Pleasure With Rakes's Wife Suman

Hi, I am Sahil Singh ( 30 years old married man. My height is 5 feet 9 inches and I am average looking person. I am not good in English, so there is any mistake please ignores it. This incident happen when my wife if is pregnant of 5 months and I am very horny because I not fucked my wife from past 5 months. I am getting frustrated due notable do sex. The Story is about our neighbor friend Rakesh’s wife Suman and me, Suman is sex of God and pleasure and she is fair and God gifted huge boobs and nicely shaped ass. She is 37 years old, her height 5 feet 4 inches. I was try to narrate real incident and want to point every point which is happened in our real life. It may be some lengthy story and you know how man mind are they always think about sex and woman body views her boobs and how will be her pussy and I am also same what is in my mind is same as your mind.
Story starts:-
This happened few days later. I am doing some work in my car at my apartment basement parking. Suddenly a Scorpio SUV come and stopped few cars away from me, I noticed and again checking my car. I noticed that SUV engine is start and all windows are covered from sun shade and nothing is viewable in side around 15 min one lady come outside from the SUV and correct her karat and proceed to apartment lift. She passed from nearby me and our eye contact are made and I recognize the lady she Suman, Rakesh’s wife who lives in my floor other apartment. She gave a smile and passed away and the SUV left the place. My mind is still thinking about her she is 5 feet 4 inches , fair lady massive boobs size of 36 d, and what I say about her bump when she walk her ass both side go up and down u can imagine she have vital status is 36-32-36. She normally wears sleeve less dresses like karat, suit, top and etc. all dressed are sleeveless. I completed the all check and I start my car and leave the place. While I am driving my car I thinking about the Incident and flash back in my memory she is my neighbor, she is married and her hubby is in good post in a reputed company. She has two k**s and both k**s are live and study in hostel and only come in summer and winter vacations. She has one maid who take cares of Suman's house.
After this incident we meet her in lift we are proceeding to our flat, I said hello and she also said hello to mean our normal conservations starts because of we are neighbor and good friends. After passing some floors we only two in lift and I managed to ask asked her. What are you doing in SUV that day she blushed and her chick became red and lifts stop and two c***dren enter in the lift and we both quit and reached our floor and I said good bye to her and we went to our flat. Next day is Sunday and I have to drop my wife to their mom's house to take care of her and her inside baby. And she will be there till the birth of the baby and then she will come back. Door bell ring I opened the door Suman and her hubby come at my home to say good bye to my wife, Suman and my wife goes inside and Suman is helping my wife to pack her luggage and me and Mr Rakesh sit in TV room and started chit chatting, when I go inside to take water for all of us. I see in Suman eyes she is little bit scared and her eyes are also saying that please don’t tell that incident to her hubby. And I served water to all off them and her hubby invited me for dinner tonight and after few minutes they left. and that day I dropped my wife at their parents house and return same day at 6 at evening and after some rest, I refreshed up myself and at 8:30 I reached Suman apartments and ring the door bell. After few seconds Suman's hubby Mr. Rakesh opened the door I greeted and we sit on sofa. There I saw a brandy bottle is open and 2 glasses is there and one is full and another Rakesh glass is half empty. He offered me the same and took the glass but didn’t drink. And I asked about her wife Suman he said, she in kitchen helping maid to prepare dinner. After 5-10 min she comes she can’t able to make eye contact with me and greeted her also. Dam what sexy she is looking in yellow sleeveless kurta with red embodied follower and red leggings, I take look her from top to bottom. The maid left the house at 9 pm and we all 3 in dinner table she sit in front of me we start eating our dinner and Rakesh noticed that Suman is little bit nervous. And asked you know Mr. Sahil and why u nervous so much we always do dinner each other’s home in 15 days. We ate our dinner and I left their house at 10 pm.
