Aunt submits part 2

Make sure you read chapter 1 Aunt submits or this will be confusing to you.Yes this is a true story as well... I was at work that evening when my wife was having supper with her Aunt..Joan my wifes aunt let her know what happened that morning and questioned if she knew of my strange fetish.Of course my wife confessed to her that we both indulged in s**t play..s**t play Ive never heard of such a thing Joan declaired...Well it is a rare fetish but David was introduced by his Mom and Grandma at a early age and developed into what he is now.She also told her Aunt david often works 2 jobs keeps the house immaculate is a great cook Loves his c***dren and now grandk**s with all his heart.Would never introduce them to this type of thing.Is just a super guy who provides for his f****y and loves them to the earths end.he knows it is weird and would never push this kind of fetish on anyone but feels as do I what we do for fun as long as no one gets hurt or messed up is our business,We just enjoy a different type of sexual release.Do you understand??I guess so Joan replied I have to admit David is a wonderful guy and great father and grandad too.You all seem so happy and are doing well financially.Yep my wife explained being a sex nut doesnt automatically mean a freak and dead beat..My wife said Aunt Joan seemed happy about everything after that. Aunt Joan asked if her being with us cramped our we seemed to be such free spirits.No Joan your fine if you can put up with us and our quirks we can live with any you might have,,but so far we have no complaints were happy you can stay with us until you can find sutiable housing and were in no rush so dont worry. But no gosiping with f****y or friends about David and my you know weirdness...Dont worry honey your guys secreet is safe with me.And she hugged my wife tightly and kissed her warmly. About 11 I got home from work My wife was already in bed snoozing,Aunt Joan told me she talked with her and felt we all are happy with the way things are no judgements on her part and no gossip to anyone about anything she encounters while living with us or after she moves.She then hugged me tight and kissed me on the cheek said I love all of you and am blessed to have you.I will see you in the morning goodnite wink wink.....
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nise story , looking forward to more with your aunt