the clothing store encounter

I often went to buy dress pants from a local clothing store in my home town. I had a wonderful experience with the younger clerk that I would like to share. I needed a pair of slacks for an upcoming wedding. I had tried on a pair of tan dress pants that I thought I would like. The young thirty something lady who does the measurements was doing the cuffs. when she suddenly ran her hand up my leg and touched the shaft of my cock. She told me that I should perhaps get some pants that were not as tight. I have a rather large cock and it was straining the pants I had chosen.

she made a point of running her hand up and down my cock to make the point. She said " I will give you some pants that are not as revealing." She came back with a couple of pairs that thought might be better for me. I tried on the pants and she pointed out that that might be better as it would not cause such a stir. She laughed and flashed me a smile. When she had finished with the cuff she made a point of running her hand up and down my shaft again.
It felt so nice to have her touch my my member as I am 70 years old and my wife no longer wants sex. I told here that it is much better hard, and if she would like to see for her self I would get it ready for her in the change room. she was quite excited at the prospect and told me she would love to see.

I wend back and stoked myself till I was hard. she poked her head through the curtain made the comment at how big I was. she moved her head down to my cock and put her mouth on my cock. I stroked her mouth a few strokes when her boss called her away from the front to do the something . I stayed back waiting hoping she would come back and relieve my ragging hard cock. When she did not come back I finally had to step out to pay for the pants.

she smiled at me when she saw me in the till line up. There were only two people left in the store me and a lady in front of me. when I was only one left in the store she went over and locked the door. She told me that she was sorry she never came back, her boss had to leave for the day and she had to mind the store. However if I would like to finish what we started she would be glad to do so. I said I would be more that happy to do so. We went back to the change room and she went down on her knees tore into my zipper of my pants. I was so horny from being denied before I became rock hard. She wend down on me hand ran her tongue up and down my shaft with such vigor. I could not hold back and blew my load into her mouth. It had been a while and the cum was plenty. it ran out of her mouth and down her chin. I told her I was sorry that I could not hold back. She said that,s ok I wanted you to cum.
She told me that she had enjoyed it and wanted to meet again sometime to take it to the next level. I agreed but that.s another story.
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very good