Next day morning at 8 am door bell ring I opened the door and saw her in same night dress and greeted good morning. She holding the tray one cup tea and toast and she said Rakesh told me that Sahil's wife is not at home please give him tea and toast and from tomorrow he will arrange something for himself. When she saying these words I am looking at her and she is still not able to make eye contact with me. I took the plate and tea cup ask her to come inside she said “she have to go and pack the lunch for Rakesh" and she left the. And I am still locking her back how bouncing their bumps up and down. Same day in evening at 6:30 PM luck by chance we, Suman and I meet in lift we going at our flat, I greeted she also and now she is wear in light blue sleeveless kurta and white color leggings. She is looking gorgeous in that dress. I know that her hubby will come late after 10 PM, so asked her gently would you like to take coffee or tea with me. She thinks and agreed and we reached our floor and Suman said that “I have to guide to maid that what maid made for night dinner and then I will come at your home. I opened my door place my bag and refreshed myself and changed to t-shit and pant and placed 2 cup coffee on gas stove and then ring belled. I opened the door and Suman is at the door, I welcomed her and asked her to comfortable and sit on sofa and in mean time coffee is ready I bring the coffee and some wafers and placed one cup in front of her and take one for. After one sip I asked please take coffee, it made by me and I made coffee very well. Suddenly she asks what you seen that day in parking (actually I haven’t seen anything because glasses are covered from sun shade, so I guessed). I said "one man who sits back side with you, he is kissing you and you responding and you not wear your kurta. And you are in only in bra". she watching me with widely opened eyes and filled with tears and any time there tear will drop from her eyes, to see this I stand up and sit near her and take her hand in mine and told don’t worry I will never tell this to your hubby and be sure that I will never black mail you. Her tears will start running out from her eyes and I put her head on my shoulder and start relaxing her by rubbing shoulder. WOW when I touched her bare shoulder, I feel great what a smooth skin. My hand is slipping her on shoulder like a hot knife on butter. in few minutes she take her breath back and relaxed and said to me " that Rakesh is giving her all the things but not sexually satisfied me, he do intercourse with me once in the moon and normally he is very tired up and when he get into bed he slept in moment and I was very needy for someone who love me. And I don’t want spoil our friendship with her and Rakesh so I didn’t do anything wrong and support as a friend. I supported her and said it’s your life and it’s your choice to how you will enjoy. Suman said I have to go because I have to see maid what she preparing and I let her go. And now I thinking of her how she poor woman what will she does and ETC.
Turning point of Suman and my relation:-
Next day morning at same time door bell ring and now Suman maid is on the door she told me that madam send you this breakfast and I took the try and closed the door. Rakesh and I normally left home almost same time. When I am Locking my house door and turn around I see that the Suman is on her door may be her hubby left few seconds before. I am watching her face she is smiling and looking normal and she can easily making eye contact with me. At the evening I came back at home. And after refreshing I am relaxing on sofa and watching TV. And the door bell ring and I opened the door and Suman is at the door with Tray (in tray two cup and some snacks) I welcomed her and now Suman sit with me and offer me tea and snacks and watching TV. When our half cup empty I asked her how you meet that guy. Suman told me that “he is an owner of ladies garment showroom owner in a mall. We meet in that mall and I normally shopping from their and when some time I have short of money he will come with me to pick money and than our relation begins. And suddenly asked what you are doing these days. I said doing job. Suman said I mean your wife is pregnant of 5 month and know she is not here. Than what you will do. I smiled looked at her face and reply, Suman I will do hand job and satisfy myself. We both smiled. She said, please come tonight for dinner and I accepted and she left. now I reached her house at 10:30 pm and she opened the door her maid left the house and Rakesh is taking their drink on sofa and both welcomed me and we all sit in dining table Suman is sit front of me suddenly I feel that someone touched my leg and I dropped my spoon and see it Suman and she winked at me and know we are playing with each other foots. And we did our dinner. I left the house and at 11:30 my phone ring, it’s my wife call, while I talking to her Suman cell no. flashing in waiting and I told my wife that I am very sl**py, we will tomorrow morning and disconnected the phone in few seconds. Then I call back Suman, Suman pickup the call in first ring,
Phone chat:-
Me:- Hello Suman.
Suman: - your phone is busy. Are you talking to your wife?
Me:- yes Suman, what happen dear. All is right there.
