My Jewish Girlfriend is Humiliated

This is a story of how things went too far, way too far. A story of how my nice Jewish girlfriend was turned into someone completely different.

But let me start at the beginning.

I grew up in a small Iowa town, and when I went to college and first met Ari, believe it or not, I'd never known anyone Jewish before. Immediately when I set eyes on her dark curly hair, her thick curvy frame, her double-D's I knew she was the perfect girl for me.

And she was... for a time.

But after a few months, I noticed traits of hers that weren't so wonderful. She was uptight about sex. Once I asked her very carefully if she'd wanted to try anal and she snapped at me. "What do you think I am, some dumb porn star?" And she'd often comment on men being pigs. "How come men get dumb at the thought of two women together. But women aren't turned on by two men together?" She'd ask.

"I don't know... maybe they should be" I'd try to answer diplomatically.

But her worst quality was her prejudice. Apparently she had an uncle back in Israel who was a military guy and the whole f****y had a less than charitable view of Muslims. Ari was no different. "I don't like people who are filled with hate. I don't want to be around them." She said, painting all Muslims with a broad brush.

Our relationship was near over, when a friend of mine took us to the farthest dorm from campus one night, with a promise that he was going to show us something great.

We swiped in the door, took the old elevator down into the basement, crossed a long dusty hall and found ourselves in a big room with an audience watching a makeshift stage on one end. And on that stage, a blonde girl, I recognized from my Am History class, fucking a banana. The crowd cheered.

Ari seemed concerned.

And after the girl, a guy got up on stage, slowly undressed and to his surprise was joined by a redhead, he clearly didn't expect. She told him to eat her out and he dropped to his knees and went to work.

Ari demanded an explanation.

So my friend introduced us to Megan. Megan was a pretty girl with short blonde hair, standing at the back of the big room. Apparently she was in charge and she explained exactly what it was we were seeing.

"Couples sign up" She said with a smile. "and in doing so, agree to do whatever their partner demands. But it's all done in secret. You write down what you want him to do" she said to Ari "What you've never been able to tell him, and then I set it up and you come back and watch him do it." Then Megan turned to me. "And the same for you."

I was expecting Ari to be upset, appalled, indignant. Instead her expression turned to curiosity.

"And we're always looking for people to sign up." Megan smiled. "What do you say?"

I knew Ari would say no. This wasn't her sort of thing. In fact it was the opposite of her thing. It was everything she'd always said she'd hated. Why my friend thought it was a good idea for us to come here, I'd never know.

So I was surprised when five minutes later we were filling out release forms and writing suggestions for each other to perform.

I had no idea what Ari would request of me, but immediately I knew what I wanted her to do. "Fuck a Muslim" I wrote. And that was that. We turned in our papers and waited two weeks.


When we arrived back at the club for our performances, I was a bundle of nerves. And Ari seemed too. She didn't say much to me when I picked her up from her dorm. But she was dressed in a gorgeous green dress, as pretty as I'd ever seen her.

We drew cards to see who went first and I was the lucky one. I won't get into what it was that I had to do, but let me say that Ari's insistence that women aren't turned on by men together seemed to be projection or denial at best. But I'm not ashamed of what happened up on that stage. I did it for my girlfriend's enjoyment.

Then it was Ari's turn. She smiled at me nervously as she climbed the stage. And the crowd cheered, seeing how pretty she was, I imagined.

And they cheered again when two big, dark skinned men with long beards stepped out from behind the stage.

Ari stared at them shocked. Then she glared at me. Then back at the men.

The looked her up and down crudely. And then the bigger one spoke.

"Strip" He ordered, not acknowledging the crowd and Ari obeyed immediately. The other man watched licking his lips, ready to pounce. I had expected some resistance from Ari, but she seemed willing, even eager to strip. Perhaps I had misread her sexual nature all this time. I watched, my heart pounding as Ari pulled her dress up over her head, exposing her DD cups and thick curly bush to a cheering crowd.

