payment for services part2

Be sure to read the first part it will make this story much better..... Joanna was sitting at the kitchen table in a summer dress and barefoot.I sat down in a chair across from her and sat the plate on the table.Well this is the moment of truth I said are you sure you want to see me do my thing? Joanna replied..Um well tell me what your going to do Im kinda interested but kinda queasy about it as well.I explained to her again about my fetish and I get a sexual thrill by womens toilet habits and feces and urine.How did you get interested in that she asked. Oh its a long story but i have been doing this since grade school.My gosh she exclaimed who got this started with you. I said Im not really at liberty to say ,as its kind of secret.Oh OK she replied.I told her I would need to pull my pants down and underwear so if she decided not I could just leave and go home and not have to bother her with my fantasy. she thought for a moment and said..well I want to try but if it makes me feel sick I will just go in my room and you can finish YOUR THING she emphasized. She sat stareing at me and i undid my belt and dropped my jeans my cock was already hard and tented my boxers out she seemed mezmorized and was looking right at my cock as I pulled my boxers off and my 6 inch cock sprang free Joanna cleared her throat and swallowed she also let a soft gasp out.I sat down just opisit of her and she had a clear view.Shall I continue I asked her? Again she cleared her throat and whispered barely audible yes fine. I picked up the plate with her turd on it and brought it to my face.It was dark brown and bumpy about 6 inches long and curled a bit I took a deep whiff of her ass candy and It smelled divine nice and earthy no sulphur or rotten egg stench.My hand was working slowly up and down my cock and the pre cum was starting to appear on the tip.I had to have a taste and took her turd into my mouth like a cock and held it there letting it melt like chocolate.It was fairly bitter with just a touch of sweetness and slightly grainy.Again Joanna softly sighed and her hands were in her lap seemingly to be ever so slightly stroking her mound.I doubt if she was concious of it.The taste of her poop really had me going now and I was afraid I would cumm any second.I removed my hand from my cock so I could hold out longer and began in earnest to chew up her shit and swallow it.It took about 10 mins to fully eat all of her poop my cock almost came without me touching it.I grabbed it and gave it a few strokes and started cumming like a banshee thick ropes of sperm spewed all over the floor and down my legs.Mrs.White was almost panting and appeared quite turned on by my show. After a few mins.I regained my composure and used a few napkins to wipe the floor and my legs off.I pulled up my pants and buckled my belt.Well was it good for you Joanna? Um oh I um Oh I suppose it was.she croaked.Ive never seen anything like that or even dreamed something like that existed.Im at a loss for words.Tommorrow I can come over and do all those repairs if thats OK. Tommorrow will be fine I left i could swear she gave me a slight pat on the butt.I dont know for positive but I think she masturbated the second I was gone because she was visibly prespireing and flushed.We had more encounters as well and maybe will include then in this series as well....
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great story Sadie thanks