Valentines Day (paid up fuck fest)

Samantha was a slut, not just your average slut, but a whore like no other, known around town as "the bus" because anyone could get on and take a ride, this was a special kind of slut. Jake liked that about her, in fact, it was what he liked best about her. When Jake and Sam started to see each other they made a deal, she could fuck other people, and lots of them, but only when Jake told her to, she was his, his slave and his fuck whore.

Jake would make her pick up girls in clubs, take her to parties and make her strip naked in front of everyone. He would invite guys round so she could suck their dicks or he would even lend her to friends for a night. Soon Jake hatched a plan, one to truly exploit his toy, show what a slut she really was, and best of all she wouldn't even know.

It was Jake and Samantha's first Valentines day, having been together nearly 6 months Jake wanted to make it an extra special day. So he began to enact his plan. He gave Sam some Valentines gifts: a new tiny miniskirt, stockings suspenders and heels, but in the box of gifts she also found an ipod, assorted sex toys a blindfold, handcuffs and some rope.

Jake began to get Samantha d***k, all while hiding the fact he wasn't drinking himself. plying Sam with drink after drink, his plan worked into action. She was ecstatic with her presents. getting dressed into her new get up and trying out the toys, she was a very happy, and very horny girl. After a bottle of wine and her fair share of vodka cokes she was begging to be fucked. Little did she know what a fucking she would get.

Everything was perfect, Samantha was dripping wet and very d***k so Jake struck. Making Sam put the ipod headphones in her ears and blindfold on, he handcuffed her hands behind her back, and tied her to a table in the living room. after he had toyed her a while, fucked her face and spat in her mouth he stopped. Grabbing his phone he sent a text, "Its ready".

There was a knock at the door, as Jake answered his eyes fell upon 9, very large, very strong, black men. A wide smile swept across his face, "excellent" he thought. As each man crossed the threshold they handed him 20 dollars, Jake thanked them and pocketed the cash.

"ok, there's only a couple of rules, First, only one at a time, we don't want her to know whats going on" he said as they walked into the room to the waiting fuck hole. "second" he continued "don't cum inside her, that will give the game away, cum into this" he held up a pint glass and put it on the table next to Samantha. "lastly, i would appreciate it if you would film each other fucking her, take pictures of it etc, but then please transfer a copy to me before you leave. you can keep the recordings you make, that's all included in the price" Jake's smile deepened and he began to laugh.

By now Samantha was pleading for sex, thinking only Jake was in the room she shouted "im your whore!" and "use me, use my ass as your dirty fuck hole", "please" she screamed "fuck me!". And fucked she got. Music blaring loudly in her ears, she had no way of knowing what was happening to her, or indeed, what was to come.

The first guy got straight to work, pouring lube over her, he stood up, and slammed his dick hard into her cunt. pounding away harder and faster as she screamed louder and louder. Each man took it in turns, fucking her ass and pussy as hard as he could. Some used toys, some choked her on their dicks, some spanked her. Tanning her cheeks and her twat. The onlookers filmed and took photographs, shouting encouragement or simple abuse at the whore they had all paid to fuck.

After a couple of hours Samantha passed out, partly from the drink, but mainly because Jake had stopped the fucking to make her drink some shots, and laced them with a roofy. She gradually faded out after a particularly fierce orgasm. Jake saw this as no reason to stop. Her pleasure wasn't the point here, degrading the slut was. In fact, it seemed somewhat better to him now that she was u*********s.

Soon the dares began. What started as putting the neck of a bottle in her pussy soon turned into a competition, who could find the most obscure object to stick inside the fuck hole?
Golf balls, a pool que and beer bottles became fruit, lighters, a set of keys and even some loose change. Jake let them hunt around the house for anything they could find that would fit.

One found Samantha's thong drawer and the next 10 minutes was spent finding out how many of her tiny little thongs they could stuff inside her now gaping pussy.
Another produced his old nokia 3310, and struck with a fantastic idea, he pushed it into her pussy and got one of the other guys to ring it. "fuck her in the ass while he rings you" Jake laughed. And so he did.

