My brown beginning part 13

All of the sudden Mrs Stevens jumped up seemed to come back to earth.Uh Shirley ,Em.I need to get going Im not feeling well.Mom said Oh Ok Gail let me walk you home.They left me and Gram and headed over to Mrs Stevens house next door. Shirley..{ Mrs Stevens said to Mom } We have been friends for ages but today you lie and decieve me,That is what upsets me.The stuff going on at your hose is a bit of a shock but you three lieing and decieving me is really hurtfull and I dont know ..I guess I need to sort things out now.Mom pleaded at her not to be angry and apologized for decieving her as well.Gail Me and Emily and Donny we will do antything to make it right with you,I understand now how you must feel.I admit it we were dead wrong to have done that.Your friendship means too much to me.Gail replied I need to sort through my feelings now I will be in touch.With that she walked into her house and shut the door in Moms face. Mom got back home and was visibly upset.nearly in tears grandma was concerned too.What will happen if she calls everyone and tells on us, the whole city will think were scum.Yes well as upset as she was I dont think she would do that shes not that vindictive,but we may lose her as a good and dear friend.We will just have to see what happends.I guees theres nothing we can do about it now cats out of the bag.It certainly put a damper on my feelings as well we spent the rest of the day straightening up and getting ready for a work week tommorrow. Thursday evening after a boring week of no sex or anything else all of us still shook up and not in the mood.We even kept more modest clothes on.We were finishing supper when out of the blue Mrs Stevens comes walking in no knock or anything suprising us all. Last time you told me not to knock so I just walked in hope its OK?. Mom and gram both at once replied sure Gail its no problem your fine.come in and have coffee with us. Gail sat down she was wearing a sun dress and sandals again and looked rather nicely made up.She smiled at all of us.I been thinking about you know what happened sunday.We were all silent now.I can forgive you all and do if you promise never ever to lie about anything to me again.Mom Gram and I all agreed heartily.Mom got up and hugged Gail and said she was so happy Gram agreed .I could feel the tension drain from everyone at that point.A huge weight lifted from each of us.Mom sat back down and looked years younger instantly because of the fear of trouble now gone. Gail then began speaking.You folks have been my dearest friends since my husband passed, i just couldnt let us have one more try to straighten things out. Before My hubby died we had a diverse sex life and I enjoyed many games and roleplay which we found out through films and magazines my hubby got in the mail.What people do in theyre bedrooms is no ones business as long as it is consentual.Mom said were glad you understand Gail really we meant no harm to you.Gail said let me continue.I would like to be a part of your (games) so to speak if you will let me.But I get to make my own rules.She stood up and turned to go home.You ladies think about it you too Donny and decide and let me know.The weekends coming up and Ive no plans.Have a good nite everyone.Out the door and she was gone. Part 14 soon.
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