Scarlett Johansson part 1: Marry a French Guy

"Marry a French guy. Trust me." Natalie Portman said as she sat with her good friend Scarlett Johansson, the two famous women at a patio cafe in Beverly Hills.

Scarlett had just finished lamenting how so few of her relationships turned out well. Even her marriage to Ryan Reynolds didn't last long. "Is it something I'm doing wrong?" Scarlett asked. "Is it because I'm famous?" She wondered, was it because she was attractive, but didn't want to seem vain enough to ask it.

But Natalie knew exactly what she was talking about. "I'm going to tell you something I never realized until I met Benjamin." Natalie said. "Relationships.... are basically about sex."

Scarlett's eyes popped open. She paid close attention.

"Friendship is great. Understanding each other is great. All that is great. But really... Benjamin and I don't have that much in common. But he makes me cum. He makes me cum constantly." Natalie explained.

This was a shock to Scarlett. It wasn't exactly the same attitude Natalie had back when the two of them became close friends on the set of The Other Boleyn Girl, years ago. Back then Natalie had said, "Yeah, sex is great and everything, but I'm not sure if it's really good for us women. I mean, have you ever had a man look at you and not felt objectified?"

"What changed?" Scarlett asked.

"French guys." Natalie smiled as she sipped her tea, a big goofy smile growing on her face. "Listen, we're all basically perverts. I'm one. You're one. Even if you don't know it. American guys, American culture, make sex seem perverted, dirty. French guys make it seem... well I know call myself a pervert proudly, like I understand who I am, and what I want."

Scarlett didn't respond for a bit. It was odd hearing this come from the silly girl she knew. "What... what do you mean?" She asked, unsure if it was appropriate to get into details, squirming in her seat, feeling a little awkward and a tiny bit turned on.

"Well," Natalie flashed Scarlett a wicked look, "The first time Benjamin asked me to service his friends I thought he was crazy."

"Natalie... you'd never!"

"That's what I thought. But when he explained it to me, it made perfect sense." Natalie bit off a corner of her scone, proudly. Scarlett listened intently. "He said that these men worship me, and I deserve to be worshiped. But I don't deserve to be stuck with one man for the rest of my life. We all need variety. We all need experiences. And if one of them pleased me, I should take him as a lover."

"So..." Scarlett felt her panties start to get a bit wet. "So you did it?"

"Scarlett hon, I've fucked dozens of Ben's friends since that first time."

Scarlett squirmed in her seat some more. "Did you ever... take a lover?"

Natalie shrugged. "I tried a couple times. But it was never as fun without everyone watching."

Scarlett's mouth hung open. She acted appalled and surprised because she felt like she should be appalled and surprised. But part of her, maybe even most of her, felt excited. "What about Benjamin?"

"He gets to watch too." Natalie grinned.

"No, no... I mean, has he ever taken a lover?" Scarlett asked. She couldn't imagine Natalie would be okay with that.

"Sure, a few times." Natalie acted like it was no big deal.

"And you didn't mind?"

"Well... just once. Just one time I was a little bothered by it. But we made it work." Natalie spoke with such casualness. Like none of this was a big deal.

"Tell me" Scarlett asked, no longer caring about prying into her friend's private life. She had to know.

"It was when I was pregnant. I already felt pretty self-conscious about my body." Natalie explained. "Benjamin came home with some ridiculous cute French teenager and said she was going to be his lover until I gave birth. But he could tell almost right away that I was bothered by it. So they included me."

"What do you mean?" Scarlett asked, knowing very well what her friend meant, but wanting the details.

"Well he'd let me warm her up first. And this one time... god this was so dirty." Natalie bit her lip, "he made her drink my milk as he fucked her from behind." Even Natalie squirmed in her seat, recalling that.

"And you liked that?" Scarlett asked, the image of it flashing in her head, knowing she'd be rubbing herself off to it later that day.

"I like everything Benjamin does." Natalie smiled. "I'm basically his to do with as he pleases at this point."

Scarlett had no response for that.

"Scarlett hon," Natalie said, "Find a French guy."

And Scarlett did. Easily. After asking Natalie to fix her up with one of Benjamin's friends. At first she asked for someone who hadn't had sex with Natalie. When that proved too hard to find, she relented and accepted someone who'd only been sucked off by her friend.

