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Well last week i could take it no more i was determined to go out an about an get myself into the middle of some hot an steamy fun some where, i did too, i got my little strappless dress black with white spots heels black wedges strappy scandle types a long straight hunny blonde wig black lingerie bra an knickers hold up stockings too, i showered an shaved all over so i soft an smooth too, oiled an moisturised took a train too crewe then too Hartford an wandered along side the service area where it all goes on. went to a spot i know alittle further down the dual carrage way an dolled myself up, an once i was satisfied with my appearance i went back up to the dual carrage way an as it was pretty well dark ( about 10-30 ish.) i then stepped out onto the shoulder and walked along the grass verge back along to the truck stop lay by intendeing to cut through the bushes to get off the main road asap not to be so obvious as to cause a stir but ended up walkin all the way back along the main road to the exit point of the lane . with cars an lorries all driveing past me their lights showing me off in my full glory i`d slipped my leather trench coat over my shoulders so i wasn`t too slutty on the road way.... i turned into the lane as cars going in both directions blasted their horns at my wiggling ass as i worked that ass alongthe side of the road, made up jewelery hair do. mini dress stockings heels an nails toes an my hands perfume and silky smooth skinned too , as totally fem. as is poss without reassignment. I wandered along the lane a little till i could see a coupla fellas stood talkin, so i turned right onto a little pathway along to the picnic area where it`s all grass an table benches, so i headed aling the perimeter an around to the entrance side of the layby, over to the lane itself an onto the roadway ,id stashed, my long coat so i was wearing just my strappless bra dress panties hold ups heels wig makeup jewelery`s nails long blonde hair oooooww my god !! it`d got me feeling so horny i was almost wetting my self as i slowly walked along side a wagon with it`s lights out , hmm no one to be seen as i leveled the cab, ow welll , i` carried on along in the darkness an along side the next truck a fella came walkin my way, i stopped an stood with my hand on my hip an stood so i looked like a street hooker , he came over an i said "hi", he said how did you get here?walked i say ...wow he says i `m going round to the bench at the bottom for a ciggy babes , you cumin?hmmm ok he said, so i started towards the gate onto th closed off car park area as lights lit the layby up a car was pullin in ( incase it was the police) i ducked up close to the front of a truck . After it`d gone an iwas happy to walk out again i took a short cut to the picnic area where i stood still under a tree an watch an stroked an squeezed my self , an decided to wiggle my tight arse out an straight across the middle of the place to a fave bench of mine which i did an there i rested at the end of the bench table top an lit a ciggy, an i saw in the dark the silhoettes of two people headin across the car park my way,my heart beat a heavey rythum in my chast as they came closer one slowed as the other came right up to me "hello , your lookin nice ..." he says , thx i reply , an stands close up his leg touchin mine,
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1 year ago
now you got me all horney need to read more