock, I started licking his balls. There was gooey spit everywhere and it was wonderful.

"Then, as expected, Craig came in Pam's mouth. I could tell. And I saw a little cum drip out the side of her mouth and run down her chin. Quickly I leaned in and licked it up for her. Then she opened her mouth and gave me a big cummy tongue kiss. It was one of the only times I was ever turned on from kissing a woman.

"A few seconds later when Robert was about to cum, I saw Pam go for his cock, but I couldn't help but hold her back. 'No!' I shouted. 'Take it on your face!' I don't know what got into me. But suddenly I just wanted to see her covered in my man's cum. And she did. As usual, Robert shot a load, onto her face and hair. It dripped down into her mouth and eyes and onto the floor. And I felt bad... proud but bad. I took my shirt off and gave it to her to wipe herself off.

"'Is that it?' Pam asked, breathing heavily. 'For now' Robert answered. And then I had a brilliant idea. 'Tell you what' I said. 'You can come back tomorrow night and Robert will fuck you.' And Pam looked at me suspiciously, like she should have. 'But first you have to take care of poor Craig here.' I was so hot and couldn't help myself. 'You have to give your daughter some cock-sucking lessons.' And Pam's mouth dropped. 'Give us some proof of that and you can come back tomorrow night for some real fucking.'

"And with that we sent Pam and Craig on their way. Then Robert ate me out, flipped me around and fucked me doggy style.

"Oh and the next day we got a text from an unknown phone number. It was a picture of a teenage girl with her lips around a cock, that sure looked a lot like Craig's. I wonder if Pam showed up at our hotel room later that night. If she did, she would have found out that we were on a plane back to California already.

"Oh well."

This story is fake and for entertainment only.
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10 months ago
May be fake, but still hot. Loved the idea