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This story is true as all of mine are and recent,,enjoy A few weeks ago my wifes aunt called her.(My wife and I are a s**t loving couple by the way)...I guess the elderly living community had to raise its rates again and she asked if she could live with us for awhile until something she could afford became available.We have a small home but have enough room for one more so it was arrainged.Aunt Joan is about 68 yrs old 5 ft 1 about 160 lbs.with ample boobs and a nice round butt.She keeps her hair short but feminine just the same kind of blondish gray mix.My wife works days and at the moment I work afternoons till about 10 PM.I always wanted to have some s**t fun with aunt Joan but never really got the chance till now. After moving in I caught on to her routine.She wakes about 630 every morn has toast and coffee and watches the morning news shows.Almost to the minute she gets up from the chair about 730 and goes to the bathroom.She is usually in there about 5 minutes so i know shes taking a dump.Now that I am on to her I always go in right after she comes out and shave and wash up.She has no clue I do this because after she returns to the livingroom she cant see me coming from the den to the bathroom.Every day i get to enjoy her shit smell which varies everyday as well,Some days it is very Intense almost putrid and others just a nice firm shit smell my favorite.On a few ocasions I was able to get a very small piece which didnt flush all the way.I was in bliss as i first smelled her poop nuggett and then ate it slowly making a paste in my mouth and jacking my cock while ingesting her brown. One day last week I went in just after she emerged to inhale her fumes.I opened the toilet lid and had my head in the pot sucking up what little odor I could detect.I was thinking to myself she must not have had a bowel movement because couldnt smell much of any odor.Just as I was sucking in a big lungfull the door flew open and aunt Joan caught me.She asked me is something wrong with the toilet?Why are you on your knees with your head in there?I didnt know what to say and was stammering nonsense about checking the water level..Hmmm she replied as if knowing I was lying through my teeth.I know when someone is lying to me so why dont we just be adult enough to tell me the real truth.This is your home and Im just a border but I really dont want any trouble between us so If I am being too nosey just say so and I wont pry she exclaimed.But your wife is very close and dear to me and I would hate to see her husband being untruthfull because it would make tension in your home between us and I sure dont want that. OK Joan I will come clean but you have to promise to not be angry or weird out on me.Well I dont know what your examining the toilet would make me angry so no problem I promise she replied. Lets go sit down at the kitchen and I will tell you the truth and then we can go from there.Its a deal she said. Joan what you saw me doing was smelling the toilet...Yes I detected that but why?..Well i like the smell of a womans toilet odors to be honest....You mean you enjoy a womans pee and bowel smell?...She looked incredulous.Oh well I guess i never have heard of anything like this but I suppose it is harmless..just kinda feels funny to hear something like that.So your not upset or angry with me?A bit confused but not angry or upset OK. I got up and gave her a big hugg which she returned with gusto.She then asked does Terry (my wife) know about this? Yes we both know and she indulges me.But that isnt enough then? she asked...Well i do like a variety and smell any womans if I can.But if you dont want me to do this around you I will stop.I dont think your smelling the bathroom air will kill me dont worry about it.Is this all there is or is there more?If you dont mind me asking..Yes there is more but I think we better just leave it for now and if your still curious I will tell you more after while.Im sure I will be she replied.You know everytime I need to go to the bathroom from now on I will be thinking about this.its is kinda strange..But i will adapt i guess. Anyway I didnt get to go this morn yet so if you will excuse me and she got up and went into the bathroom.After about 5 mins.the door opened and she asked.David should I flush or just leave it to you? I said no its OK I will take care of it.Well come in here then its ready for you.I walked into the bathroom and she asked..Can I watch and see what you do? Well sure if you want to.She sat on the edge of the bathtub and kicked the door closed with her foot.No sense wasting the smell if thats what you want she chuckled. The odor today was pretty ripe I opened the toilet lid on my knees and peered into the bowl..There were several dark brown logs and some soft pudding piled all together and some stained paper.Immediatly my cock started tenting my short PJ bottoms.Joan noticed and said seems to me you enjoy this for another reason dont you?Yes I confessed I do get sexually aroused as well.Well lets not beat around the bush is there anything else? Yes Aunt Joan there is..Well what else? I also enjoy eating a womans poop...OH my she said almost breathless..In for a dime in for a dollar do whatever you want do you care if I watch?Will Terry be angry? Oh no she knows we partake in this all the time..Well i will talk to her when she gets home just to be sure..OK joan no problem.I put my hand into the bowl and fished out a 6 inch log which had some of the softer shit clinging to it.I turned to face Joan and opened my mouth and let the brown water dribble into it.She made a funny face but didnt get up to leave.I said to her More?//she barely croaked out a yes.continue...I dropped the turd into my mouth letting a few inches stick out like a brown cock.Slowly I chewed up the grainy turd and swallowed opening my mouth to show Joan it was all gone.How can you do that she asked it looks horrible...I know what it looks like but after years of doing it its the only way I can get aroused.And i have grown to love it. I guess Ive seen everything now she laughed.She added God it stinks in here.I think i will finish my news and see ya later you do what ever you need to do as well and she looked at my tented shorts.walking out she closed the door...Part 2 soon.
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Ok I cant admit that was a bit weird but ok i can dig it
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love this thanks
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