Hi I am Sahil Singh ( years old and living in Delhi. I am telling you my real incident with a cuckold husband which is happened February 2010. My English is little poor please adjust and forgive me. Let me introduce the my boss 38 years (Mr. Sushil) and his wife (Neha), Neha is much younger than her husband she is 31 years. She is beautiful and god fill her curves and parts accurate and exactly. And she have an attractive figure, any men who see her once, he wish to see once again. Her height is 5 feet and 3 inches and her figure is as a model.

I joined a Pvt. company in September 09 as Assistant Engineer. And my boss name is Mr. Sushil. And I have to work under him; He is a normal looking boss and very angry man. Everyone afraid from him. So I started work from them and I got my first assignment which I completed on time. And I get the appreciate. Now I am doing 2nd assignments. Now we talk regularly and some time I pass joke he got angry and I just smile and pass from there. He have a spy called IQ(nick name), he is peon and the peon tell everything to the boss. I never talk about or share what had been happened in cabin it is good or bad.

One day its December’s Friday my boss call me at 5 pm and I think ( aaj to watt lag gayi kyonki mujhe laga raat bhar kaam karma padega or yeah lagi sat and sun ki watt) I am started praying to god and please help me. And I entered his cabin and he smiled and asked to sit, and he asked me what your tomorrow program is. I said nothing (and praying to god please kaal koi kaam mat bata dena). He smiled and said its personal work can u help me. I said if this is in my limit I will help you. He said Sahil com-ming Sunday is my wife birthday and I have to buy some gift for her can u help me to choose some gift, do you know any good place where I purchased some gift.

I said, yes sure. He said, ok I will pick up you from near at your house bus stand and I will be there at 10 am. I said, sir there was a problem at 10 am. At this time mall are start to open and some mall are closed and the after afternoon is better time. He agreed and at decided time we reached the mall and buy a diamond ring of my choice and when we are on way to home he thanked me and i****t me to come on Sunday at their house for dinner. He gave me the address and drop me near my house and I ask him to come my house and take tea and than go she said no thanks.

Sunday I am preparing myself to go his house and I wear formal wear. I reached her house at 8:00 pm I rang the door bell, he open the door and welcome me. And ask me to sit on sofa. I obeyed and he took two glasses and whiskey for us and I said sir I don’t drink. He said no problem and he took soft drink for me and we toes our glass and started drinking and mean while his wife come and my boss introduce to her and said he suggested the ring for you, she thank me (wow iski biwi to maal hai, isko zarror chodunga – she wear skin tight jeans and skin tight top) and

I stood up and wish her birthday and give her artificial necklace set. And asked nobody come for your birthday celebration. She said we not celebrate; we just invite one or two people for the celebration. And said to her hubby don’t drink, he said it’s the time of celebration time and please allow me for today. And I noticed her while she going to the kitchen and turned and smile while entering the kitchen, what a round bump well maintained figure 34 26 34, suck able melon. When I m watching her my boss noticed me and said take your drink ( mujhe kya malum tha ki isne mujhe ise kaam ke liye bulya tha).

She is very talkative and free to talk me and we talk a lot that night wile taking dinner and we didn’t know when the 11:00 pm time come. And I take permission and went from there to my house. My boss offers me to stay here for night go in morning, but politely refused and said I have my conveyance I will go. We are in office next day and boss is as usual as he. I don’t share that I am at boss home yesterday. And he is inviting me every week to get chance to drink because his not allow drink.

I go there for two hours and return back. In between his wife little open with me and more than one month passed. One day he asked me can u repair computer and I said yes. He said go my home immediately and repair my home PC. I went to his house and after one hour I reached her house and ring the door bell his wife opened the door and I said hello madam. And looked her She smile and asked do you repair my computer. I said yes and where the computer. She said take me there bed room and I checked and found ram faulty.

And said the ram is faulty and it has to change and it has to purchase from market. She ok but I will go with you I have to purchase some household item. Ok, But I have bike. She said you can drive my car. I said OK. We back after 2 hour. We talk a lot while driving and purchasing. I placed the ram in 15 min and start the computer it running in mean time she make coffee for both. We both taking coffee in her bed room and I appreciated her clothes what she wear, her bed room and coffee. She smiled and thanks me.

