Emma Watson part 1: The Secret Orgy

"I heard that the fact that you're really a bad girl is one of the best kept secrets in Hollywood."

Emma blushed at hearing that. She couldn't really help herself. Sitting, sipping a glass of wine with her Bling Ring co-star Katie Chang, after a hard day's shoot, Emma and Katie were both feeling a little looser than usual.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Emma responded, a coy smile curling across her lips.

"Like you don't know? That everyone thinks you're this sweet girl next door, but really you're crazy for... well for fucking."

"Why can't I be a sweet girl whose also crazy for fuckin'?" Emma asked. "Why does it make me some sort of slag just 'cause I like to have fun?"

Katie shrugged, "I don't know... but is it true?" Her excitement was getting noticeable. "Are you really kind of a secret slut?"

"I don't know." Emma chuckled sipping her wine, "How much sex makes me a slut?"

"Well how much have you had?" Katie asked eagerly, "In the past week, let's say. How many men have you slept with?"

"Just this week?" Emma pondered for a second. "Not that many... like seven."

Katie's eyes popped open. "I think that counts... sex seven times in a week."

"Well..." Emma interrupted hesitating. "I didn't say seven times. I said seven guys." Emma blushed again and watched Katie's expression turn from shock to hysterical laughter. "I can't help it!" She said, feeling the wine more, "I wasn't always this way, you know, I used to be just a normal girl." Emma said adamantly, not really realizing she was admitting that she knew exactly how unusual and special her sex-life was.

"Tell me" Katie prodded. "If you weren't always this way, tell me how you got this way?" Her curiosity was piqued.

And Emma took a final sip of her wine, swirling the last of the red alcohol down into her throat, took a breath and started to tell the story.

"Well, Joanne used to have these big parties... sorry, you don't know who Joanne is do you? J.K. Rowling, the Harry Potter author, her name is Joanne. So anyway, Joanne would have these parties every few months and once I turned 18 Joanne started inviting me. But I couldn't come. I couldn't come the first time I was invited and I didn't got the second time either... I think I was in the states promoting a movie or something. And I couldn't make it to the next party or the next one. And then finally she threw a party that was sort of a wrap party when we finished Deathly Hallows and I figured I had to go, 'cause I wasn't going to see anyone anymore."

"So I found a fun red dress and showed up. And I remember, everyone was kinda shocked that I was there. I mean, it seemed like a normal party. Just about everyone was around, Daniel and Rupert and everyone. But I heard people kinda whispering about this being the first time I came to one of Joanne's parties. And some people said stuff to me like, 'Are you nervous?' which I thought was really weird at the time. Oh and Helen McCrory said 'I bet you can't wait until midnight' which really confused me. But I kinda just ignored all of it 'cause whatever, you know?"

"I was having a good time, just chatting with everyone when I noticed that midnight was coming around and I did start to get nervous, but I had no idea why... It seemed like everyone was really excited for something and I didn't know if I should ask about it or what. I was starting to feel really confused and foolish. Finally at like 5 to midnight, Joanne pulled me away from the party into the kitchen."

" 'Are you ready for this honey?' she asked and I kinda nodded 'cause I didn't want seem daft. And I remember the smile that Joanne made was just wicked and pleased and wonderful. At the time I had no idea what was coming next. But now that I do, I can only imagine what was going on in that mind of hers. 'Alright then' She said, 'let's get the orgy started.' "

"The concept barely registered at first. I remember thinking 'orgy, what's that?' before it started to set in. But it still didn't make any sense. I mean, it's like finding out everyone you know and love is this secret pervert. I thought, it can't possibly be true. She must mean something else. But when we got back into the grand room, everyone was starting to undress. I was shocked... mortified. Some of them were already naked. Like Rupert was completely naked in front of me. I could see his crowing prick. In the corner of the room Ollie Phelps and Evie Lynch had already gotten started. They were both naked, and doing it doggie fashion, Evie was on all fours and her tits were hanging beneath her, bouncing as Ollie pounded her. It was so bizarre, part of me wanted to just run, but I couldn't help it, part of me was getting a little turned on."