"Ever take it in the ass?" The man asked, stepping close to her.

"No" Her voice trembled.

And the man smiled, reaching over and taking a handful of curly black hair, pulling it down and arching her back. Ari winced.

"Beg me to fuck your ass."

Down in the crowd, I felt myself grown hard, but a little uncomfortable with the way this man was manhandling my girlfriend. Megan stepped up next to me. "I think you'll be pleased with this."

"Please fuck my ass." Ari said quietly.

The man pulled her hair harder. "So they can all hear you."

"Please fuck my ass!" Ari shouted, a tear strolling down her cheek.

"No" the man sneered. "But he will."

I hadn't noticed that as all this was going on, the second man was stripping, and now naked, his sizable cock swinging between his thighs, growing, walked over and sat on the floor underneath Ari, his member pointing up at her.

"Say please lube me up" The first man demanded.

And Ari obeyed, "Please lu...aaaaahh" But she couldn't get out the words before the man shoved his hand into her mouth and down her throat.

Her naked body convulsed and within moments, the Muslim man pulled his hand out, this time covered by a large swath of slimy spit, reached it behind her and slid it in between her ass cheeks. Ari winced. Humiliated I imagine. Maybe excited too.

"Sit" the man demanded, staring powerfully into Ari's eyes. For a split second I expected her to refuse this time, finally. But as she lowered her thick ass onto the throbbing cock beneath her, and gasped as it penetrated her asshole, I knew she was going to obey every order given to her tonight. And they weren't going to go easy on her.

The crowd cheered as she began to bounce on the cock as the man in front of her stepped forward and slid his hand between her thighs and pushed what looked like three, maybe four fingers into her pussy. Ari let out a moan that quickly turned to a scream as the pace and intensity of the man's hand fucking continued.

The crowd cheered louder, and perhaps the man was encouraged by the cheers, but it almost seemed as if he were punching her in the pussy now, as still she bounced on the thick cock in her ass. More tears streamed down her cheeks.

I was watching so intently, I almost didn't notice Megan's hand creeping over from next to me, feeling my hard cock over the front of my pants. "What are you doing?" I asked, suddenly feeling her squeeze my bulge.

"I just wanted to see if you approved." She smiled. As always, she smiled. "I knew these guys would do a good job. Trust me, they know how to make a girl feel special."

And I looked back up at the stage in time to see the man pull his fingers from Ari's pussy and wipe his soaking wet hand in her long sweaty hair. Ari smiled. And the man spoke "Do you want him to quit fucking your ass?"

"No!" Ari said immediately. And I couldn't tell if she was being obedient or sincere.

"Do you want to do more shit you've never done before in your life?" He asked. Ari nodded.

Then the man pulled something from out of his pocket. From my place in the crowd I thought it was a dildo, but after a couple seconds realized that it was a sausage. I thick meaty sausage.

"I bet you don't eat pork." The man smiled wickedly.

"" Ari suddenly whispered.

"Wouldn't it be humiliating if you gobbled this whole thing up, just cause some asshole Muslim guy said he'd stop fucking you if you didn't."

"Wait? What?" Ari seemed genuinely shocked. "No... no don't" And for a moment I thought she had had enough. I thought she was going to pull the plug on the whole thing until I heard her say "Don't stop fucking me. Please don't"

"You'll do it then?" The man asked. The crowd cheered intermittently. A few people shouted "do it!"

"I'll do anything" Ari said, the other man's cock still sliding in and out of her ass. Her thick body now covered in sweat.

"Good. But first let's spice it up." The man said and shoved the sausage into Ari's wet cunt.

I was shocked. Shocked at what I was seeing, shocked at how willing Ari seemed to be. Shocked at how turned on I was. I tried my hardest to keep from pushing my hand down into my pants. Next to me, I noticed Megan had already succumbed.