Two weeks later she was in Paris, on a blind date with Romaine, a charming, handsome journalist. He was sweet and kind. Didn't bring up sex once. And Scarlett eventually, almost disappointed that he wasn't the charming pervert that Natalie had promised, broached the subject herself.

"You work at a fashion magazine?" She asked. He nodded. "So you interview all kinds of beautiful models."

"I do" He said with a wry smile.

"Do you ever sl**p with them?" Scarlett asked. It was such a person question. But she didn't care.

"Sometimes" He answered plainly, and quickly noticed Scarlett's new attention and almost discomfort. "You are a beautiful actress and you make movies with other beautiful people, yes?"

"Yes." Scarlett knew where he was going with this.

"Do you ever sl**p with them?"

"Sometimes." Scarlett nodded.

"What is the difference?" Romaine asked.

"Nothing, I guess..." Scarlett tried to explain herself. "It's just that, Natalie was telling me about how French guys have a different attitude about sex..."

"Was this while you were making love?" Romaine asked.

"What?!" Scarlett's eyes popped open.

"While you were making love?"

"Natalie and I never.... we never..."

Romaine leaned in, "Scarlett, you mean to tell me that Natalie and Benjamin have you as a friend and have never invited you into their bed? That seems impossible."

And suddenly Scarlett wondered. Why hadn't they? They seemed to be fucking everyone else? The more she thought about it the worse she felt. She felt rejected, by one of her best friends, no less.

"Scarlett..." Romaine went on, "Perhaps we have a different attitude toward sex here in this country. Perhaps it is more casual. But it is not more aggressive." Romaine explained as Scarlett barely listened, still in her own world, wondering about Ben and Natalie, "When you are comfortable being physical, we will be physical. And if you never..."

"Right now" Scarlett interrupted, much to the surprise of Romaine. "Right now." She repeated.

And her date nodded. "We will get the check and go back to my apartment then..."

"No" Scarlett felt a flame growing inside her. She was sick and tired of hearing about everyone else's sex lives, everyone else's adventurousness. "There's a bathroom in this place. Take me there and fuck me."

And Romaine smiled, took her by the hand and whisked her off to the Men's room, quickly past the sinks and into the largest stall.

"Tell me.." he said as he slinked her tight dress up over her hips, and pulled down her black panties, exposing a wet, bald pussy, "Tell me something you've never done."

Scarlett wanted to say 'I've never fucked someone in a public bathroom.' but instead she didn't know what to say. As Romaine ran his hands around her hips and grabbed her plump ass, she laughed.

"What is so funny?" Romaine smiled "Your behind is heavenly."

"Well I've never done that." Scarlett said.

Romaine seemed surprised. "Come Scarlett, don't joke. Tell me truly something you've never done."

But Scarlett insisted. One time, her ex-husband brought it up. "Wanna try it in the butt?" he'd said. And how could she have said yes? He made it sound so dumb and dirty. But now... Scarlett was starting to understand the difference between American and French men.

"Just fuck my ass already" Scarlett said, her raspy low voice dripping with passion.

And Romaine turned her around, her arms stretched out, bracing herself on the walls of the stall. He spread her ass cheeks, and she could feel his spit hit her tense asshole.

And then, in a second, his cock, big from what she could tell was pushing into her. She'd never felt anything like it. Scarlett felt her juices start to drip down her inner thigh. She was wildly excite.

After a moment, Romaine wrapped his arm around her waist and his fingers found her clit. Her grunting turned to moaning, and then screaming, drowning out the sound of his flesh slapping against her flesh. Sweat flung from her hair as he thrust into her over and over and over. She felt completely filled. The room smelled of sex.

And then she heard a noise. Someone else was in the bathroom. "Wait" she whispered, a whisper being all she could get out. "What if he hears us?"

"Oh I'm sure he's heard us." Romaine said. "I'm sure he knows we're here. It's okay. He won't bother us... unless... unless you want him to."

Scarlett didn't know how to answer that. "We... um.... I don't know who he could even be?"

"He could be the luckiest man in France" Romaine smiled.

"Do you want me to?" Scarlett asked, still out of breath.

"Scarlett darling, If you want two men at once you may have it. If you want three men at once you may have it. If you want three women at once you may have it. The night is young."

And Scarlett smiled. He was right. The night was young, and she had herself a French guy.

(to be continued)
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