the first time I actually took my wife

This is a true and accurate account of the time about five years ago when I ****d my wife. It occurred during a weekend. Sally had been retired from the US Navy less than three months and had just gotten her real estate license. Ah, but first some information on Sally. She is 4’11”, sexy as all hell (at least to me) and she had the best 42ds that I’ve ever seen actually. One of the finer qualities I like about her is once she starts drinking, she wont basically come out and flirt with others but she sure does get loosened up and can get quite wild. I enjoy sharing her with others whenever she passes out, seems that’s the only way to get her done.

Anyway – Sally had sold a few homes on the island (Padre Island, TX) but she had one large expensive home that just wasn’t getting any buyers or lookers at all. She decided it was time to have an open house and see if that would work for her.

As I sat in the early morning in our dining room wondering what I would be doing for the day, Sally walks in. She was dressed like, well I don’t know how to describe it. She was simply stunning in her black loose fitting skirt, which went a little bit further up her legs than normal. But I never said anything about this, I love looking at her thighs and just hope others get to see the view also. Sally was also wearing a button up white blouse that to me looked like it was a size to small, her breasts appeared like they would pop those buttons off at any given time. I loved that white blouse, seemed she always wore one of those bra’s with all the designs on it, and with this white blouse of her’s, her bra was definitely viewable. She was also wearing panty hose and she is the kind of fem who will not wear panties underneath them. To top it all off Sally was wearing a pair of, well they are not really high heels but they gave her about two more inches to her height. She was sexy looking I tell you.

As she stopped at our counter and fixed a quick cup of coffee, I couldn’t help but walk up behind her and play with that ass of hers. “Stop it”, she tells me, “I have to go to an open house this morning. Or did you already forget?”. Bitch, I’m thinking under my breath. She turns to walk to our garage and the strap on her shoe comes loose. Sally bends over in a not so female way to fix her shoe strap and I’m staring at that nice ass of her’s covered with those light colored brown panty hose. Damn, was my first thought. The skirt came up further than I expected. Lovely.

As she walks out the door I’m wishing her good luck. I walk her to her car and open the door for her to get in. As I am there at her window watching her start the car and put on her seat belt, I reach in and quickly flick her breasts (she hates that but I wanted to get them nipples big and hard). “Stop it,” she yells, “you know I hate that”. But what she didn’t realize was that in my rubbing her nipples I had actually unbuttoned one button of her blouse which exposed her nice cleavage. That was my goal. I bent in and gave her a kiss telling her good luck. I watched her drive away then.

Back in the house while I’m sitting there drinking coffee a wicked thought comes to me. I figure she has a good fifteen minute head start, I jumped into my large white Chevy van and head to her open house. I knew where it was since I had driven her there the day before to leave some paper work off to the seller to sign. Fuck it, I tell myself, the lil bitch is going to pay for it now. I just felt evil.

I parked about one block away from her open house and just walk towards her house for sale. This was one ritzy neighborhood. Nice manicured lawns and all else. There was no one out in their massive front yards. Not a single person. As I turn the corner to Sally’s home for sale I wondered how I might explain to her, if she saw me, what was I doing there. I had best come up with something I thought. I reached the open front door and peered inside. Damn, this house was so nice and large. My heart was beating a bit fast and I thought it would give me away, lol. But I didn’t hear Sally at all.

I walk in about ten feet and then I can hear Sally’s steps coming towards me from another area of the house. Quickly I walked into the hallway silently and went into the first bedroom that I came to. Hide was my reaction but where? I saw there was a closet door about five feet away from this large ass bed and that is where I went. Just as I slowly closed it, Sally’s footsteps came to a stop in the bedroom doorway. I froze where I was. It seemed like a lifetime but I once again hear her footsteps leaving the bedroom. It was then that I turned on the close light. Now this was some kind of a large walk in closet. It was much bigger than our master bedroom, so it seemed.

What was I going to do now? I didn’t bring anything with me to tie her up with. Yes, that’s right I was going to fuck and **** my wife this morning at her open house event. When I thought about it and all the circumstances I got rock hard. Looking over the closet I grabbed a satin pillow case and tried various knots, wondering how I could use it. Well I guess I would have to play it by ear. I stuffed one pillow case inside the other and decided it would do. Then how would I get Sally back into the bedroom and surprise her? Opening the closet door to peak out, I knew what I had to do. I picked up the lamp on the night stand and tossed it down and quickly got into the closet. It made a lot of noise, funny thing was it didn’t break. As soon as I got in the closet, I heard Sally’s footsteps hurrying towards the room. I could see her stop in the doorway though the small slot of the open closet door. And then it happened.

Sally walks right over to where the lamp was on the floor and says out loud, “now how did that happen?”, like someone was going to hear her!! Sally bends over and shows me that lovely ass of hers again as she picks up the lamp. She places it on the night stand and with her back towards me still I spring out with the pillow case in my hands. Sally was shocked and surprised, scared. Good I thought as I struggled pulling the case over her head. I didn’t want her to see that it was me. I pulled it tight against her face and knotted it up around her neck chocking her as I spun her towards the bed.

