Dirty Dentist

"Is that Mr Green?" the receptionist asked "We sent you a reminder regarding your dental check 2 weeks ago". Shit I thought, my old dentist had retired and I'd been allocated some trainee straight out of college. The last thing I needed was some amateur messing about with my teeth. "Yes" I replied "Can you book me in for Friday afternoon".

Friday soon came and I checked in with reception. "You're with Miss Jane Norman now Mr Green, Mr Armstrong has retired". I smiled and sat down to wait my turn.

"Mr Green" shouted the dental nurse "Room 2 Please". I walked in and exchanged pleasentries. I couldn't get a look at the new dentist's face as she had a mask on but she had pretty eyes and a nice tight body.

"Hi I'm Jane and I'm your new dentist" she smiled. I smiled back "Hi, Mr. Armstrong told me all about you". He didn't mention you were so fit I thought.

"We'll start by taking some X-rays" said Jane " Just sit in the chair behind the screen. Jane altered the fixture in my mouth. As she bent over her crotch brushed my shoulder. I could feel her swollen mound. Dirty bitch I thought you are getting a kick out of this. I did my best to surpress my hard on and sat quietly whilst they took the X-Rays.

"That's great" said Jane "Jump back into the chair and we'll give you a quick check up. The dental nurse left the room and Jane began to check my teeth. She seemed to be more interested in my tongue as her fingers flicked back and forth. The dental nurse came back in and Jane quickly withdrew her fingers.

"Could you get Mr Green's records" Jane asked the nurse "He seems to have an abcess. The dental nurse went to reception to look for the file.

Jane bent down and I noticed for the first time her breasts were like little melons all firm and round. She smiled and bent down. Then amazingly she started to kiss my lips. Just gently at first. My cock grew hard in my shorts. "I couldn't wait to meet your Mr Green" she whispered "The girls have told me all about you". With that she lifted her blouse. I needed no invitation to fondle her cute breasts. Jane stuck her tongue down my throat and began to fondle my cock. She undid my zip and my cock sprang out. Slowly she gently got the tip of my cock between her lips and began to give me a wet BJ. She dropped her skirt and backed herself onto my rigid cock. She was tight but wet. The doors locked from the inside and she shut the door too locking it at the same time.

She done a reverse cowgirl as I stuck on finger in her ass and the other in her mouth. She started to gasp as there was a knock on the door. "Are you OK?" asked the dental nurse. "Mmmmmmm" mumbled Jane "The door has locked but I'll get Mr Green to give me a hand". With that she quickly rubbed her clit as she furioulsy bobbed up and down on my cock. She grabbed my hand and put it over her mouth as she came. We quickly dressed and Jane unlocked the door.

Still flushed she told the nurse I needed a check up next month as there were complications. The nurse give a knowing smile as I walked out with my flies still undone.

Not such an amateur after all I thought as I walked out with a smile on my face.
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