My brown beginning part four

Im not sure how long i was out but I know we all slept for at least an hour.I awoke in my bed and got up Mom and Grandma were still passed out.I decided to watch some TV and after another hour the ladies were stirring. About time for some lunch who,s hungry? asked Mom.I could stand a bite Gram said me too I chimed in.Hows cold cuts and some soup sound?That will be fine we both replied.We all ate lunch still in varios stages of undress which I guess from now on was going to be normal.After lunch i again helped clean up the kitchen and grandma started some laundry.Soon we were all sitting at the table again.Grandma asked well what would you like to do this afternoon Donny Any new Ideas? or fantasies pop into your head?Well I was kinda wondering is it ok to taste your pee and poop? Will I get sick or anything? Mom replied first I guess thats a good question.I think as long as were not sick with colds or flu or something it would be OK but I will ask my Gyno Dr. next week what she thinks about it.OK sweety! Probably a good idea just to be safe gram added.Actually she is in her office today why not give her a call?Gram said.Yea thats right she is open saturdays now let me get the phone. Mom called her Dr. and delicately put it to her this way.Telling her she had a boyfriend who had a pee and poop fetish and wondered if this was dangerous.The Dr. was a very open minded lesbian and not ar all put off by the question.She told Mom if your healthy and in moderation it shouldnt be an issue.She said your boyfriend cant consume every bowel movement every day but a dozen turds or so a week should be OK if he feels ill just stop for awhile.Mom hung up the phone and broke the good news,Sounds like all is ok as long as we use or heads.Grandma said oh thats great Donny your going to have plenty of attention around here. Did you have something in mind Donny when you asked about this? I told her yes my biggest fantasy was to have a girl poop right into my mouth and let me eat it.Oh you are a naughty boy Donny gosh I had no Idea you were such a kinky k**.Well soon I think usually around 1:30 or 2 most days my bowels need to move and its 1 now so your fantasy is just shortly away.I said MOm and Em you are the best Mom and grandma ever.I need to help you with anything you want too so what do you ladies fantasize about? Mom blushed and confessed she would like to eat a pussy sometime and gram agreed she always liked that Idea but was afraid to say anything.Gram also said she would like to have her pussy and asshole fucked at the same time with a very large dildo.Sounds like we need a shopping trip this week to the dirty book store MOM. Im in Gram said delightfully. part 5 comeing soon
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2 years ago
love it love it..i would eat there shit..yummy
4 years ago
very interesting
4 years ago
Oh you are still nasty thanks