The $10,000 Blowjob

When I saw those two girls walking the downtown bar scene, I knew right away that they were who I was looking for tonight. Young, obviously freshmen at the local college, and both wearing very poor clothes, they were wondering outside the bars because they were either too young to go in, or too poor to afford the cover prices. What I especially noticed about them was their blatant greed. Every time someone walked by in nice clothes or a nice car went by, their heads swiveled and a look of sheer envy was apparent on their cute faces.

"Them," I told my chauffeur, Emily, pointing them out. She got out and walked over to them, her hips moving delightfully under the tight black miniskirt that was her uniform. For fun I watch the faces of the college men she walks by. She's the sexiest woman here tonight, and I know it just kills them that she's obviously the sextoy of some perverted rich guy. Of course, they're right. Emily is my sextoy, but she's also perfect as a fishhook for the desperate people I meet. Emily had long, straight blond hair and a deep tan that just screams All-American girl. Her blue eyes, tanned legs and 38D chest hypnotizes any guy I send her after, while her bright blue eyes, friendly smile and just-us-girls attitude always ropes in the women.

They come back with Emily, right to my limousine parked on the street. They're giggling already, excited to have their first ride in such a luxury vehicle. Already, I can tell I was right in my estimation of them, for the blonde already has a smug look on her face, while her brunette friend is practically strutting through the crowd. Yes, they appreciate wealth, but let's see what they're willing to do for some of their own.

"Greetings gals, come right on in," I say with my friendliest smile. "My name is Arthur Thomas."

"Wow!" the blonde says as she climbs in, trying to comprehend a car that has seats facing each other and yet enough space to lie down between the seats. "My name's Kari." I give her a good looking over. Her blonde hair is in that outdated Jennifer Anniston style and lemon yellow, which almost works for her. She was wearing a white T-shirt that demurely hid what I guessed to be a C-cup chest. She was wearing shorts just like the rest of the college girls this summer. What I really liked about her was her glasses, small circle Lennon frames that made her look like a computer student in a skin magazine.

Her friend climber in beside her, too starstruck by the leather seats to say anything at first. The brunette's long brown hair was tied back in a tight ponytail and with her large round glasses, she looked like a ringer for the nerdy girl you see in porn movies. This girl was definitely the ugly girl of the pair, about twenty pounds overweight. She wore it well, though she tried to hide it with a big black T-shirt and jeans, terrible clothes for this hot weather. I guessed her chest at about a fat D-cup.

"My name's Patricia," she said quietly. Of course it was.

"Hello Kari, hello Patricia, thanks for joining me," I said. I poured myself a glass of champagne, not offering them any yet. I chatted a little with them, reaffirming the cover story Emily gave them. I won't bore you by repeating it here. In essence, I was playing the part of a wealthy out-of-towner that was lonely, but too paranoid to go into bars for company. Emily assured them that I merely wanted someone to talk to, and that they could get out of the car at anytime. It sounds transparent, but you would be amazed what girls will swallow for a chance to ride in a limo.

Emily drove us around, and I let the girls roll down the sunroof so they could stand and see the crowds. More importantly, the crowds could see them. My two new friends were thrilled to wave at people, basking in the looks of envy and greed that the crowd gave them. I just stayed in my seat, watching their two asses move in front of me. Kari's ass was flat as a board, while Patricia's was curved and rounded like a g****fruit.

When they were tired of waving, I offered them glasses of the champagne for them to enjoy while they sit. They both drank down the strong liquor, relishing the rare luxury. As Emily kept the car moving through a route that went through the downtown streets, the girls told me their story with the slightest of prompts from me. The girls were friends from High School who were attending college on scholarships. Money was tight for them, as their parents believed that their girls should get part time jobs if they wanted spending money. Kari thought this was terribly unfair, and after a few glasses of champagne, Patricia agreed with her loudly. Patricia desperately wanted a computer and she couldn't believe her parents wouldn't just give her one.

"Money is NEVER given away," I gently admonished. "It must be earned, or traded. Only fools just give money away."

"Oh yeah," Kari snapped. "You don't look much older than us, how did you get your money?"

