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A trip to the burlesque show

So, by this point in life I've been taken from behind from a man who was the boyfriend to the hot ass chick I wanted to sink my self into. Of course, I did, and he did, in fact we all did and it turns out I like all of it including incoming and outgoing.

So, on one of my many d***ken stints to find sex I found myself at the only club for men in a town I lived in at one point. This type of thing wasn't really allowed on the outside but since it was a college town I guess it was ok.

Immediately, as I was having a jager shot at the bar, a normal everyday asked me what I was doing here. He was a decent looking guy and I wasn't really attracted to guys, so I made small talk and we went on our ways. Soon the show started, and oh my. Girls with dicks danced upon the stage, and I found my d***ken ass in the back of the crowd trying to take it all in. It was like a fantasy.

I made eye contact with a hot ass sexy black chick, slash man, who danced for me and everyone else in the club. Soon her show was over and she came to find me. It worked, she did, I agreed, yada yada yada, and I found my d***k ass driving her to her apartment. Not sure what happened from point a to point b, but I know I had a tie on and I know she had a huge cock. She took my tie off, wrapped it around my neck and stuck all of that beautiful dick in my mouth. She was in amazing shape and I soon found myself bent over a sink, with her rubbing my hole with lotion and thrusting that cock inside of me. I know it was big, but it felt so great. She put the head of it in me at first and it didn't exactly fit, so she worked it slowly.

Next thing I knew I had big balls slapping my balls as I took the entire cock deep in me with no pain at all, only pleasure. That was a wonderful fucking experience as I came hard with her cock burried deep in my ass. No stroking involved. She literally fucked me in such a way that I came. Wow, hasn't happened since.

What a beautiful dick inside of me. What a beautiful woman with such a beautiful dick. I never thought I'd hear myself say that.
Posted by sailboat78 2 years ago
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