Suman: - sahil, today I am feeling very lonely and my mind is upset.
Me:- Suman if you have any problem, I will try to solve it,
Suman: - Sahil, I told you that here is no one who love me.
Me:- Don’t worry Suman I will take care of you and your needs
Suman: - Hmmm, Sahil so sweet of you. But all man's says same they only want to fuck me no one wants to love me.
Me:- No dear, if I have to fuck you, I will easily black mail you and fuck you.
Suman: - yes you can, but all need sex and nothing, they want to took out their tool and push in it and give some storks. After that they and vomit and they have done there. What about my feelings and desire.
Door bell ring I opened the door Suman is in my front and I welcome and asked to sit on sofa butt she stand on the closed door. I feel that Suman is d***k and now not in her mind. Suman asked why you not black mail me. I replied; because you and Rakesh is my good friend and I don’t want spoil your life by doing black mailing. Suman, Sahil you so much care about us. And she hugged me. And get u*********s, I tried to wake up but she didn’t wake up. And looked at her wow and she looking amazing, Suman wear blue color sleeveless nightly and I feel that she is not wear her bra, her tits was slightly visible. My mind said don’t go away this moment, this moment will never come. I m try to convince myself and by took stone on my heart, I took Suman and go to her flat, her flat door is open, and placed her on sofa, closed the door and return back to my flat and thinking about this moment and slept. Next day morning at same time door bell ring and Suman in same night dress and tray in her and I welcomed her but she handed over the tray and return back with a cute smile. Today when I return home I left door opened after refreshed and sitting on sofa, Suman come with the coffee and snack and closed the door. While she closing the door I noticed her, she wear light yellow kurta and white legging looking hot in this dress. Suman sit very close to me I feel her shoulder on my shoulder. I thanked her we take our tea and I asked to her what happened in last night what are you saying in d***k mode. And took both hand in my hand start rubbing she speech less and looking to me.
I hugged her, she didn’t object and said, dear I love to love you and give all pleasure to you but I don’t want to spoil our life and when my wife will return than it will stop than what will u do. She hugging me tightly and I do the same I feel her breast pressing on my chest. Suman whispered in my ear, she will manage. And we separated and I look into her eyes for a moment. And we hugged again each other. I placed kiss on neck while hugging each other and she turn her head towards my kiss. Now I am playing with Suman hair and rubbing her back and she doing the same. We are silent and feeling each other body and now time to step forward, I managed to move our face and placed kiss on her neck and then on chick and then on lips. I took out my tongue and moving my tongue around her lips and her eyes seeing me to doing this and my cock start erecting. After few minutes doing this she opened her mouth and I place a proper French kiss. Now we are wild and kissing wildly each other and I started pressing her boobs from above the cloth and we forget everything. We are kissing each other and I playing with her boobs and she playing with my cock above from above the pants. After 20 -25 minutes kiss we released each other and she stood up and asked for the condom. I said not now. She said arrange for night and left my flat. I went outside for dinner and buy 2 type of condom 1 chocolate flyover and second one strawberry flavor and some aroma candles. And back to home at 9:30 pm and waiting for her in my flat. While waiting I slept on my sofa and at 11:45 pm my phone rings I wake up, Suman is calling without taking her call I opened the door and Suman is at my door she cut the phone and she come inside and closed the door. She is looking so hot in satin light green sleeveless maxi.