I asked to go for it 4:00 pm and she said why stay here for 5:30 and phone your boss at that time take permission to go home from here. And I am looking to her and she said don’t worry I will not tell my husband. I smiled and relaxed and we started chitchat and talk on many topic including my girlfriend and sex. She is open minded lady and not hesitated to talk on any topic. I see the watch it more than 5:30 I said may I go madam. She said wait I make tea and some snacks for you and then you will go. I waited and after 6:30 pm she relives me.

The weekend comes and at 11:00 am my phone ring it boss phone he said come immediately to my home. I reached within hour and ring the bell the boss is ready for go some were and said my computer is crashed and the all supporting CD is on table please repair my computer. I reached in his bed room madam is changing her dress and I entered and stunned for few second to see her sexy body my cock erected to see this I make up my mind and return back and waiting outside the door. After few second she calls me and I go inside and sit on computer without seeing her and start my work.

After some time I saw her she wear leggings and skin tight t shirt which lining each and every curve of her body. And some movement starts in my short. She makes some breakfast and tea for us. And we take on bed (distance between us is one feet max) and start gossiping and said sir is wasted my Saturday. Immediately she said you will get more. And place a kiss on my lips. I look to her and smiled and I m confused. She said you know I hungry from long time my husband penis is small and he can not satisfied me. He cum within few minutes when start doing sex. And please fill my hungriness.

I said if boss will come he screwed me (but I am planning to fuck her). She said he will not come till evening. And she come near me and hugged. Till I am confused and not reacting. Now she was hot, shameless her brazen. She shouted bastard if you will not do with me than I will charge a case of **** attempt and I m shocked and thinking what to do. I recover my shock and think ( ek taraf kuona and dusari taraf kai, jo hoga dekha jayega moka par chukka maar )

I placed my lips on her lips and we started French kissing our tong play with each other and she closed her eyes. She is feeling our kiss. And I moved my hand on her round shaped melon and I pressing her from the clothes and noticed she didn’t wear the bra and I feel it. After few minutes French kiss break and I removed her t shirt and I stunned to see this type melon and I started sucking melons and pressing one by one and she started moaning like ahahahh ummm ahhhhhhh

And I also cut the tits slightly. When cut her tits she moan loudly ahhhhha ….aaaaaahhhhh
This session go for few minute and mean while she unbuttoned my shirt and removed from my body and both upper part is naked and we are on knee on bed and hugged and tightened my grip she moaned iiiiiiieeeeeee…. And said relive me. I placed my lips on her lips and we started kissing and our tong playing with each other. I moved my hand on her hair and started massaging she moaned ummmmmm…

And after 2-3 minute my hand come on the luscious boobs and started rubbing and pressing that and sometimes presses her tits she moaned uuuuiiii….. and again our lips looked. After few minutes I moved my hand on legging and reached her pussy (cunt, chut). My finger feel her wetness near her pussy. And I inserted my one finger in it and she break the French kiss and started moaning ahahahahha…..uummm…. and hugged me tightly I can understand that is her organism.

She me to fuck her badly like a prostitute she repeats again fuck me. I yes my love I will fuck you like a bitch she smiled and removed her legging. And I remove my pant and underneath. We are naked like a born baby. I jumped on her on bed and I am on top of her my erected cock is between her leg touching her pussy she pressed my cock between her legs. Now the to make some fun I started licking her from her neck. Then moved to her boobs and she hold my cock in her started moving. After some time I reached her navel and start licking her.

Due to my position she can’t touch my cock. And starts moaning like ahahaha…… iunimimmiu mmmmm….. And after few minutes I changed my position. My cock is near her face and her pussy is near my face. And she said no dear don’t do this I can’t handle this. I can’t hear words and started licking her pussy and she abusing me bastard I said I can’t handle this and moving her head left and right due to pleasure after some time she controlled her and I said suck my u will like it. And she obeyed but not doing with passionately.