I smiled, wondering if I should tell him I really earned my money. Obviously, if I told them how I had slit my parents' throats and then slit my own to get the suspicion off of me, they would have leaped from the limo. It was hard work to murder my parents and get away with it, inheriting a multi-million dollar company, and I was proud of it, but once again I had to lie.

"My parents were murdered, and I was nearly killed too," I said, pulling down my collar so that they could see my neck scars. "I earned that money by losing my parents."

Their eyes bulged behind their glasses, so I backed off a bit. I poured them some more champagne, which they drank like little guppies. We moved the conversation to happier thoughts, like what kind of a computer Patricia would buy if she was wealthy, or how many new outfits would Kari buy if she had money. I kept them talking like this for a good amount of time, till I had them studying my limo with a naked greed more appropriate for thieves than college girls. Finally, one of them asked me the magic question.

"How rich are you Mr. Thomas?" Patricia asked.

I reached behind me and opened a small jewelry box. I took out my petty cash that I used for these games, and counted out a stack of hundred dollar bills, thirty thousand in all. They marveled at the abundant cash, and I handed them each a hundred- dollar bill so that they could see what one looked like. Kari snatched the bill from my hands while Patricia clenched hers with reluctant worship.

"If you like, I'll let you keep that bill as a souvenir," I said.

"Oh please!" Kari said, her face lighting up. Patricia was still too spellbound by the rare bill she held. Damn, I picked the perfect girls for this tonight.

"But since I agree with your parents that you should earn your money, I'm going to have to ask you to do something," I said. "I'll give you a hundred dollars in exchange for your shirts."

"Our shirts?" Patricia asked, shocked.

Kari didn't react right away, she just looked at her money and then at her shirt. "Come on Pat, it's just our shirts," Kari said. "You've got a bra on, right? And Mr. Thomas, you just want our shirts, no funny stuff?"

"Of course," I lied.

Kari took hers off first, pulling her T-shirt over her head and handing it to me. Her small breasts were constrained by a white bra, but I could plainly see her nipples were hard against the sheer material. I smirked at the knowledge that Kari was aroused to be stripping in front of me. It looked that I was right about her cup size, they were perfect 36C cups.

Patricia was still hesitating but when she saw Kari do it, she gained her courage. I like to think she didn't want Kari to be the only one to get any money. Patricia reached down and pulled her shirt over her head in a crossed-arm motion. She was wearing a bright red lacy brassiere that was clearly a size too small. Her pale large breasts were flowing over the lacy material, the tops of her pink nipples clearly visible. I smiled at her choice of bra colors, I find that many insecure women wear some sort of racy color for their lingerie. Patricia tossed her shirt to me and then tried to cross over arms over her chest. It was impossible for the shy girl with the glasses to cover a 40D chest, but she tried.

"There you go, an easy hundred dollars," I said, taking their shirts. "Now you have a better appreciation for that hundred dollar bill you have clenched in your hands. When you spend it, you'll know exactly how much it is worth to you."

"Are we going to have to strip off the rest of our clothes for the rest of that money?" Kari asked. I was impressed. I see her lemon blonde hair and her skinny waist, and I keep thinking of her as a dumb bimbo. I have to remind myself that those glasses of hers aren't for decoration. She's still a bimbo, just for even asking, but at least she's a smart one.

"No, no," I said as I handed poured them another glass of champagne. "I just bought your shirts to give you an appreciation of money. I save the bulk of my petty cash for more significant purchases."

"What kind of purchases?" Patricia asked.

"Oh, after a night of cruising streets, looking at pretty girls, I usually select one and offer her twenty thousand dollars for a good blow-job. That way, I go home satisfied and some lucky gal gets some spending money to last her for a good while," I said. I enjoy the shocked looks on their faces. The possibilities are already dancing in their eyes.

"Jesus Christ," Kari breathed. "Twenty thousand for a blow-job?"

"That could pay for my entire college," Patricia said. She was breathing faster now, terrified and yet excited as well. Her chest was rising and falling so fast, her right nipple slipped out of her bra and she didn't even notice.