Sally’s hands went up to her neck trying to remove my hands and the vice grip I had on her. I wanted to talk and say something but I held my piece. I didn’t want her to know who was doing this to her. I felt my cock grow larger then. I pushed her down onto the bed and f***efully slapped the back of her head several times. As I bent Sally over the edge of the bed, she felt my hardness press against her ass. You have to remember that due to Sally being 4’11” when she is laying like this on a bed her feet do not touch the floor. I was between her legs as she tried to kick out at me. Too late I wanted to tell her as I tightened the pillow case around her neck. Her hands were still trying to work on the problem which was her being chocked. Thank goodness for that or I would really have had a hand full of trouble.

A few more f***efull slaps again to the back of her head as I help her down. With one free hand I started raising up her loose fitting skirt. I now had her skirt pulled up to her lovely hips as I ran my hand up her ass. I was staring at some very nice ass folks. I let loose of the pillow case around her neck and quickly started pulling with both hands on her panty hose trying to tear them open. I didn’t realize my own strength. Tugging and pulling we both begin to hear that sound of something being ripped.

I pulled and tugged harder and more rapidly. Once it started her panty hose were ripped wide open exposing her perfectly. Sally was now wide open. That nice brown Mexican ass was there for the taking and she knew it. She started struggling again, trying to remove the pillow case from her head. Hmm, I wonder now why she hadn’t been screaming? Pure fright! Too scared to scream. A few more slaps to the back of her head while I grabbed her wrists and held them behind her, then some ass whipping. Sally was now trembling, literally shaking.

Looks like I turned those ass cheeks red I’m telling myself, well while I’m at it here’s some more slaps to the back of your head. Holding her arms down I reached for my pants. Although you could hear my rapid breathing there was no mistake of the sound of a zipper coming down. My jeans fall to my feet and Sally really started trembling, shaking wildly trying to get free, she felt my jeans slide past her ankles as I tugged them down.

I think I outdid myself, my cock was so huge even I was amazed. I was really getting off on this. With one hand grabbing my cock and the other her hip I f***ed my cock between her legs. She tried to climb up further on the bed to get away. Another hit stopped that move. All Sally’s movement did was line up the shot! I f***ed my cock inside of her dry cunt and held her like that so she could feel my large cock was penetrating deep inside of her. When she moved I thrust further into her and gave her another slap to the back of her head. Will she ever learn?

I could feel Sally’s whole body trembling and shaking, it was turning me even more. She was turning her head from side to side in panic and despair. I sure wished I could have said things to her like “bitch you like this don’t you. Say you like it bitch” but I couldn’t say a word. I was tired of this shit with her and I buried my cock deep inside of that sweet pussy of hers, I heard her grasping at the pain. I grabbed her hips and started fucking her. I was bouncing this bitch wife of mine up and down f***efully on the bed as I fucked her, lifting up her head until it felt like it would snap. Her hands no longer reached for the pillow case covering her head and neck. And if it happened to have come off then, I didn’t care, I loved what I was doing to her.

I was driving into her fast and furious. It was all about the power over her as she continued to shake her head from side to side. And then I heard her voice. She gathered her strength and you could hear the small mumblings of “no no no not like this. No no no please don’t hurt me”. Did she ever scream for help? Not once! I think she was in way too much in shock that this was actually happening to her. The more she talked and pleaded the worst it got with my thrusting into her. There must be something about women, they know when you are ready to shoot your load into them. Sally tensed up and that did the trick for me. I shot my load deep into her and with every thrust another round of cum would shoot deep into that mice pussy of hers as I hold onto her hips. Sally sort of just laid there, like she was saying “hurry up and get it over with” “just finish fucking me”, “I’m all yours”.

I didn’t try pulling out at first. I continued with a few more deep penetrating thrusts into her as I slapped her ass. Just to get the point to her. You’ve been ****d bitch and it was real fun for me. Sally laid there in her used and abused state as I slowly bent down and pulled up my jeans. She was totally spent, fearful of what else might happen, she just laid there. I back away, took one last look at her and left. I didn’t hurry or make a scene. It was just a normal walk back to my van. I was surprised no one had walked into the house during this event. I turned my van around in the street and went home. I was there a good thirty minutes ahead of her return. She walked in and didn’t look at me. I saw that her makeup was running and that her panty hose were torn, lol, one leg of her panty hose was down to her ankle. She walked quickly away from me, hiding herself. I said to her, “well how did the open house go?”

Feeling bad at myself (NOT) I walked into our bedroom maybe five minutes later and Sally was in the shower. She didn’t see me so I walked back into the dining room again acting like nothing was up. I do have to say that for the next three to four weeks we fucked daily and she was asking for the cock.She just couldn’t get enough cock. I suppose had there been another man around he could have very easily joined in and she wouldn’t have said one thing about it but accepted it as that’s the way its supposed to be. Damn my loss for not having another man around. No problem I still do the pour the wife extra strong margaritas and when she passes out and she will its party time.

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2 years ago
There's more than one way to skin "a cat", even if it happens to be "the wife".

The forced sex on her by an "unknown" attacker sure seems to have solved the marital problems with the little wife at home.
2 years ago
very interesting!! Please continue !!
2 years ago
so good i loved it
2 years ago
very good