Katies Revenge part 4

Read first 3 parts first for best effect..This story is fictional............. Katie untied her moms ankles first and then one wrist.She then faked untying the other wrist her Mom thought she was completely free but Katie was no fool and just had one ankle free and one wrist free.She let the restraints slack but not untied so helen thinking she was loose suddenly grabbed Katies arm and tried to punch her in the face.She swung her arm at Katie only to find it stopped mid swing still tied up.To Helens horror Katie broke free and had her arm pinned down and re tied in a flash.Now your going to pay dearly mommy for that stupid trick.Katie pulled the bed away from the wall so she could get behind the head board.Yes this will work fine she uttered to herself.Helen said what are you doing whats going on? Katie left the bedroom and returned with a longer peice of rope and a knife to cut it.She grabbed her Moms left ankle attached the rope and pulled her leg back and attcached it to the bed leg.She then did the same with her other leg.Katies mom was now tied up so her ass was high above her and pulled backwards.If Helen had to pee or shit now it would land directly on her face.There Mommy now you have a nice toilet to use so you want need to worry anymore.Helen tried in vain to get loose but she was held fast like a hog over a fire pit.Katie again left and returned with a large glass of water.Open your mouth whore its time for you to have a big drink.She poured the water on her Moms mouth but Helen shut her mouth so none would go in.No problem Mommy Katie pinched her Moms nostrals shut and Helen was f***ed to open up and drink the water.Katie repeated this 3 times her mother must have drank over a quart of water.Little did Helen Know Katie also mixed a laxative compound into the water. After setting the glass down Katie let her mom in on that news.Should only be a few mins till showtime now Katie told her mom and giggled.Ive got to get our camera now mommy we dont want to miss this our friends will love this candid moment.A few mins later Katie sat down by her moms head she had made a makeshift funnel and inserted it into her moms mouth the funnell had a very large outlet as big as her moms mouth almost.Her mom tried to talk but couldnt make any real words Katie removed the funnell.What did you say mommy? Please keep that thing out of my mouth it hurts like hell.I promise I will keep my mouth open....OK then mommy you had better...because if you dont I will go to the park restroom down the street the one where the toilets are always backed up...and I will bring you a treat from there and feed it to you.Helens face was completely horrified by the thought of that no no I will I promise.Seconds later Helen could not hold it any longer her bladder was on fire from trying.She started urinating and the piss splashed down on her face and into her mouth.she spit it out the first time and Katie twisted her nipple hard ....swallow that bitch dont spit it out again or its park toilet time.this time Helen swallowed all the piss that landed in her mouth very acid and bitter she had held off pissing so long.Helens hair and face were plastered in the hot dark yellow urine.Helen felt her tummy starting to cramp the laxative was really kicking in She hadnt been lying before when she said she needed a shit now it was going to happen regardless. Helen pooted a couple small farts and Katied watched silently as her moms asshole slowly dialated and a frm turd poked out and grew to six inches curled back on to itself and finally broke off.. it fell right into her moms open mouth and half of it broke and slid down to her neck.another turd emerged about the same and landed on her moms now full mouth and stayed there.Start eating mom you have a lot to eat.Helen was now openly gagging trying not to puke.Katie twisted her moms nipple hard againand sneared EAT NOW!..or park toilet time.Helen chewed the foul shit and swallowed.The bedroom stunk so bad Katie was now gagging herself.Katie grabbed the shit which had missed her moms mouth and placed it into Helens open maw.Helen was chewing and swallowing with great difficulty openly sobbing as well.Phase two suddenly hit her asshole opened up and the squishy soft laxative shit now was pourin down on Helens face she literally had a pile of shit as big as her head all over her face and around her head,pure liquid soon followed with a big brown rainstorm opened up so feircely Helen actualy shot shit up to the ceiling the entire bed a cesspool of shit water.....part 5 soon
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4 years ago
would not want her pissed off at me
4 years ago
wow this shit is getting nuts what a torturous daughter! haha