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A trip to the burlesque show

So, by this point in life I've been taken from behind from a man who was the boyfriend to the hot ass chick I wanted to sink my self into. Of course, I did, and he did, in fact we all did and it turns out I like all of it including incoming and outgoing.

So, on one of my many d***ken stints to find sex I found myself at the only club for men in a town I lived in at one point. This type of thing wasn't really allowed on the outside but since it was a college town I guess it was ok.

Immediately, as I was having a jager shot at the bar, a normal everyday asked me what I was doing here... Continue»
Posted by sailboat78 2 years ago

[Story] First Time With A Guy

And I'm not even that gay.

So, I'm 26, I make pretty good money and I live in a town that has very little to do for us single guys other than drinking and d**gging. I got caught up. I made a bit of money and had free time, all proving to be a bad combination for a single guy in a town filled with horses and retired couples.

On a very normal day with very normal weather at my very normal job, a sales representative came to my office. She was absolutely smoking hot. Her tits might as well have been in my face from the moment she walked in. They were perfect. She had a slutty smil... Continue»
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My fist bi stint

So, i thought I was going to fuck a beautiful woman, twice the age of me, and I was 28. She was smoking hot, great tits which were not covered, but her ass and pussy were. She was ultimately classy, and I could smell her and taste her without ever taking her in my mouth.

Suddenly, she took me by my cock, rubbed it and put it in her mouth, she sucked me for a while and told me: "now my man will take you"

I had no time to gripe, no time to say no, i only found her man with his massive cock rubbing me within my ass cheecks. She continued to suck me, and I spread my legs. I had never b... Continue»
Posted by sailboat78 2 years ago