Love Making with Girlfriend Sonia

I am Sahil Singh 26 year’s unmarried man with 5 feet 10 inch height and look normal, living in Delhi. Some thing about Sonia, She is 24 years old girl, lives near by my house. Her color is wheatish, sexy figure 38 28 38, her height is around 5 feet and 5 inch, her boobs were tight and always pointed, very round ass. We are working in some company.

This start on when I join a new company in Gurgoan. It is a MNC company. It provides bus service to all staff. But I go office with my own bike. Because to take bus I have to wake up one hour early, so I used my own bike. I see this girl Sonia, looks simple with no make on face, a simple watch on right hand. I like the girl. And started enquiry about this girl from my co employee, they told me that, her name is Sonia and don’t think about him she is simple girl and working here more than year and she have no boy friend. And I started eye on her. Day by day I attracts towards her. 10 days passed to see her and I said to myself don’t think do something. (karam kiya ja faal ki ikcha maat kar)

I stopped going from bike and started bus which is provided by company. Day one, I reached at bus stop she is standing there, I ignored the Sonia like we are stranger, bus comes after few minutes we went in the bus she got the seat on front side and I have to go on back side. We reached the company and said to her while we are entering in the company. You work for this company; she moved her head in yes manner and go inside in her department. When going back we get in same bus and but she is already in the bus when I am getting in and see her I get little smile on my face and seeing her I moved my head that I m saying hello to her she moved her face to the window.

Day 2, I reached the bus stop she is already there, and again I moved my head that I m saying hello to her. And I can’t any response from her. And I go near to her and said I am Ashvini we are working in same company and I am handling the IT department as an engineer. She got very little smile on her face. At that time bus come. And we get in and separated. While on returned from company. As usual, she is sitting with her friend and I have to go backside.

Day 3, I reached the bus stop she is already there, and again I moved my head that I am saying hello to her. And I got some response from her she just smiled and I started talking to her she is listening or not I don’t know. And I asked to her, you are in which department. She wants say something bus comes and we are as usual separated. Now I finished my work early and tell my co- employee to take care off I am going. I reached at bus station she also coming with friend and I said hello to her. And she said greed me with a smile. And we entered in bus her friend leaves us without saying anything to her, I got the lottery and we sit on same seat. And we quiet for few minutes and started searching her friend that was was she. I am moving my head and suddenly she told me she is with her boy friend. And this is the first letter I heard from her. And I look her she normal and looking outside. And I said to her if you have problem I will go. She said why should I. and asked you are in which department. Little smiled, and said what u you will do to know. I said nothing. She said ok. I m Ashvini, I am IT engineer. And I am new in this company and you. She said, “I am Sonia”. And I started asking about company it easy topic for start. And on she replying started me easily. And we reached our destination.

Day 4, I reached the bus stop she is already there, I went near to her and said “hello, how r u”. I got the replied only “fine, and u”. I said now good. I got your reply after long time. She smiled and turns her face to me. She said bus comes and smiled. We stood and in the bus and she separated from me. When we returning she is already in bus and with her friend. And I said hello to both girl. When her friend sees me, she smiled and wants stand up but Sonia holds her hand. But she stands up and went to her friend and I sit with her and started talking to her. We are chatting on normal topic. The one month passed.

And I started sharing jokes both normal and adult. And she also replies on me. One and half month passed. Her birthday comes and I asked that she take live and we will enjoy full day. She said nothing. On that day I dressed up and take my bike and reached bus stop and I parked the bike and sit on bus stop. She is on time I think we have time for 10 minutes to go. Wow she looks great I m steering to her. She looks sexy in white embroidery suit and Salwar. I give her a smile and asked how r u and give her a red rose and said happy birthday. She thanks me and accepts the rose. And we are quiet and she asked me were you going. I said office. But you tell me take leave. I smiled and asked are you taken the leave. She smiled and said yes. But you don’t tell me yesterday. She I have surprise for you I said ok. Lets go she said were. Come with me don’t ask. We went towards our bike, I started the bike, and she sits on back sit we gone from there. This 8 am were we go I am thinking on mind. And suddenly she tells me this time all malls and hall were closed can we go in park. Moreover, I asked which parks you want see. She is quiet. And said as on your. I said which park u want to see, Japanese park, Buddha Park, IP Park. She still quiet and after some time she said lets go Buddha Park, after 15 minutes ride we reached there. Only one bike is there. We went in sit on table and started talking the 15 minutes passed. Can u give me kiss? She said no. I said ok. We sit there for half hour and we left the park and we go for IP Park, and we reached there. We are getting in started walking and moving around the park and talking 11 o’ clock is the time. Let us go we will watch a movie and then we talk lunch. We reached the multiplex and buy the ticket for after noon show. We get in the hall, there few peoples in the hall. We got the last corner seat. To see my seat I m glad, there is no limit of my happiness.

Show start we hold each other hand. She seat on my left side. I hold her right hand on my left hand, and moving finger of my right hand with gently on her hand. I take my finger to her shoulder. And I moved with a gentle and passionately. Sometimes she says stop it or I will go. I stopped and after moments, I start again and again. The time is running very fast I do not know how the interval comes. We stood up, she went for toilet, and I purchased some snacks and cold drink. She comes we get in and finished our snacks. In addition, this time I am trying to give kiss a passionate kiss. I know she get hot by my activity. I hold her face with my hand and take near to my face. She know what I am going to do, does not make any resistance. And give a kiss on forehead and then on eyes. And then on nose and then on chicks. And the last kiss I gave on her lips and started kissing on her lips. Wow what lips like a Rose I lost in kissing her and for some time I am kissing to her and now she also started kissing me. Our tongue going each other mouths we are kissing and kissing. We stop for few minutes and our lips automatically locked. We started kissing each other. The show is going to over we left the show 5 minutes before. Then we went for lunch and we take lunch. At the time of lunch our legs are playing.