After closing door we hugged each other and I ask her to come with me in bedroom. We enter the bedroom and I lighted 2 candle and switch off all the lights. The room lighted with candle light and I hugged her and feel that she didn’t wear any bra started foreplay with her. Know I am kissing her on left side neck and licking her left ear lobes and she is making pleasure sound lightly. And I placed my right hand on her left boobs and pressing while kissing and licking her ear lobes and I grabbed her hair on my left hand slightly little bit tight. And after few minutes I changed the position while kissing her. I grabbed her hair form right hand and placed my left hand on her right boobs and kissing and licking her right side neck and ear lobes. Her eyes were closed during this. We changed the side 2-3 times after few minutes and she is enjoying her both hand roaming on back. Now I removed my T-shirt and pant and now I am in only underwear and managed her to stand with the support of the wall and know we are kissing each other lips and placed one hand to pressing her boobs and one hand rubbing her pussy above the maxi. her hand is moving on my back and after few minutes she moved one hand and grab my erected cock and now I am managed to lift up her maxi with my both and her one hand is on my back and moving and another was on my cock now. I lifted her maxi and now she is only her black or navy blue panty (cant recognized in candle light). Now we started sucking each other lips and some time I suck her lower and upper lips and sometimes Suman sucks my lips. While sucking each other lips I manned one hand to put her in panty wow she shaved and wet pussy and she also managed to reach inside my underwear. We play this game for another 15-20 min. On the average I suck her lips for long time. We break up our kiss and now I look at her, she is some relaxed and little bit smiling by looking at my face. I took her and placed middle of the bed and asked would you like to suck my cock, she said no, I hate sucking cock. I managed to come in 69 positions. And I open her legs widely. I started licking her pussy and she starts the masturbating my cock with the help of her hand. I started licking her pussy and she started moaning and moving her hand according to moving my tongue in her pussy. When I move fast and slow my tongue in her pussy, according to my reaction she moved her hand fast and slow on my cock. When I managed to push my tongue deep in pussy she moaned loudly and grab my Cock tightly. Some time I cut her pussy lips with help my teeth she raised her bump and moaned little loudly. We do this till we both cummed. I am cummed separately on handkerchief. Now we both took one-1 glass of chilled water. Now I placed myself in between her legs and started sucking her boobs and give my one finger in her mouth and with another hand I am rubbing her pussy. While when I slightly cut her tits she also cuts my finger which is in her mouth. In few seconds my cock in his full erection. Mean while I managed to ask her which flavor condom you like.
Now I took out her choice strawberry flavor condom and put on my Cock and put one pillow in beneath of her back (Bump). Now I placed my cock on her pussy, and slightly opened her pussy with the help of finger. Now on little thrust of mine the half Cock was in her pussy and lilted more thrust all my Cock was in her pussy. And now my both hand her boobs and I started fucking her with slow speed. I almost took out my all cock insert with little thrust when I inserting my cock in her pussy. I press hard her boobs. When I push in my cock in her pussy she moans and turns her face left and right. After few minutes fucking her in this style I increased speed of pumping of my cock in her and same time increased the timing of pressing her boobs. Doing this her moans sound become louder. I managed her to fuck her in same speed for few min and now I increased my speed of pumping her pussy and said to her I will be discharge in another 5 -10 min and all room was filled up with her moans. And after few minutes I give her some big thrust and cummed. And rested on her and give her long deep kiss on her lips. After 2-3 minutes I took out my cock with condom. After removing condom I put all cum on her stomach and boobs and gently massaged. My all cum was absorbed in her body. I take a look on clock its 1:30 am.
And I kissed her on head and then lips and I said to her I want to intercourse with you one more time but I have to go wake up in morning and go to office. She said this is enough for me. And she slept in my arm. And when I wake up in morning she is not with me. I fresh up and see my mobile there is a massage of Suman. She written me a massage around 2:30 am, I think at that time she wake up and left my flat. In massage she written that "the night will never forget and the way of your intercourse is different and inside from you. Your kiss is passionate. I love to do it same with you again and again when we will get the chance. Now I know why your wife is always happy before her pregnancy... .. Thanks for the last night." Till than door bell ring and she sends me the breakfast with their maid. And after that we will manage to do intercourse with her 2-3 times in weak. Until my wife will not return from her delivery. She spent 2-3 hours in evening with me till her hubby comes. We sit on sofa and loud the volume of TV and starts kissing each other and playing with each other private parts. Kissing and sucking each other. Sometimes I took some ice cube and put into polythene and remove her kurta and top, rub the polythene with ice on her back and boobs and almost rub all over her body she enjoy it.
Please give feedback of my real incident. After your feedback I will write down how I managed to do intercourse with her. Please feedback at I will wait for your feedback.

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