My brown beginning part three

I could see from my position grandma fingering her pussy i saw a white slick substance on her finger,as I licked the last remains from her poop hole she suddenly started moaning loudly and her pucker opened and clamped up..Im cummmmiiinnnggg my god Im cummmmmming!!she shook so hard I couldnt keep my tongue on her ass.I glanced over at Mom who was lazily stroking her snatch and smileing dreamily.Umm Donny! you made me cumm so good its been years since Ive cumm so hard if I ever have.Grandma turned around and kissed me fully on the mouth.Well Donny what did you think of your first lesson?She asked.I loved it Em but I think I need to play with my penis now it aches.Here let me help you and she took my cock in her soft hands in mere seconds I was having my first orgasm and shot cumm all over grandma,s hand and wrist. Is that better Donny? I didnt know that would happen ..I said it feels incredible..can I do it again? Maybe in a while we have many many weeks and years to learn all the pleasures of kinky sex so dont worry you will have plenty of those comeing.Now be a good boy and clean up grandmas poop from the floor sweety.With that her and Mom left the bathroom. I carefully scooped up her poop and dropped it into the pot and then cleaned up the tile and flushed it away.My hands still smelled like poop after I washed them but I didnt care I liked it. Mom and grandma were sitting on the loveseat in the livingroom chatting when I was finished in the bathroom.They looked so hot together boobs and pussys exposed and my cock once again was stiff in no time.Mom asked Donny..would you like to lick Mommys pussy for her?Watching you and grandma really made me need a good cumm too.Tell you what lets get into 69 position.Do you know what that is?..No I dont think so this is my first experience with real women.Mom and Gram laughed.Gram replied you ate my pucker like a old pro so its easy to forget your a virgin,Yea Mom giggled with her... Mom said Donny lay on your back on the floor and I will get on top of you with my vagina over your mouth and then your cock will be where I can suck it while you lick my pussy...thats what is called 69 it also gives easy access to your partners anus for licking or fucking with a toy or finger.Does that sound fun? Heck yes Mom lets try it! I layed down and mom got on top her pussy was steaming hot and wet It smelled and tasted divine as I licked and slurped away at her inner lips and hard clit.Moms asshole was right in front of my nose and I smelled it the best I could.just a hint of poopy smell not much but I was in heaven.Mom was sucking my cock and stroking my balls gently and in just a minute I was cumming again she kept her mouth on my cock and swallowed every drop.Almost instantly moms pussy flooded my face and mouth with her pussy cream her vagina clamping and unclamping my spearing tongue.Oh God Oh God she moaned untill at last she fell limp. exhausted from her hard orgasm. Part four to come soon.
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4 years ago
again interesting
4 years ago
That was also very nasty and i had to jackoff again that was too much this is the beginning of a fantastic story thanks for writting it