"Especially when everyone turned to look at me when I entered the room again. It was like they were all there for me. And I wanted to be part of the fun too. Still, I was really scared and didn't know what to do. Everyone just stared at me for the longest time waiting for me to do something. Finally Joanne came up behind me and put a hand on my shoulder. I tried not to show how much I was trembling, but it was hard to hide. When Joanne said 'Why don't you start by taking off your knickers?' I was so relieved that I had some help, someone to tell me what to do just a little, I almost eagerly reached under my skirt and pulled them off, rolling them down my legs and stepping out of them. Afterwards I thought I should have kicked them off or tossed them at someone playfully, but I was just too nervous to think of that sort of thing at the time."

"I told myself to just not think about it, to let instinct take over. But it was hard. Most people aren't used to undressing in front of a room of all their friends who are undressing too. It just doesn't come naturally. That's why I was so lucky that Joanne was helping. She stepped up behind me, wrapped her arms around me and grabbed my breasts. As she started to squeeze them, it was getting easier to let instinct take over, in part because I was getting really turned on. I could feel my pussy start to get a little wet."

"And it was totally instinct when I knew I should turn my head to the side to meet her lips. I'd never kissed a girl before and her lips were so soft and when she slipped her tongue into my mouth, she did so gently and pleasantly I was so happy to have it there, playing with my tongue too."

"When we finished kissing it was instinct again, or maybe the fact that Joanne was tugging on my dress a bit, that made me raise my arms above my head and she pulled the red dress right off me."

"There I was, totally nude in front of everyone one, my fannie definitely wet, my skin covered in goose-pimples. Everyone was starting and smiling. Almost everyone was naked too now. I could see Daniel's big cock, and Tom's and I hadn't even noticed before that the grown-ups were into this too. Gary was naked and and so was Robbie."

"Anyway I didn't really have much time to think or focus, 'cause Joanne's hands were still on me. They squeezed my breasts some more, then slowly made their way down past my tummy, past my curly hair and curled into me. At first I remember she put two fingers inside me, and I gasped and she started to really go at me. It was difficult to stay standing up as she pumped her fingers into me, not really fingering me as much as fucking me hard with her fingers... actually her whole hand. Soon she had all four fingers inside, and I didn't really even notice how they got there. I could feel my juices running down my leg. Everyone watched. Most of the guys were jerking. Clemence was down on the ground, legs spread, playing with herself crazy and licking her fingers."

"I guess I was a little embarrassed by it. But by that point, everything seemed just so... not normal but... inevitable I guess. And no one else seemed embarrassed. Besides, I was distracted by just how good it felt to have Joanne's fingers inside me, just thrusting away at my pussy. For a second I worried that it was going to get too sore too soon. Then I realized just how many men were going to take me before the night was over and I told myself I'd have to brace for it.

"Finally Joanne finished. Her hand was soaking wet and she ran it up my body and wiped it clean off on my tits. While I looked down on them, my nipples as hard as I'd ever seen them, glistening with my juices, Joanne grabbed a handful of my hair and pushed me to my knees. I thought for sure the guys were going to walk up to me, but actually it was Natalie... Natalie Tena who came crawling up. She was totally naked too and I don't think I'd noticed before how tiny here tits were, until I saw them right in front of me."

"She leaned in and started to lick my breasts, licking all the wetness off. Which only made me hornier. She didn't say a word, she just slicked her tongue all over my chest, looking up at me. Her eyes were like an a****ls. Then she slipped herself between my legs, propped herself up and buried her face in my crotch.And she was very, very good at it. Clearly she'd had lots of practice. My body just shuddered. I thought I was going to collapse already, but I kept telling myself to be strong, there was lots left to go."

"Then finally, I looked up and saw the boys coming. But I shouldn't say boys, they were all men. Daniel's prick was really quite big and when he held it up to me I immediately opened my mouth for it."

"Here's the strange thing about being in an orgy... I mean, I'd been with men before this. I'd sucked a cock. It wasn't a big deal. But most girls are used to giving a blow job and then being done with it. It doesn't seem right at all when there are ten more pricks waiting to go. When all you have to do is turn your head and another one is ready for you to wrap your lips around it."

"But that's what I did. And you don't realize it until you're sucking them one after another, just how different cocks taste and feel in your mouth. I was bobbing between Dan and Rupert and Gary and Jason. Jason clearly wanted me to try and take as much as I could. And honestly I was up for just about anything. I was feeling so crazy. Natalie's tongue and hands were still poking at my body from underneath, I was really starting to sweat too."