As I glanced at her hand working hard inside her jeans I wondered what she had done with these guys, how she knew them, and what was to come.

I looked back up just in time to see the man remove the sausage from my girlfriends slit. It was covered in pussy juice now and I expected him to push it between her lips any second. But I didn't expect him to reach his other hand down between her legs, grab a handful of her curly bush and pull.

Ari screamed as the hair was pulled from her body.

The man laughed. Then he gave another order. "Open your mouth."

Ari did submissively and obediently. And the man went to work, dropping her pubes on the back of her tongue and then thrusting the sausage down into her throat hard.

Immediately Ari gagged and pulled back. She panted, spit and hair falling from her lips.

"Do you want me to stop?" The man asked, and I was shocked that he'd even give her the option. But he knew what her answer would be.

"No" She said, her body still bouncing, slower now, exhausted, her double D's flailing. And in the sausage went again, deep down into her throat. The crowd cheered and soon Ari had bitten down on it and was gobbling it up.

As Ari swallowed the last of it, her face covered in her own sweat, juices, and hairs plastered to her skin, the man beneath her let out a ferocious roar and it was clear to everyone that he had finally, finally cum.

The crowd went wild. Ari looked out at them, then back at the man before her, staring up at him with big subservient puppy dog eyes.

"Spread your ass." He said.

And she did, the cum dripping out onto the stage.

"Now clean it up" His demand was more than expected and the crowd seemed almost as exhausted as Ari.

Still, she got down on all fours and leaned in, her tongue lapping at the cum eagerly, running over the wood of the stage, slicking the jizz into her mouth.

When she turned back around, the man before her had finally taken out his cock, a thick, massive and long member. And I saw a smile creep across her lips like none I'd ever seen before.

The man started to jerk in her direction. "Tell me slut," he asked, "Would you do anything for me?"

"Yes! Yes!" Ari said, sitting on her knees, begging.

"Do you have a s****r?"

Ari hesitated. "Y...yes."

"Are her tits as nice as yours?"

"I... I don't know"

"Bullshit. You've noticed"

Ari looked shy. "No."

"What if I told you she was backstage. And I was going to bring her out here so you could lick my cum off her tits. What would you think of that?" The man was grinning wildly now. The crowd was silent. Next to me Megan had stopped masturbating and was sucking on her fingers.

"P...please..." Ari squeeked out.

"Please what?"


"Please what? We don't got all day."

Ari took a weak deep breath. "Please tell me that's going to happen. Please let me do that. Please tell me she's here." Ari whimpered.

"No she ain't here. I just wanted this whole crowd to see what a slut you'd become"

Ari deflated. And with that the man came over her sad face. She made no attempt to catch it or lick it up. She just gazed at him.

And the crowd went wild.


I didn't see Ari for two weeks after that. I thought of calling her once or twice, but thought it best just to let things settle down. Then one day she called me and asked to come over.

"Is it over between us?" I asked.

She nodded. "Yes"

I felt terrible. "I want to say... well I'm sorry. I'm sorry I made you do that."

Ari smiled at me sheepishly. Shyness was not something I was used to seeing form her. "That's not it at all." She explained. "I'm leaving you for Ahmad. The guy from the thing."

"What?" I was shocked.

"We've been fucking nonstop since it happened. And I'm dropping out of school and moving in with him full time. I never knew that's what I wanted until you made it happen. So thank you. Thank you, but I have to go."

I was flustered, bewildered. "Wait!" I demanded. And for some reason my thoughts went to one thing. "That thing he said at the end... that thing with your s****r.... did you?"

Ari smiled. "By the time we called Abby, I'd gotten way beyond licking cum off people."

My mouth dropped.

"It's okay. It took her a while to come around to being Ahmad's slut. But she got the hang of it. Just like I did."

And with that, and with a wink, she was gone.
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12 months ago
wow you could have done that yourself
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I am sorry you lost her but you did a good thing by waking her sexually
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