A story of Humans and Orcs

Adrian had been walking in the barrens for days now.

Exhausted, thirsty and hungry, the blazing sun above didn't exactly help.
Everything went to shit, he shouldn't have went on a mission to find high-prince Valinar in the first place.

His friends, dead. His mount, stolen. Those centaurs put up a good fight.
Wielding their majestic axes, swords and bows, the Lion Vanguard had no chance.

In the distance, he spotted something green, something lush, an oasis.
"Finally!" he thought.

Nothing could bring his squad back, but the rest of his problems, solved in a matter of minutes,
With his sword sheathed he walked towards the oasis.

Every step he took felt like minutes, hours, days. It took him forever.
As he got closer to the oasis, he saw an orcish wolfrider in the distance, heading towards it aswell.

If it is bl**d he has to shed in order for him to get some fruit and fresh water, then so be it.

As he reached the abundant place, Adrian decided to take a look through the bushes to see if the orcish threat was there.
And it was.
The orc dismounted, wolf dissolved into mist and smoke.
That's when Adrian spotted something, the orc was infact female.

He jumped into the bushes again, curious and afraid of being spotted.
There is no honor in killing women, but this is different, she is an orc.

Adrian decided to wait for her to turn around, make sure that she is completely unprepared for the backstab.
A quick merciless death, nobody will notice, she won't notice.

That's when it happened.

She had unbuttoned her chest armor, removing the torso piece throwing it to the ground.
Adrian felt a spike of curiosity and excitement, completely stunned by the fine orc's majestic breasts.

He had never thought about it before. Green large semi-sweaty green-tinted boobs.
The piercings on her nipples almost made him hard.
He was fairly attracted to her, as thoughts started spinning in his head of hot action.
"I can't think of her like that." he thought.

Men got exiled for having sexual intercourse with their orcish enemy.
He froze.

The orcish woman had removed her armored pants putting them on the ground.
She took a look around before removing her brown leather panties.

My God, what a magnificent body.
A thick, bubbly and round green ass with the mark of the horde on it.

She put her right food in the water, and as she got more
comfortable she went in for a dive.
Now was his chance, take her weapon that she put aside, she is completely defenseless.

He got out of the bushes, and started moving towards her gear.
As she merged from the water, she saw him.

"Fuck!" Adrian exclaimed.

What was he supposed to do now? He could just kill her, she is in open shallow water unarmed and far away from help.
He started moving towards her, sword unsheathed.

She stumbled, trying to get to her sword and armor, almost crawling on her four.
He was going to kill her.

As she reached for her blade, a foot stepped on it.
He looked down at her, raising his blade that he now held with his both hands.

This was murder.

The orcish female shut her eyes, her death was inevitable.

But... instead she felt a hand on her head.

The man looked down at her and spoke the common tongue, which she did not understand.
Only the mightiest of orcs knew how to speak common.

Adrian changed his mind.
He could not simply kill an unarmed (and sexy) orcish woman, he found no honor in it.

The man took his foot off from the blade, almost giving it to her.
She picked it up and put it to his throat.
This was Adrian's biggest mistake.

She got all up in his face growling, looking mad.
He certainly changed his mind about giving her the sharp blade back.

He looked her into the eyes, trying to signal that everything is okay.

Her ferocious expression faded, as she got closer to him with her lips.
They started kissing, violently. The orc certainly knew what she was doing.
Her orcish tongue against his human one, felt like fireworks in his mouth.

He was getting hard, his wildest fantasies fullfilled.
The orcish woman, stronger than she looked pushed Adrian to the ground and got on top of him, slowly grinding her exposed green vagina to his semi-erect penis.

She could feel the bump in his leather pants, as she got wet and her nipples started poking wildly like a quilboar in heat.
Her breasts against his chest, the constant grinding, gathering more and more friction feeling warmer.

He was already about to burst, he had not had sex for as long as he can remember.
The orc was certainly more savage than the humans were, that's for sure though.

She started grinding faster, faster and faster.
He started hearing loud moans in beneath their kissing breaks.

It was time to unleash fucking hell up in this bitch.
He tossed her away, standing up and started removing his armor.
It was removed in a second, revealing his huge human cock.

It was already erect, and the orc pounced at his dick, starting to lick it like a maniac.
This girl clearly has a thing for cock.

Her green head moving up and down, tongue more agile and flexible than a rogue in battle.
Adrian held back on cumming, he could not blow just yet, they haven't even started!
But damn it was hard, the hottest humanoid he had ever seen was licking his dick.

She stopped licking it for a moment, studying it, she proceeded to suck it, deeper and deeper with every head-thrust.
The sound of saliva and severe choking made him burst in her mouth.

Surprisingly, she swallowed the load.
A huge fucking load, gathered for days or maybe even weeks.

With a little cum dripping from her lips, she smiled at him and pointed to the small cave behind them.

Adrian hadn't even paid any attention to it before, he was just too preoccupied with the stunning orc, her breasts and wet green vagina.
As he realized that it was getting dark, he kissed her on head, picking up his armor, sword and some of her gear.
She did the same, she picked up her bag, sword and some other pieces of armor, and they both went inside.

She gave him a waterskin and fruit, as he had forgotten that he was both hungry and thirsty when he first saw her he took it almost instantly from her hands with a smile.
He ate the delicious fruit, drank the water, and pulled some flint and tinder from his pocket, followed by gathering up some dry wood and stones from nearby.
He started a fire inside the cozy cave, because deserts tend to be very warm during the days and very cold during the night.
Adrian laid down on the small bed of hay that she had in her backpack, as she joined him.

They both were naked with just a pelt over them, relaxing, looking at the fire in the cold desert night.
She said something in orcish, as she brushed up really close against him, her ass to his penis.

This was the best day of his life, and it was just going to get better from here on.
He held his arm over her, protectively as he closed his eyes for a good nights sl**p.

They lived happily ever after and fucked alot, the end.
Let me know if you want more detailed fuckscenes, other races involved or if you want me to continue on this story.

Also since english isn't my first language, let me know if you found typo'es.
Thanks for reading!

Inspired by Orcgasmic.

By: Saint-lucious.

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1 year ago
very hot please continue
1 year ago
Pretty hot,how about a Tauren being over-powered by some Gnomes/Dwarves?