Emma Watson part 2: Emma Obeys

"Tell me then" Katie said, trying but failing to hide here excitement, her chest heaving with heavy breaths.

Emma smiled. She had the girl wrapped around her finger, whether it was her plan or not. "Tell you?"

"Tell me about the wildest thing you ever did."

"Why?" Emma laughed.

Katie squired in her seat. "I dunno... because I'm curious. Because it's hot."

Emma rolled her eyes. She wasn't sure that was a good enough reason to reveal her deepest secrets. But watching Katie get increasingly more bothered, she thought, was kind of a good reason. So she smiled and went on.

"Alright," She said, "But I have to give you some background first or it won't make any sense. Like I said, I was going to Joanne's orgies regularly and I'd never felt more crazy, more sexual, more a****listic. Even on nights when there wasn't a party, I found myself lying in bed, my hand slipping between my thighs rubbing myself for hours."

"I was actually grateful when school started back up in the fall. I could go back to Brown and just sorta get away, you know clear my head of sex for a while. Or at least I thought. But that didn't work either. Soon I'd met a nice boy and we were doing it constantly. I think what turned me on was how amazed he was at my willingness to do anything. He thought I'd be innocent Emma, but instead I did whatever he told me to."

"Which at first was normal stuff like taking it in the bum or letting him cum on my chest. One time he asked me to jerk him off while we were at a football game. I don't think he expected me to say yes to that. And then this one time we were hanging out in his flat with a couple friends and he had this one friend who was just having a terrible day."

"He said to me, 'What would you do if I told you to suck off Stevie and make him feel better?' and I was a little shocked that he would want me to do that to some other guy but I shrugged and said 'sure if you want.' And he said 'No you wouldn't really." and I said "Do you want me to or not?" And there in front of everyone I started to rub Stevie's crotch, took out his hard prick, which was pretty nice and went down on him."

"I mention that story because of what happened about a month later at the Halloween Party. My boy invited me to this Halloween Party and I thought it would be fun if I went as sexy Hermione. So I found this great tacky Hermione costume with a really short skirt and really low cut top. I put on a great bra and some knee socks and that little tie that sat right in my cleavage. It looked pretty good."

"Oh but I forgot to mention. A couple weeks before the party my boyfriend made this request of me. He told me I should invite one of my hot actress friends to the party. I thought it was kind of a fun demand but outside Harry Potter I didn't really have that many actress friends. But at the time I was just starting to shoot a movie about Marilyn Monroe called "My Week with Marilyn" and Michelle Williams was in it."

"Now I love Michelle Williams. She's tiny and cute and had her little pixie haircut and I think she's got just the most adorable American accent. But we didn't really have any scenes together and we weren't exactly chums or anything. But still, I went up to her on set one day and invited her. I thought there was no chance she'd show up, but at least I could tell my boy that I'd done it."

"Now, where was I? Oh yeah, the party. Everyone, of course, immediately turned to look and my boy was very proud. But he was also starting to get on my nerves. He kept saying stuff like 'You should find a girl to go down on me tonight, since you went down on Stevie.' and 'What if you flashed everyone at this party?' and 'I'm gonna tell you to suck off all the guys here, it's gonna be great.'"

"And finally I just said, 'listen, I've fucked and sucked more in the past year than you have in your lifetime. You think you're making threats, but they're just teases. If you want me to suck off every guy here, tell your mates to line up and tell me to get on my knees, or else just let me enjoy the damn party.' And I walked away to get something to drink, thinking that would shut him up, 'cause he'd never have to balls to actually make me do it."

"Of course, five minutes later I was on my knees and all the guys were lining up. They were all kinda blown away by the fact that I was going through with it, but it's not like it was something I'd never done before. All together it was probably somewhere between fifteen and twenty pricks. They were pretty timid at first, but after I pulled out the first few and started licking them up and down, they all got comfortable."

"Soon I had guys all around me jerking. One guy I remember was directly behind me and I had to turn around and tell him not to cum on my damn hair and aim it at my face instead. But mostly it was pretty damn fun. I had no this deep red lipstick and made sure all the guys got plenty of it on their pricks. Most of them I tried to take them all the way down since I know guys like that, getting my red lipstick practically onto their bodies and making lots of spit so when I pulled my mouth off their bits, lots of drool stretched between their cocks and my lips."

"That was about when I realized I'd probably have to drop out of school, since this was gonna get around and fast. But it was worth it. It was just a great wild time. And when I was in the bathroom cleaning myself off, I thought it was pretty much over. But I was wrong. The best part was just beginning."

"As I was wiping the cum off my face, I heard someone come into the bathroom behind me. I figured it was probably some guy who wanted more or some girl who was pissed that I'd just sucked her boyfriend or something. You can imagine how shocked I was when I turned around and saw Michelle, standing there and smiling. She was dressed like some sort of fairy or something, I couldn't really tell. But she looked very hot."

