Katies Revenge part one.

This story is pure fiction.It Involves a teen named Katie who gets revenge on her mother after her mom scares Katies boyfriend away. TGIF thought Katie as she and her friend Sue walked home from school.Its going to be great having you stay the nite with me said Sue.Yea Ive been so bummed since Mom chased Danny off.We will have a blast Got some great new outfits to show you and we have all the movie channels on cable now too. Why did Danny split anyway? Sue asked Oh because my Mom caught us kissing goodnite after the date we had last week.Came out on the porch and started screaming at us and calling me a slut and such.Danny said heck with it he didnt need my psycho Mom in his life and broke it off. Geeze Katie I hate to say this but your Mom is a big hypocrit.She sl**ps around with about anyone with a dick and your still a virgin and she calls you a slut! What a two faced bitch.I know I shouldnt say stuff about your Mom but she realy pisses me off messing with you like that. Anyway lets have a good time tonite and forget about her.Katie readily agreed. They walked into Sues house and were greeted by Sues Mom.Sue honey i know Katie was supposed to sl**p over but something has come up and we have to drive up to Riverside tonite Your dad had a car accident and is in the hospital up there.Dont worry he is going to be OK just a concussion and some broken ribs.But he will be released in the morning and we have to bring him home the car was totaled.After much discussion about the accident and Thanking God for her Dad not being seriously injured.Katie bid Sue farewell with a kiss and a hug and started home only a 10 min walk away. Little did Katies mom Helen know that her daughter would be coming home tonite so the date she arrainged with two d***k loosers would be interupted.helen was bent over the sofa getting her ample sized body doggy style fucked while sucking the puny 4 inch cock of Sam the bartender from Sams place down the street.Her 38 D,s swaying as Billy pounded her dripping cunt from behind.OH MY GOD! shouted Katie as she walked in on the scene.Her Mom jerked her head around dropping Sams now shriveling cock out of her mouth. Katie! what the hell are you doing home!?Billy was pulling up his dirty white shorts and greasy jeans.He looked at sam and they both slinked out the door and drove off in Billys rusted out 78 Ford truck. Oh nice one Mom I had to come home to see you servicing the 7th fleet? Helen grabbed her robe to cover her sweaty chubby nakedness.I thought you were staying at Sues tonite?Yea well her father was in a car wreck and they had to go to pick him up in Riverside.Well you could have called and gave me some warning you were coming home early. Oh did I mess up your nite of whoreing shouted Katie? Watch your mouth young lady you dont speak to me that way! Sure mom but its ok for you to call me a slut for kissing my boyfriend goodnite you two faced bitch.Now he wont even return my calls thanks a lot WHORE!.Katies mom took a swing but Katie ducked and her moms hand hit the table lamp and knocked it off breaking it in pieces.Her hand bl**died she went to grab Katie but Katie being in good shape from Cheerleading dodged her mom and grabbed her arm putting her Mom in a half nelson.The next thing she knew Helen was face down on the floor with Katies knee in her back and her arm nearly being broken because of the pressure Katie was putting on it.Let go of me screamed Helen!!Katie pulled harder on her Moms arm and her mom screamed louder.Say uncle said Katie cry uncle and I might let you up.FUCK you bitch! screamed
Helen.Katie Grabbed Helens hair and jerked her head back very painfully.She let go of Helens arm and started slapping her Moms face while holding her hair and pulling her head backwards slap slap slap slap spit and snot flew out of her moms mouth and nose Katie was pissed now and slapped the shit out of her mom for about a full minute Helens face bright red and stinging terriably Uncle uncle let me go. Katie let go of her moms hair and stood over her Moms sobbing fat body Helen though to grab Katies leg trying to knock her off her feet.Katie kicked her mom right in the face and knocked her out cold. Helen awoke about ten mins later and found herself nude tied spread eagle to her big four poster bed.her head ached and her face burned like fire.She shouted hey hey Katie where are you? Katie stuck her head in the bedroom door.. yes whore did you want something? What the fuck is going on untie me so I can kick the shit out of you.Katie laughed at her Mom you think so huh?Keep your mouth shut or I will gag you as well Whore! Katie shut the door and walked out her Mom started shouting again and Katie grabbed a pair of her moms dirty panties from the hamper.Katie found just the right ones.big granny panties pee and poop stained in the rear,Perfect she thought.Katie barged into the bedroom her mom still cussing her out.look mom shit stained panties..She put her finger in the crotch and inserted the brown stain first into Helens mouth and wadded the panties up and duct taped them in place.All Helen could do now was mumble.I told you to shut up Mom now this is what you f***ed me to do.How do those taste? does your poopy pants taste good?she mocked.Katie reached over and pinched her moms nose shut.Helen could not breathe.After a few seconds Katie released her nose and Helen sucked in the air realieved.Now be a good whore and get some rest we have a big day tommorrow.Oh by the way If I hear another peep from you tonite I will put moustraps on your nipples and will leave them on all nite.Sweet dreams my dear whore Mommy.Katie slammed the door and walked out..Part two will be soon.
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2 years ago
You are very evil and hot the story is great.
4 years ago
curiously interesting
4 years ago
get that bitch!