First she moving with hand and I started licking her passionately she moaned and start sucking my cock first she take some part of my cock but after few seconds she take half of my cock, this will go for 10 to 15 min. we cum in same time. I cum on her boobs and after that rubbed on boobs and it is shining. But my cock is still hard and finding more. Than we stand and hugged and start smooching. My cock touching her pussy and we both excited and we lay on bed. And I asked for condom and she bring it from her pillow were she lay.

My minds run and know she had already planned. And I placed myself between her legs and wrap condom on my cock and star rubbing on her pussy with help my hand and teasing her. Because I slightly pushed and bring it back. She said please don’t do this I will die if not fuck please do it. Doing this 3 -4 times I placed my cock on cunt (pussy) and applied some thrust and my half of cock inserted in her and she screamed ieeeeee.. uiiiiiiimaaaaaaa…… and

I hold myself for few second and again apply more trust and most of the my cock inserted in her pussy due to wetness of her organism. She screamed more loudly from first time. Bustard I am telling do slowly. I said bitch as u wish. She smiled. I think she like abusing while fucking. She said your tool is more thick and large from my hubby. I said really. She said yes my love. My love why you stop fuck me and I start moving in and out slowly and.

She also jerks her hips. She said my love your too good do like this and wait for while your tool make his place. I said my lovely dear I have eye on you first day when I meet you. She I know. You are look and your eyes said to me. So you are here my love. I like you because you don’t drink. And I fast my moving in her pussy she stop talking and start moaning .. my hhh hhhhh h… love hhhhhhhh…. fuck like this …….. Fuck h… hhhhhhh…. Meeeee…. And moaning

Yes my dear I am for you and I love to fuck you and speed up my moment in her pussy and pressing her luscious melons (boobs) She smiled while moaning ahahhhah ……. My loveee….. fuck…. Meeeeee…. And she starts responding me by moving upward her hips with my rhythm of fuck speed. I am yours and you will be mine. I Said yes my I m yours and I speed up my moment and I am full sweet in AC room and my speed in fastest as I am. And my cock is in full erect and moving ¾ in and out. This make her crazy and. She moaning loudly ….. ahahhhahhhh ummmmm….Aahhh…..hhhhhhhh..Ummuuu…….ummm.

She is not talk easily while I am fucking her she said “ my love fuck me like this day and night and I am yours. Insert all your cock in my pussy its yours my love.Yes my lovely dear its mine and have to use for long why I destroy today.She smiled I love you and your tool is amazing, She creamed - "Oooohhh......oooohhh.....My love I not feel like this before where you hidden my love. I love you and always fuck me like this. You are awesome. I a on firre please stop I am burning in it for long tome please stop thie fire she moaned oui maan....ooohhh...oooohhh...

I love youuuuuuuu………...oui I know yours eye on me fuck me eee.eeeeee….....oooohhh.....ooohhh....oooohhh...oui maaan.....oooohhh.....ooohhh....oooohhh...oui maaan I m yours ss. . Fuck me.

This whole fucking session go for 20-25 minutes. She cum once in fucking session. And I am ready to cum and we both discharged simultaneously. And I felt on her and I lay on her for 15 min. after that I removed my shirked cock from her pussy and wipe my cock and dress and went out from room and my eyes open when I saw my boss drinking on sofa I am freeze and my mind is shut down and I can’t handle this situation.

I am freeze on door and madam wear a gown and out and say what happen I see her she haven’t a single worry on her face. She went and sits on sofa and call me and I qm not able to understand what is happening. I go there and sit on sofa and he said. Thanks dear you satisfied my wife. I love my wife. And I saw whole thing which you did with my wife from the door is slightly open. And please don’t discuss this issue in office to anybody. And after hearing his word my breath back.

And she sits with me and we take our drink. I French kissed her wife in front of him after long i****t. He drinks lot and out of his control and sl**p and we done sex one more time. And every alternate Saturday we do enjoy a lot. So if there is any mistake in writing please forgive me. Your suggestion is welcomed. Send me your suggestion on me at And anyone want to fulfill their fantasy will contact me. Thanks for reading my real incident. Has reading this story made you horny? Want to sex chat with real life hot women?
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Lovely story, keep them cumming