"Yes it could," I said. "Twenty thousand dollars for a good blowjob is terribly expensive compared to getting a hooker to do it, but I prefer to pay girls who really need it. More importantly, I only pay for GOOD blowjobs, not the lousy ones hookers half-heartedly give you."

"What do you mean by a good blowjob?" Kari asked. She was rising for the bait.

"I set an egg-timer," I explain. "If the girl gets me off within ten minutes, then she gets the money. If it takes longer than ten minutes, then they obviously don't know what they are doing. I only pay for quality."

"Ten minutes?" Patricia asked, nervously giggling. "I didn't think any guy could hold out for that long."

"I usually don't, but I had to set that limit after wasting my money on some terrible incidents," I said. "Listen, normally I wait till the end of the night and proposition some cute co-ed, but I feel sorry for you girls. How would you like earn twenty thousand dollars for ten minutes of work?"

Patricia laughed, rather unconvincingly. "There's no way I'm going to suck you. I'm not that tipsy! You do it, Kari. You've sucked Brian, you've got experience."

Kari's eyes widened behind her glasses. "Patricia! That's a secret! You weren't supposed to tell anyone!"

"I've dropped the offer to ten thousand," I said, averting their fight from getting us off-topic. It might be interesting to watch two d***ken nerds fight, but that's not my game.

"Ten thousand? But that's less!" accused Kari.

I shrugged. "I don't haggle. If you two won't do it, I can find others. I'm dropping the price to let you know how impatient I'm getting."

"C'mon Kari," Patricia begged. "You've done it before, you can do it easily. We could buy stuff to spruce up our dorm room, and you could get all those clothes you wanted."

"I notice you didn't bring up that computer you wanted," Kari sulked. She looked at me, reaching down inside herself to see if she was willing to prostitute herself.

"Ok, I'll do it," Kari said, taking a deep breath. Just because I'm a bastard, and Patricia intrigued me by pimping her friend, I turned her down.

"Sorry, Kari, I should have told you I'm not turned on by blondes," I said. "It has to be from Patricia, or the deal is off."

"What? But I've never done it before!" Patricia whined.

"Damn it Patricia," Kari snapped. She could see that money in her eyes and she wasn't going to let pat's inexperience get in her way. "There's nothing to it! I'll tell you what to do, and this way you can buy as nice as a computer as you want since you'll have earned it. Do you want to go home to a dorm with no TV, a clock radio and no computer?"

Patricia thought about it, and I thought about how Kari summed it up perfectly. How could they go home, knowing that they turned down more money than they could have earned with part time jobs? How could Patricia ever complain about being poor to Kari when she had the power to change it herself and she refused? This is what I live for, watching someone overcome their pride, their beliefs and their dignity for what they REALLY value. It's nice to find people just like myself.

"Fuck it! I'll do it," Patricia said, setting down her glass.

"Excellent, kneel down in front of me," I ordered her. "Kari, when Patricia starts, just press the red button on that digital clock there. It's been preprogrammed to go off ten minutes after it's been pressed. When the clock counts down to zero and I haven't climaxed yet, you'll forfeit the money."

Patricia just nodded in agreement, so I removed my slacks. Her brown eyes widened as I revealed my erect eight inches. I wondered if she was a virgin, or if she just never saw a cock as large as mine. Either way, there was apprehension on her face, but I saw the greed in her eyes. She would go through with it, and deal with hating herself later. I sat back down, and she just sat there in front of my cock, a little shocked to find herself here. A smart girl, she never thought she would be kneeling in front of a stranger, sucking him for money. She just didn't know herself as well as I did.

"Anytime you're ready," I teased. Patricia blushed, took a deep breath and grabbed my cock tentatively. She closed her eyes and leaned down to place her mouth around the tip of my cock. She didn't even take off those glasses. As soon as her lips were around my dick, I waved at Kari to start the timer.

Patricia was trembling as she brought her mouth down further on my cock. Her heavy breast were pressing tightly against the inside of my thighs, and they felt better than the lousy job she was doing of sucking me. She got three inches of me into her mouth before she started pulling me out. Once she got to the ring of my tip, she would go back down.

My face must have betrayed how bad it was, for Kari was on the edge of her seat leaning forward, giving instructions.