The fruit round followed, g****s, bananas, strawberrys and a after a bit of effort, an apple, all found their way into her stretched asshole. One guy took the time to peel a lemon, f***ed it up her pussy and rammed at it with a wooden spoon he had found. "i bet that would really sting, if she was conscious" Jake remarked to a large man who was holding a tray of ice-cubes. "this will help" he replied as he slotted the cubes one by one into her.

As Samantha was well and truly out cold, they untied her, took off the headphones and even the blind fold. "forget rule one" Jake said as he dragged her to the sofa. The guys took turns, fucking her 3 at a time as Jake filmed it. They were rough, slapping her tits, pussy and ass until Jake caught their attention, "you can slap her face too you know". And things got rougher. Double anal was the obvious next move.

The party went well into the night, but eventually, everyone was spent. They did their last acts by dragging Sam into the bath and hosing her down. Jake tided up and put her to bed.

As Jake collated all the videos and pictures an idea hit him, he would start a website. He could do these parties every few weeks and sell the footage, he would make a fortune, and best of all, she would have no idea.

The next morning Samantha woke up to Jake bringing her breakfast in bed. "omelet?" he said smiling. As she wolfed it down a twinkle flashed in his eye, he wouldn't tell her the omelet had over half a pint of cum in it from 9 black guys Samantha had never met. "How was last night for you Sam?" asked Jake, "It was amazing!" she exclaimed "im sorry i passed out, i think i drank too much". Jake suppressed a laugh "oh its ok" he said "as long as you enjoyed it, that's what counts".

"oh yes!" she nearly shouted "we can do THAT anytime you want to baby". "excellent" Jake replied with a wink. "next time ill get double the guys" he thought.

The End

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2 years ago
2 years ago
Loved the story
2 years ago
that piece sounds good ^^
2 years ago
Thanks for the input, and thanks for reading. ok here is an excerpt from the second draft. im going through it piece by piece fleshing out and adding detail.

"There was a knock at the door, as Jake answered his eyes fell upon 9, very large, very strong looking, black men. "We are here for the party" the voice came from the largest of the men, almost as wide as he was tall.. The rest were only slightly smaller than the first and all wore gang clothing and tattoos. "I brought a couple of friends with me" the largest man said as he smiled a wide, golden toothed smile "I hope its not going to be a problem" he winked. "not at all D" Jake replied clasping the mans hand "in fact, this is perfect, this is absolutely perfect" he paused "the more the merrier" his eyes darkened as excitement rose in his chest. He had hoped something like this might happen. D started to speak "so is it the same rate for all of us, or do we get a group discount?" "what we're you thinking" said Jake, "shall we say half each? Cant see a brother without!" the large men all nodded their approval. Jake had only made a deal for two men to come and fuck Samantha, thinking to start small for the first of his parties. But this was better, this was much, much better. As each man crossed the threshold they handed him 20 dollars, Jake thanked them and pocketed the cash."
2 years ago
i liked the story alot, it would be much hotter in my eyes if she was the faithfull girl, you could in a future chapter after the girl had lots of these parties find out about the site where jake puts the footage,

about ur second questions, preferably a mix of the 2 but if i had to choose one i would pick the things they do to her
2 years ago
This is only a rough draft and my first attempt. I will be re-writing the story to fluff out and further explore the themes. I do have a few questions for the community for use as feedback and for the next draft

1) I am thinking of re-writing this story with Samantha as a rich faithful girl who although likes kinky sex would never fuck anyone else or do anything public. This would allow me to open up the story for later sequels where Jake gets people to fuck her and she never knows she's ever slept with anyone else. What do you think? Would that be better?

2) I want to flesh the story out, but dont want to make it too long. Should I focus more on the things they do to her while she's tied up? Or her response and the way she reacts to things before she passes out?

Thank you for reading. Any and all comments will be appreciated.