My brown beginning

I was raised in a small 2 bedroom single bath home,At times it was inevitable someone either my mom or grandma would have to pee when I was in the bathtub.Mom was about 50 at the time and who knows how old grandma was but pretty old I guessed.Both women had medium breasts and were pleasingly plump but not fat.Dad had long ago divorced and split ,so it was just me and the two women left to raise me. It was always the same Mom or grandma would knock on the door while I was in the tub and tell me.turn around and face the wall Donny I need to pee.With that they would enter drop theyre pants and pantys and have a pee.Usually they would casually talk small talk or something wipe and flush.Out of curosity one day Mom knocked said she needed a pee and for me to turn around.After a moment she entered and sat on the pot,after peeing for a few seconds I knew my best chance to see her pussy was when she spread her legs to wipe.I heard her pull some T/P from the roll and I turned just in a nick of time as she spread her legs to wipe her wet hairy pussy.Donald! she admonished me what are you doing? I stuttered and stammered something about wondering where a girl pees from.I thought Mom was going to kill me.Instead she got kind of serious and asked how long had I had these questions.Long time I said.After a few moments Mom was still sitting on the toilet pants and panties down.Turn around and face me now.I complied My face was just short of 12 inches from my moms hairy pussy.I could smell the pee literally.What else have you been thinking about Donny be truthfull I wont be angry I promise. Well my penis gets stiff whenever you or grandma come in here to pee,And I sometimes smell your and her underwear from the dirty clothes hamper and it also makes my penis stiff. Does the smell of our undies or the look of them do this to you?she asked Well I like the smell and the stains in them too.I do have to say I am surprised Donny I had no Idea you were getting sexually aroused by these things,but I guess it is normal.Have you ever played with your penis?she asked. Yes I replied almost every time you pee in here and then leave,and other times too.When you smell my undies and when else? Well Its kind of embarrassing Mom.Donny its OK I told you Im not mad But I do need to know these things so I can help you learn about sex.Now when else do you play with your cock? Well I know this sounds stupid I explained but I know when you and grandma are in here having a poop because it takes longer than a pee.And I usually come into the bathroom as soon as either of you come out so I can smell your poop smell.I think it smells good and makes my cock hard too.
My goodness you are full of surprises tonite young man.Mommys is sorry she never knew you needed some education about females at your age,but we will get started right now OK sweety? I was overwhelmed for a moment and excited at the same time my young cock was almost rock hard and sticking out of the bathwater shamelessly.Mom then said Donny if you could do anything right now sexually of course what would it be anything at all.what is your favorite thing to think about to make your penis hard? Well I guess watching you pee and poop is my favorite especially if your totally naked. Ive never seen your boobs in a long time since I was real little.Mom stood up and then stepped out of her slacks and pantys and then stripped from the waist up and stood before me completely nude.Her nipples were large brown and hard.Well what do you think hunny?Wondefull Mom youre gorgeous!She then proceded to give me a lesson in female anatomy.This is my vagina.lips,clitoris pee hole pubic hair.explaining each part and function.Breasts ,nipples.Butt and anus.Stand up she said and explained all my parts to me as well,and why each one does what it does to make babys.Lessons over for tonite dry off and get some sl**p.we will continue tommorrow.What about grandma?I asked Oh she will be part of the next lesson too. part two of this series to follow
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that was hot will read the reat thanks
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Thanks for sharing
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lovin this, can't wait for more