My brown beginning part 14

The following friday evening the phone rang Mom answered it and talked for about 10 min.When she hung up she called grandma in from the back porch.Gail just called and said she would like to pay us a visit tommorrow.She said she would be interested in some fun and games and would like to know if we cared. Grandma said heavens no It sounds like fun. Donny are you OK if Mrs Stevens comes by and has some fun with us?Heck no Mom sounds good to me too I replied.Did she say what she was wanting to do?.Well since she is going to be our guest I told her she could direct the fun in any way she wanted as long as we all agree.Gram said sounds like a plan..Well lets all get some rest and we will get up early tommorrow morn Gail said she would be here at about 8 AM. Feeling a new bit of randiness Mom suggested she sl**p with my head facing her pussy and grandmas butt at the back of my head so as I turn over in the nite I can sniff a ass or pussy smell all nite long.I was more than happy to oblige.I was awakened a few times in the nite as either Mom or grandma farted in theyre sl**p and I smelled the pleasant gas.The alarm clock awoke all of us at 6 and we all trotted into the bathroom.I knelt between grandmas legs as she pissed a long hot stream and farted a few times.Sorry Donny been a bit gassy , Thats OK Em I like it.There now give grandma a quick lick and dry my muff with your tongue sweety.I did and Mom replaced Grandma on the pot and repeated the exact same thing.It was then my turn and as i stood and pissed grandma held my cock and directed the stream into the bowl.When the stream was almost stopped grandma took my cock in her mouth and drank dow the last few my cock a last quick suck we all went into the kitchen for coffee and a lite breakfast. We cleaned up the dishes and made another pot of coffee.Just about then Mrs Stevens walked in the back door Mom was wearing just a lite robe grandma a shear teddy and panties her boobs sagging down to her paunchy belly.I was wearing just a long tee shirt.Mrs Stevens was dressed in a summer dress and you could tell she was nude underneith.Her big boobs sagged down to her belly too obscenely.Mom and grandma gave her a big hugg and Mrs Stevens even gave them both a kiss on the lips.She came over and hugged me as well and her hand strayed down and gave my penis a quick tug. Ok ladies and Donny your Mom said yesterday on the phone I could be in charge was that agreeable to all of you? We all replied in unison yes Gail.Like I told you last week before my hubby passed we used to role play some and I would play the part of Mistress in charge and my hubby the slave.Sounds like fun Gail Mom said. Do you want us to be your slaves today ? Gail replied if you guys want too yes I do.Again we all replied sure but is there limits grandma wanted to know.Gail said yes no one has to do anything they dont want to but I am a easy Mistress I just like fun no severe pain or anything like that.Well how about you guys tell me your likes and what you enjoy most and we will go from there. Mom started we all like to give oral and recieve it.Donny likes to play toilet and we like to use him in that way.We all like 69 and we enjoy anal play.We all enjoy kissing the wetter the better and using toys.Mom and I recently had some woman to woman love as well. Lets get started then shall we? gail said. First off I will play Dr. and give each of you an through exam is that agreeable? We all agreed.First Will be your Mom Donny and you will assist me.She beckoned mom over to her chair.Donny undress your Mom she instructed.I removed her robe and sat it on the table,Stand in front of me arms by your sides.She stood and examined moms hair eyes and ears.She had Mom tilt her head back and looked in her nose.A bit of blockage here.Donny look in your moms nose,see that please use your finger to pick out that snot.Moms eyes widened but didnt say anything.I gently worked a snot ball out of her nose.Gail looked at it on my finger and said there thats better.Now Donny dispose of that..In your mouth eat it all down for Gail. I put my finger in my mouth and sucked it clean and swallowed the foul morsel down.Gail smiled at me good little pet arent you! I knodded in agreement.Next she examined moms boobs sometimes pinching them and getting them hard,Mom groaned in approval Gail then massaged moms tummy lightly and got on her knees her face just inches from moms hairy pussy.She used her arms to spread Moms legs and carefully examined her puss.Looking at her lips and pulling her clit from its hood.She got closer and sniffed deeply.You have a wonderfull smelling vagina very nice indeed .Mom Thanked her.Now turn around and bend over,Mom complied Gail spread Moms butt cheeks and tenderly circled her asshole with her finger.She smelled her finger and did ths several more minutes.Very nice back here too.She then had Mom stand up and examined her legs and feet.Ok your very good Emily your next.She gave grandma the same exam no snot this time though and suggested grandma shave the rest of her pussy hair off since it was so thin anyway.It will make your clit so much more visible Gail told her. I was next and she spent a bit more time especially examining my penis and balls.I was rock hard and leaking pre-cumm in no time.OK ladies next Donny has a need to cumm really bad so I will jack him off and you girls catch his cumm in a cup when he blows OK.Sounds fun to us they exclaimed.Mom got a small jelly class and Gail started stroking my cock up and down gently in no time I was shooting cumm from my cock as Mom and Grandma held the glass catching almost every drop.Gails eyes were sparkling and declaired that was so much fun. Now lets ajourn to the bedroom for awhile......Part 15 soon.
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2 years ago
im so hard...ooh i wish i was Donny
4 years ago
getting better
4 years ago
cant wait for more
4 years ago
cant wait for the bedroom games