"No, no, you'll have to go down much further than that!" Kari admonished. "You also got to use your tongue! You just can't move it around in your mouth."

Patricia grunted and tried to get more of me in her. Her head dipped down, and she took another two inches. Her tongue started wagging, moving back and forth across my cock. It was slow at first, and her eyes were clench so tight, she must have been dreading actually tasting my cock. After a few shy licks, she got much bolder, waxing my cock with her spit as her tongue washed me.

"Much, much better," I groaned.

"This'll help," Kari said, and she removed the ponytail holder from Patricia's hair. Waves of curly brown hair cascaded down, covering my lap. I moaned at the touch of her hair. Patricia's head continued to bob on my cock, causing the hair to endlessly caress my thighs with her motion. I reached down and parted her hair so that I could see her face. Her glasses were sliding down her nose, but her eyes were so clenched, I doubted she even noticed.

"You got to go faster" advised Kari, her eye on the clock. Patricia speed her head up. She was still grabbing the base of my cock with both hands, a death grip that prevented me from thrusting into her pretty mouth. Her terror was amusing, definitely sexier than her actual sucking. Patricia bounced faster on my cock; occasionally my cock would poke her cheek, bulging the side of her face out. It was sloppy, but the sound of my wet cock slipping past her lips was certainly arousing.

"Two minutes have gone by," I taunted. Patricia's eyes popped open at that. Apparently she thought I would have gotten off by now.

"Lick it like a lollipop, guys love that!" Kari commanded. She was just as nervous as Patricia was.

Patricia took her advice, popping my shiny cock out of her mouth. She stuck her wide tongue out and starting from the base of my cock, she wiped the length of my cock with her tongue. I shivered as she did this, watching this nerdy girl act so nasty was a definite turn-on. She was smart enough to read my shiver as positive feedback, so she kept doing her naughty act. Turning her head sideways, she gripped the side of my cock with her lips like she would a flute. Then she moved her head up and down, running my cock through her lips like a harmonica. Her eyes were wide open now, staring at me from behind her thick lenses. She wanted that money badly.

"Very good," I moaned. My hands went to her hair, getting a good grip with each hand. She cried out at how tight I pulled her hair, but she didn't complain. Patricia kept at her job, sticking her tongue out so that I could see my pink cock pressed flat against her cherry red tongue. Pre-cum was already forming on the tip of my cock.

"He's almost ready!" Kari announced. She was an expert cocksucker for one so young.

Patricia changed tactics, moving her head back to my tip and swallowing back down again. I noticed her knees kept shifting, and I wondered just how turned on by all of this she might be. She sucked me down a full six inches now, and this time her tongue wasn't as lazy. Her tongue flickered all over my cock, peppering my cock with ten thousand little nips. She even lapped up the small amount of pre-cum I had, flinching only slightly at the salty taste. I might have climaxed right there, but the grip she had around the base of my cock was holding back my cum. I held my tongue of course; it was her money to earn.

I held out well thanks to her tight grip. Patricia's head kept bouncing for another two minutes before she began to tire. Her tongue slowed down, lathering my cock with slow, sensual swipes. Finally, she released my cock from her mouth with a wet, noisy 'POP.'

"My jaw's hurting," Patricia whined. Her eyes looked up at me almost accusingly.

"I'll take over," Kari said, desperation in her eyes.

"As much as a tag-team blowjob intrigues me, we're staying with the original deal," I said. These stupid girls; If it wasn't for Patricia's nervous grip on my cock, I would have exploded already. She was better than a cock-ring.

"Maybe if you took off your bra, it'll go faster," I suggested. To my surprise, Patricia instantly complied. In fact, Kari moved behind her and popped the latches on her bra. Her heavy breast popped free, dragging down with their weight. Wow, they were so large, they were already beginning to sag at her young age.

"I got an idea!" Kari said. "Put his dick between your tits and then suck it!"

I laughed at the idea of Kari giving orders to her friend on how to seduce me. It was easy for the blonde to give suggestions. She wasn't the one between my legs. Patricia wrinkled her nose at the suggestion, but she was too scared of losing to argue. The young brunette lifted her breasts up, and wrapped them around my cock in a soft, pliant titty sandwich. My eyes rolled at their softness, and I wrapped my legs around Patricia's chest, making sure her breasts weren't going anywhere.