I asked for were u want to go, she replied, “home”. I am looking to her with a question mark on my face. She asked want to come my home. I said ok lets go. While we are on our way I m thinking I will drop out of her house and go. We are salient more than half of our way when the distance was one kilometer she whispered in my ears no one at my home. These words make me on seventh haven. There is no limit of my happiness. I parked the bike and we in their house.
Her house was 3BHK luxury flat, she asked me to sit on sofa and come after some time with two glasses of water we drank. And we started watching movie. She sits left side of me and I hold her face with my two hands and started kissing her on lips. We are kissing each other passionately. I removed my hand from her face and sliding on neck and backside of ear, she started kissing me more passionately. I slide my hand on her boobs and started pressing with cloths. She stop kiss and moaned like ahahahahaa………. mumumumumu mmmmmm …….. She pressed her lips by teeth. And again, we started kissing. And my both hand pressing her both melon. Her breath getting heavier and warm now she excited. While on kissing her I m tried to remove her suit and it easily removed. Wow what a scene 38 d size. I m seeing her she is trying to cover her with her hands. I hold her hand and seeing her melon, which is covered by white bra. I asked to remove the bra. She told one of your cloths and one of mine. And I removed my shirt. I stood up, started removing my pant, and removed. She stood up and fingered me to follow her. I followed her and we reached in a room I think this her room. I hold her hand pull towards me, hold her from back, unnoted her Salwar, and down it. And started kissing on her neck and pressing her boobs with one hand and pressing her pussy from over her panty. She started moaning loudly like yeahyeayyayayayay……………….. mmumumumumum………………… ahahahahahahha……………… She moaning loudly her moaning make me mad. I inserted my hand in her panty wow there no hair on her pussy totally shaved pussy, found some wetness, and started rubbing her pussy. She moaned loudly. I am doing three activities kissing and chewing her neck and ear, pressing her boobs with left hand and right hand I inserted in her panty. I cock I is fully erected I m on her back side my cock is rubbing her ass. And now her hands start searching my cock. She hold my cock and start pressing and start moving. Sometimes she wants to bend my cock but due to full erection, she cannot bend the cock. And moaning loudly ahahahahhahahha…………………………… mumumumumumuummumummmmmmmmmmmmmm……………………………………………………….
yeahahahahhunununununuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu shshshshhhhhhhshssssssssssssssssss…………………………………………………………………………///This happened for 15 to 20 minutes and her juices flow in my hand. She moved and our lips locked again and started kissing. In between I un hooked her bra. Down her panty. While on kissing, I removed my Nikkar. We are totally nude like a newborn baby. While on kissing, I hugged her tightly. She stop kissing and moaned loudly ahahahahahh…………… shshshshhshshs,,,,,,,,……….. iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiisisisiisisisss sssssss…………………………………………. . My cock touches her pussy. I asked would you lay on bed and she lay. I bend on knees and started licking her pussy. She closed her eyes and moving her head left and right and moaning loudly like iisisisiisiisisiisis……….ahhhhhahahhhhhhhhhhh……….. umamuauauumauamuaumauamaumauamauau………………………………………………………………..
She holds my head and said no dear I can’t. Ok and now we are I 69 positions. I am licking her pussy and she is sucking my cock. Sometimes her breath get heavier and she stop sucking started moaning. She holding me tightly because I stated inserting my on finger and my tongue in her pussy and we both have done organism. I cum on her breast and rubbed all my cum on both melons. We hugged each other and playing, sometimes I pressed her tits, pressed her melons, fingered in her pussy. This makes me erection on my cock. For this 15 minutes play my fully erected, now the time is to fuck her. I placed myself between her legs, hold my cock on right hand, and placed on her cunt. By the help of left hand, I opened her pussy mouth. Tried to insert my 8-inch cock in her pussy. The 3 inch inserted and she moaned uemaaaaaaa… aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh………………. And I give the thrust my more than half of dick inserted in cunt. She making noise like mamamamamamaaaaaaaa…………… aaaaaaaaahahahahahahahhaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh………… and lied on her started kissing on her lips. And I am pressing her boobs. And slowly increasing my speed and my fully erected dick went totally inside in her cunt. I went back and fucking her in medium speed and pressing her melons both I m doing. She is moaning aahaaaaaahhhhhhhaaaaaaahhhhhhhaaahhhhhh……………………………………. Ssshhhhsssssshhhhhhhhshsssshhhh………………..mmmmumumumumumummmmuuuummmmmuu…
After some time we changed the position. I started fucking her in doggy position. 15 minutes I fucked her in doggy position. She cum twice and now my turn to cum I increased my speed and thrust. She moaning heavily like ahahahahahhahahahha………………………mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…………….
I m going to cum. She also going to cum. I am fuck hard and hard pressed her melons. My cock moving in out faster. Full room is filling with her moaning. She scratches my back with her nails. We are going to cum. And I had cum in her pussy and press my cock in her deep pussy. When we had done our organism, we lied on bed with hugging each other and I kissed on her forehead. And said to her, “happy birthday”. And fucked her until morning 5 times more and one time in bathroom in under shaver this I will tell u later.
If there is any mistake, please tell me on If there is any suggestion or any horny lady want fun with me also write me at same add. May I think you like the real incident? Good bye.
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