"'That was... um... interesting.' she said 'Why'd you do that?' and for a second I was worried that she was disappointed, but she was smiling so I doubted it. 'My boyfriend told me to' I answered and she asked 'Do you do everything your boyfriend tells you to?' and I remember she started rubbing the skin above her chest, like she was starting to feel good and horny. 'Usually' I explained. 'but just cause I want to. I'm not like his puppy dog or anything.' And Michelle paused for a second. I could tell she was nervous. I could tell she was about to do something, and I wasn't not going to let her do it... I just didn't know what."

"Then she leaned in and said 'I bet you'd be my puppy dog' and grabbed me and flipped me so I was facing the mirror and she was behind me. As she bent me over I saw her slowly stick her thumb into her mouth and make it nice and wet. Then she lifted up the back of my skirt and slipped her hand in. Two fingers she shoved into my twat as deep as she could and her thumb she stuck into my bum. Then she started thrusting, her hips into her hand and her hand into me."

"And it felt amazing. The best I'd ever felt up to that point. At first I was grunting with every thrust, just letting the feeling build over me. But then I stopped and totally lost myself. I remember feeling like I was going to explode. I couldn't breathe and my eyes started to turn back in my head. And she kept going more and more and more. And I could see the whole thing in the mirror in front of us."

"And suddenly she stopped. And I just fell down onto the ground in front of her, my legs were jelly. I told her 'Don't stop. Please do it more!' and she smiled the most wicked smile and said 'It's my turn for a while' and I knew she wanted me to lick her. I started to get excited. I couldn't wait to shove my face into her crotch. She lifted up her skirt and she wasn't wearing any underpants. She had the prettiest little pussy, with this trim little bush. I went to eat it and she grabbed a handful of my hair and said 'No touching' which really confused me."

"But then I realized what she was doing. She was playing. And I was pretty much happy to play along. She held me in place with one hand and with the other, slipped some fingers into her slit and started to go nuts and I had a close up view. Soon her juices were just flying everywhere and like a good girl I opened my mouth and hoped that as much as possible would spray inside. And some of it did. Enough for me to get a good taste. God, I was in heaven at that moment. And Michelle started shouting 'fuck! yes! fuck! yes' as she started squirting more and more. And still I wasn't allowed to touch her until finally she finished."

"There we were, me on my knees inches from her soaking wet fanny and Michelle breathing heavily staring down at me. I looked back up at her and said 'Now can I lick it?' and she surprised me when she said 'No... but I think I got some on my feet.' And when I looked down of course she was right. Her bare feet were just glistening with juice. So dutifully I leaned down and with one big lick, ran my tongue from the tip of her toe up to her ankle, trying to slurp up as much of her pussy as possible. And then I noticed that some got onto the bathroom floor. So without even being told to I licked that up as well."

"Then Michelle told me to stand up and look in the mirror again. Which I did gladly. She stood behind me and said 'Are you my puppy dog?' 'Yes!' I said immediately. 'And you'd do anything for me?' she asked. And I said 'Anything!' Then she reached into my costume shirt and pulled out my left tit and started to squeeze it."

"'Tell me what you like most about yourself.' She said. And I was confused at first, I didn't really understand. And I think she could see my face look lost so she said 'Tell me what your favorite feature is.' And once I understood, the answer was easy. 'My hair' I said 'I love my long hair' Immediately Michelle started looking around in the bathroom drawers and I had no idea what for, though I should have seen it coming. Then finally she found what she was looking for... a pair of scissors, small but probably the only one there."

"'Cut it off' she said. 'Cut it all off' And I was shocked. I wanted to ask her why, why would she want me to cut off all my beautiful hair. What sexual satisfaction could she get from it? And then I realized it wasn't about sex. It was about me proving to her that I really would do anything for her. And that was kind of about sex. I looked at my pretty hair in the mirror and nodded. Then Michelle was gone, down on her knees behind me. Slowly she rolled my panties down my legs and again slipped a couple fingers into my wet twat. Then with her other hand, she spread my my cheeks, put her face into my bum and started to lick my asshole."

"It was amazing. I thought I was gonna die right there. I took a handful of hair and started cutting. I don't remember how long it took me to cum, but I remember that every moment was heaven. By the end of it there was hair everywhere and when Michelle stood back up, she couldn't help but laugh. 'Hon, you look like a mess,' She said, 'Come home with me and we'll clean you up'"

"Which is what I did. We went home and she fixed my hair, making it look just like hers, and she shaved my pussy too. Then we sixty-nined long into the night. And ever since then I've belonged to her."

Katie almost couldn't control herself. "What does that mean? Belonged to her?"

"Well I can still live my own life" Emma explained. "But when she calls I drop everything and go to her. And when there's a premier or some event she gives me orders, or she makes me mess around with my co-stars on all my films and send her proof. Stuff like that."

"That's just... That's amazing." Katie said "I could see how that would be the wildest thing you've ever done. I can't even imagine it."

"Oh no, that's not the thing." Emma smiled. "I told you I just needed to give you some background first."

Katie sighed almost unable to control herself. "Ugh, really? Just tell me already"

"Okay fine but..." Emma's face was filled with mischief. "First, get down on your knees and come over here" She said, taking out her phone.

(to be continued)
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