With my ankles wrapped around her, crossing just above her waist, Patricia returned to her chance at ten thousand dollars. Her hands kept her breasts squished around my cock, slipping easily on my wet cock. She tilted her head down and even straining, she could only get the top two inches of my cock into her lips. She wrapped her lips tightly though, and her tongue flickered rapidly over my opening, calling for the cum that would make her richer. It was extremely difficult to not climax, but I managed to hold out by closing my eyes. It didn't deter Patricia though, she just squeezed her breasts tighter and licked faster. She had abandoned modesty long ago and was now willing to do anything to win.

"Hey open your eyes, Mr." Kari asked. I did so, noticing there was two minutes left on the clock. Then I noticed Kari. She had her bra off and was openly kneading her breasts and her erect, hard, flushed nipples.

"Like what you see?" Kari teased, and I nodded agreement. Oh, her breasts were nice, but it was her desperation that I enjoyed more. She was so worried about losing that money, she was willing to go topless to help her friend out. I love that kind of greed in a woman.

I had planned to hold out, but Kari's final act of greed changed my mind. I surrendered to my body, enjoying the soft masturbation of Patricia's breast and the frantic licking that begged for my cum. My eyes remained on Kari, watching her knead her own nice breasts for my enjoyment. She kept pinching her nipples, pulling them out and letting them snap back. With a minute left on the timer, I felt the familiar trembling of my hips that signaled orgasm.

I gave Patricia no warning as she tasted cum for the first time. My cock erupted its load, springing out into her mouth and onto her tongue. Patricia jerked as the first salty stream ejaculated in her mouth, but my grip on her hair prevented her from moving. After the second eruption, I released her hair, and her head sprang back. Patricia's face was wrinkled; her eyes were clenched in disgust and her mouth opened, revealing my white cream in her mouth. My ankles were still locked around her waist though, so she had no where to go as my cock finished emptying its load on her chest. My load was enormous, as it always is when I make people confront their own greed. I grabbed my cock and masturbated every last shooting stream onto her chest. As I expected, Patricia didn't say a word as I covered her breasts with my white gel. Even though she was terrified, she wasn't willing to complain for fear of losing the money. Patricia was going to remember this for a long time. She should thank me for teaching her so much about herself.

"Here is your money, ladies. You've earned your comforts for this year," I said. I handed the money to Patricia. The brunette was still in a state of shock, trying to wipe the cum off her chest with her bra. She took the money and put it in her purse. I would love to be there when she gave some of it to Kari, for I was curious how much she blamed or resented her friend for what happened tonight.

"Emily, please stop at the next light, the ladies are leaving now," I commanded through an intercom.

"Leaving here?" Kari said. I simply nodded. I had climaxed; I didn't see the point of being nice anymore. When they started to reach for their shirts, I placed my hand on the pile and gave them my fieriest scowl.

"I bought your shirts, remember?" I said.

Patricia's face was classic, pure comprehending terror. "But I can't go out like this!" She wailed. Her chest was almost clean, but her bra was useless, covered as it was in my spunk.

"You expected that I gave you a hundred dollars just for you to take your shirts off?" I growled. "Or do you think you can just ask for them back? I paid you, you earned those hundred dollars, and now they are mine. Haven't you learned anything tonight?"

They begged of course, but I ignored them. When I threatened to have Emily throw them out f***efully, they relented. Kari put her bra back on and crossed her arms, but she still looked sinful. Patricia had a much worse time. She put her sticky bra back on, grimacing as the hot cum rubbed into her breasts. They said some last insults about me, but they left without a fight.

I ordered Emily to drive us home, never sparing even a glance at the half-naked girls we left on the corner. They had their ten thousand dollars. That will help sooth their wounded prides from walking home without their shirts. Maybe now they'll think about the consequences before they give in to their greed.

As for me? I stopped the hidden camera that was located behind me. Even with my wealth, I can't always find desperate, greedy women to satisfy me. I'll watch Patricia do her reluctant blowjob again some quiet night when prey is harder to find.
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