Katies revenge part 6

Katie left her mom alone and tied up for about 2 hours.Katie was actually tireing of this game.and feeling a tad guilty but just a tad.She finally decide to end it sooner than she had at first. Mommy I will make you a deal are you interested? Helen asked...what do you mean a deal.? I will end this tonite on one condition..Uh what would that be Helen replied. You have to tell me all the truthfull stories about your sexual escapades over your long life as a slut whore. so I can record them and use them to my advantage.if need be. And I get to humiliate and torture you in any depraved way for the following 2 hours.,and then you will be free.It will be over. Helen was happy to end the torture early but was leary as well.Before she could ask more Katie said you have 30 seconds to agree or it goes on for another 28 hours. Um well ok I guess Helen replied fear making her voice tremble. Katie Helen asked.timidly...are you going to kill me? Katie was stunned by this question..Heavens no mother for Cris sakes... Your not deserving of murder no way it never crossed my mind. I do Love you but you must be punished just like a girl who pees her pants on purpose or breaks a dish being careless.However what you did requires severe punishement not just a spanking. dont you agree? Helen shook her head in the affirmative.mumbling her agreement. Katie said I will get the cam corder stay there she laughed....Seconds later Katie said OK smile mommy your on.Now tell all of us how many men you have fucked in your life..Helen thought and said really I dont know... quite a few.OK Katie said give us a ballpark figure..more than 10? 20?30? Um Helen thought..probably about 400 I guess.Whewy Katie said you really are a whore arent you Mommy. Helen sadly shook her head.Ok now tell the camera what k**s of sex acts have you done over the years....and dont leave anything out I want to know all... Helen replied um OK straight screwing.oral, anal,gangbangs Bi-sex,showers, a dog or two and a mare pony. i think thats all Helen mumbled quietly.Katie asked did you enjoy all of it? Yes at the time it was fun or I wouldnt have done it of course..Katie laughed sounds like there isnt anything you dont enjoy...and you had the nerve to call me a slut,,my my what a twisted bitch you are.Tell me mommy how many bj,s have you given in one day whats your record? I a did a batchelor,party once about 23 i think..Did you swallow all of em? Yea most at the end I was feeling quite sick from all that cumm. Goodness mother I am at a loss for words,but this thing with the mare pony has my interest...what is that story...Oh I answered a internet ad saying make big money easy.and of course once I got there.It was a porn movie thing and they said If I eat the mares pussy they would pay me 500.00 Trouble was after i had done it.They just laughed and kicked me out,I got nothing. Too bad mommy was it as bad as it sounds.Oh really no the mare was really cleaned up and didnt smell much at all to be truthfull. but it sure was degrading. OK Mommy thats enough confessions.Camera off.Now for the final hours of your punishment.I will let you actually pick out a few choices.How fair is that? Helen just looked at Katie puzzled..Ok Mommy here is the deal i will pick a few things I have planned actually 5 things and you can eliminate 2 of them,but you must endure the other 3 no matter what OK ? I have no choice I guess anyway.Right again mommy you have no choice. So here is your choices you will endure 3 of these five..First choice having your pussy whipped with a leather whip till it bleeds.2nd choice having me fist your ass and pussy.3rd choice.I place a hundred clamps all over your body.and attach electrodes to them,4th choice I use your mouth and body to dispose anything i want in and on it.5th choice i shave your head strip you and dump you off at a truckstop frequented by bull dykes exclusively for theyre fun. You know the one called the black and blues place.... Helen thought of all the choices she absolutely hated pain so #1 was out, and #5 was painfull too she didnt want a bunch of bull dyke lezzies beating the fuck out of her.I guess that is it no number 1 or five.replied Helen..Katie spent the next few hours electric shocking helens clit nipples and asshole helen was screaming for mercy as Katie turned the voltage higher.Helen passed out at some point and Katie ended that particular abuse. When Helen regained her senses,Katie had stripped nude and was mounting her face.Mommy open up I need to piss like a racehorse and you drink every drop or we will wire you up again.Helen eagerly drank all of Katies hot bitter piss.gagging but managing.Now Mommy Katie needs to move her bowels Katie turned aroud and positioned her tight starfish right over Helens mouth.I dont feel your mouth open mommy...Do I need to get the clamps out again?Helens mouth flew open..pfffftttt um suck my fart down mommy smell it and eat it Helen was gagging now the hot gas was powerfull and deadly.pfffftttt Katie farted again this one wet as soft poopy started flowing out of her ass right into Helens mouth,Chew and swallow mommy here cummms more.helen was dying from the awful taste and gagging so hard she could barely swallow before her mouth filled up again.Ummm that feels good my mommy toilet,,just a little more and then you can lick me clean ok mommy?Helen knodded yes and was rewarded with liquid shit the final remnants of Katies rectum.Katie dismounted Helens face and wiped her ass with some tissue.You did a lousy cleaning job mommy.so here eat this and dropped the brown stained paper in Helens mouth.Good mommy toilet.Open your mouth wide I want to see if you ate that down properly.Helen opened her mouth and Katie could only see a few bits of paper and a brown tongue.Good girl mommy your a natural.Keep you mouth open till I say close it understand? Helen nodded yes.Katie cleared her throat like a longshoreman most un lady like..and hawked up a wad of snotty phglem and spit it on helens tongue. There mommy now close your mouth and work your tongue around and coat your mouth with that spit dont swallow it yet..Helen was feeling like vomiting but the electrode fear kept her from it..OK mommy open wide again Katie knelt down and placed her left nostral over helens shitty smelling hole.Katie blew a big wad of snot from each and then had helen chew and swallow it down. Now mommy for the final hour.I will fist your asshole and cunt.Katie was already lubing up her hands she placed a chair at the end of the bed.slowly she worked Helens asshole open 2,3 4,5 fingers and finaly her entire hand broke past the ring and entered Helens bowels.helen was sobbing and squirming please no no Katie it burns so much please stop.Katie was already working her hand into her moms cunt not careing about her protests..Soon her hands were sawing away at Helens asshole and cunt Helen was now panting and screaming in multiple orgasmic convultions.The pain had turned to pleasure and Helen was riding a wave of orgasmic heaven her pussy was creaming like a faucet and Katies arm was brown to the elbow from all the shit leaking from Helens ass.Katie finally pulled her arms from her moms ass and pussy.Helen lay there shaking and trembleing.Katie released her Mom from her bondage layed back and masturbated herself to multiple cumms.Helen showered and found katie passed out.She tenderly kissed her forehead.and Thanked Katie I am hooked Katie we must do this many more times I am a true slut and proud of it.................end
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3 years ago
very good
3 years ago
awesome! but...what's with all the poo?
4 years ago
Doesn't your keyboard have a spacebar ?
4 years ago
great story! good ending!