"I started to notice just how much the room smelled like sweat and sex. I could hear other people going at it. From behind me I heard Joanne moaning. And lots others too, I just didn't know who."

"And as Jason pushed his prick into my mouth, as my nose started to hit his pubic hair, I felt Natalie lift my backside up, so I was on all fours, and then someone pushed their prick inside my pussy from behind. And everything sort of melted away. I felt like I was on fire. When he started pounding me, I felt the sweat fly off the ends of my hair as it flew in every direction. I was a little worried that I wouldn't be able to take Jason's member without chocking, but I'd totally forgotten about that, and now my lips were touching his body and I didn't mind at all. It wasn't difficult. Everything seemed easy."

"But the more normal things seemed, the more they seemed strange. I mean, just like giving a BJ, when you're doing fucking, the guy's supposed to pull out and you're supposed to fall into bed and call it a night right? So it was odd when whoever it was that was fucking me, I still don't know who got me first, pulled out and someone shoved themselves in right behind them."

"I don't remember how many pricks I fucked that night, but it was one after another, maybe a half-dozen, maybe more. And still, the guys were lining up to have themselves sucked. At some point Ollie came toward me and I could taste Evanna all over him. Not that he was the only one. I tasted a lot of pricks with girls on them, god only knows who."

"It just went on and on all night. But I remember noticing specifically when Tom walked up, in part because his cock was so big, probably 8 or 9 inches. And I licked it up and down for a bit, making his balls wet too, which I'd never done. Then I noticed a pair of pale freckled arms reach around from back of him and start to jerk him. I smiled 'cause I knew exactly what was going on and I opened my mouth for him."

"I should mention at this point I'd already swallowed a lot of cum, Rupert's, Dom's, Warwick's, Daniel's twice, and on and on. So I was ready for him. But I was a little annoyed when he didn't seem to be ready for me. So I turned my head to the left and started sucking off someone else, I don't even remember who. But before I could turn back to check on him I felt his cum hit me, smack right on the side of the face. I turned to give him a dirty look. I mean, as wild as I was being that night, I felt like it still didn't make me a porno star or anything. Looking back I realize it wasn't a big deal, but I was emotional at the time."

"But my anger went away quickly when I saw Bonnie step out from behind him. She looked beautiful naked, pale, covered in freckles, big pink nipples. And she knelled down in front of me and licked Tom's jizz off my cheek. Then she gave me a big kiss and I could taste him in her mouth, and what tasted like another girl, or maybe a couple."

"Finally, before the night was over, I knew I wouldn't get out without getting poked in both ends. It was the last thing I was nervous about. And eventually Alan pulled me up and lifted me up and I wrapped my sweaty legs around him as he slid into me. It felt great, even though I was a little worried that he would drop me. But when Ralph came up behind me, I knew I wouldn't fall, but I also suddenly realized that I was about to finally get it in the bum."

"Which I did. Ralph slowly entered me as I tried to relax, but it was still intense and painful. I leaned in and bit Alan on the shoulder. Right away he tried to pull my off him, pulling my hair back, and I remember looking at him and trying to smile, I was so exhausted. And I think he just noticed my face covered in sweat and spit and smiling and he smiled back."

"I bounced on both those cocks for a while, just waiting to explode. And finally I think it was when Joanne came over and gave me a kiss, and I felt like I could taste everyone in the room on her that I just let it loose and came everywhere and screamed."

Katie Change gazed at Emma, her chest heaving from listening to the whole story, shocked, insanely horny, her mind racing with confused and dirty thoughts. Emma just smiled, proud of her story, proud of her revelation.

"After that," Emma went on, "regular sex just wouldn't do it anymore, you know?"

Katie nodded, still in shock. It was one thing to hear rumors that Emma was secretly slutty, but this was another entirely. "And was that... was that it?"

"I went to a few more parties of Joanne's" Emma said, "Most of them just felt like normal orgies after that." She shrugged. "There were a few memorable ones, like the time we finally got Kelly MacDonald to show up and all she wanted to do was take it in the bum all night, or the time we made Rupert and Bonnie fuck all night and call each other Ron and Ginnie... that was so terrible and hilarious."

"But I mean," Katie went on, "Was that first time, the wildest thing you've ever done?"

Emma smirked. "What, you mean the innocent little orgy I just told you about? No... not even close."

(to be continued)

***the prior story is a work of fiction, it is not meant to be taken as fact.
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