Katies Revenge part two

Katie slept in and awoke about 9 AM.She stopped into the bathroom and peed before checking on her Mom.She thought to herself Mom probably has to piss like a racehorse..Fuck that bitch she said to herself out loud.I am going to make her pay for fucking with my boyfriend and my good times. After she wiped her young pink pussy and flushed she opened the door to her Moms bedroom.There she was snoring like a d***ken sailor,Katie noticed her moms wrists and ankles were raw from trying to get loose.She smiled a evil grin.too bad bitch you started it now I finish it.! Katie stood over her Moms snoring body... slap! she hit her moms face with all her might.Damn that stung my hand she thought.Helen screamed in pain through the panties stuffed in her mouth.Now cunt she said to Helen I will remove the panties from your cocksucker but if you shout or say one thing derogitory to me back they go do you understand slut? her mom nodded yes.Katie pulled the duct tape from her moms face and removed the now white panties from her mouth.Looks like you sucked all the cunt juice and poop stains from these Mommy...good girl I hope you enjoyed your late nite snack.Helen started to complain and beg let me go please Katie anything I will do anything to make up to you.Listen mom you will do anything I say any way.. I have total control over you now.Why should I let you free? It is to no advantage to me to free you.Please Katie Helen begged I will apologize to your boyfriend and make things right again,Its all my fault I admit it. Katie had heard it all before promises about how things would change ..only to be shit on again by her slut mom. Ok Mom I agree after this weekend you can make things right with me and Danny..But for fucking me over you will pay for it this weekend in spades..What do you mean asked helen? Well Ive done a lot of thinking and you will do my bidding for the next 48 hours.no matter what! If you bitch at me I will make you my slave indefinately you hear me bitch!. Helens mind was realing with fear and apprehension.Had her daughter flipped her lid? what was she capable of Helen was worried big time.Katie please let me loose i need to use the bathroom really bad,I cant hold it for another minute.No Mommy you just let go and piss yourself you may as well get used to it there will be no bathroom use by you for at least 48 hours or more if I deem it. shouldnt bother you too much if sucking that pigs dick last nite didnt bother you why should a little piss? With that Katie walked out and slammed the door.time for some breakfast she thought,and fixed herself a banquet,eggs hashbrowns toast.bacon and lots of orange juice. Katie cleaned up the kitchen and returned to her Moms room she noticed the wet bed right away and the pungent urine smell.Aww Mommy had a wee accident she giggled.Dammitt katie I told you I needed to pee why didnt you let me? Oh I dont know why did you fuck up my boyfriends and my relationship? no reason Im just a fucking bitch like you Mommy,Katie laughed.Quit calling me names Katie I am your mother and I order you to let me free! your in no position to say shit to me mommy.do you understand? Helen replied fuck you you little cunt when I get free Im going to break you in half.When you get free I will own your fat ass mommy Katie shouted!.Helen yelled back whatever bitch have your fun payback is a mutherfucker!!!Katie started massaging her moms legs and acting like she cared Oh mommy it will be ok youll see.Helen thought she is finally coming to her senses thank God Katie massaged up her moms plump legs and feet relaxing Helen Oh honey that feels so nice your such a good daughter.Katie knew it was bullshit Helen was trying to get free and fool her.Katie spread her Moms legs and massaged her way up to her thighs her Mom was cooing now and relaxed.Katie noticed some moisture leaking from her moms pussy and could detect a faint arousal scent from her moms cunt. Her moms eyes were closed so she knew nothing of what was comeing..Katie reared back and slapped her Moms inner thigh slaaaapppp!!! Helen cried out in pain aggggghhhhhh!!!!owwwwwwww!!!Katiee!!!! oh shit please dont do that again God it hurts!!!no please no!! Katie sneered at her Mom dont think your cute I dont fool that easy you phony whore!Helen burst into tears sobbing and shaking please no more pain please.I cant take it she cried.Katie got inches from her face and morning breath and all said shut up bitch your mine for the duration. Helen almost gagged her daughter morning breath smelled like dead fish.Katie knew it was bad she planned it that way by drinking milk and letting it sour in her mouth overnite. It almost gagged her to smell it.Mom you need to shut up and do exactly as I say no bullshit.I am going to punish you for the next two days.All for being a whore and accusing me of being one.Do you understand? Yes Katie I understand I am at you will you have me tied up I am powerless.Good mommy now were getting somewhere. For your first punishment I am going to play with my pussy and you will lick my fingers clean do you understand? Umm I guess so Katie.. its disgusting but as you wish.Katie sat down and spread her legs wide so her mother had a clear view of her cunt she stroked her pussy and got her clit hard talking to her mother.Oh my pussy is wet and hot mommy do you want a taste? Helen just made annoyed faces.Katie got her finger coated with pussy cream and put it under her Moms nose...smell me all up bitch here tasted your daughters cunt stick your tongue out,,,Helen reluctantly opened her mouth and Katie thrust her finger in lick it clean mommy.helen gagged but managed to clean her daughter finger.Katie giggled at her moms prediciment.Do you like my pussy taste? helen thought before answering..If I say no you will beat me if I say yes you will call me a perv.I dont know what to say. Katie burst out laughing yes you are right mommy no matter waht you say it will be wrong.Damn thats funny she laughed to herself.Helen thought Katie is such a mean bitch I wonder whats next.Next mommy i will play with your pussy and you can taste yours! how do you like that? helen just grimmaced.Seconds later Katie was stroking Helens pussy and massaging her big tits Helens nipples became hard and her pussy was leaking cream,her breathing increased and Katie fed her her own pussy juice.Helen licked katies finger clean many times,Katie then got between Helens legs and started licking her moms cunt Oh no no no Katie this is just wrong dont please...Helen s body shook as orgasm took over and she flooded Katies mouth with her juices. Part three next.......
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4 years ago
very good continuation
4 years ago
interesting twist there!